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Episode 67 · 5 months ago

Road Racing News Podcast - TT Start Numbers Special +


Following on from a previous TT start number themed podcast, it's time for another start number focused chat, detailing in depth the seeded riders for the Superbike, Superstock, Supersport, Senior races of TT 2022.

Newly announced rider/team combinations covered include:

* Davey Todd joining forces with Milenco By Padgetts

* Gary Johnson securing NL Motorcycles-Specsavers sponsorship

* Shaun Anderson gaining a factory ride with Buildbase Suzuki

* John McGuinness MBE running his own teams 600 Honda

* Peter Hickman's K2 Trooper Beer backed 765cc Triumph

Throw into the mix talk about recent resurfacing around the Mountain Course, potential lap records in the near future and the host talking again to quickly! It's a whirlwind of TT info discussed.

Everyone and welcome back to the road racing. He his podcast and named Stevie Aldy. Tough Road Ris used the curt the UK and for today's podcast for focus. And so we are one topic, as become of the recently anound seeded runners for the Soapa Bite Soap soaper sport senior TT races. This follows on from the previous podcast covering a non seat, covering non seeded races plan sake. But the thousand CCS SISU, the CC soap twins upsi areas is of TT. Two Thousand and twenty two. Right on to the first of all, farmers, onto the SOAPA bike soap stop senior race CD runners to these are the top twenty. See riders down the number one this this gem will be John McGinnis, Mba. What's the back of down the racing team? Number two will be Danaris in the ARARAS and Calasa King. Number three, Michael Ruther mcal Gran Prett motorcycle wins record order pizza their films. All is racing. Number four is en up some back with tas racing. I'll...

...compete under the Milwaukee interview. Murder Ad Donner James Ellie was fast, Yamaha. We're who rich energy MG racing. Number six is Michael or pout in the Anne Gaujuktiv for our hand a Galagy of catty. All eyes will be on Bodmin race as powers for bed motor sport back steed. Number seven is brinks, Gary Johnson and enjoy support from spect savers. And then they'll motorcycles are set to powert being do your machinery numbreak. He stay if he told. He has recently been announced to form part of the Minka by padgets in faster. The words challenge for two thousand and twenty two. Number Nine is David Johnson, pleas, rich energy of g racing. Same machineries, game teammate James Cellier. Number Tennis Peter Ritman, cleatsure fitchure racing, but remember as the title sponsorship for the t take from gas monkey garage and beloved the monkey by pagets and the comings. Number twelve is kats racings, Jamie Coward...

...and the thirteen ash goot rasons, the Johnson and the fourteen accurasons Phil crew. Number fifteen straight down a supported Sam West. Number Sixteen, if backed and many care, abson number seventeen if it shore a feature. Racing Rudols mcow supported brand carmack. Number Eighteen. Triple Irish soaf bike champ arishudy s soafbake champion Derek shows some pets. Of all the ROADHOUSE mccawse spotted being w number Nineteen Shard Anderson. It's good to note they secure the factory ride with Bill Bass scause. This is the first time, I believe, shown more party factory machinery at the TT races. Very opportunity for the Banbridge Racer and completed the top twenty status is Immingham's Craig Nave, who competes of our cormack scaffolding supported bingw should mention with Craig. It took a patrick of victories at the Racing Angie Road road racing meeting Alton Park. Also no number twenty two.

It's also the alms will be Glen are win so when I wins start number for his first TT races stints number twenty two. Right onto the soap spot class. I'll number one again, as in the soap of Bte soap stop. Senior races will be John Beginnis, NBA, is competing aboard his own teams on day which enjoy spot off the lesson to you racing blue ware construction. They in Arison status at number two, number three. This is a big chain contrast to the the four mentioned thousand CC races. They Johnson, winner of the early soap spot race at tt two thousand and nineteen, will start at number three. So in my opinion that this is a going to be it's going to make it very interesting for the soap spot races. This Jim They Johnson, starting just one place behind his good friend Dean Harrison. Can he caption? What will that? Will do? Remain close on...

...time? Bill to be that become lock blocked together on track. Gout this decide a racist race outcome, we all say. Number four, one place behind Lee Johnston, is in Hutchinson pouts, the voice precision engineering, Russell Racing Cameraha and the fire is James Tell Yer. Number six is Michael Dunlop and now liking upston lightly Johnston without in yamhaw machinery for his own seam and the racy number is Hary Johnson, who powertsmt of Fotis spect service supported trying for machinery mank Abhi Hicks, Tavy top girls at number at number nine it's David Johnson and number ten Peter Ripman, now Peter writman. Soap spots. They despite by K to trooper beer and we'll run under his teams, his own companies, PHR performance by it the five times t t when hesets about seven and sixty five CC trip the Chine right now. This has been made possible by little tweets in the regulations for the souper spot t two races.

So it's going to bring into the equation in a few years more triumphs. Seven hundred and sixty five CCA, Joe Atti's and also we should mention the thirty six hour was AK stave, which will be powerted by Ding Arrowson. I one place behind peer writman on the stat so spot. Starting all that is connor comins. Number twelve is kats racing, said man, said plan supported Jamie Coward, and the thirteen raining due cred race rankings. Champion em building bats, Michael Swedey. Number fourteen is Adam Mcclain. Maclk was a k even pizza well, which also manytion, is a TT retaining obviously wasn't competing in two thousand and nineteen after a high speed off at Tangre game. Number fifteen is Sam West. Week's intriguing to mention, with pouting a Jew Katai and so spot calast. So that will have been since our perfect here to kill. Katie sits under the CEC soaper spots back dukutty CEDIS incompat Harrison... the LS of the triumph. The cow was a kid, is the Hondas and the amahs. Number sixteen is counting racing stominic cab. It's a recent lead of cross racing at the northeast motorcycle Racing Club season out there. Number seventeen is pressed racing him standing Paul Jordan. Number eighteen triple manks some pre winter michelevens competes under the heat. Second Racing Banner Brown carmacks a with at nineteen the power it sets about global row robots backed dry for machinery. Number Twenty is craig nave who competes for Classy TT suitors. How is to Cowen racing? This will numbers recently and ams also include raining junior sort of senior marks, some pre champion. If Harrison says it's said to the old the number twenty seven plate, number thirty one play is held by fellow multimakes, some pre win a gym behind, and also a few of the upcomers to mention in terms of sat numbers. Joe Houghlin, who compete little scan...

...pre putting finisher in two thousand and nineteen. He also number forty eight plate for his mountain course debut, and old in the fifty seven plate for his mountain course racing debut, is running pike speak, International Hill climb motorcycle champion Renny Scares Brooks. That's just a brief rundown. In terms of the soap spots, that numbers on longs have the aforementioned soaprobate soaper stock. It's saying you runners. You won't say any more in terms of rested outside the top tops Wednesday. In terms of their stat numbers for the two twenty two et races, check out a previous podcast we did covering what's up coming. Roads Hounds, private is independence, mount costialcomers. In terms of their starting numbers, this year's take take right. Well so, we got two engine regards...

...say so, but when our near in, effectively we're nearing just under two months till the TAT takes place. Sat numbers of the way and everybody's appetite as that getting fair indicator in terms of the entry list. So I think that the senior runners for the lightweight class, sorry I should say it silk twins class, will be an handsome same with the side cars or intriguing years to come. So adding to the anticipation the Bulls. It's arguably the most anticipated mot sport event for people in India, but cup for warm up spot in the UK this year because it's been three years since we've had a TTA. It's going to be an incredible spectacle if everything goes to plan. You have good weather, pretty safe race in a nice way to see the uplock recorder. So but time will tell. It's also be sit lots parts of...

...the TT course have been resurfaced, including white gates. There's no no question it's going to make the race bound course a lot smoother overall, and this is in the label. More chance as a previously mention of black records, as we saw in two thousand. Before the two thousand and seventy t races, same parts of the course were updated and John Begetis went on set the first one of the thirty. I was proble laps. We've seen him one fety five hour, an hour from Peter Ritman at the two thousand and eighteen tat races. How it's longer would beat all we say a one fifty six lap or even a one hundred and thirty seven hour on our will can be over the next ten years will come over the next five years. It's going to be intriguing to find out. Right onto the bamboos lay. Now the question of pose. Last weeks, which Paul bed not spot team regular, has also been a prominent international word racer with the Answweris Ryan raining topic finishing... the northwest town hundred, was set to make his TT debuting two thousand and seven, I believe, ultimately didn't end up beating at the Tata Ryan's waits with Josh Brooks twice. Pretty safe fight. Champion, it will see, is still Australia's current fastest mountain course. It's spermit and in two thousand and seventeen teeny costic TT winner by our next next question in terms of the bamboos will be putting out there in the next podcast which will be coming up. It could beat the weekend, might be next week, but a bit there for you all listen to when it's out there. Hope you we got this podcast. Those truly talking at a hundred and fifty in the six to seventy two hundred gazillion mile an hour so echentusiasm headed a coming return of the TT races. As always, keep positive, keep going. This has been...

...the road racing US podcast by right.

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