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Episode 74 · 5 months ago

Road Racing News Podcast - Superbike TT Showtime


We are here on Manx shores and our latest podcast covers yesterday's RST Superbike TT, which was won in dominant fashion by Peter Hickman.

Alongside covering Hicky's sixth TT triumph, we also chat about the following topics:

* Glenn Irwin becoming the fastest TT newcomer in history

* Michael Dunlop returning to the Superbike TT podium

* John McGuinness MBE's 100th TT start

* Practice week round-up

* Supersport/Superstock race predictions

There is also plenty of stats/facts stated, fortright viewpoints and an overall reflection on TT 2022 to date.

Would welcome back to the road reusing news podcast, managed Steve Aldy, to road resus news. That could you okay, and, as always, been joining by Ma Dad. See. Well, hey, everybody. Well, we're here on the out and real wrong mank shows for the first having in three years. It doesn't feel like three years. Everywhere feels the same. You get the same for had when you run run that pablic yeah, it was. It's always bit. It's always a drag to get here, but once you get off that ship safe, yeah, it's good, once you get your feelings, you once you got the ship. He's staying to get the viabs and everybody's old. You can see they're all getting excited. And then we got off the ship and we get well, I'll gear so it out and all right to rock and roll. Well, first and foremast, we've got to start on the sad, sadly paid tribute about payers Olivia her roll. Yeah, mark, that mark was a top, top lad. We knew in quite well, didn't we? And he was always glad to wear give us a field sentences on these team and his efforts and of course, in the last couple of years has been there few ocas only your Assi Experiment. Yeah, yeah, it's you know, you got to check her out. To the to the man who it did really, really well. It was very good at promoting himself. was back very good, apart from being a great Gatua and a Wold Ambassador for Wales, the good guys. Yeah, yeah, I fail, fail for his for his parents. Yeah, it's it was a very, very sad day. But what else can we see? God, God rest Mac and you know, hopefully you're giving him whackle there on them corners. So you know, and with Livy. I didn't know the obviously clearly was living the dream. Yeah, because he's my team is doing the TT de Wu one seeing them. Yeah, it was a terrible incident on there. It was above real on that cause go sleep. Terrible thing and also got to wear also that. Wish well and pray for his for his passengers, Joe driver, for his driver. So he still jazz for his driver. was was not in a very Caesar should. How we wish. We wish. They've mofit all the vessel days. Yeah, did, because it dead. MOFFITT is teching a bit of a bit of a battery and, by all accounts, and hopefully will pull from wash. You all the best, if you know. Best regards to old families involved. We all show. We also wish he shows of Stop Road Racer Michael Bo all the best. Yeah, both, if you know, if you do listen to our podcast. I don't know if you do, but if you do, we wish you all the best. ME. Yeah, yea. So He's been a tough week in terms of instance, Win Temple in Hims of lots of good moments to as well. Yes, yes, yes, yes, and practice week go rolled that competitors gained miles more lapped and then compared to in two thousand and nineteen. Yeah, yes, there's no, there isn't any comparison to last tity. And now for practice. They like no, no, no, end of laps and laps and laps, but the people will not got the laps in. As pair usual, has been the sad out teams. I mean look, if anything would go wrong, I mean Du the oven night Friday at best on me. Yeah, Garry came on the tunnel and said I don't believe this. You couldn't break a script for it. We've got a beast water me in at Krompny morning and well, I was astounded. So they have the minimal practice and of course you know what's actually happened in the risk on their Saturday. It's reduced down to a tall that race. So I think they they did.

They go the last race to under of the day. Second race. Second race is right. Second races. First, first office. But the only monsternity soaper spot race at ten thousand forty five end. Yeah, and found races, rold, three hundred and sixty so so pris, the monsternity soap spot and the Roland and sixty soap so press. Both. Now we choose free laps. Yeah, so that's going to be interesting. Yes, because they go out of method. They have to pissed on polstery pitched up. So I'm going to appear at the ends to the fast lap or the second lap. I think all of them are going to go for the second one. Right, but that Mech it and make it interesting. But it's a lot sureter is into so tap tactics. Even more going to come into the equation. Yeah, I think it's going to be more level playing for you do on the Super Sto because in it I'm the soap spoil and the super spot in particularly so soaper spot. That's going to be really really it's really a crappy yeah, hopefully the what bears many breakdown as what did on sat. Only twenty eight finishes. Yesterday. Yeah, it's twenty eight finishing fifty percent. Yeah, there's a lot of work down. It was a shame to eat of more of races. It failed to make startlist. It was a shame say that it's a Tom Wade and re saddestate. Yeah, don't. I don't understand that. But that's up fully for the organizers to get that sorted out there. Think you know, the dull try the best, obviously, but I think that needs to be clarify better for the for the ams when you know when you're when you're building all the year and I think for the future as well. Where we said the start of the year of it in two thousand and twenty one, I was only going to be fifty starters, but under the deal with the added on entries and I will stick just fifty staters. But then how did the other races and get the entry? Then? If, because that's what we're talking to, race its there. What we say was, yeah, saying if if they want it like that. You can keep it the fifty sappers, then it's definitely its actually, sowise, it's not fair on does. Yeah, because what's the point then that m rods are going to get it? They're going to get a race and, as everybody knows, especially the people have doubly know, competitor stems teams, the fan has involved, would just to get on the island for two weeks and then to be you know, it's unbelievable toll. That believable. That definitely needs to be clearly fair. Definitely so because, let's let's face it, while we're on about it, and I want mes sell box now, there's only a certain amount of round of no disrespect to any road race or in the world that will dud capable of doing the t t the tempts. That the request your unique skills. That, yeah, man said, unique riding ability and of course, of a lot of a lot of rudders come come from from the monks. They yes, let's because took on the manks brief. It's going to be a NAM Day of Nishe yes, and of course that's going to be run by I believe that it's I think now there I think the people that run the TATA races are going to be involved, involved, in, involved, a sold only get wrong then. So we don't know. The classic race is going to be at the mank share at. So there's going to be no classic Atashit? No, it's a going to emerging to want the man. Yes, that's it. Right. So, if there's going to be any the top classic tte races, that was but I would some top classic banks from previous yes, they're going to be taking part or not. Will just had to watch where. Already know that David Johnson was unfortunately, have some safe from the entry list this year but has been good to areas turns in the commentary. But Oh yeah, it's good. He's devil on the commentary, a devos. Yeah, he's open to compete the classic Ta. Yeah, so that that that bad, but good for you know, getting the getting the fans and...

...shit, really it does. So we're going on to some effected on the socle right race. Yesterday, dominant performance from Peter Ripman. Well, yeah, well, straight straight from every single sector he was hereby I will straight from Sunday afternoon, when did perhaps first batts went away. I mean people was there when I yeah, and you know, got to tick her after the van. Yes, so they back and it is, it is. I think you just managed the race. I mean Dane. Give him a good posh made does teams and Mega. Well, MAP prediction was Peter. It's a win. DEEM TO BE SECOND and put my neck on the land and said David, David told it to get fair. Of course there we had tire problems. Davy had major t a problems. If it's if an, if any of you were listening of their seeing the photographs on social media, it's a repeat of fair, no, of an island in love with some underd so what's going on there? Class? His teammate, comic Connor, had an engine problem. Yeah, got that. The milling call on this brought down a couple of times in the from perfect joable. But on the Friday practice Davery todd six hundred blow up. Remember of it on the data plus flouts him shure you with just but before they did there was right up there and I think daby touch of it really, really heady. Right, rability, go into part of it. Davey todds some costs for definitely a multiple puging finishes. Yeah, coming up next. We can same comic comedy catch going to comment because he was setting passage in practice. Only wants. Yeah, the SOCA sucking. Is it meaning the in the soap right race? He was briefly up to second. Yes, it was looking good for another bodium finishing the bike and it just, yeah, bro down. Of course. Starting Able Michael Unlock to take fed. Yes, it was good to wear ad the privilege to be with me camera along with all the other great dogs. Not Saying I am well ad the privilege to be able to get to take some photographs. Want to come into we're very apt that. I think he's dead very add for the PAT in the path of fairm as well as and it was good to see Michael in there and see Dan and Peter Come in, obviously, and did there now. But if all things work out for Michael and he gets the win next week, we're knowed all the biggest bear out and it'll be it'll be vehicle because he's good at that. But he came in, he could you know it was. It was pleased to be there and straight away went and congratulated Peter and Dane. Sir. You know, yeah, I think overall. Obviously what Michael looks like. The only wants to finish one place on the first not yeah, but but I think, I think over I think he'll be pretty satisfied, given these are very little time really in Brun up to the TATY on discidute cake. Yeah, and this is okay as good bike, but it's not as good as that BMW and the cow sat. So it rode the wheels off it and knows a lots of good. It's got good packet. Yeah, it rode the wheels off it really well. That's very don't check away from Dane, I mean Dane. Then come in and when when it went, when he won the seenior, senior in two thousand and nineteen, it came in and it looks absolutely shattered on him. Don't get me wrong, you would be at the sea, but when he came in yesterday, it looks it was a lot more. Yeah, yeah, you look it. It was sweating a bit, but it looks fair. It look fine. It was and it was really, I think, pretty happy with yeah, we second and says it's in UOMS, that it's ten comes a you model is on. Yeah, and stop the still developing it's still chipping a Ya, and Peter was elated. Oh, yeah, I was. He was competing on a brand new bike. Yeah, it's just, yeah, I don't know if it was elated as as Richard Roll in, Richard Roll, as it was. Really it was. Really it was alone. Are Some money and fair you're fairly great less. Yeah, contains to fear. Hop... it said, first international road race win for a team. So it may be one of many to come over to the years. I will be surprised that that. Yeah, I think Peter's again. We're not just spect to any other competitselfing pet is going to be the man to be in in old classes next week, starting tomorrow, I'd say the Soapu stop. Yes, there's a strong concept that soaper spot, Michael Up and Lee John Salley Johnson boom. Cost for the top five finished yesterday, yeah, before. I believe it was an electrical problem. Yeah, well, late A. Personally, I think Ley's got some in his tank still, as thinks, and he's you know, I mean, he's mean. He's Jack Kennedy and that's six Hunders, the British silper vice. But there's only one person that's right up with him really, and it's probably Perry, but you're right. With late least consistently, please. Yeah, I mean he's what's leave racing over the years and he's you know, he's it makes it look easy. Done it, but with all the top las, I wi, he does make it look easy. So he's going to be the man to be in a really tomorrow. I think there's this free, there's going to be late, Hicky Michael in. This is only my opinion. To win it's going to come from one of those free and wants. Come David Todd. Iban I'll kind of commings, but that's what I would I think. Jamie Cower, don't just come. Tony cauld forgetting I was strong, but top six finistions. That's like Tom six for another points are off. John Be Guinnis obviously was making some rough t t start. Yeah, we AH, we will talk about that in a minute. But because it's talking about Jimmy, I mean Jim he's been under the rear dawn bit. Well, not out on the track, but he's been on the red down. We're in certain set. Yeah, but said no, Jimmy's Jimmy's really, really good. I mean so it was stated in the it done is fast. UNTHING fects in our and our lap but foot. But that wasn't true. We did on effecting old in two thousand and nineteen. We did get beyond satdays own infected point four. Yeah, so so's he's happened. Twenty of Lastis TT rest iship. Yeah, so, I mean that's a massive achieve as. So what's a way to see what Jimmy do. Don't discount Jimmy. I mean he's good on a six. It's very good, very good. So also, obviously we have we've got to mention John the Guinness. Now, I don't care anybody says about John the Guinnis this, that or whatever. John the Guinnis as pot road racing and the Alaman ct well on the map. No, what is what he's done for the TT and rod racing and this. I mean you were ready books, aren't we? Oh, yes, you know his story from are. We wanted to do it and coming across on his one soul fat and saving up the money and all the rest of it is exemplary. It always talk to you, he's always seen taking photographs and it just gets on the bike. It does, it does, it it's fantastic and I bought to say it. I think he's got the best dealtograph signature. Yeah, they always yeah, because it's what do you think? Put you into the special one off? We've already had in the gold. We've also be well. But obviously I was obviously in front of the ARP where the set off and when he could pull up and I got him in focus. I was looking at him. I've always got gold on his on the fight blade and on these leaves, and I thought I was a nice so, yeah, so, yeah, so, I mean it was. It was whacking on, you know, really averaging fairy twenty nine point. Yeah, Wunder twenty nine point. It was averaging near by effects. I mean what? Yeah, I mean that's that's some unbelievable really in it. You know, when you think it, when you think how fast they're going, and John was like, you know, it's fifteen now.

Yeah, Leav it didn't need it. can say t plus something. I'm actually that he was. It was a bit tight. Didn't you have to one? They'll say it. I mean, oh, well, that's am as well. Yeah. So, so, no matter what happens next week, you know, obviously journal be competing in Numb race still, but whatever it decides at the end of next week. Well, from road raced themes in the old job, if you're listened to our podcast, is congratulations. Yeah, we appreciate what you've done for us over the years, as is as you can regards entered in as and as on the track with you with your motorcycle racing skills. Thank you very much, John. Totally Great. In seven place beyond John in the soap resince, I think, James earlier. So that's the first TT race finish with the rich Ado g racing team. Well, that's that's good in it because the first time the beat. I mean, don't get me wrong, James's is super experienced tt race at very wise knowledgeable man, but Forg to come here, I don't know if it's a new team. I don't know. It's not yourty to be on the go for a while. Yeah, but I'm on about for James the O ed. Yeah, yeah, so who's got a Follard to place? So see Sam for me in two thousand and twenty. But obvious reasons at all. Yeah, and he has done selected bas be wrongs, but it's good to see another team in the teach. Great saying, also passive settled. That that's the rick the rich energy big pop up team. Yeah, that's former one star is yeah, Heah, the double like double artics with a frame ware growth over the middle. Yes, impressive. And Yeah, and the bike looks good. James looked happy. I speak, speaks. Ow. You've did the our one. Yeah, yeah, most of also got twenty finish in APHSD. Glenn, are we want an incredible debut? Is that it's at races. Yeah, he's the fastest new come out in history, in history, and each, each night of practice he's got an hour, an hour faster, regardless of wherever happened. If did have been older, were races finishing. That was a major, major achieve so will it's going to be down on power a bit tomorrow when it's in the super stock one thousand race. Then I've had I think could be comparable comparable power to have been Wus. So what mainly beings a more level playing field. So so wor knows what's going to happen. I think it's a fling. I put it minimum top ten again. Yeah, that's going to be a very complexit races. Yeah, glend. You'll come as a record. You'll come as record at the teaching chesnynine point. And also we're going to mention some west. Yes, somewhere stead a big off. Laurel Bank and his bike was absolutely bent. Or Chris, but he's got another bike from of Press Sabor. Yes, so it's a is a and his risk and his leg he did a let not not not to race yesterday. Yeah, but it's gonna he's got more simply this risk and it's legs a bit so, but it's going to give it a go. So it's the great and de Samin of road race is coming through again. So you know, it's the same for Michael said, yea, it will make cour sweeney adn't had a bit off a h it was outmost but on back up at it, you know made a different a different every race. Is that the same? Wells you, Camjo, unfortunately is nonstart for the soapbay racing it. But I've seen the established will be able to road issues. You should mention it. It is. Is it on Sete of that results? That's a shame because I'll just spent it. Spent so long that people in the do the TAT. It's think it that seeing the background, under the amount of effort and the work, especially if in new come with you got to come over at here to len the course and Oh yeah, just so you just start setting...

...up in a van and get your back out. But all of all the experience road races. Now that because but you got to be a bit in the hiatd or that really and it's also it's the it's the teams in it's the me you know, it's just a massive thing in it. Well, complaining. The top ten finishes on Saturday with Shaw Anderson and dominibus. And good run for dam considering he's eat in the run up to the teas. He's had a yeah, he had a facial injury accident at work, so had a little bit of impaired vision, but it's been passed fit to raise. So week, since I'll set with dumb you. You won't, Mrs Baker, from an hour off the course, give orange and blow, orangine blow yet just stand out a bit. And also of an amazing Shawn Anderson. Yeah, I'm show Linderson hasn't been on this bike very long before the tea to very much before the long yeah, before the tea say what these efforts have been admirable, they said, as best say we finishing terms of Fountain C serious. It's it's like yeah, I mean, I mean I sean's a qualified engineer and it's got a very meticulous brain and when it comes to setting up bikes and things like that, and that I think of it, let a lot of that off with off his off his dad. How would it? was a very knowledgeable person as well. He's on a six hundred as well and they if woke up consulting tomorrow. I'll see back with the operation team for the SULFA soccer. Yea. Yeah, so that looking forward to that. Just if you have a standout rights to mention from the SOFA, Parristef norrison twelve, really senior match from Premiere from awesome. Thirteen, my lid world. Seventeen called run for the bout cosh. You Can David Apson, Jackson peaked teen. Yeah, Mike, you know, David, that's in Jackson. We're notice lect to do or lads a dispension that when we're talking Bass Land Bike, Bass land team effort. Yeah, David a'son Jackson. I mean that's that's that's a great result. America's brandon creative. We've got a personal best latch made in Soupbat race came twenty one. Matt gooding's game. Sixteen. Good run for Doncaster's. Yeah, BA gooding's. Yeah, I mean it's been struggling to get sponsorship all year but he's pulled it together and you know, well done. Finish you. One place you would of him was Matt Stevenson, others the bullet. Yeah, well, we're I didn't know there was going on about his money, but I've said, I've seen it. It's bullets, mullet, mullet, mulley. So and they all fans out there watch Matt Stevenson come flying past year when he's racing you'll see the end of his mullet sticking out the back of his elbit, bloody flying all over. So, yeah, it's riding well, he's Mat yeah, yeah, it's doing good. Yes, it's been a it's been a mixed emotions. Everyone on it with the start of the teet of what what, what's happened? But I said, it's been called moments and yeah, we're all conformed it. We're looking forward to it. It's a race week they'll forecast is reason, reason tomorrow reasonable. So hopefully the first race gets away ten forty five, ten forty five, worlds close. It's an am so fully will be all right. Reduced races, so free laps the brist so p Soup and soap smart and only two. That's not a kind. It's all upside the sad cause. So I mean spread said about hills. Probably the stuff favorite or batchels a favorite. It's kindasht eight pounds of crow brothers are coming on strong. Yeah, John Olden's pulled out because of technical problems with passing messes and things like that. Who Got Molly Darrell Gibson the case? Yeah, yeah, yeah, we're a decent chat with darrel today and the was trying to always asking questions about the comparability of the air to all cylinder bike to the four cylinder bikes, and they said...

...the powers more easy to to feeding when you know accelerating. That will corners and things and it was it said it's on a box standard engine. So there's you know, there's lots to come out also at aial. So you know, watch your space. So we'll see when you weary off the start and it's a very distinctive noise. Yeah, so you know, Oh, knows, in the next three or four years, every scout moliving the man's and everything at the TAT. I mean, yeah, right, yeah, it's with with Darrel. It's it's the master and the apprentice in and I don't think Darrell the man's so he's taking it all in. Know what happened and what you say is himself, because I really nice for him to get a finish tomorrow on it. I really be a great yeah, and if it's top ten, top our. Yeah, you're nice to say so. Of course it's a new way, ever, for the SARCAS anund would say, or eight hundred and ninety sight. So yeah, so, yeah, we're going to go BATCHEL's first. I'm saying Pete Founds, pick fans of a cat. I can't choose who'll be second out the pet found, shoven molls in the crow brothers at. I might just stick crowbroupples a second. Right, right, okay, so you'll tip. I've got about that. So what would you see for the Super Stock? One thoush then, Yep, I've Gone Peter Writman, Michael and lock Davy top but I could be miles wrong. Yeah, to about right now, and what bottle? Six hundred soapers Bot. He's going to lea again, actual fact. Now I'm I think Michael unlocks going to do it. Yeah, well, it did. It did. It was really be tight, but I think I think Michael's going to win and I think they second pet the fair bolt. But again, I could be totally wrong. He gave dames. He's going to be there. Davey talks with their kind of comings. Is going to be like dimension before. Jimmy Cowell's going to be there as well. Yeah, and also keeping our and Jim Band as well. Yeah, Jim man's been fluting fast on and also Pierre's beer. Should mention keep down Perry. Yeah, he's alwfully. Yeah, I'll ask you off the mountain call show Cambris is actually really well to the blot because, yes, so, yeah, we're looking forward to that. Yeah, yes, a fantastic racing in prospects. Yeah, we're were were in the hotel just rely. We'll just get ready for tomorrow. Really, if it's tomorrow, we've had a Davidson's. I scream to there. Yeah, we're well, a war cross here. have been a rain on the islands got wet fro but but tomorrow's looking good. So it's all right in there, lay and care up there. Get set. See what's happening this town for this practice week. It's, you know, obviously over now. He said there's been one more laps introduced before the races. Yeah, I was talking to we're Cetin riders and Bob. There's most of the consensus is for there, for it because it loosens the more that can just get the mat just without odd little more sweet before the girl. So it's said. It's proven more positive than negative. So so we'll see if that continues into next next year's CT. Obviously would jump in the gun because we've still got risk weeks and real schircule next year. But yeah, the race schedule goes up the sea. But anyway that sounds specially. That's another story into it. Yeah, yeah, so all we want to go thelways want to wish every competitor, said, everybody involved, everybody for saircuit and the fans to have a good seve tt race. We take easisse words. Oh, thanks for seeing you up me in this podcast. Yeah, that seems Mat yeah, that the other Manal does it whole. You will, you know, write the script and everything. So hopefully you'll...

...actually listen to the end of as rabbit having on. But hopefully will have another podcast, more positive bitch next podcasts. It's bad for me and bad for me, but this has been the rest.

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