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Episode 75 · 5 months ago

TT 2022 Race Week Review Part 1


The first part of our TT 2022 race week review revolves around the Supersport, Sidecar races.

Topics covered include:

* Michael Dunlop's new Supersport lap record

* The Birchall's latest TT success

* Ryan Crowe/Callum Crowe joining the TT podium finishers circle

* Dave Molyneux's KTM powered outfit performing well

* Manx GP winner Jim Hind impressing

* Solid results for newcomers Joe Loughlin, Jamie Cringle and Rennie Scaysbrook

I want to welcome back to the road racing US podcast. My Name Stevie. Reality to of road racing, used to court at UK and this is the first of to podcast this week as a review race week at the twenty two TT races our first and foremost. Would like to start by paintribute to says our should now, who's happy passed away. For an incident. I goes leap in the UP psychirius save an issue by TT races organizers reads followers exactly fourth of Jim during the up lap of the first sarchires of two thousand and twenty two our Buntt races and acting I goes leave, involving outfit on the twenty one of says as now at Olivia, lava l resulted in the death of one of the competitors. The race was stopped with the deployment of full coast spread of fags and medical personnel are traveling. Marshall and the emergency services were immediately dispatched to the same one of the competitor sustained injuries. They were not sup hot life and was sadly declared that at the same the second competitors ucnscious with severe injuries. The injured competitive was trated at the road side before being transferred to norbles hospital. Then are left it to a specially hospital another fold to receive treatment and initial identification procedure was conducted using established procedures and the theater of resulted in a mistaken identification. We now believe it was sage ass so now and dad at the same of the accident on Saturday fourth of June. Olivia remains in the critical condition and continues to receive treatment. Both competitors families have been informed for a review of the processes relating to the identification competitors will take place in June pass so that's other thoughts and prayers to family of says a sadow and the wishing Livia wrote a very, very speedy recovery. That's ALSOPPO. You has to be his families notice in the previous podcast with the duts to be because at the time we thought it was Olivier that...

...passed away. Without that it was Saysar but passed away the are. My apologies if if anybody was effected by the way to this podcast. We should previously. We also its fach of you to let Great David Morgan. It's had. We passed away for an instant during the open Si spot race. Dave, you fit of hours road racing and it's true sends the he loved the spot. Truely love to spot northwest to under winner, also Grand Prix winner. Thanks from prey winning and see your actual premium in two thousand and four THC that classic. Tt All lots of all the Irish nationals on various times oivers weut completed at the cow Paris Times, whether it's up one hundred bu towns, top ten finish it. It's at a hundred twenty five miles. Problem passes up sweet at the TATA. Only good guys, as one of the truly good guy as you so respected in that sorts it right now. So missed, so missed. Like I said, okay, I can say it all the time. True, one of the good guys a race. So much money you did did for the breast cancer charities. But I tell you did that the pink bat, Pink Pink Badge Helmets, obviously, so on us with a pink elmet whenever he saw the think elmet on tracking you. That was they involved it. You just you know, great riding style. Brilliant Hu fifty rather like I keep I just like keep saying just one of the good guys. And you know, lots of with Davis family and friends for ever. They forgotten it. Also like to pay tribute to look great roger stopped and badly Stopton. If I run some sidecar team, something passed away for an instant, I gots like in the second PSYCHIA rist I'll thoughtsome prayers are with family of Roger and Bradley. He died within the...

...dream. It's still consolation to the family, but the dad in the dream and, as all insince it the TV this year, I think. But everybody has to embrace. Everyone who competes at the TATA MAKES A decisions. Racet not false to race. They make the decision to races at a and the decisions race at the Tati, because the uprear road racing to fill a competition and in or to challenge that the tte brings, it's most likely to quiver climbing. However, it's so to those who were always off in there at time. See well, we should ban this and we should fan that in. You did the deprivate a prime democratic right. Life is dead to be lived to the full. They soak here as well, sadly no longer with s of all of the percent lived by to the film. Well, recapping the PSYCHI races, the t t could twenty two overall, incredible to thought night for psychi competitors. But the other Psychi race, which is reduced the two laps, was one by the virtual world has been in Tom the always brought the existing back records buffing on the second five up at hundred nineteen point two. Two two miles for our runners up behind the vails were first and tat pudding finishes, the Crow Brothers, Ryan and Cowen, fantastic foams from heaving homes supported on the power pairing boiling footsteps of the illustrious Dad Nick crew. Definitely, my opinion, future tat when the days two supremely talented they've got they just got it. They got the talent, but Corribil take I said in my opin the Ar Futtt winners taking fair behind crow brothers, only just over point six of the second behind. As a feher racings,...

Pete fans in general walms like so they we're good, good performance from the former civil undred champions. Fourth Winter Day. Voil your downcast and I'm all also competing with the hundred and ninety s Kittie and powered outfit, showcasing the potential with outfit which was swinging still goodson in the paddock the fields has got the limit US potential. It makes a fantastic noise. It's added something different than tit to share who those a few years time we could see more than ten d of the SEAC powered sick as good completing the top ten finishes behind on your and Gibson, with Garry Pryne, feel hard connor Arrison, on the winkle, Garry Gibson, Tom Christy delight, Great Roger Stockton and that Grip Stockton, Golden Shad, Frank Clare's and the Mare's brusing Ashley. There was overall because fifteen finishes a good e bike Russell and Freddie Leela's got to enter the special eny to Mike Us. So just that every single race at t t two thousand and twenty two an incredible achievement. You didn't finish the same ars but on the seven finishes eight starts. Fantastic achievement, brilliant sportsman. And say the unique achievement terms of the second side. A rass this is. That was declared at the end of up on this one. Point four mentioned tracy constant. I goes like the end of that bomb. The veculs led get see that saddy sat up street at the hundred seven team put for two seven. As for our and make surely they were declared race. When it's the twelve TT victory, the now Multt wins and saves off and fluid colored pig pounds in general. Wolsey took second. The programs riding cow of Fed. Fourth, their volume of tour gives some fifth, are paying mark ups are in U can drive it to tt, but not on your coal to the cars of the pretty in the passenger alongside Michael Jackson. And third, all on you, six day CRAWF and the Scott hardly leads made a compressive oil, sorry, impressive TT sify. I was going to mention...

...then guarding's own time, prowless. We all know I go is imbout on some one hundred and he's taken up form to the TAT and again another one to watching future PLA seven went to Paul leg leas legal lies. There's some pronounces them. Melanie Fan here eight Wents, Gary Browning feel hard. I have to carry give some Tom Christy and ten. It's CAL foggy support. Voice backs off fast, Patrick postnate. So, like I said, it's been a tough for night for PSYCI competitors. They add something different to the TT, do something you would like. The engineering, the SARCIS is incredible and it's been it. You ate seen people questioning the refugeure. Itst well, it's a take. If to Sychar rausing goes from the TT. The TT effect effects effectively from an entry point of you looks the same as any of them here address. It's one of the key aspects that makes the TT. You make Sarkas at something different, something different from the norm of solar races. Like I said, the engineering is incredible. That the action that unique. Sounds, to provide dingy pictures, Psych Ras and provides and the unque stories of the drivers, the passengers. I could go on and on. So to those are want Sich a rousing bandit at, you'll be fundamentally taken away the key element of what makes the TT races. So you need special and unparalleled life form. One up have a fantastic future. Still a most creators your address, but were reflected on the soup spot races. It Tt two thousand and twenty two and practice lake. You could tell Michael in lop with it with particular sweet spot with his own team supplies to the facets Shamaha and it ran onto the race, t spot race where he's involved in a nip and Tuck battle cower racings. Dean Harris said ultimate the end of...

...the three lafe place produce a distance and four laps whose bowl money's them off and took a twenty ftt when on the final upsetting of Bi kid, his own existing so spot lafe record up in a hundred twenty nine point four, seventy five flows prower, which create some tire in terms to seventeen minutes twenty nine put the zero seven earth seconds and absolutely incredible final up for Michael and lack. That sotly incredible to point into context. Like lots of frick album the six hundred. It's almost as quick as the best that time set by rich en MG racings, James Ellier. In in terms of the soaple bike and the senior races where games like the one fets of HOS problem at that's not taking out with from James. It does, it does show, but it does sure the absolute prowess. It's a Nacay t determination, that genius of Michael Dunlop and on a soaper spot pike on the worlds. So they now. Reson took second, just over four seconds behind Michael Unlock Edom and Peter Ripman. Fourth, Lee Johnston, who all the laps over in the twenty eight fty five miles for our lot mark. Fifty Games earlier, six year we coward, or we should mention, retained the TT priortiers championship chip on Saturday. Successfully retained it. That's in congratulations. That had been bridge racer. Seven flights, color comings, eight Manke of back hid Hick's team. It todd dit only care. It's a tensing up and Sin Paul Jodan placed eleven and twelve and to Jim Haigh Jims, second up from the Lens from prey. Im pressed a lot of fecult tyt twenty twenty two, as did over. I think in the future has got the potential to stand on the TT purdion outside the top twelve finishes. Of US claiming very credit to results include, if he ares, v Am really. NR ASS is super jumping to twenty four, very cause Christab more a place in twenty five and twenty eight. Rowl Torres Martine spins fastest TT hired briday around to the Second...

Soo store race, which took place on what was today senior race day, on Friday. Gosh, that the game. Then senior raced on Saturday. I couldn not made it back to back. So swot TT wins t t two thousand and twenty two. Mansion on top out of the captivating battle alongside world's fastest world race of Peter Writman us about the trophis hum sixty five CC triumph may by his own company, PHR performance. And then did the soil offer race? It was then lot from hit them by just m three point two seconds. Three point two nine eight seconds to the exact fed went to dal racing, steed irris and fourth theavy told Fifty Jamie Coward, six, comic cubbings, seven, Kiams Ellier, hate Tony Cares. Nowe biking Brown. Fantastic performance. Feel just over a bone back. It seems, unlike with Mike Rounds going to make it to the Tati having sustained ankle injuries from an instant to the openly laugh of the of the surfer. By race of cooks down one hundred. It seems unlikely, but they shown through great in determination and also shown these its problene talent beside is a big talent like you brown, so thick, more big things from in the future. Credit we should also be given to John Burroughs be racing, Aka racing team, for sicking by the Irish racer through tough from tough arms, for his injuries to staydmunistant. Cups down never went to Jim Hind twelve step of it rasons Robbson and its ends of the incomers, Joe Offlin finally gained the finish. You had a lot of bad lookers. Castle blane is of Flyin t t shown good place for our practice and in the second to spot racy placed twenty, I twenty nine Jamie Pringle and final of Thin Ooka was completed. Reay scarce brook practically contestinal, while climb champion placed. That's seven. So intriguing soap... races at the Tete never disappointed, never failed to disappoint. They always provide intrigue and captivating, thrilling Sinto Laity I, who are a lom in terms of words to the crowd to describe superspot races at TATA. Michael Don't off is now twenty one times tt where he stands up family learned. Now Fair on the old time with his list. Is Only two winds behind John the Ginnis Ven thea and only five behind his uncle Joey, was on twenty six wins. The question has to be asked out. How would be to like cols them? Can he get closer over east next few years to surpassed his uncle's record? I think there's a distinct possibility. I think yes. On the soap of I Peter Ritmans in the ascending so you've got Dean Arison, they got common comins daily Todd t aging, but the owns and the rags very stone as well. We should manage it be fastest ucomber and tts through in terms of the soapshot class and the Sofal twing class, which will go into all detail in the next podcast. Michael but remains remained very much in the front running this send so and there is that out as more winds on the rising in the future. Who Worlds Greats? Ros for one of the best pearod races in history. Right. Our next podcast, which would take which would taking place tomorrow, will focus on the soap between the same year in the soapstock races, tat so I don't know the other it's a distinct pattern. Who Does racis when I covered will be round as fasts, road race of fearing, but also to say is up. You've enjoyed the latest podcast and once together thoughts without to the families, friends, loved ones, affective, Bader, trogyknstance, its ET, tens, twenty two, as I say, nothing of can replace the loss with these individuals. But...

...those effective fan comfort in the fact that the diad doing what they love, and they love right know. Everyone races the roads, there's the race and they know the challenge is he unate, swell, Neveryone who completes. He is I actually reading the Sopheria and overwhelming spitting individuals. This has been the regulation of new PODCAST, all right,.

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