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Road Racing News Podcast Series 5 - Episode 9 - No Verification Required


No verification in one way or another needed for our first podcast of 2022.

It's 2022 and whilst it's a new year there's already a growing positivity amongst the road race fraternity.

The news of TT, North West 200 entry processes opening have buzzed up racers, teams, fans spirits ten fold.

In addition to the aformentioned, we also touch upon a few race dates, Danilo Petrucci's Dakar Rally heroics and Amalric Blanc's IRRC Superbike plans.

Remember everyone keep thinking positive, don't let the negative vibes get you down. 

Cause road racers always face fear down, take it on and then say your not beating me.

I would welcome back to the road racing umes podcast. My Name Steve. Reality Sort of road resumes that Curty UK and this is the first podcast of two thousand and twenty two. We're in twenty twenty two, where it's been a interesting, fastweek for me. I hope it's been a great week for all you listening name and wish you all best of health and happiness for the air ahead. In terms of recent years, pure a racing wives with less and forwards, focus on the fact that the TT entry process is officially begun. This is incredibly positive years in the world's most famous road race which, fingers cross all being well, will take place from late May into June. It's on the five months to go to t t twenty two to two thou twenty two takes place basis that have already placed entries in. Include makes some pretty winners. Dave MOFFATT and Max Stevenson, W H racings, Julian from a and local psych ris Craig Melvin. That will be Katie and powered for the two twenty two t team races. Bishop Castle's Bury Faber as also places entries in and he set to pilot DC ALTO repairs supported ass of Yamaha as...

...far as an our being of the umchinery and also a clean Davis. Fact said, it's six. I came Zacate for the one threey soap spot races. The racing are also fanning to take on the two thousand and twenty two t races. Is the team that the Irish will be competing for during the twenty twenty two road race season. Obviously, the racing, it's effective the silicon engineering my ship and now no longer with the second engineering racing title banner and along with the CIRC engineering spot, but it's still effects with the same nucleus as detained that claimed twenty and ten s t t success. It's similar to albums fish racing, then changed to being Fah show racing. spish racing became defunct, but the majority of the spiss racing team because it was when across to the newly formed Faher racing team, and it's similar with dio racing in terms of what was previously circ engineering racing. So hopef y'all want to...

...stood. That has me talking under about hour again. Also in the recent years office to under rented process and she process is also opened just that advance races that will be tackling an office too under this year, all being well, included under race. It's gonna AW in jumping in this NBA F it shore racings pretty rip before mentioned Dean Harrison and the Mcclain, Garry Johnson, Davey told Michael the lot David Johnson, rich agy og racings, James Cellier, Dominic Cabittson. So Great. Another great lamoping prospect for the office stood off. Suser mentions old placings that it's Michael Ruther. We had this participation of the northwest hundred. All Right, I ask twenty two years. I'm a rich blond rising French for ruds that set to tackle the soaker bake class this year powart, in a thousand hour include machine, very hour. It finished fourth in Two Thousand and Twenty One irs soap spot championship. You claimed... five finishes at Horace. Totally finishes a Shimmy for a bag and Angler and he's going to be another one to watch this year in the R S classes. He got put those up kind of slight citydagrams or ash of any Laura oft them. You may hear some buddish names you. New Feature says. We started called the snap shot into history series with basically the one where we focused on the storms of t t two thousand and fifteen with Michael and lot of Milwaukee. I'm I'm sure of all those that were there will ever forget what happened. Was One of those in our our own bubble. You'll needt moment and I remember on twitter there's people notice in the act cause of where did that? The reaction was just incredible. I think it was in the top ten trends of DMK, of Pure d racing. I've never known that happened for the Pure d racing is getting such a substraction on social media.

This was the pull of this, this story that folded during practice week at tt two thousand and fifteen and, as I says, mention people saying also previously the article up. They're absolute collectors items. Michael, look on the Milwaukee am our front cover of the TT program t t two thousand and fifteen, soever size days. Keep them because, believe me, they're going to be there. It's a rare site, as now we all knowar so you, Michael, them up aboard the Walky am our Shanery. All Right's a F feelwell road rast. It's the point out for the season ahead for fourth four to five of four to fifty Juvenal July. I believe this right. It's going to be the Cock canny road races, but I'm not to show showing July twenty one twenty two. To me it will be the fraen neo cabs of just have have a meeting at Horace. I'll see horrce check up it's most famous Broadway circuits once can set us around of the IRC this...

...year. Thanks to everyone. I was everybody's purchased the book and were recent you publication the road racing use facts book. It means an awful lot. It support is incredibly greatly appreciated. And again, for all those who first go into the hi might think a little bit of spending money left plus Christmas to buy buy something, something a bit different about check out the road. All our mention dise Recius mectionise going on to the site. Got In stop, section and sight and there's all kinds of products tilled. Talk by a view like where it's a share cap, books, pictures, you name it. There's a great product there for the road racing fan and for ill forms of MC the road racing fans or friends, the just enjoy the great spot. In my opinion, m actually pay top six series. were nearly a...

...hundred and seventeen. She shows it to actually pay Topsi series. Thanks all the races that have taken part. Most recent participants include Marek, we at cow ski and Shuwatt Garten too short specialists around them out, of course. We also we mentioned, in terms of US Games, the gratulations to Jonathan Raff a gatting another accolade in terms of on the Queen's onners list. That our rally. It's recent taking place, as we notice that the first the first week. Sir, I think we're in. It's not in time. gratulations to dam the petrouke Shay for gaining the stage. Picture a incredibly champing for the day they take on the you'll former by crease, something most done for his work, as you P exploits, which of carrying Kurtim so you know, Chapur to the Nether on the BI rations. Good guys which also manished in attempted the DAC our rally from the TAT per road racing spective. As former TAT compared to im I already Barrett in the it help pronounces there...

...and Frans Wu's tackling the like. Our ally, and where is it mentioned? Previously cleared at TAT and at the Carl Grand Prix is on a select set group of races to tackle the TAT and the Dakar Rally, following the footsteps of fellow countrymen Jillian Tony R T Francis current fastest teacher races experiments right onto the bamboozle. Now give it. Our previous week's question evolved. Found who place fed in the one thousand nine hundred and eighty six Formula One tt world championship, and it was that lead overseas race of placing faed terms of foul championship standings, the answer is, and there's amber's in the Sweden to this, fairly champions standings behind Joey Dunlop Legion be traded a lot, and Paul it didn't that a pretty safe bakest Christian by then. For this week's...

PODCAST, we're asking you. I'll always the it was another formula tt question. It's always that it was the first racer to become formula formula two TT world champion. That's one for your official out as out there. So, as I say, it's been a it's been a good first week for a rod rassings up. It's been follow you, listening in, freshmen start for the air other more positive times. That, as a stated in during the previous podcast. Hopefully for the read rasking community it's a or normally, and I'll say that before, but I thought stating again, it's good. Got To keep the positive vibes going. He said. We can see online now when we say in terms of years, at times there's needless negativity on things and that there is always, i. At the end of the tunnel. Situations. It just depends on how much you want like at the end of...

...the tunnel, and at times things can be odd for people, but the say there is always like at the end of the tunnel, and so always keep positive, keep going, get the positive abs going here and for a racing fans are over feeling it down, just but you know, reading interesting book, what'Sch it TTDVD, trying to make your attention from the way you your mind is thinking. So I'm talking a little bit deep then, but it's something I feel passionate about to people's mental health. So also have to say is thanks over on for listening. So let's read assues podcast with me back next week with more breaking, more l issues on pier road racing. We're all on the start the season, all right,.

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