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Road Racing News Series 5 - Episode 10 - UN Positivity


To put it mildly what a week it's been for Irish road racing fans.

First there was the official confirmation of the North West 200's return.

Then the Ulster GP's comeback was made official and then enterprising plans regarding the Mid Antrim 150.

Alongside the aforementioned covered in detail, there's also brisk chat from the podcast host, small updates on race action at the Dakar Rally and Daytona.

Jamie Williams IRRC plans, merchandise plugs and another testing bamboozoler quiz question.

Everyone. Welcome back to the OD racing use podcast. Man named Steve Ald to read race used to curl at UK. For this week's podcast, with focusing the problem thet'll positive views in relation to the northwest, two hundred and instagram prey. I decided the best way to showcase this is by reading the following articles that I put together in recent times. Best of think it was on the northwest to undered. So it's great to report positive views of the Irish word racing and the update, and this update is that Istand some official confirmation of the northwest unders retained to the racing calendar have something causing in on three years it's Covid nineteen related problems, the cream of interastional or racing, looking forward to retain into high speed pulsating competition around the austerous triangle course. Speaking about the northwest, to under choose the anticipated come back core red and district, not cycle chairman Stanley Murray stated, although the pandemic stopped the race action for over the past two seasons the management Sam of coal ran district,...

...but but suppose the club. I've been working hard to ensure the structures and support the underpin northwest undered have remained in place for the day when we would be able, when we would be able to make this announcement. We delighted to have we to contain the support of our the oil title sponsors. To have the backing of fernic cab and nickel oils to the provinces leading companies gives us confidence as we plan to return for a love of ouds Makeuor it's. What attractions William mccaus land of FERNIC CAB added? We Deity to once again the title sponsors of the International Norths two hundred after challenging two years for the spot. In the event, it's fantastic to say back on the broad race calendar and we look forward to an even bigger, more exciting race week in the twenty two. Our sponsorship continues our long association with the northwest and maintains...

...our commitments giving back to our customers and communities by supporting mud, cycling and sports all levels across northern island. is to a fantastic two events. Nickel oils Gary Nickel provided additional comments. It's fantastic to welcome to return it over our largest outdoor sporting event norfic st hundred the nickel family. At all the same, nickel oils are delighted to continue as one of the title sponsors for od rations premier events. There's been along two years about motor cycle racing the northwest and nickel oils are looking forward to me twenty two. Welcome you all, the teams, riders and fans, back to the beautiful callsway cursed. The organizing team at the northwest hundred have way tirelessly to ensure the retired of the race and the positive impact that the race week festival have when our we common by. They have overcome hirdles that could have seen the demise of this famous race and before the head support of US sponsors, our council fans stand...

...em set for the two thousand and twenty two northwest two hundred, which takes place from the apes foping for me include on the rations going are when John B Ginnis, NBA, Dean Harrison, Lee, Johnston Alice to see Lee color comings off it suration see trip had got say as well, Franks Peter. So sorry to seven Davison for the quotes relation to the that it's update, but the off us two hundred answer some used to give us are regarding doll scrand prix againt. This is fantastic, Games a stadium. Previous article. There is light at the end of the tunnel for the worldwide popular US pray he'll meet you. Organizers the revival races, notorcycle club issue today the fault following statement regarding the world's fastest road races forthcoming Mpshire, the world's fastest folk cycle road race, instagram pre will return this summer after a two year absence due to the covid nineteen pandemic. Generally promoting about the revival racing motorcycle... I'll be safe that obviously sixteen to twenty broad circuit. We understand the unique coppy of the UG Dat to riders and fans like and we delighted to bring racing back to this famous track. It's been on the certain time for the sport because of coronavirus and we can't wait to hear bits rolling down a flying Keeler again the summer. We are indebted to the volunteers of the ULL deal Sagram free for the collaboration continue with hardware to stay is famous racing. It's in senior a year. More details of the race on week program the week long race program will be announced. So first running, one nineteen and twenty two. One nineteen, twenty, twenty two, those two GP CELB. It's Shit's under anniversary and I'm sure pure it is. All backgrounds will be keen to complete and what sets to be one of the most eagerly awaited roads events, twins twenty two once game to which tranks Steven Davison,...

...but sending the following quotes. So sorry, I should say statement. Okay, I see you seem there's a right faving used the recent times alongside before mentioned is a great years. We having dilston enough west. It's all systems, girl. Thanks some pretty putting for the se Jamie Williams, which targeting Iras. See how in Angloi Matroniser Shimm in Froberg is also places entries in the twenty two TT races and it's also tagget competition. I on the INSTAGRAM prey. I want founds in Jay cloud for a set stackle the northern Sychiku, which features selected roads events. Even I'm sew one hundred and fifty cents to me. The Irish woods season final with the returning meeting for the first time that I'm two, und fifty teeny in stints. Last in two thousand and sixteen said to take place from the nine ten September. Team CAUSTON's international team, casting's technology international, we should say, except on Danningham, Tommy...

Club member, on an hours six hundred and sixty prillier, super twin dress and super twin dress all could be super twins. Races at the banks from prey Jo set to run DMINGHAM cups down. I's got two energy cry stations. Aunty Erly, seventy five years a TT found absolutely legend over seventy Consecuti to these visited to take the TT races. So I said True, look you to the spot the pitting of a super TT fum. Thanks everyone. All the races. Again, taken part in them. Actually the inters. I'm showing what because of the really a racing us will notice al most recent actually pay top six into a or dry Chris power. But the Times teat when a classic t tow and makes them pretty with a tub stroke. Racing legtions. Yester year racing legend. Great to getting Chris's faults on competition, but thanks on prey. Thanks everybody who's Patchas the recent our Rannu of publications...

...drisumes facts boo, and anyone who was publisher for recent times for Rashing US mactiondise again. If you know, if you want a great products we road pure road racing, please check ou where everything US website and the shop part of the website. I know, I get it's another shameless plug, but you've got to do it right. Onto the bamboos lie now. Last week I posed the question who was the inaugural formula to TT world champion from Nteen one thousand nine hundred and seventy seven? The answer was own, Jackson Junior. Well, for this week's bambos were keeping with the northwest to under an Astogram free thing combined, how world at the northwest to under an LSTAGRAM PRI events. So it's the combined age of buff of no novel islands, arguably, but most famous. Look Cycle race sweets a few racing afficient adders.

It's been a much moot. It's been another positive week news wires for pure road racing. I think, as I think I could say it in previous podcast, more good times ahead under under days out of the Cup some wonders. It's not going to be long. So Irish for racing. We take pretense in style. Also, we should say congratulations to Sam Sunderland on claiming Dakar Ali victory for the second time. Fantastic achievement. All thats mentioned. There's been, I believe, racing it Dayta, a quite classic meeting featured form a TT, competitive word Boyd and also perspective makes and pre participant is reel Gillette. So hope you only enjoyed the watling on again, talking at breakneck speed and end now with our you could say see how. So again,...

...thanks for everybody listening it. Ben I, for any ideas what you like to sharing the podcast, please, please get in touch. It's all flexible. Trying to showcase again, as always, in the Cook Great Light, but we know, for me is the great former SMA planet earth, pure sing bye.

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