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Episode 76 · 5 months ago

TT 2022 Race Week Review Part 2


A bit later then intended, part two of our TT 2022 race week review is here.

Our final TT 2022 themed pod, covers the following:

* Peter Hickman's dominance

* Conor Cummins becoming Honda's fastest TT racer

* European roads stars impressing

* Davey Todd, Paul Jordan becoming TT rostrum finishers

* High winds during the Senior race

Apologies if my voice sounds a touch different from normal, this is because like a lot of folks travelling back from TT 2022, I went a bit under the weather!

The TT bug doesn't ever go away!

I want to welcome back to the road racing games podcast. My Name Stevie Aldy, to road racing us, to pody up and for today's podcasts I was second part of the racy review of the twenty twenty two TT races and in our previous podcast we covered the super spot and Sarchi rases and then before it we covered the soap bite race. Today we're covering the superstock soaper twin and the Blue Ribbon Seni. At my first foremast reflected on the soap soap stock race. It was another textbook world class performance and Gasman Carriage by a fixture races, Peter Rippman. He measured storious by over twelve seconds. To claim he's fair successive soaper stop TT triumph. He held catch of a charging connor comings connor on his final lapped under the three quite one six pouns per hour, which officially makes him the fastest on them mounted. Rather in TT history. The unique exceivement for the banksman taking third behind color, was his man go back passage team. It every told. The brought on race. Are finally standing on the FT Thodi and fantastic shaving for but although I got murd out is the first putting and podium and that in future there's going to be many, many aught come now we're racing. Stan Harrison took for defference ricle. The up six was Katis racing powered by stead fans, Jimmy Coward. Seven, Pace Milwauk. You've been doing, Mutho Traski in Huptionson H was dominic carevison. Now Jump Makin this MPA and ten so pro outside the top. To them was claiming not able finishes, including if Andar Resin place. At Eleven, Mikey Brown, despite the ankle intruses, send up cut sun, placing seventeen, David. That's a place in an excellent twenty. And also we should should menationed on rope becoming the second fastest German race in ttisue laughing at a wound of twenty four point five thous per hour. Turtle Fair take races completely. The free up race, as I say, mentioned fos, textable forms and Peter Ritman. It's fed successive soapstop TT trying but...

...taking up he as well. We should stay from comic comings. At time he's t t thody and finish proving to get his caliber around the fabled strut difficult course run to the soaper tweens classed out following the pace for the place be seen during practice week and the lapse of Seen Joan Practice Week perform book, I think it was. It was fairly obvious to a lot of us in you know that it was going to be a Raceng scrap between two of the TAT's mood an air of giants, true modern are a choungs, we should say, Peter Ritman and Michael Ulf. Before technical grembling struck. Michael Unlock, says project pattern. We look set for a grand stamp finished. It was absolutely nothing in it on the Fed and final up it was looking like a, like I said, a true rather stand finish. But their unfortunately technical grembling struck. Michael unlocks pattern soup between and they said Evil Peter Ritman to ultimately gone to major to by well over a minute in front of a Johnston after rasons. You, Johnson, pouting the Rissy Pilli. So could finish for a prillier. We should mention it, of course, as mentioned. Or on common fry we shouldereg the Max Radio on the laugh coverage. The Lee Johnson's Pilli Amad there was no support from a Prillier, but nonetheless it's a pully his best ever Tete Finish and placing fair behind Lee Johnson's least good friend, preserations, Paul Josan fairst podium finish, the pole jodan and a fast bodium finish with the press racing team based on the hour man. Fantastic. John Preston's team for this up for the old team, including Steven Bol Paul Thompson, Tomas, he said, an old team. You know, great, great, great great lads. And there's fantastic shape USSI pole prior to the Silk Bae race that had got you to bed. Adn't the teams? You will notice on the podium in pictures he has distinct is black eye and that's from following on effects from the instant with the bed.

Sir. It's basically cheaper, even more soultuous if it can, which also set to seven hundred and seven TT podium finish at seven and seventh different TT pody and finish it. And so that's the remarkable sap to panety. Everybody say over a hundred, fifteen years of seven and seven different Rostom finish, different rostrom finishes, which to say sorry at the weld's greatest road risk. Taking fourth class behind my ga of felts, a frounce of their right by pelts, Paul Jordan was Pieri's be an, Peter Mum and steamer Whi should say it the s engine racing pattern, save ex some finished with Pierre, best finished by French based with the TAT, I believe, in the twenty one century of them trying to point it out wrong. If I'm wrong, I should say out sorry, I've let the AUTUM. Sorry everybody. In terms of so a competition, we should say terms of so competition, terms of facebook categories of soap, sports, so stop soaper by Super Spot, super twenty, we're taking fifty behind Pierre. Was Michael Michael Rutter six one stuff of that, racings, robbson seven foots, Jim hand, eight, Dona Kevinson, nine feet set creasing, spikey Evans and ten, say are the eight outside the top tens claiming very criticible finishes include Jonathan Question in fourteen, Ribald torrens Martinez in fifteen, Tim and me timoth in the earth in eighteen. Michael Jack Russols with thet we know know it was Jack Russell play seventeen, which also enters with Michael Decide all eight races at the at. She couldn't side care races, the unique a chiefing. It didn't quite completely eighth racing the senior because of the chemical problems, but nonetheless unique achievement. You will eat feats from it. But you know, top top book. There's also nation taking twenty six in the Bennett's super twins tat race was crazy...

...easy peck. You will come to the mountain course, great seat, team claimer. Maybe race finish at the TT races. There's in a not where races are at the front, in back, in the middle. It all costs dam it takes so much effort to compete at the same take so, so much effort. I think people in a you have to be there to understand. It's just to see how, which even you know, with the tires, field bills so on, that count was all. Should then sue Jason Burial, who's previously competed at the classic Ta Ta. He steps up the T TV this year. Any place. Twenty seven c Jason's videos on. You Chew it run up to the TAT and get like with Craig. You know he's giving it everything. Show his TT dream. It's way to seem accomplish the finish. The world's Christ Rud Ris, I wanted to see you now. Originally just the senior race was the aid, we should say, and other people red red by accuration. I said it was canceled and at the tap it was canceled at time, we should say on the Fridays. The race was canceled on the Friday, but the bus moved across the sat day and this was this made possible because of the amount of marshals and people that are sund up to goods to Marshall around the mountain course listening able a saply senior Teta exactly seen you. Milwaukee senior team should stay. There's a full six up distance. But ultimately, after six laps it was Peter Rippman taking his fourth race withly the week. Ninety t victory in total. He's twenty off TT Pudy and finish it took richly by over sixteen and a half seconds. Of the day Harrison, who did lead. They came should say, after fair set. From lap on it Glen Ellin, but since then. It was just also playing saily, but it was how could you describe it? It was there was almost it felt like a set, an inevitability, a certain yeah, I could say yeah, inevitability about it. He just sends just us on see it, the growth, it the sweet spot he found. The marriage is touched that. She shown so, so...

...much of the last three to four years. You could just send to see. You TAT success with on the rising. Fifty in the gas. One could carriage by if it should. Recent ten a irrison second place for it. That's his fourth TT pully finish. The TT two thousand and twenty two, twenty four all Samons. Peter Ritman's amazing to say that the toil, fastistuation T tis. You have the equal amount with puttying finishes. Twenty eight. Taking faired was kind of come INS. He's twelve TT polly finish. But honey, after race one battle of long south bunker back package teammate did until they on the final clax for the first time over a hundred thirty two poles. Probably should say this was tasted out officially becauseturing practice week. You did top or fats two month prober, but mark also interesting other than top three finishes. The same top three finishes, sorry, as in two thousand and nineteen and two thousand and eighteen to the same for the past preteen Etts. It's been the same top three finishes. You can other a showcase is the Cowiber, the tower, the desire, the determination or to see Pittman Harrison comings. But the top ten behind problems todd was Michael Unlock, Jim Celia in Upsonson, Jamie cowards, John Weidi, snba and if and Arrison, who top the first time down in twenty six miles pour. But mark is Ol n to re sevented in the top forty flastest t series as of all time looks at to be ATTC for the first time in two thousand and twenty seven. I'll we all side, of course, down neal. Fastest you'll come in titis. We've got are with WHO unfortunately retired out with at the time, if memory says, about eight eighth place, eight for nine plus. He did. I think he was in front of his ustrious on the racing teammate John Begini's NBA exam but that's a question in the future. Break feature on the arrival to claim it's a take. He shown his however, this year's tat shown that he's taking this properly series that he wants to become a tet. When he wants in the future to become a senior tit,... it and I've got nod out carries on the path is going. It's a distinct possibility outside top ten finishes in the Midlwaukee Seniort to send to doable results Craig Dave. That's the best senior T to result that he previously had in two thousand and eighteen when he was part of Jackson racing. Take Place. Eleven Shot Anderson took twelve, sixteen. Giam behind twice banks some pre winner and he up to the first time over the twenty five miles power lap back. It's a strong place from Jim. He's the one for the future this Si. I think there's this potential in the future of putting finishes at the take of one's put too much pressure, says every time I state these predictions in the future for these riders, not wishing to put too much pressure on them. It's just just, bar a few just opinions. My wer world came twenty two, so strong enswer Myles litst. Sorry. Still, it is fast et campaign, as vow. You've seen recently on twitter. It's put a little purse out, stays on lookout for machinery, for the banks run prey to the tackle on the at least one of the classy crass. There'll be more trap time around the mountain cost lis've been talking to him by a social media and see a red racing you've seen insue with conducted with him. Mentally enthusiastic. I think he's he's already credit to the spot. You can tell what substitt looks are addressing as it's been a breath fresh air and he's I've always got a good feet from front of him, same foot place. Lucaspial replaced credit or twenty fed. See Lucas and have a bad accident the end, towards the end of US years irs's IRC season. It's also we could sell the championship campaign. But he's he's battle back to fitness optimumber race level and whilst his past didn't improve on the pretty, heel...

...comes year in two thousand and nine take done t two twenty two. There still done the less being productive and there's accommodated in the top twenty five finish in the biggest race of them all, the senior race, not to mention a love affetty finishes in the race which, he has to be said, was was held in interesting conditions, if that's the way to describe it. Obviously high winds. Lots of races mentioned about the winds. I'll hide away, I'll blustery where in stecure, over the mountain. So in it credits all the races and took part for incredible sure for the fans and everybody watching and success here to the Tete's back. It's I thinks that's it's a different event compared to out it was last time. You run in two thousand and nineteen, but nevertheless it's fantastic to see the TT back. Long Way to continue see how it's like. I can say again sounds are mumbles hour. It's it's fantastic to see back. Is You really gets something different? Is it's not something different? Issue Neue some paralleled it's over welthly and it should say it's just great type of back. Okay, with it. Tt Fame. You know, it's before the Tetd Abam we clean the back of the Cowaza key. NOT GOING TO BE ANTICIPATING WITH IOUT officially party company. This was announced recently. Searching the intrigue and see what's on the rise in future. For lack of the cameras at now, the mcclaim already at least one team manager of a proven road steam that's stay it is already inquired about getting the services. So there's I've got known out. He said our lots of offers. is a top roties Adam from server are family savage amongst aving Oland's top road races, and I guess it's just in the case of Fanny,...

...the right package, right machinery. What makes me that pace? It's a faster Rad happy rather is fast rady say, if I could have camels Ike's just I'm sure they'll be ups and people rests out there that'll be considering joining the maculdoo team. Also they'll be making inquiries. Were Brilliant Ay. They've been a round pallet food pants for so many years the ways of the whoso with a spot. So I think even though party company, it's always a shame when you say on ten patch chips, pretty cool, I think. At the time I think it was. I think it was right for both parties. It's been in a challenging stat to the say so. Some kind problems of the northwest of the incidents cook sound for Adam. Think that that is fair to TATA. So hopefully bright time said for both Adam and the maco COROBA contain no S. it's just touched on Col's and facehood farmerst pay tribute to the Latera at Shack, Oliver Jack. You know, he left a dream. He was living his dream. Indeed, before the trashic incident in the soap sport race, he'd already created his own unique blueprint upon Amagh read racing pabbits and road racing pabbits. Supremely talented. You can tell his talk. You lent sad so quicker's like seeing it cooks down are my tangregae and cols. You've seen he's placing the support classes and six on the machinery and Superlin machinery. Thoughts with his family and friends at this sad time. Ever, they forgotten, and I didn't know think the the lab, but from the sounds of things, top top lab. No one had bad word to serve about it. Because true, we love love, love these racing...

...and I say Fox this with his family and friends and God's played. I was I to say I'm sorry fair during his podcast and I's married voice stands a touch sneersily. The reason this is iving something from the cold us. We said post he twenty two, a lot of people have been suffering from covid've had the flow. It's been a fair few punks going on the paragraphics at eight twenty twenty two. So anyway will be sold you on we have during this this podcast. Hope you've enjoyed it. I'm sorry for times of bumbold. I'm nearly back two hundred percent. It's a insert intense of with the cold, but so not quite. But there you go. This is really read res You. PODCAST BY.

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