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Road Racing News Podcast

Episode 66 · 6 months ago

Road Racing News Podcast - Spring Flow


Were into the Spring flow, there's nice weather, racing's back. There you go lyrics to a new song! 

Right that's the cheesy line out the way, here's what this week's podcast features:

* Roads competitor watch - No Limits Racing Silverstone

* Roads competitor watch - Wirral 100 Anglesey

* Cliffhanger Hill Climb

* North West 200, TT latest

* Imatranajo renamed in honour of Jarno Saarinen

* Ryan Whitehall plotting racing return

There's also as always the bamboozoler quiz question, the podcast host chatting far to quickly and as always keeping the positive vibes going.

Hi Everyone, to welcome back to the road racing was podcast by named Steve Rally, sort of road racing us that curl at UK and today's podcast centers around late issues. It was around pure road racing, including the past weekends, cliff any hill clam based on gladstone, New Zealand just a bit of information the from cliffangeril climb before I we're going to full sale in terms of overall race race results. It's took place at first hand since there's IT's first PO roads take place. It's when twenty two in New Zealand say it as a form and it's based in gladstone. The annual clowns previously been won by J lawrence, seventeen place finisher in the two thousand and nineteen soaper stop Ta tape. It's Deel clam is more than a touch of pure orders and far about it. It given its flowing roads, quite a smooth ride and style with quite a lasters popular time trial course exactly Sundays time competition can hear hill on as went to established street racent power come stobbish competit at cemetery circuit et. In some second races graymouth street races. Hemisti Amish powerting twenty seven SPEC as foused Arabians and machinery resisted. The best lap time of two minutes eleven seconds. And this equates in speed terms to every speed for a hundred four quick, eight four five ths per hour. Second fired, fourth quickiss behind them star. Where then, tipping its lead to sports, but drew mare, mayor all pronounce them, and raining King in the hill, Shannondella, until ten races recorded. Lapse reason seed ninety five miles per hour, whist of favor. Nine races and races. It's right, should say a fair well sworth fair. The ten races lost over the nineteen miles pour bark the...

...overall top twenty finishes from this weekend's cliffhanger and past weekends we should set. They Find Your Promotions Incorporated Organized Meeting Rings Follow so fast Image Star, then Ben Tippins, and three to sixties. Every speed drew me under one, seven three nights every seasons with Shannon Della Jumper Bouquet which you cook real swan the in Bentley, John Huntley, dylant, four bed MACs Cook from the Harmon or e Giddon, Nikau, James Runcher's Ryan Knight, not cops, Tossin prange running bullock and Stephen Lee and pets top twenty finishes. The reason mentioned was ten races of a popping over ninety five miles per hour. Quickly Fanny Hill Club and the favor ten. It's heeded. Nice Moles Probo Max a great place of roll, good conditions overall. So we should start. Let's cliff on it hill cloud and good see Kure road racing theme, competition backing New Zealand lost taking place like last week. And would they seasonally note the limits racing more one hundred rounds which expectively took place silves the National Circuit and angle se right. So yeah, first of all, then limits season up. There many proven that. That's generation your with were worth it's put talents impressed. This included thousand seas and teachers. Steve Phil Crow You stackling the silvers the national cost of the first time and he added the premier thousands field the opening proaly super series holding races and it's give it some all the more credibly given that he had start from forty four on the grid. Leave it up for the other and probably super series fowls races. The men ready for this. But if it because it was almost reserves list risk entrance. So sad from crowd added t t twenty two two pound races enjoying a company...

...starts to their races in ten years included even games, Craig. Now, if we can stust early and triple likes some pre winter clevans also going to it's a perceptive mountain cools fuel coom at Jamie cringle, golden husie races, Jonathan Perry and raining, sorry, and rating June years senior marks and pretty champion. If Harrison speaking there from Norris, and we should mention as Alt, that you meant that you secured a top five finish in the final throly Super Siies, thousand racer, good solids. That in season for NIEF and Harrison on to watch him. A TATA's twenty two, Tom Robinson's up, Kasavin's back, the top fifteen finish, top free finishing class of the indurance race or those completing the varying degrees of pure roads craft included forest done, Sam West, Britshard, Coper, Matt Godin's and Multiple Times tat with at the Cow Battle Psycho Grand Prix wins record holder, Michael Rutter. We're ont we just a pretty frowned upon the faction at lower one who season up in the ankle say there's upbeat Spring Vive in the air for the upling were one hundered angles emat two twenty two and in particular pro prodigious. The folk of electric fild self thoughts filled barber racing facts and the Jackson she teas in two hundred fifty m our bounty. He claimed no less than five victories. Four of them was successive. Hundreds of five of the CC race trimes very fairly olds. Twenty four plates for this year. Super Twins TAT dominated seven to CC race take in the country of victories and others would prove the roads call the scoring up. The victories were as racing club soap, spot paste are in care show and fellow Max some and pretty winning James Chalk. But between them recorded six race wins. Added faces competing that are added n through a racing fans and could a do Morris he bread in the in chalks back sort...

...past Patrick rolesnake and Chris Foster, psychat psychius race for victors Ramsdon's founds on Jew Stave Ramsden and Mattie Ramsden. So theycent sat season overall from Joey roads competitors then limits and one one hundred mates. Obviously this weekend this competition at crofts a Ng road racing season upper and also pretty soaprovited championship tests, test session. So it's the reason say that the pace of the Babas B test likes of Peter Ritman Dan are said Lee Johnson, is it's going to be intrigue in to see to see the pace. It's first first visual test with base. We obviously it's no clear indicator in a way for peer road racing. It just isn't because obvious totally differ discipline shops like it's the period racing. But nonetheless it gives you anything in indicator of the type of form, the rain, the face to set in the rapt application of board machinery for two thousand and twenty and two and it's also it spends. Also should have favor mind and the races, in terms of our confidently are first testing because if testing goes well it's a that that is a better indicator in terms of how they are going to do if you're addresses, write a little bit. Only matronize you. Now it's just under hundred days till natronager returns and it's fifty a Sinciano. Sarah and became to fifty CC world champion, and to recognize this fact, as had on her end, is all around. Racing. Achievements matter, Nigel, and now be the it's the Anna Saron Sake in matter. This is a fantastic tribute Sanna Saraly on these debut. I believe. I'm so, I'm sorry, going to proven wrong here. I believe, but lack record. However's Mount, incredible tower, all the old time greats, mattrodiese organizer, Mattish soldier, stating about before, mentioned that...

...the elder meeting to give with Metal Club ractor in Meschronizer Limited, and for better way to celeber at the fifty fronniversary of Sidon's world title and to rename the track after the most successful finished bird race that ever. Naturally, we first contacted Sarence with her so it's solely Carmi, and this she had a positive reaction to the idea. We then contacted the amatrial town government, the mayor of Matcher Arie Linderman was as happy about the idea was solely so. The progress from then on was very easy. Quicker rider in astronigers. The second round of this year's Interastal road rising championship series of qualified racing tip taking place for the first and third of sure, sir, there's a previous state fitting tribute to Anna Sarady thing as well. soldest to father. The matronaja returns in styles shy around to some northwest to hundred updates. This is we walls around. Taking to was in a none too many as a sponsor for private pre sponsorship of bad dressing legend. But McCallen, we're going to provide titles. wanship faced in soup stock race this year's phernic cab the oils northwest two hundred. Then the raption from taking to in to the news who stated the provided by operations are it to be taken to carry taking to in and he should following words. Recently the energy taken swan to the soaperbrate race in one thousand nine hundred and ninety one. But through Harry taking toon, we kind of heard that the famous taking to in tunnel following the careful assembly of the seventy tons jigsaw puzzle. The new tunnel was warmly welcome as an Asia safety improvement by provide him safer and easy access from the padder to the grid in fat Ye. is on moves lends our relationship with a fantastic northwest to...

...under team. Going back to support sponsor superstock race, Shoulson, Ny Swan's rep players rich energy get a come on boarders that I believe in energy drink supplier fish on his drink supplier again. I'm sort be proved my if have steated this wrong Stephen Degnan and down into he's able to tackle the office two hundred. And it also sorts like there's really news soon from pack situation guarding en office two hundred plants right on to a spot of ttenus. Now at least how goodson is confirmed that he's latestt adventure seem trying to force his election. Drey free willing powers in from the seventeen times TT champion. Dave more on year gives in the more you set a pilot. Eighth Ninett Katim powered dmuth machinery it TT. It's been too recently completed at the season opening be British motorcycle Racing Club, Mr old championships event, the claimed second fourth place finishes from races completed. It's also anything said that recently is the names that the registration proface become a TT marshal opens today at five PM. Sur Remember that time for those are wishing to part become a marshal the TT or able to become a marshal TT. It's great way to get involved. When he consider the well scritch word rising Britism, spot of little planet earth. It gives you consuming every expective of of the event. It's another way of really feeling you're a part of the event and any marshal that marshalls were enabling the events to take place, and it's therefore in your own you're helping the TTE A's. The same goes. Every little helps and it's a great thing to being a marshal, very rewarding, and so we wish everyone wis who was... to become a marshal for this year's t t rass the road to the twenty two TT previous show, which would take place in TT plus some twenty five April. There's been anounced regard in relation sister. Tickets will be on self from twenty five of this month. The tickets on sale to little those two who are wishing to travel the TT previews shot. Those are going to be intendance at the TT. Previously include bits of John Wi, Ginness de Narris and Peter Written and the bats will brothers been in Tom Lejonson and high profile out with courst deppy on clan. Are we its something use recently, our white speaks a rand white all are it has, he states and retaining through address, having spent the winters recovery for the injuries staying last year my during the instant on the final UPP of the given year, support risk. Prior to this ad venture are my white old captured the imagination of various real worlds fans witness in his arts and style Oliver's Mount and Cookstown temen to get back to enjoy until will action and closed worlds courses your recently stead he has another appointments in the Sasians regarding aforementioned injuries and whether that the current frame positioned on the leg can be removed. Bending this been success. I saw going to plans twenty twenty two race season. Itinery will include tackling as many parent Shurd races as possible for sampling in retaining some one hundred. It's also nitioned Davy Graham's patch racing teamer sector room. So super spot. I was active machinery, the Shit, irishads events, bushes, brewery and supporting someone hundred marshals, the chef offering, providing drinks vouches, marshals that have fish in to taste. Bushes, famous popular Bro and wh racing enjoy titles. One...

...six from from Dina bike there all through few s about seas in the head and so if you could gone through addressing ls, you see more informational re Gards to be at races. Fans this season also remember the running Austrian Ace, Jillian trummer, right on to the bamboos. Now this is actually from a few weeks ago. The bamboos were question and it's it's the question is what combines to ninety ninety two, Seniortt, psych ass. Sorry, I absolutely phrases. Yeah, we start. Sorry, which number combines the ninety ninety two seen eat eighty psychos stole what Pete Holton and goals fill hivey. The number is twenty six twenty six finishes in the ninety two. Seen e eighty number. Twenty six. Stud Bud's been used on various occasions at TAT boy, Pete Holton and goals for having regular uses. The number twenty sixers we've seen. However's Mount Scarborough so olden stairs? We've got that. Quite a tough one, that question. So those of you got that right, your property, rivers and fishing out of that. I this question involves on the team and team member, which Paul bad not spot team regular has also been a prominent contrast for the address. It's a first time referring to it isn't actually race for its moment in time, but has been so if your rederation Fisher had as that, I mean easy question. Laugh. Last time it's another some one of those that you got to be. You've got to really know about road dressing. The enter this question, but it's left to say is upe you've enjoyed this week's pop this week's podcast. He talking under now an hour and occasion rick restarted what I stated, but lovely spring, spring weather. It's wont in time. Hopefully this is a good arm and...

...ahead of the season. Fingers Cross. Was You know I won't predicts for whether it is road rasses. But yet, as always, keep positive, keep going. This has been the dress news podcast all right.

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