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Episode 72 · 4 months ago

Road Racing News Podcast - Fast Talkin, Fast Racing, Fast NW200


One word to describe this year's North West 200, fast!

Fast racing, fast pace, fast competition, fast schedule, fast overtakes.

All the history making, record breaking, incredible feats achieved by roads giants are covered in today's podcast including:

* Six successive Superbike successes for Glenn Irwin

* Peter Hickman's blistering new lap record

* Next gen talents shining

* IRRC front runners making their mark

* Remarkable speed trap timings

We also touch on Richard Cooper's disqualification from the Super Twin races and a not so finest hour for Dunlop Tyres.

I want to welcome back to the road racing years podcast. My Name Steve Rawlings, to road racing us, the PURTY UK and for day's podcast would reflect on the recent record breaking fernic cabin nick oils northwest undred. What a mating overall. I'm so all those that attended, with the left being the maze body courty, the racing, that the sheer pass and also that the fantastic weather. For once the weather was on the side of the northwest to under organizers s place for the organized somethings. Everybody bolved in northwest hundred after three years away from the road rasing calendar, but Ritson schedule. It's made of fantastic return and, like I say, Amazing Pace, lack records, history making moments. Yes, you had some do some bad weather on phase the evening. This was a little bit of controversy into but nomless overall a great return full of pure rising jewels in the crown. Or before phase these races it was was qualifying sessions and glad air with other officially that's a desisting black record of ens that with the Guard's Quali. Fine James Jealouson a profound you comes the former, but you PA better to pretty sour white champship with the Bolt Coal Times World Super Sport Front the the he didn't take part. Also, Michael Them up announced he posted the canals of regarding Guardian Patting company with the Paul bed nut spot. Same to pilot be for our pan of galage of catting machinery. They would have be racing an office two hundred whole racing prepared his staff thousand to Zum k one thousand nine hundred and times ten two within his offsets. Pilot, this is OK. Stayed to twenty twenty two TT races. Well, in terms of firsts, race actually held in treacherous wet conditions, damp conditions. Absolutely fair played to every race that that competed in the opening soup stops, soup spot races around triangle course. Even if evenly finished twenty first, you can his first. You Finish fifteen or upsolute. Here brows the terms of the soap stock race. I S S A Lee took it time. He's twenty six victory. U Was a post twenty five fiftory in the soup spot race. But in terms of soap stock races you don't display about the IFS CLOB logistics. Yama, there as many I profile non starters due to the conditions without squad are in John the Guinness and Michael Them Up all letting pete. But in terms of soup soccerase for tended to soupsoct race. David Todd claimed second of four polling finishes from the meeting and Fed went to Richard Kiper being built. This so zuo king, but the price six hundred. Race was an absolute cracker. Race on battle between Alice see he then told it was dip and took about. David all the PHATOP fast the bike. But I sees Gal experience and while we racecraft around the triangle course came through in the end as the Egged problem stalled. Race Honors Fair place went to fifty eight year old Joe at. We got...

...formers. Jamick Williams bitings. First race out in for the borods engineering. You Shouldn Kelly racing team of or the teams by to the facets. AMAHA fourth most went to back of the I was like is Adam the clay and it turned out to pretty much that made how I have the meting one of the bed alights. What was Awis a. It was a tough me in terms of race action. Rada we count on noti pulled ribility problems during race there. But nonetheless shoreles talent, shune skill set a going allowed out. All being well, it's got a good t team prospect for the good remainder season. The sopetweens class across Adam claim one of the favorite front unders Fi class. The opening soapwings rass was then moved across to sap this race schedule because we're really the risk canceled on phasing due to the cost conditions of discourse. It will controversy at the time in terms of it organizes bits too long in terms of predium celebrations at last ten minutes, terms of light fading around the course and if things that had been got under way quicker the rest of the taking place. I could see both sides of the argument. That's not just me sitting on the fence. I could on this it say both sides to the argument. But then, post one day off it was done. On to the races on the Saturday. I'll the only race is soap twins race to say moving from pass race schedual. But I'll run away success for Richard killed pair, but then purse race to Richard Propout in the gym CC roofing caw was actually by around fire glass, came back and was ACTU team was then disqualified due to any treatments to with a bracket placed on the bike. And this was all brought up because there was a protest put in by the kts racing to s FIS. Joper watched it and he it was just discualified. Four people said it was harsh. There's a shame really, because it was. It so quite away from again. Another good bit of it was on the way win for its juggle of a stellar performs with faultless spot on textbook, the Collins Corner spot on, racecraft spot on. So it's a shame for its joke because if it is, are a mean fluidserved the victory in the following. So between the race as well, from which he was also disqualified, but due to Cooper's disqualification, this allowed the pieris beyond to become the first French northwest under the whine of a fantastic achieving fi perre. Shuld really are a SE Sup spot champion. And the raiding comes a thanks from pre champion. Second, the MP as Paul Joban Preser, racing and fed during Williams and then, following super twins races, Victor First, Haby Tash this victory the team I laughed at Mat coveredlls Joel off and Jeff...

...and castle burney and were proud that we sponsored a road racing years great, great, new with words, talent. Definitely Fair one to watch in the fieldship is already a name now, as prove with plays. First it's actual address success. Second, behind joking, Lee Johnson. So they don't many. His first race out, second race out, we should say what the Ashcot racing are. Six hundred sixty prey, which you mean? It did that to be down on power and I think through to me the bit he made the difference in that race to could claim second, because the because that I definitely looked at spade trap, compared scours a kids to patterns. It looked a fair bit down them. Proved speedtrap contends of its pace. Like say, my opinion, he made the difference. Gritted his teeth should true determination of chose for me, arguably, even though he came for up the meeting Mbot top top of me head now multiple murdy pudding finishes. It was, in my opinion, is best rad it actually evactily, might opinion, it seeded the Sofa because he wasn't expected to finish on the Ross Room. In second super twins race. There's other strong finisher, Jame. It Willis about the if. IFS. They viewer tells for a pattern when he says right, finished, finishing third again. It ends of two sort of races already mentioned by Johnson, to success, but only just by under one tenth of the second of Linka by package days are together, a race on the scrap between them. Great Race. Yea, Sarah C I said it an absolute to spot cracker in the headlandman covering the race and in the end so he can self five times office funding, when I think is in skill set. He's going from the British soap spar. I think just come through because again, David Toub you can have safe and speed traps. AD A lot faster. By was a four hour an hour faster cover. Devin todds, a speed trap town compared to Lee Johnson's. And Sir, that race was again runing, my opinion, through again Sha greatly determination. I think racecraft put in the skill set in terms of the middleway class super spots and something set machinery taking off all the ways. Well, fro David told another fantastic foreman's he's fully around them ince after I'd see said also we've been at two aunteen higher se champion, Arassing soap bright champion. But in terms of northwest under sat gels pretty the cow. He's fully around. Easy to stay fair behind Johnson and told in the upling super spot race on Saturday I was nineteen...

...times city win a Michael. A lot strong forms for Michael. In the end of dropped back around eight seconds back on Johnson and sold. Nonetheless, I said, for all strong performance and it's positives to take it from this head of the t twenty two TT racist in so stock race as well. I mean the much show could could place before retiring out contentions. He was in the lead of the second soupstock race of this year's North West two hundred before incun counting problems. But again he looks in good fettle on these teams and his own Auntie MD racing Honder dendery sup stock form looks really, really competitive in seeing if you check the spacecrat time means incredibly fasts on a new fire blade, but it's in Kinnage biod effective anniversary one. It's an absolute weapon, as what Speaker in say, Oh along those lines, and should say. And yes, in the Simes of the SOFA stock race it was ICC Lee took victory in a dramatic race and was locked of our profile retirements, going airin pulling out, say I could unlop. All right, US this say. It was all touch a plane sailing for him and the Indiand of age, victorious of a shot raisons, Lee Johnson produced the impression display of all these teams as fells in there are have been with you, stocker. Third place in the ending is the only crostom finish. If this year's office two hundred was the racings, Dean Harrison is obviously over hour. Could you call it a tricky shot western of the day, because he admitted, you know, that the getting used to Nel biking you up. That's range. said it'stead extend rage. How was that a I think there's still good sounds added. It set Acuta Lotfull. I think there's a lot of good stands. There's but there's also probably a little tinkering things to look a little little, little bit there, little bit here, little bit there, once he makes it sweet spot, doing praump tension for winds and three. This is the case with Am. I think it's every time to go to win in the SOP fight race it Tata, in my opinion's going to be tougher than in twenty nine, say, because Peter Ritman's Bann form coin of goings, ups and good forms. I haven't mentioned commic goings, but he had a solid mating and obviously they've Davy todds on for see us. So go. Moving on to the which had mentioned, or regard to Soa stock crease, a fine fourth place finished for Michael Sweeney, range it ruders ranking champion and it who's now also the probably of alums, fastest northwest wounded experient. Actually you personal best up speed of a hundred and twenty point Seri was seven five miles prowers. Fantastic shave it from, because weeny shown excellent forms of far this season. That cooks out at time the gate. He carried his farm on to the curse roads at northwest two hundred. It's fourth place Fini, should mention you finish in front of one other than John Be Ginnis,...

NBA jump jump said. So formed the northwest hundred again in my open. Regarding the Taita, got to be honest, I don't see him in the mix of race wins, but I want, discounting from gaining at least one podium finish, and I think the producers always typically accomplished faultless displays and there's always as rounding selve in. Smooth, clean and great. Great to watch, Johns entens all, we guarding the soup class and got torench before moving on to the soap by races. Good top six finish for Sam West. Aboard the street down and supported the INWO and we hading this bike at the TT. You will not miss it, as I mentioned you on the Manus of the Palette pieces of course game. I think it's on the lines of flight lime green, yellowish color with white. It's very distinctive stands out. Like I say, you walk you want miss it. But finally on to the Soaka by class. Now it's Soapa by racing for the main. Already staying in qualifying, going air in look favorite front us and in my opinion, going into the soap ware's a sorry effectively clearing off into the distance, winning the rest bat in Myeric are predicted at least three to four seconds. How wrong I was, because in the end Glen did you major stories, but only just only just, after holding it, holding off. They've be todd what the forms and Derby top he's only have minimal testing involved the blink of by packages under SOFA by and they produced for me he's only, in my opinion, the forms of his careers, of fine period race and to push glen are with that hard round the northwest under the man who was now done six successive races unbeating in the soap by class from the triangle girls. That takes some doing, it takes some determination, it must like, it takes talent, it takes place and it takes great application. So if you put all that to cover the same my opinions, it's been the best problems of his purero racing created day and in the end you finish under point free behind but are in and also, should say it, join the race. He set a fast to lap time in when airing. But both are win and told we're not as fast as the right rite record older at the Northwest Hundred Peter Ritman pet in our world's uniquely the record at the same time as been the outright toteals from free and northice hundred record order Joe Yankabar soap, quite racy Loup to a hundred twenty four point seven ninety nine miles prower, which creates in time in terms to four minutes eighteen point seven, five three seconds. Absolutely incredible. That the only way to describe it. Absolutely incredible. Up and there was overall a tough northwest for the didn't finish any races and in the end pulled out with the second soak bite race, as did pops. The riders due to problems with a batche tires from the Dunlop and...

...and disdiscreated a lot of coals reversing at the time. Not Not Alp publicity for the unlock, that and Tait and also obviously guardian northwest and rods racing. But it's like in general, not good publicity, as I'm so people seeing the videos on line of Michael unlocks tied elaminating of all the whole rasons is okay, thank God by Coel he escaped on amp ham from that incident. Could it be so much worse at Goin at that place with the ties delaminate? It's like I said, it's not publicity for the lot, but but in the data professional company, hopefully seeing bounce back in stout. The T team provide top rubber for for all the teams, all races down the back where it be proud of tears independence. The works teams got a proven track record at sat and, let's be written, stated on that. He's still get every confidence in the brand. She also reacts it. We had better writtman that he's tied by all camps deominated at a hundred and ninety seven miles an hour. That is that's that's incredible. To stay is incredible. We're speaking of a put confected on the soap, a race getting the up and so fight race Richard Cooper took fed strong performance of Ko in self it. Then he was also under the existing like record previously held by Michael Dunlap, tends to the second to fact race without the done lopshop runners caved the way for I won't say comfortable win, but I'm more routine victory for Glinn Airin but not be folded, keeping at their the attentions of the determined Richard Coper. Both of them came close to the he out here, which this ste lap record set by Peter Ripping. Above set the room. You'll pvlappric you'll peeple lap times around the triangle course. So another good race, not as compartitive, it's fair to say, compared to the previously prays, but that was because of four mental circumstances. But nevertheless it's six to fight race wins in a row at the office to unders for glinn air, with fantastic achievement for Glenn and the Lext road race calling up let's is goes back to be a speedy so but but after that follows he's made a Peris of the TT races. Sir, it's going to be fascinating see howe adapts to the mountain course. Is Putting so much effort to learn the course and so many laps of the course, pushing on board laps, increasing his knowledge of the time. So it's going to be intriguing, and say I for one them, it's to see how he gets on. I think it's going to be intriguing. Must often by a ubbly old we all wish clenning old compartitors a safe and successful two weeks at the world's lest famous road race. I Fed...

...behind for now when Richard Cooper in the second SOA quite race of this year's North West, when there was PBMJ CATTI's Josh strupts. Obviously Josh last minute replacement for Michael Dunlop, the poor bad metal spot team at the northwestern. He said he's he's setting your personal best lap time the north as those to farm wife record older and twenty fourteen. You opt over a hundred twenty three miles prower on the Saturday. Fourth Place Beyond Josh routs in the feature soap a race was Ein Hucchinson. Now he from sin, from speed trap aboard the Milwaukee Bund. The deal stayed. Went through a two hundred and seven point eight miles per hour. Unbelievable purse, just unbelievable. Fifth Place went to John Beginnings, NBA and compleating the top six finishes with Jamie soilier would have been fifth. Put in cared ten second time penalty right. So a few other stats regarding the northwest unders this year's office two hundred, already managing the top speed track Tim in the soap quite class. Buying up and sit in the soaper stock it was Lee Johnson, two and three point four miles per hour soaper stock, jol offing forder an eighty one point five miles prower and jointly in the soaper twins class, per's B and just offling within the sixty five point four miles prower. Sixteen races overall recorded a hundred twenty miles pour plus lap speeds in total, twelve different races. Game Party in finishes. There's your back record. Older as their class OFS of aready mentioned Peter at minyon tension soap fights, but the soap clint it's Jerry Mc Williams under eleven point three three seven miles per hour. So stop. It's David told fun the twenty three eight ninety five miles per hour, and so quite, as also David Todd under an eighteen zero three six miles prour. Obviously, how's to see he was a ward and demanded the meeting the world in on the vies. Winning three races is our twenty seven times office to wonder whether just fantastic record another brilliant achievements for the way wizard carric Davis, racer, but taking nothing away from hours to in my people, let's say road racing uses under the meeting world, I would have to give to day be told it was certain lucky not to win at least three races. And there's no there's no question. He stars risen tenfold, not only amongst the pure road racing a Turney, but the wider races a turney as well. It's teaching twenty. Twenty two looms. Also, after they did the top I was actually unner within the feature. There hurtel and spar soak bite races. Ten Place Finisher IRS is so quite front runner Lucas my ray. Well, there you have it. That's an office so undered inner. A brief run down for me. I've already been talking for over twenty minutes, so longer than the usual podcast, but that's what it was like. It was just it was a breathless office to when it was every the races. I'm like, pop back on the sat day that the pace was just incredible, so fast...

...everything went in the flash. You know the place of all that. The blayers there called the speed, the sounds. What can I say? This just a brilliant, brilliant meeting, a roll in my opinion, the best office stundard of the last fifteen, fifteen years. That's just my opinion. I'm solver as well, of different, but that's just my opinion. I've also recently had the star and meets, the races in the Zech Republic and amongst those victorious post of the Old Town meeting, including Chris Mayer and Peter nowage. But of course, coming up soon is two twenty two TT races, the tts back and First Ames two thousand and ninety say and wills be doing the series of podcast preview win the world's mostly claimed, famous, coveted pure as meeting in the near Fiordshire. Thoughts left to says Hook Go. Enjoyed this podcast. Me Talking at a hundred fifty hour d sixty hour our, but not as quick as the races when in the office, to under two and seven point eight miles an hour for me up and see. It's just amazing, amazing. Three report. Yeah, look, you're all going to podcast. See you soon. All right,.

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