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Road Racing News Podcast Series 5 - Episode 6 - No Plan B


There's no hidden global agenda in our latest podcast, which focuses on the Motorcycle Live extravaganza.

As promised via a recent article, there's further round-up on all the happenings at the NEC.

Grand Prix machines, travel, atmosphere, chats conveyed, you name it, it's covered.

There's also a brief catch up around Adam McLean's new deal with McAdoo Kawasaki, the new Northern Sidecar Cup series.

The traditional bamboozoler quiz question and plugs, plugs a plenty about RRN merchandise!

I would welcome back to the road resting US podcast. Madame Steve around it to road resting. Used to go to the UK and for this week's podcast it's a great pleasure talking back in the Dad Steve Brown. Everybody just got in from work, so rare. In's a go of this week's podcast was a reflect and everything month cycle livewise. Also, who's there on the Sunday? Yeah, and a nice long journey. took us just under three hours. Yeah, yeah, well, we're tall and half, so it's all a half hours one of but we set off airly and know you don't like going are Leeve, but you miss you can get once. You'll get that. Our getting away from your city where you live and getting on that model where before people are thinking about getting any casure up where there different story coming back later, but anyway, walk go there. But we've got there and it was dry. It was cold and we got in there, went into the press office and almost put a mention. There's always a most like being at yes, friend like that. The ladies in the reception and First Class look after us, you know, super professional what they do. Can't think coming off and then we got into day. Insider written to the holes. One of the fast stands caught by attention from the MG case time because they had on display a range of TT winning change powered back drom the Guinness. Yeah, they should part on the two thousand for you an hour, our one and him to under. Well, the VIM tond that is the most photograph by racing by all. I mean a could. The Constan is so claw distinct. Yeah, and I think I remember listening to John in one of his talks or interviews. It was doing that. It loved the hint on there and it's one of his favorite bikes and you mentioned it. He didn't even then. You See, you folks, garbard until fifty under was the best fight. You race that? Yes, that's it. Yeah, yeah, yeah, because it did do do that for the hug, your...

...hero. Yes, so, yeah, thanks for that, John, if you're listening. Who Need did that? You won't remember it late, but you did. Thank you anyway. Yeah, so, that was good. That and those some good bikes on the national, national and Water Cycle Mules in which will atter to get me finger on me back said. And well, to get there next year, all we so it does at a coventry. I think. Yes, I think I see some mechanics they didn't be working on with lots as though there was. I've got not very good knowledge on both cycles, but I think there was working on a Scott. Yeah, I think a scots to what called Touk strow, but some of who put her everyone wrong, but the lads there was very glad you let me text some photographs of working. So that was good to see that and obviously the not and displays all. I know you was really impressed. I was impressed. Were a little chap with the pin the mention in the regarding the DNA of the ground. I said we asked the question it will not be going back road racing and the the guy, forget his name, was talking to he said it's in Norton's DNA. So what that means is the will be coming back racing. Didn't see it would become back racing, but I would have thought that in the fields world be. So there was doing the backlog of folks two bikes. That was the taking over of the other business from the other personal used to run it. So really the TBS grow. Yeah, you know you got to take her off to that. Yes, yeah, that would be costing them unders of thousands of pounds to get all these bikes and orders out and whatever false was with these other machines. But I was impressed with the prototype. That was understand and I was always impressed with the bike self. Stale. So Tis caperation before. All I can... is enough. I've seen the video of the factory, yeah, yeah, which we've never got invited to. That did way, which is hinting Norton. So they're putting the money in, putting the money where the mouth is, and the really a some of the machinery that they got in there for the manufacturers are is state of the air. It's up there with the top players. So personally, I've got all add it with. Forget about what's gone on in the past. Put that in these three books and let's push forward and I wish not all the best for the future. I think there's a bright feature for normen, and especially if they're coming out with a good middleweight bike, because not all of those guys can rap super boats on the road or a track. I don't know what you think. I fully agree, I think, but I mean there's the super twins class that I've always amazed the Honder of never fullyed on into that. This when you see, you see how I'll could self twins are foot coming races and also thinking for the in general. But biking market, well, it's a way. Went on the we went from the Norton standing by and then we went to the Kawasaki stand which is due straight away. They've got six hundred and fifty. Yeah, so you've got the you've got the six said six hundred and fifty, you've got the retro six hundred and fifteen. Know that they're doing it right because it's a good middle weight bike. As I said, not everybody can ride a super bike on the road or two hundred. It's it's not relevant on the roads anymore, is it? Not for for an ordinary motorcyclist, and so a lot of people want that mid range machine. So I think they're doing it right and I think Norton they'll be you know they'll. They'll be up there. Also get interest to see if Peter Ripman's going to be running the nortain so between that year. Yeah, I want to fool so I want to thoughts. Not yet, but then again it might... wrong or pay him wrong. But if Peter has got anything to do with it. It is not still easy. You know, he's a businessman also. You see a big display, any of us is Peter, it will mentioned dates. It did. Yeah, yeah, if you're listening, but the the the young people who are on there, there was very polite smells on the faces. There was there was a credit tof so, yeah, it was nice to say that. They what the call it, bakes on that on this on his stand as well there and they I just fous into. Are Our bew released? Yeahs if your vowels. Yeah, because there's a lot of Chinese manufacturer CFC. If not to yeah, there was. Let's let's let's let's see it. Let's more so, let's let's know. I think it might be that. Let's yeah, but of course there was cef more town. They have to see if more so replent risk rispect with it. They yeah. So, if you're listening, Garry, Garry, this is guys now Garry's risk, as as Ra see, if we for fair few years, at the two years. So, will you be racing safe boards in the subbe twin race at the TT next year? Gary, if you are going to drop as a lamb, it will be interesting because when it faced the rout at the teat in two thousand and thirteen with Shinto racing more people and were kind of like it. Think this seeming the League competitive, is it? I mean eving you it Tam was a bit skeptical or fastball for years. From that to think, twenty too, gets six sixteen, Twenty, seventy two week came fourth. Yeah, did good there, and it was UN about that, I think. I think. I think the mechanic glocals took. It was more on about the frame. So still would a frame a bit stilly summer to it, but anyway, yeah, but it's good. It's what you want. Is it's called competitiveness in it. It's what you want because for a while super things class was basically just in the ass. It's Carl was actually coup. Almost want it. Anything about it. Yeah, so, the fattles of the patterns,...

...he if, but on also we should stay for next year. A brilliant in Yamaha. Yeah, so, and that would be one of the things. sees them a house full soaper swing up close. Yeah, of course you am. I didn't understand so what's see foot balls. It is at seven hundred sea. Say, it's quite closing in on closing almost. I should have hoped to see, say, because it has been very fairs been racing one Y. Yes, it's garborough. Yeah, very, very favors buries. You know. Is He's been? All right, he's not. He's no dipstick. Is. He knows his stuff. So I mean, and he's been around the Alband. I feel upside. Yeah, local top for Furnisher at the banks. Yeah, it's Ok to an hundred and twenty three now and our yeah, yeah, yeah, and then where it was there also, there was lots of electric benefacts. They but we did see a lot of people going on from the bakes. We're all we've got to go forward with everything, and everything evolved. We were, I think, was so a long way we're from. Yeah, for likes. Yeah, I think that next to me it's mouth like the next big breakthrough, biking up the Harbord Y. Yeah, I think electric bikes were a long way. Yeah, but they're already are. But Oh, yeah, you mean about the rats that? Yeah, but the other big thing that got me was the sads of the bases stamp and I think they owned by Indian company now much off somebody shore. But but if only impressible team, all the models that they have on the stand has been very longest. Yeah, so if all the models on the stand go and Rad as good as the look, I think they're also a winner there. But we'll just have to wait and see what we was it trap trying, because all those sort of Sol brain making the million flats cycle. Yeah, now that's a massive achievement, that isn't it? I think. Yeah, it okay. So that. Yeah, that's that was a busy stand as well. On it trumps that. There's a down a vault try and from this, but I think one rest... cow Smith. Obviously Michael The operas for down about triumph in the British super spot season. Yeah, so that an indicate for twenty indicated for the twenty two, thousand and sixty eight. We don't know say. And then we being w yes, the fature racing beams will be with a yeah, sanity beams or seek. You've seen the news today and the air when and Danny Book and the restand from for the two thousand and twenty two. It's quite sage it. Yeah, bench and if they back on the roads. But as it's in the day and are like we nought, and so I'm sure there's a could chance. The three big races, yes, with the ulcers are fully coming. Biggest Cross from a back yet positive indicators. Kawasaki, stand that was you, like the seven hundred and fifty camelsack, you know the Said said it's a some pious said it's I said fifteen in the green, white and blue livery. That was on the deck. So that was ours. They always ever to do. Always have a good stage under standard. So brain fetch as under fire by label. Yeah, yeah, you'll fire by or see you. I know you're on the man from for you've always liked on the what are you making in firewood? It looks good. That's good. I mean he probed it with them, the champion, Tom Naves on the breshaps nasal, sort thousand champion. So I mean that was up against some great opposition right. How a? Personally, I think that back from the that's the most competitive thing that British supervates. Is that what they call it? I think it was more competitive this season. I think in seasons gone by it was. It tailed off a little bit, but you got a lot more competitives. Little from the beings of your came so as it is, basice there on it. And then, of course, an air which play right, but it also, yeah, down to give now to make his tt there we have. Yeah, it's and his teammates with a big drum begins. Yeah, jump Jo on the Guinness. So if he was having a mentor or somebody to watch older, carry on, because if you do all, sure what's yours, a lot looking and...

...a lot of listening, you can learn a lot. What's your opinion on John Mack returning to wonder and personally, I mean I think it's I think. I think it's a call from there. But after what happens to John at the northwest two thousand and something in two thousand and seventeen? On the other one there, which was that was on display as well. We noticed that. Yeah, obviously things change or whatever they're. So John's John's not a fool, John's not stupid. John, John Does where he's at. I mean you know, you can't. You can't tell Jim to Silka's coming, because he's been there, got the teacher, so he knows what he's doing and I hope you just good. I mean it's like everything at the TT in it. You've got to the right rather the right bitch in read, the right mechanics, the right where they're the right. Everything's got to be right on the day on it. That's it's seen with any racing in it. For seats different in it, but it's it's still got it though. So I was remember years ago there was interviewing John Mac after after a TC race and he said, well, it's just like going on the Rud on a Sunday afternoon. We mats in it. And I thought, and that's how we think severe. So I'm thinking if he's thinking like that and he really gets his head down in his backside up in the air, he's going to just blow everybody away. But if all goes well for next year, he knows he's got a lot of stip opposition and the yeah, I think. I think. I think you're really, yeah, as Peter, realistic results of the top five. I think that Ye, being realistic. Yeah, things work. If things, if lots of things fall into personally might back on the podium. Yeah, but you've got you've got to finish it. You've got to finish the race. And Yeah, you know, they can only get a slow puncher of a crack pick stop. Anything can done it. But anyway, wish him all the best. Yeah, you know it does. It does sound autographs and he's got one of the best sort of graphs totally and he has time for the fans. So you know,... man John Mac at all. Really I don't mind. He's done a lot for racing and I think when he when he does hang his boats up, which it keeps saying, that quite a lot and it will do eventually. I think it will make a mega ponding. I asked I'd like to singing. They'll be a commons. He can keep it and keep the conversation going. That's what you know. You don't want? Yes, no idea. He he's really good at that. So yeah, so the interesting remaining hours in the NY sales of Katie I had a big set up and, as Swisher mentioned, Suzuki had a great display of vex world champiship putting yet Kevin Swan's bike on there by frank thank you, and seeing a Kenny Roberts Junior. Yeah, they had the also Martin Henry Sol and we called back by sure Alan Milliad the back couple and it was on ceving loads of other stalls. Well done to everybody who other stall, big manufacturers all the so yeah, I just I think you're in general just brilliant. To See what its cycle. Also must give a mention notes. A sorry mate, docoms down. Yes, yes, who hosted the RSHOE are ambulance bike which is in Yorkshire albums of colors, which is yellow, and it's been and it's been stand by all the top roads, words beings built by Chris Smith, who was most gives under one, Dan, four, six marshals, livery, the varishing classic. Yeah, before unforcing. So things comes. Yeah, so welcome to Chris. Yeah, and to rob from Yorkshire. Are Ambulance and a big massive forms up till Sarah metcom. So yeah, that was that was good and good strategies and were sorry, made up done. They've got this standard right next to the mid stage. And because we was watching the company competition was some teams one way fashion of acts, which was a yeah, you're thought of it, but you got more rady. Yeah, because when I was there, well, was still there. was...

...really tempted on the shoulder and it was tt, but that's only only so. It was there on a mission drying come from Essex to where get Leon has on autograph for this is like Tt book with the TT coin because he already had by corots autograph on. Sad. Tony Ruther, yeah, carried on the SOCOGRAPH ONS hadly done lock. Yeah, so when it's get the awesomes like Raffroe side, his dad run out of him. We found out in the later day it did. So you know, we should accomplished. Thanks to lly on as long for doing that. That's good on it, but it's super enthusiast. Tony got probably as one of the biggest raised racially not rash memorabilia. Oh yeah, definitely. So pokol a really nice pace. Yeah, Really Nice. So we bet we're bet old friends from its. So with the Benistan, thanks to Christophan Bennet's letting the state pictures of the yeah, priture fans race from Bennett's. As ever, they always have the championship. When it the machines, the talion three talents bake and he's the championship trails really split. So thanks for that. Met should mentioned Aaron back with the cames, Jamma lecture. Yeah, it sounds back bench and see Jama are on the roads. May will you up in lead their challenge, not to wait and sat and see. And he's got some wellcre rads in. Yes, well, sorry, is sure will be a Donington and might be in Italy spend. Yeah, so that's wishing push them. Also, we saw near lot sit of option Kennings insurance. So they seemed to progress it. I know. Good luck with the business, Eel guys, and thanks nail for the for the for the picture and that. Yeah, it's also mentioned in the recent yames Adam McLean as resigned for macadoo COR was acting. Yeah, so be back with him. Did you say it's defaulty? If you have been very smalty fan of versary for him help. That's a massive thing. That in it. Well, thank you very much macadel family for doing that, because I've been following US racing for over forty years and it's the people like like Gil team that have kept road racing going from...

...thank you. It's also in the northern side Car Cup series which she's gives along SEC. She said to feat your second. She are Indulgian and Anglo. Be sparsel rink in the Netherlands and also most all used for as well. Bring Your Book Longs Road restings facts book. Oh yes, I must say some thing about this. I didn't have a lot to do with this at all. I didn't know it was all going on and everything, but Deborah has been in the Asia with the publishing. I could say a lot without defly wouldn't have happened. So so so got to say a big thank you Togbrea, and also I've got to say well done, Steve A. There's been hundreds of hours being put into researching this and your own facts and figures and putting it all together. It's a great piece away anybody out there's into road racing. It's a tender with a little bit of postage of packaging. It's now, lads, unless it's it's a great stocking filler. It's a great little book. You know Sims, our Stos, your Ara Memories. Yeah, it's the same, says as book as WHO's you're areogero and members of the about than there were. Still got some of them left if you want one, and also the all caps mentioned actually have you go to the shop, go to the rubbishing your site. There's oops, Hazans does t shares the caps. There's crushing as a Broadishu Strad want any cats for Christmas offers? There's all sorts of things. So please have a look. Well not. I need to make loads and loads of money with there to keep promoting road racing and that's what we're about. So yeah, I'm just like to say well done to stave a. that's a massive achieved and that everybody thinks you just or some people that you just go like that and you just I'll deal with boop in that same isn't on. Wouldn't work as a heck of a lot of way. It goes into producing the book. Is Use the growth was doing. Well, know, round to the bamboos or...

...quiz question this we've got there mentioned last week the question which famous f one team principle visiting the TT races in two thousand and sixteen. It's total world. Yes, with the Nice about at the press office, I asked. So well, yeah, well, the Bambos were question this week is who won the manks round free senior manks from pre race in two thousand and five the only quel given it's a previous member of the illustrious Martindoor raation. So which, of course, is that Len thunning bikes with the distinctive yellow and black coursewing. Well, that today's thanks to me. A safer pretends to the podcast this week and be foughts on the NYC and of things road racing. That's all right there. Yeah, he's the good work. You do a fantastic job with all. Take it for granted that we'll just read wrote to broad racing hills, but we don't realize what's going on beyond the scene, of all the studying and researching and getting into a people and interviewing for people and writing it all down and compiling it all. You know, massive world. Done. See it. Cheers. Also have says see you later. By.

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