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Episode 71 · 6 months ago

Road Racing News Podcast - Varsselring, IRRC, Triangles


It's almost here, the FonaCAB & Nicholl Oils North West 200. The paddock is filling nicely and the Triangle course is primed for competitive action.

Alongside a mini NW200 preview, today's podcast focuses primarily on the IRRC season opener at the Hengelo based Varsselring.

IRRC, Varsselring themed topics covered include:

* Victorious return for Vincent Lonbois

* Jorn Hamberg taking the Supersport limelight

* Mark Purslow's solid, accomplished form

* New wave roads forces capturing the imagination

* Why David Datzer's Superbike race 1 charge halted

Not forgetting of course the good old, usual bamboozoler quiz question and some NW200 race predictions.

Will I be proven right next week? My pre-event predictions are sometimes right, sometimes wrong, sometimes mixed, sometimes bizarre!

Everyone. Welcome back to the dress news podcast. By name Steve Rol Edits of road resumes occur at UK and for today's podcast is promising. The previous podcast will be reflecting on getting around the IRC season at Angler. So the opening IR S S Spot Race Two thousand and twenty two so are keenly contested cross generation, cross generations. Battle for Victory Between Yon Hamburg and check Rud's great or at Venni, backing up the form he showed during the venue looks Druffy sub spot in the from ration out serts Hamburg took an air of the lead and he was leading to any by down point seven of the second getting not concluded as the race went on. It was still do selevently macchiveni in Hamburg, but by lap seven Hanbay's lead so that almost five seconds it went took measure tourist by eight plus tewonds early Sheveni, in the process becoming this fecty six different races, the clinch and Iras affiliated race. When fam a spot on the third and Wentz team slates with drinks come of falter. A friend stating Joe Fed alongside it was a cow jow and Iras returning each other from go at Shit. Also that road racings every Adan. He was a solid six. The UK is only representative. Matt Pays Ler opened his letters ires campaign in accompanies fashion place in a very credible seven put final top ten finishes when Michael Hoffman Lse racings Christian smits and Roman Clee, as somebody posted in Super Sport, rasting anglers and Devil Neverlands most famous road's course of arsal run. The only ir se race of two thousand and twenty two took place and the lit morning race frown fast, flaw and Vassal and began with post it in Lucas Moira entering the head of two thousand and sixteen Iras, superback champion into Lombow. Plus the completion of one just point, nine, four three covered the top five. It was rolling throuly, race on as race.

Why not? That it was MTP race, David Dasa, but taking on a husband's Loombao will began to set the pace. That's free struck for. So that's Ir see returning Longbow breakaway from the chasing pack as Moose a forthright. It's the fast purse gap between that Solon by remained marginal was closing their stout specond. Just point for or seven of a second separated them. At the end of that number seven, bombau would become the fair different race lead on my fate moved by laps completion just of eight tens of a second ahead of that's a nows that final ups or Lombout extend and some of his advantation ultimately makes victorious by almost seven seconds. At the time it was his twelve irs triumph. Actually the total amount of victories terms of R s trimes humulated by fell country, then spastian. Look well, gang Lombau sort of DASA. t three went to early race leader Moira. Last places four fifty six, perspectively, were banked by jade and best in forms racing out to her wait sphas land, the bloom hard and raiding champion did a gramps or often took a gritty seventh place finish. As Eddie Fair lead pensfecting bid pilate and a customer, and Marcel Zuber finalized the first and finishes. Speaking post race, rash and up David D's a stated even in training we fought for the best time position. We switched places several times of Lucasmy was able to steal other way from us at the very last minute. Visit was second. I was next to it. The first race was also Vincent and I drove ourselves into a real frenzy with a weld of our earl. However, due to the high place my bike, he was a lot more fuel than we calculated after practice, which is why the feel warning light on my bike K on three laps before the end. I'm still able to maintain the lead up to the last lack, even though the engine had already started to stutter.

Sorry, before the finish line. It was over across the finish line with an empty tanks. That explains why, in the end, Vince Lombald took the victory by over, if very says right, over five seconds. But from it was a tight that between them and David. That's a another cracking sup bike, a counter angler. Well, on to the second soap spot encounter at Angler from last week. Yon Handburg Stream stopped in two twenty two irs. Soaper spot championship continue the fire and commanding performance in the second irising supspotter race and so spot class returning marriagehould any originally got the better of Handburg during the UPNING laps before the rising Dutch town spent to the front lap free. There was a stopping handbag. From here went on to take race spoils by just over two seconds last lap stage from performers racing up to teammate. It was a coward you. We should mention his perspective. T therasu UCOMER, you'lded the second place finish ahead of twenty three times R s race winner Cheveny. Sheveni fell comes from Peter Nijman, quietly impressed on routes. Fourth. Sim could be said from respective fish at six place finishes, Savey a den a Christian Smiths. We should also vntion so in Timson is on the hour, man gatting, gaining laps, increasing the noise had of his hopefully make some pre debut this year. Robin Clay as Savoyian finish, seventh, Sepastian fracture. It's okay. Kevin Riggett was down as Austin map bears of cleared the final place in the top ten. The RC suap spoke field. Tensions now tend towards Finland's most famous race, sircuit match for the Ager You were two times irs race with a Handburg goes into the matchroniger competition holding a strong early camp. Ten plus point championships. Late onto the final soap by a race from last week and Glo Vincent Lombao took his irs, took his...

...tally of irs riches to fat saying as remerging fast and from a little bit intriguing are serving some bike wristings, as in the previous thousand CC encounter. Will take care amounted. Longbow was involved in a tight em the contested tustle of MTF racings. They that's a separated by only point two, four, one of the second at the end of a three, just point three, three, six separated them as up seven beckoned across lap seven, eight, cross blaps seven straighter should set in Vour slthing wapercadon one bow began steadily again, a grip on the race, keeping a very attention to twenty tech one road dressing youngs road race of the air. That's ads that final upwards. See Long Bow spad past the check and flag almost four seconds ahead of that's a spaced it touch Johnny longbows. That certainly IRC supper race. Who Podium was leading Dutch pilot Davy. Two of them. They'll set at Lucas, my replace for performer tration AP sets. There's a blob hard backed V as jade and best in did he, Agrahams Eddie, fair teach peaches, hence fair teams. The NWS and Costama dropped up top ten finishes. I supposed competition at Angler Barceloring, which is set. These are the present championship positions. Are Eighteen races claimed. The points finish is an angle in terms of soupwight competition. Betweence, Bon boo, you probably could already tell, holds another champiship lead of just ten points over there that set and eighteen points in the race on bowing fed is Lucas Ira Down Hamburg fils Foten punk championship play of Marik shaveny in the soup spot class and those Chico Jo isn't faired umbags team at seventeen points in a rars to Hamburg. So if I were very interesting. But the round of the two thousand and twenty two R s season...

...there's always your it's premier burd recent series. Every fields with bad class, exciting, entertaining competition. And on fair I took some competition Anglos, the fat that enjoy the front runers where next generation confectors likes of Bomboo. That's it. While you're a Hamburg Col Ju snip's clear as Savoyan. That pays a the CO starmer loves a new way. Real Roads Talents masure the tops. WH SHOULDE VINC BOM bow's case, returning Cha Rac champion, taking ir s champion Champion in two thousand and sixteen in the soup bite class. He's lost none of his person on broad's courses. Of course, back in two thousand and eighteen he was and foiled and gripping soap by battles with two thousand and eighteen PIRAS. Supwight champion, Danny website. You can still tell, then, the's talent, ability, craft, skill set roads courses he's maintained. At the start of this season and the end American he is going to take some stopping in the race to become Irati superque champion. Twenty twenty two ducks count. Davidapts it the ducks COMP videograms as well. Might have been a mold of the Redar. Getting to the season for generads legend comparison previous seasons. But never discount the every bullying grahams, as I say, German resolation, IR s legend, five times champion. On the the true modern are purifous and greats intended to quite class of young Handburg again like attention long about it's going to take some stop in his ends and the soup spot class. But again don't. It's got marriage of any. Returning to the Super Sport class, it's got the proven classes. Got The proven cowiber. You know's what it takes to win championship is one. It on two occasions. Remember the superspot Irati Super Slox Champiship for twenty three, two thousand and sixteen. So we're in for another in an interesting season overall. Got It's a competition. I was onto a matron as which around. It takes place in early July. Of course, the tensions for the road, the road racing...

...for ten to take road. Recently fishing adders from choose the onwards for ten to olds the further cabin, the oils northwest to unders office, under paddits nicely filling up with all the major teams, independent teams, private is how we funded Privates Triangle Course newcomers. And there's some of the interesting pieces of information maasing from the Paddock which in times of clude that under racings, rather as an air in jumpin his NBA will be using dunlop tires. That office undered. and the T T races. Now this is a major basically, you could say, as well for the mets left. I've the wax on the team pudding mets of the tires, of course under a synonymous with the dunlop tire brand, but with John Be Guinness a date s blaps into two thousand and five. It's at a John Beginnis is always run dunlop tires. So it's going to be an interesting your combination. I was barking broad script going the Gel we mets, all the rubber in pparisons to dunblop tires, mets ofll the tires. I've got bettery bricent times, but it asks me said. I feel that's to the most recent scenett from two thousand and nineteen. Three of the top four finishes were using Dunlop tires. Of It is race when the Dean Harrison was using mets all the rubber obviously since he switched dunlop tires. It's going to be interesting in its ONS. In one of those intriguing questions we're going to say the answer that the tire of altitude met Sal and done law. I think the mcreson atually runners as well. This year's northwest to under sir. It's going to be intriguing. Evan British, Jamie Coward he said to race standish shoot racing bats out. It's Yamaha. But the northwest to another side machine will run under the kats, racing powered by steps and banner is also racing. That graceles motorcycles prepared hour. We...

...are multi rout basically as motorcycles run. The British so quite chamship wing the Cam Jamahar teams. No question this thousand CCC Jam is going to be the highest quality highs. However, and I was also running, of course, to Katie's racing said six hundred and fifty can exactly. So looking like a positive meeting in prospect for Jeremy cowardys had a strong unked out to the season. The good times are ahead. Jimmy, I'm vicious and vicious rader getting better and better each season on the worlds around a company office study competition gets underwear, but there's not a time on Skach role and choose them Marney. But of course this could all shames. But the forecast paper. Everybody's checking the forecast. Free event. But it quite interesting. It's in Dreen to stay and he'll get the long time forecast. That the best weather at the moment books to be on the feature. A stay on the Saturday could all change, but it's looking like at the moment we could have it could be patching conditions and prospect the phase the evenings races and save for the qualifying sessions and choose deep and Thursday. Obviously, if whether isn't not to scratch competition. If if the competition has to be abandoned on the choosing Thursday, organizers do have the luxury of tennis running of fans at races on the Wednesday and the Friday, intentially the sap day rest. If the one forecast looks, plague could be moved back to Friday. Sorry, go forward Friday. Office Student Race Week, lobs, you don't want I want it to be a mad rested on the Saturday, but it is encouraging that the young housers do have this backup scenario I could plan. We should start, sounds like they says, wishing the organizers all the best. This year's northwest hundred three years...

...since its last run. It's brilliant just to be preview in the event. It's brilliant two years ago when bit back of all the craziness started in the world and all that was apping covid and lockdowns and body glare and called that it was so far away from our proof. Very want it. And now it's back. As I said at the time, remember like at the end of the tunnel. There you go on to the bamboozle and out. You noticing the recent podcast? Have an office. Two hundred twist or question. I court. It took his first. So quite northwest two hundred victory, in which year they answer? One thousand nine hundred and ninety seven. He's still competing now. Is How fifty years of Ay. So it's twenty five years ago he's first. So quite whin at the northwest hundred took feature a spoils, one of the all time. It's enough as spoting times the race winner and despite me now fifty years of age, considered the veteran, it's still ambitious. You still determined. I want this counting from contending for thirty finishes in the thousand. C Serio says he's never to be underestimated and, as I say, for one of the old time off US hundred greats. But I will podcast. Sorry, I want for the for the next podcast. Our bamboos with question you all to work on is this cow was Aki's first TT winner, whilst it's one for your red racing efficient Hodas to work out. The car was AKU team grain, amazing Brados, a great world to fight recording, which times with La you new Jonathan Ray. It's a great beast feed record and tat record that is intoing. Car was a it was. We don't consider him in the same breath of take tts to a supposed to beds at lights of Honda, Norton, Yammahar, even MV Agusta,...

...but nonetheless they've achieve great things in your recent times, including the cost seniortt success with Dean Harrison. Yet, as always, keep positive, keep going. Hope we're gonna have some great racing too. Every port. Todt you on in our next podcast. We add in northwest hundred. Who's going to win? Who's going to be measure tourist? Who's going to bretlack records? What in this is mark with it? These are my predictions right now, in my opinion, but they are one's going to win Bove soap quate races. The soap stock races are going to be shared between Peter ripbn and Michael Unlock and the terms of the soap spot they Johnson, I think. Looking to my favorite, in my opinion favorite to win the six hundred verses in the soap twins, I think comes are going to be shared between Jamie Coward and drag MC Williams. So in the next podcast will find out if I was right. And it's always a bit fifty of the predictions, wis. I don't know what it's like for you user listening, sorry listens, but for me I'm always a bitty fifty when it comes to predictions of the competition so close. Now it's so competitive it's Fritz really just fine markings separate they could from the great and the best from the great. There's always keep positive, keeps now and keep going. This has been the day news. PODCAST BY.

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