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Road Racing News Podcast Series 5 - Episode 8 - Here's To 2022


Well, well it's nearly 2022, time flies as the saying goes!

Our final podcast of 2021 covers all the latest news including David Datzer's link up with Penz 13 BMW for next season.

There's also merchandise plugs, the bamboozoler quiz question, the host as usual chatting at 100 mph plus.

Hope all those who have listened to our ramblings during the past year, have enjoyed what they've heard, we've given it our best shot to keep the news on pure road racing rolling during these bizzare, wacky times.

I would welcome back to the resumes podcast by name Steve Reality Too of road racing. US to courty, UK e for this week's podcast. will tasting the end of two thousand and twenty one. As week close in on two and twenty two. Of course, it's already twenty twenty two in Ausphelia, name zoom the scene on social media networks the great firewere displays toasting the brand New Year on in recent times we Australia been eating plenty of chocolate. We've lots of paper. What's you lots of TV, but also keeping up to date with all the latest. Some pure racing. You in public that it's on what I consider greatest form of sport worldwide, recent games. Recently is included that David Datsa was crowned. Road resumes raced with YEA, David wonder. Public thought top stays. Mercy is most accomplished. I R S campaign today with race victories horace and angular els going to victory the idea round.

That slight, Sir Dreek, and finished overall seventh in the final IRC championship standings. Looking toward the two and twenty two season, it's been recently confirmed that's they will be competing for the pen's fair team being w team at two twenty two TT races. POUTING aspells an hour into the machinery is all set to remain with MTP racing him supported by side nine ticks, racially the type Rams it in the IRS. A game pouting either the machinery and he's quite a confident contending is for the rrs title, but up against likes of did he a grahams, quite possibly, Lucas Myra, a Rishi, ven a, Laura often. Maybe that's his teammates for the two twenty two season played. Depends Fair team being w team, and Acustamo was open to me. Tt Dear be in two thousand and twenty folks covered nineteen, so I'm not too sharp present with very will be competing at the twenty two t t races.

Still waiting on the official announcement. We got to stop it. One things to set in Luca Quatari, other team that they would that set is confirmed to make his TT de deal in two twenty two, and another too. That's his fair team. We should mention defense fact team in new squad. It's fun world, so white that it's a well too spot race winner Sheridan. More as it's not murder at present where the South African racing great will be taken part in any period races in twenty two, one three. To sure. If he is, it will add to promotion of pure ad racing across the Africa. Concident, then to hear in South Africa Roberts look set to compete again for the death of it racing team. In two Thousan twenty two there's Jamp of leam hard will be been part of performance racing at Tohok squad about in Cowarsac in the juniory. In the two thousand and twenty two R s superquite championship favorite a little set to power again trying for machinery in so slot races at the twenty two TT races northwest under an instagram prey.

We've also got ventured on box names the plum pudding race. Obviously, unfortunately there was no seventy said meeting in New Zealand. The Southern Limit Hemisphere is our am great shame. But UN the Leicster was racing a boxing there. The plum pudding meeting and a bunch of races from varying backgrounds top part which also rest wasn't just two well action, of also four wheel action feature card, including hot hatches and classic machinery as and it also say that there's that scourt racing will be running ares when Harris n sixty apiary for the Johnston during the two thousand and twenty two road race seasons. So people recent saying please, recent fly when the show where received quite the Christmas. President of Ares brand, you to out to bring your rusie hundred and sixty prilliers. So that's going to go on to watching two CD the R sixty APILIAR.

It's been talked about. Well, it's already been proven. It's gets pass from span over neative shown and there it wills shown a roads events in two thousand and twenty one. I think the potentials, God, is it going to be able to defray the old conqueriness on our pattern? The out there's a six hundred and fifty car. was like he has six cars that keys. Time will tell, but I've got no doubt that Lee Johnson is aboard. What look that? She looks like our sixty prilier. He's going to be a definite contender for super twin TT SAS. Thanks everyone for taking party of thanks from prey. Top Six. These or recent choin as included ones with tappier Buston, with Finland Sheik Bedford and kill Kenny's Shawn commonly. Thanks everyone. I was recently purchased or branding your publication, the road ressis facts book. It's much appreciated, then I would it mean. It means a...

...great deal to me and my dad. Thanks everybody as well. It was public. Sorry, there's purchased the kind of readers US merchandise throughout the past month. Get it means mean stalt to us and I want to by any more resis merchandise. Please check out the dressing news website and gone. So I'll shop section in sight where from there your kids are range of all kinds of mechandise be available to purchase. But I wanted the bamboos like now we because so over a week ago we could. Yes, over a week ago we mentioned the question how many races the did he a grams? Who Can smiller Perris BM win during this year's IRS season? The answer was eleven.

Three wins for the videograms. Three wins flucus, Moira and five foot persp am this week's Bamboos were question the file Bambooza. Question Two thousand and twenty one. Is the leading non British rider in the final champion standings of one thousand nine hundred and eighty six? Form me on TT World Championship? Was this is now this, this is a proper question for you road racing fishing adas out there. I think it's fair saying I'm sung here. This guy out give too much way, but I'm some overseas here. Souls Right. Well, that's so, of course. You now in the end on two thousand and twenty one. It's been for me Substante in previous podcast. A much more positive year puredis some as we'll add. More events take place worldwide than in the UK. Yes, again, the season's been diluted primarily due to the COVID nineteen pandemic. But there's more positive times ahead. And I've...

...also got twenty James Ellier sectually am with the rich en GM JP creation team. In Two thousand and twenty two railway season says a little bit of was it in Ms as leading to next year, fingers cross the TT races return, the northwest hundred returns and yeah, also have to say is that I'm wishing everybody very happy a year of will be seeing not interesting fireworks tonight. Also, the weather's been not out of today, so that as a positive RMAN as we lead into two thousand and twenty two. I think it's going to I think we've got another exit in relation seasoning prospects as hopefully for one more in debt form, not for a fire Ashrowes campaign. And, as I mentioned just previously, t t races come back, but also sil under comes back thanks some pretty classic TT pret Tyt Cossi and the purse TT races. It's what's left to say for me is hoping. Dad. This shot...

...podcast and even up you all enjoyed are ramblings over the past year. And then, addition, use podcast. Thanks everybody. Use Listen to the PODCAST. Will be back in two thousand and twenty two, although it's more exclusive, breaking the airs on kind of what I could put mentioned previously. I considered the greatest form of spots worldwide and the most exciting form of spot world wide. See, I was like to say is happy being a year. Everyone all right,.

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