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Road Racing News Podcast

Episode 4 · 2 years ago

Road Racing News Podcast Series 2 - Episode 2 - Cookstown!


Wasn't it great that Irish Road Racing finally returned last month at Cookstown.

The event was a huge success and it's the main featured topic of our latest podcast.

We also focus on all the major news of the past week including the TT scoreboard being replaced, Mervyn Whyte MBE retiring from the North West 200 Event Director role.

How road racers fared at recent Darley Moor, No Limits Racing Donington Park meetings, a re-cap of the Manx GP Top 6 series to date.

Plus there's of course the bamboozoler and general waffling a plenty!

News podcast. My Name Stevie, alleys of road rasing names occurring in care has always been joined by my dad, Steve Brow. How old everybody well for this week's podcast will foot with focus on the cups down. One unders see, it's the only Irish road race this year and I think first and foremost just massive, massive congratulations to the organizers running such a brilliant meeting under obviously to circumstances, the first as all present. They'll definitely need more so with the way they were rare. Yeah, carrying on and yeah, so, yeah, that set me up and congreg no pround of applause to everybody involved, volunteers, organize, his press office, everybody, big well done, and obviously all the competitors, and it was you mentioned. Is only this old bad bell on mccay for all these updates, and the brilliant jens great, right, great husiast. Oh, yes, bad fair. He's in a promoting cups down. I don't think there's anybody better ways ever done it. I think, as we mentioned as well, John Dillon, chairman of the cooks of the old organizing club for cups down, as in the smashing job as well. And we got the racing it cooks down. Adam mcclan to the spoles in the soup, a sport and so between races and the album's been competing in national soap stop six undry championship. It was his first world race. bact seems obviously the major instantly had the Times Age in twenty nine saying, and the obviously took the manner of mating rather than meet in the world. Yes, and he had an off as well than me, it seemed. The soap of bout race and young the fast of the second start of it them just that. I, when I got rerun the eventually finished fourth I was didn't gritting for maccadu camels I could, which had darrel's Wi colding from for the first time from both farving a pretty major instant.

But yeah, but is on the road to is under its recoveries. Roland impress or people, oh, yeah, you know he's he's getting better. And betteres. Now, yeah, we shall all the person let it well and all the soaper bright race that cooks down. went to Derek Shil's at last minute entering board the road house mcawbe and buy. Yeah, well, derety shals what can you say about him? He just seems to wear with me because he wins and they's on top for me is Derek, I think, and the vious that much this way and has acs three meetings. That's it. Yeah, and Nice Challenger to Derry Candy. Soaper bout race was Michael Swinger, l Mac up, because he's, you know, he's been the wind gold as well. Tell you what you know. The don't watch in it between them was only, I think, just over two seconds. Yeah, I think the birth set PV lap times coming in fired was Thomas Baxella o comers. He just needs it, just needs that bit big. Yeah, one of the biggest sponsors on board, and I know it's easily said them done, but if you get out level, the better engine. It's coming, God, and it will be. It'll be up. You're coming from on the Irish shirts, you know. So, I mean Michael Brownloms, you first meeting with the Jumbura sting. Yeah, form strongly, and so we're just we just up and, you know, everything gets itself sorted out. Yeah, all the winds doing, everybody's all right and we get back to some sort of normalance if we can for two thousand and twenty one. I'm say. Yeah, Michael Brown steam at Paul Jordan to honors in the one to five risk. Yeah, he's race cubed loads of different machines this year and the obviously would have been convened at its at for leaded steam area. FRIGLAN IS ABS comes. I could. Yeah, we'll see the course them about. It's very distinctive sort the right arrows course going John Fifty race of cooks down went to the Olknowen. He always been racing. Yeah, that's all fifties for quite a long sale money top to fifty...

...hours now. You could see him on a Tou fift at the coast. He's the intention girl and seeming Turbin to the honors in the formed a class of the two hundred and fifty four nd address and the senior support race went to victure went to Vinnie Brennan, the racing barbers. It did Jimny. Support Honors went to Michael Billy had the overall classic race, which was went to a delicia. That's burry Davidson. He wins a long race. He's any burried as YEA's keys. He's he's six or seven from the old time winners list in terms of Irish woody switch, which says it's a it's one of them racist you don't got. A lot of people might not realize he's a legend and he is. Yeah, most we had to serve up Cookstown, Gary unlocks and ms his retirement. Yeah, from racing up. So we're wishing in this a Kennedy all the best for the upcoming wedding. Yeah, it will help and Alsto able to mention we had in cookstown. I think one of the big stories of Cook some for me was Denil a crosby or competing. I'm just traveling all the way from Russia. Yeah, so he's come on last yeah, especially in these covered times. Yes, and so I believe he traveled across and as the other two week quarantine before. So it was a big undertaking. Yeah, it's going across and compete cooks on first ever competitive from Russia. Almost that it's his dream as yellow, obviously, almost the first rush from competitor to the monks. I'm pretty last year. Yeah, and another one of the outcomers of impressed was Ryan Whitehole, Uh Huh, from the our white and he's don't want to watch credit, by our accounts, a great entertaining styles. Are the very shitting costic goten to those or watching him? Yeah, I wanted a year as well. This way in the years has been large and years loads of big news has been massive up, major up there. And I think one place,...

...the first place for me, I think we've got starts to t take scoreboards. Yeah, well, there's a lot of controversy over that score board, isn't they I can see. I understand now, after having read a lot of things, why it's been remember, but it's still a shame because it's history. It's yeah, well, we we're it. My opinion it can repaired. There's some good lads out there, good boy would and some good lads out there good we're metal work and I think what the candle, in my opinion, is the can compromise there and get some digital stuff on it and incorporated with I think that's what's going to happen for the neame score. But it's going to be a mix of the star which you feel, yeah, president, and with the one day old yeah, and and in instead of the scouts or where they passing the boards up, they're getting to press the butt yess, and they'll bring the the things on. So this will be happy conclosure. There's been a lot of talking about what happening. There's been a especially on the alamand there was a questionnaires put out one day and everything so and everybody had the opportunities to put the toll paen of thing whatever whatever there for so up. But anyway apparently somebody pine part of it. Last I did. They yeah, the map of the data cost around the that's a big piece timber way there. So, oh, nobody saw him on the main road going through Douglass and also the you have a you that to have a blooming big vanance of it to pull it all in and it will just one bamble bids take it down, just a go to the hour of the police fandos take it and if we get to hear about is right there place and as its unique piece of teachers or by ironic that it was taken the when its old, this controversy about it. Yeah, the other thing is I wonder if the when the dual take it all down. The take it down, knock just bulldoz it down. The take it down. Yeah, and they could. They can auction it and also that the door... moment thing of it and the door photography memory of it. So it's little down. The scouts already have the right picture taken with it before it's yeah, now I mean I mean the council, whoever it is, I think Magus banks ter teaches involving I think, going to be maintaining everything. So so it's all sorts of utter said. It's not just going to be so. It's recorded history under the thousands millions of pictures of it. But I was I would have thought that the don would do all that. Anyhow. Don't do all that. I hope so. I hope so. And BE TRITMAN's announce his intention to compete internastional road races. That year we've got a new soaper by contract. Was, I pretty sourcle bates as well. We're not sure that's with hit bog of for being I'm skin in the future. Yeah, we've got a good idea on we yes, I think, but we can't say. But everyone might be surprised. But bad, I don't know. No, no, anyway. The resolves today the many years has been that maybe my NBA's read from his raw after twenty years. As Event Direction offwes two hundred. Yeah, well, it's about. Yeah, it's out all this year and he and he was going to retail last year. I think it's going to retailed here before that as well. So you know, rink, considering the way they but but I think, yeah, I mean it never means been there. We've been involved with a north question under for I think maybe, if with respect to the man, he kept on for the last few years because to us, nobody else couldn't be stepping into his boats. Or was they? So they felt I'll just keep doing it for an extra year. So but now, with everything that's going on, with everything is it's still going to be involved with him oil still in the future. I thought Castle still be involved with the one of the lease. Yeah, it's final. It won't be the the like the the manager of Liverpool or somebody like that. It will be one of the back room...

...staff. No, no, no, he isn't a believe you, and I will say said you'd be so involved. I like a consultancy basis to help. Yeah, yeah, so the like. Yeah, so what's you know? But the man's going to give me a lot of stick over the as. But I think is in the well there. Yeah, well, this is it. In it is when you're in charge. You dumbed if you do any dumb if you do so. But, as event should have you, look at the facts. Fake itself. Since he's been in charge, standard the races gone up. Stand, the venture is gone up. It's more sponsorship. Then you say he's increased the TV coverage in but now in Baden. You know, Nice tribute to him. Yeah, right, I read that. I read where. Yeah, that was good here, but Glenn would one as good luck. But SA. Oh well, wish him from all the best in his retirement. And they're no doubt it'll always be involved with racing because once you, once you're into road race in you, it's there. You've N in for life. Even if you're not attending on them, is you still be still involved with it in somewhere around them. said the words paper one. Oh Yeah, when you retire, because it because it could up done. Yeah, it doesn't leave you. Well, that's also wish all the best to am the years. And Wendy, here's an old and you sold oil's Mount Racial Limited direct yes, now I have to say something about that. It's it was up in the air through the year anyhow. So there's all the if some, butts and wats and everybody's saying this and everybody seeing that, and so it was nice to hear that Andy and Wendy and now in overall charge Oliver's mountain and when we shull the best to where Mick and Eddie in the retailment and on to another chapter of Oliver's mount so I think it's going to be good. And he's still got shown and early there as well, earlier. So it's good. It's...

...good. I've got a lot of time for UNDY. I've got a lot of Sam for Wendy. Both good grafters and the roll for it. So rely for the right reason. They're in it for the right reasons. Yeah, so we wish them all the wealth of all the best from road racing. Your same here and hope the next year we'll see how I was run for me is yeah, hopefully, I think has crossed. Yeah, and rank Varka's and Norman Crooks the cooks some race secretary of Volupe in the world is Bam Britch Empire medals in the Queen's Bathty onders. List. Well, that's great, for it really pure road racing insia because it puts poor rod rising, even one the math to people who don't even know about it. We also should say I mean deserved honors as well. Oh yeah, definitely. I mean Ryan Fire Quell. What he's done for racing and the team is run is its phenomenal and normal crooks, I think. Well, it must have been. Involve racing forty, fifty years maybe, allow long time. And one time the great storewarts for the cooks, I undered old housing wives and yeah, yeah, it's not top of basses for the congratulations yet to them, to them men. Yeah, definitely. And we also had racing a downy more the weekend. Harry Jackson, who was very impressive but he is perishing, debuts mount with the barishing classic. Yeah, it's called a souper spot victory. Chris more, obviously was been compared to the scarbord this year and very comforted to get, yeah, claim the race of victories on his teaser to fifty and rather a down more and Falcon road races. Andrew Jackson Chilcol form as kids doncasters matters on them more to yes, most free on the three on the air. Yeah, Falcon racing in it Fal can road race of Vulcan road racing here. Yeah, and I'll say no, no, let it's mean at Dington there was various top road races there. Jeremy Coward secured hat trick of Victory Sing the supertwin races, from the supertwin races and one of the races you start effected seven from the grade and...

...stolen by other four seconds. Some amazing in it and the threaten in the race after that won by nearly thirty six seconds. Yeah, so you know he's been I think he's definitely made the most of the race in he's add this year's Jeremy Oh. Yeah, every mating he's been to. It secured at least one win on the katies racing CAMELSAKA. Yeah, I and also the actually done intagram. So Gary Johnson was in action. God Up See racings, Jonathan Perry, Josh Daily as well. Yeah, Josh Austin Finish alongs having a Dathabot Devik racings, Robotson in the jury choice that was got was very good. That and inductions in sixteen times. TAT winning. We action on the ascent Shamoh, how which you would have been competing on the tame take this year. Yeah, and I secure the brace of victories right, a bit, a bit of bit of practicing for a going to brands this week and thanks some pretty top six series, obviously. On other issue was were uked a hundred fourteenterview ways and that's who trying. Everybody Surfar Gon, WHO's taken part? Yeah, I'd like to take it back again. Just please get in touch. Yeah, it's probably or found. It really is a really easy yeah, let's got to enter our other issues. May shouldice and out of the shame was stop. Obviously, if you want to get predacy are before Christmas to everything ready does to some fantastic products. Yeah, we've got some as some new projects. We've got a fair page now in the on the website for the match and ice. So you know if your board and you not know. No on telly. I've a look at the Road Resting Yours website and got to the shop. And also, of course, in the shop there is the members of the mount the Steve's book, which is doing great yet and having nothing in but positive things said about it, and the comments have been out this world what breaders have said. And know the really pleased that are bought it. So yeah, if you're...

...into road racing and it's about Oliver's mouth put there's some top lads in their competitors from the years will put their points of viewing. It's a really, really good read in nursery, some myself, but it's a most friendly road racing fan. So the anybody out there listening wants something as a stocking fill her off for a loved one or a friend or whatever. It's a nice present. Yeah, and we'll got to mention that the so far around the British soapabs this weekend. Yeah, two thousand and seventeen class it's to really cross books. Is Favorite. But I think from pure d racing fans perspective of what would I see when there, when trying? Yeah, well, it's the forecast for this weekend is cook cold but dry. So it's and they'll beyond the Grand Prix circuit. Yeah, and as for far for adders, that could calls when it for Comin it. So so it's not a tors race. So it's it's all to play file. It's going to be and it's very in strategy is going to come into it yet. And also we, I mean we go like a bull in a chat in the shop and slip off. You know, that's it in it. So it's said. Yeah, I think the Doka is at the ones that to beat. That's my point in view. But you've got them. Um has a run song now and of course the Hondas this year. But it's what Honda always do. have produced the goods. I know you got something the guys on them to welcome, but you know they are keeping up there, are they? So yeah, I'm looking forward to some exciting racing and yeah, rarely looking forward to it. And they're the best one win Oky your words, and we should also enter guarding brands APPs. The comma comings is going to be an action for the first time on the yeah, but is the first time is wrist s sh since last year? Yep, since last year.

Yeah, so would have. Will it be up to speed? I think I'm gonna built to spade. I don't know if interest and see how we are. We does in the races, but I think the commers naturally fast. Oh yeah, he's absolutely a bullet in a yeah, yeah, and you know what's good back, but more we well onto Bambo's like right. Well, last week opposed to question. How many races is the Arison? But overs not, we believe it not. It's ninety four. Just fall short of Chris Bomers, Turtle Agent's going. He's only six away from the winds Mac. So next year and it all goes well, yeah, it should. Should Bret that regular then. And well, this week's bamboos are. Question is which previous TT win? It has been supported by a red bull cev racing and aim racing, our stream Mac racing form of tating with US souls. All right, that's a that's a bit of a teaser in it. Really. It might be an easy question to somebody if you if you'd been following road yeah, road racing for quite a while, you should do that. Yeah, right, well then I'll have to say thanks against seven. Yea. Well, thanks against Eve. You've put a lot of information together, as usual for road racing. Yells. I mean I don't know you do. It was I know you put lots and lots of owls into it, but we are well done. Thanks talking. We again met and oh I've got to mention. I should mention regarding the Carl grand prader's various teams that have said the word. We compete in this year, including Peter Written and Bob Jordan, John Borrow staying. Yeah, so it's all waiting to say we regard it. Yeah. Well, yeah, I personally don't think this should be going anyhow, not this year. Says it's untill week quarantine. For here it's Times. It's a massive undertake it. Yeah, but wait and say than the present event is. Yeah, the album pretty much cycles, still going ahead, sir, and we have the same keep positive, keep going. And I said another others now taking a little bit, obviously because it's this time of yea. That's right. But,... I you know, again, keep positive, keep going, and this has been the d race US podcast. Yeah, see later, bye, bye. I.

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