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Road Racing News Podcast Series 5 - Episode 2 - Guia Circuit, UGP Highlights


Given were closing in on what would have been Macau Grand Prix Motorcycle time, it's a good time to reflect on the past ten years of world class two wheel Guia Circuit action.

This is our feature topic this week alongside reflecting on the fantastic news regarding the Ulster Grand Prix's future.

After all the gloomy, pessimistic updates around the UGP, it's been a great relief I'm sure to tens of thousands.

Added topics covered include Joe Thompson's new full time link-up with Wilson Craig Racing, Sam West's sponsorship push.

The upcoming Cain Road Race, which boasts an entry of over 145 racers plus the good old, traditional bamboozoler.

Hi, will welcome back to theroad racing was podcast. My Name Steve Your aldy too, of road racingus. That called at UK and for this week's podcast we're going to focusfirst and foremost on the CAL Grand Prix because it's it's something of the CarganPretown, of course, is the second successive year and Fox is the mostcycle race. Are On the famous for your circuit. We fought since heis nearing the Calgan Pretown. Focusing sort of the main how it's of recenttimes till will racing rise cow. First of got to mention at the carpre first started in nineteen fifty four. This is one car's first rist atthe cow, but it was in ninety seven bikes first took to the famouswith your circuit. So the little stuff. We're going to the last ten yearscow. What's happened the last nun British races within at the cow,which twitcher Andres hopped and victorious in one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven.Hmm Ill, since twenty ten, the standards and year on year improved pacehas got better. Standard the races go about. Who did at the entryis got better to some somebody argue maybe not, but I think overall,by tally down teen she was. It was diverse, it was varied andbringing with old cost quality. In two thousand and ten, Victorius. Intwo thousand and ten was short reascent for the second time at the cow whereforeyou twenty ten that there was a popular fair place for this re Americas garingthe toy before year returned to the TT ands Ondul spot. Racing was acting. I could took second headed toy and in two thousand and eleven it wasMichael who reclaimed yet another Calgun pretty triumph trampit ahead of Rad as motorcycles.A Kill Katy team at Chessa two Thousan twelve. So Michael wrote a victoriouscan di Stabs Resting for the Sant on the team. In two thousand andeighteen there was an emotional comeback victory. Three up inson Max tryumphant other beforementioned rutter with a putting finish up member...

...saves right fair going to mount inJessup. In two thousand and fifteen, I remember. Fourth was John theGuinness and imber in the winds enclosure. John back congratulating up to as anincredible for winds probably been through Hes theak injury such all those operations. Fattyplus, you know, could not take your off to him. On Twothousand and twenty fourteen and it was a rising steam at show at Easton,the victory in dominant fashion of Michael Rutter, some more top twop formss from upcomingsize Occludi. At the time Lee Johnson was placed something when he saysright in the top six Finn results. Quite fine. He was right upthere as well. She also just regard the show at Easton that he stillolds to this day. That that right. Life Record by Chris and wise atthe count. Two minutes twenty three point six hundred and one six seconds, which quit sea miles for our terms to hundred and ninety five p threetwo miles. Properly. In two thousand and fifteen. It wasn't Stoe EasternGuitaris or Michael Rutter or in creating. It was Peter Writman. The firsttime when a macaw we've got the better amounting. JESSUP, it was abattle between the tires. I think it's fair to say that the combination ofhitting and they the addy racing BMW Brios equipment supported, proved too strong inthe end for Yessup with fair place going to call Jip elections. Butter.In Two thousand and sixteen it was Prettyman who made it successive carbon pre trimes. You get in a tight race with him and lights about Jess Michael Rutter. In two thousand and seventeen, I'm sous saturdaycumstances the risk of red fightin the end, but Glen are was declared race winner, edifitting in placein bad in two thousand and eighteen being made it a hat trick with CarganPre trimes to mas you on Masian headed beefin's teammate Michael Rutter afterward nipping nipping, top fight on the iconic greatest circuit.

But in Jessup is fair and againwas close, again claiming another lookout, claiming the calm pre trimes. It'sprobably over the last ten years been the best for had not to winat the count. I think it's fair to seas come circles being put himso many times, but on record breaking pace, credible past during qualified it'sjust not quite come together in the race. I think he's been, it's fairto say, very in looking up to a one at least, I'dsay three times at count a minimum. Now in twenty nineteen. The mostrecent found motorcycle grand break. My crue was declared fittor after just one lap, after a multiple ty. Rather instant, evolving and a customer. By theway. People at it's like laughing voice. It wasn't Stuard inste obviouslyall its In't the series. When they happen, we always brothers. Allthe best are a very needed facts. After just one lap my crud declaredrace with it. That's amazing. It declared race when er after just onelap, on red laugh, red flag into it upend on and, ifmember says my right, lapt incidence. The same, evolving, a customerand also of race, including Phil crew for the old races have recovered fullyfrom the incident. Black Swan Lap, as you say, Michael declared racewhen I Peter Ritman was in second despite pulling the race lead on laps whenthey didn't. Both race stats caw. He held the race leave before aflanks rose and were fed with fair place going to David Johnson. He's fastedhis second Internashal road risk sounding finish in two thousand and eighteen he claims hisfirst. I'll scrand prix in defeature in the dusty distance. Read flag shouldsay as well. Features Soup, south by race, Johnson's Cree at atime Paul bad but US Boxing County Bong side John Mc Guineas Mba clay finishedfourth, declared its fourth place. Feature...

See mccow prestigious history. Even eachevent. It's not for everyone, and it's fair to I mean, forinstance, even like it's a game out and wasn't the fun of it?It's fair to say they norrison's only been at the cow ones up. Sorry, twice, Michael, and lots only been there. One selectric really unlockedand you compete. You there. Once again, it's not for everyone.Cow. It's a long trip, it's a long track. It's a bigcommitment. Schl to mccau and he got take her out to those who werespecialists and unique talents around a queer circuit. We should mention Guardian, the cargopreviously mentioned a few minutes ago, the COB predish. It Takes PlaceNineteen to the twenty one, November this month, down you as well asduring the passwait the main us. I think it's fair to unquestionably rolls aroundfeel Scran free. At last some good us for the USTAGRAM PRE is theuse that roracing fans have been waiting for. Thousands all wide the waiting for.So I was going to read the article. Person Red Racing Games inrecent times young this topic, as I I reported this morning, and youorganized and set up, featuring northwest to under stole walk every rite, NBAanother times tit. When the thirt the Cowen is said to take over runningthe world's fastest road race. The prefers ye look coals to GP, whicheverit's. Next year it's would be found of their story. We'll see editionof yester year. classy prices, except to receive a significant funding boost fromthe song they slow owned executive. It says, a million pounds combined tolong side northwest hundred. So the sill say a bright future for both events. Additionally, today's hus international rulation that it sees the confirmation at the instagrampre and north west to unders would both be run by the same company,Revival Group. The revival features the Abush.

The above showcase my NBA and Irishread rice and great talent. I thought was unfolded since the most recentStrand Prix of two thousand and nineteen, and many involved in the real roadration fraternity will be concerned for the vents fructure. This mongs use few yearsago. Yeah, it's Monas used to makes me more confident positive for itsfuture development. Mainly becauseto far mentioned uficials involved our road racing, people,through and free. It's using organizing. Same depends at Spenci within two thousandand sixty eight to twenty focused that saffers in senior make seem real scrand prixand optimistic at the bulk of the world's that's real races will be compete in. So, you know, show usually optimistic use for the world's fast ofthis for instagram prey excused it as a punishing for I think everybody's been waitingfor the road racing for turn a fousand. It's one of those events. It'sit's showing a can and it's just it's one of those events whenever youthink of you cause feek immediately dras you just think you need it speed.Great, this excitement frills it. Pit Mars is period rising in its truesense. I remember top ord race once mentioned three changed to inscribe it.So it's proper road race and that's why that's the best way to have it. Proper road race, proper event and it's brilliant to as positive games.We have an instructure at last after all the that times we've heard in recentyears. Old the stories, the financial dates right. Is Rad it's notbeing paid to prize money. It positive to hear uses this nature alongside Dealstagramplatting games enduring the past week. The other main years has been involves aroundJud Thompson. You're not sure Thompson is signed to rest with the alsome craigracing team from town in twent toup see. This year was also Gilpin Stein aa their park and the farther around...

...of the British soup spot championship.Church Got Thompson sets pilot see the U six hundred on the machinery it year. Tata northless to undertle. Scam prike have a their park, Oliver's outand selected Paris Ashland paintings is off sets tackle the also soup pot souper spotchampership. All rounds shot sec they spun this year by Twenty Four Times Officestudding winner. The way ways is obvious to say. They so grabbchunity futureChard Thompson, the well good up and coming talent. There's Macharing is aray Saus he's Ad the other tough time. Great so right. But it alsoheld Wilson Craig Racing Team. Good team are in Gilpins. She tookon the mount obviously running say after the Wilson cread passed away, and let'ssee the great amounts I can see continue in the the lot for the spot. Wilson Craig parents keeping the team going. And there's breakfe shed for one ofthe road reasons most famous outfits. I was also during the past weekendsto the final round of the Britishapomto Championship, which featured two thousand and nineteen IRASSis. So quite champion Davey told partly on the machine right, therising road staff too. That's about victories in the national championship versus the upin National Champishire praces. But then the final sixteen lap race he started fromlast, gold to face and another sixteen final lap he broke down. Thatwas chrome misfortunate after a impeccible ride. Nonetheless, the positive meting. It'sad to interest to see what he does next year. I think there's,it's fair to say it, Clever Mon he says he's going to be onon the machinery on the roads in two thousand and twenty two, but forwhich they post and drag racing blank of our patchets on the racing got towork, to wait and say I want...

...some foxy or negative. Year wasthe uply rounds of this Sim Qui series in New Zealand have been canceled.Round Taku meetings, man's field think and typer. Some the little correct me. I'm sure that's a problem. Abou'm shut to say someone correctly. I'vebeen canceled because of the ongoing covering nineteen situation. As if someone said thisis a bizarre decision given the factor or wipe has been. Tens of racestake place this year in the midst of the cove downteen pandemic. By theend of the day you'll get give credit to the organizers for being quick andup front with the competitors. There was honest. Wasn't lying, matter ofvery matter of fact. It's wherely what situation was was going to be evenbefore and as well as should bind up. On facebook there was honest about placesituation was in New Zealand, covering nineteen ways of their competitors, onthe potential of the Pacific grounds in the series being canceled. Regarding the sementarycircuit races, the organizers are still helping to run the longer they based event. Some of them is fhears our man, because it's known they've been update inarly December guarding potential running and seventy secure races. The fingers crossed.The positive news which also nctioned that this week cane road race. It turnswith six time. Should mention after supplied it. It's the fair time.It's actually the six time. Will be running over a hundred forty five competitorsare entered, including David Parodies, a thin sins fastest TT racer and formerpre former back record over a race, LAPPERC up rist time Africa over Kameroad race. As I meanin see how David Dirk but does can slights.The REGA sals are raining champion the Kame...

...road dress and lots of Mexico's toproad races to it's but too will racing experiments by unto the bamboos like now. Last week I posed a question. One Thousand Nine hundred and seventy sevenjubilee TT race one by Julie the not the first of his twenty six TTwins but I'll leg enjoyed. was sponsored by which soft drinks company? Leaveit up. Sweats, this should s those. Are you over taste?Swept, fantastic lemonade drink, by the way, not being sponsored by shreps. It's just say's no, no plug there. But yeah, swept sponsoredone thousand nine hundred and seventy seven jubilee ttos. Soft drink companies are sponsored. Of the ISRAE DRIS as. I could involved and there's manyy drinks now, recently more easily. But see the ely two thousands, read bowl andnow constr energy, rich energy that feel will be seen. Rich Energy Brandthat TT twenty twenty two, pulling James Cellier, David Johnson, so richendis Ug race sing I well, this week's bamboos were quich. Question isBritain's Fast Macau Grand Prix, but cycle with it? Well, there's anotherfew fasting fishing adds get stuck in. So I go to give any clueswhose regards this this question, but gotta hope you've always got the latest podcast. Fantastic Years Still Sagram Prix also also mentions all that Sam west runs.O. Sam West is on the account for sponsorship for two thousand and twentytwo SAM remains being remounted. That season is up in to ten to theTet office, to an Actucre areasory SAM was. The Times of been tough. Of others. Lots of people volvably racing, Loos in sponsorship, lackof racing. The fingers crossed as ever, a choristy for Sam I don't thinkhelps in game a strong boosting times...

...sponsorship funding VEX season. As Isay, hope you always. I delate this podcast and we rambling on talkingsuper quick. Of you are in a good Sam we never in Christmas out. It's amazing to say that in it we're also there in the time ofmotorcycle live which hopefully Amada see rail be attending. It's as left to sayis hope you enjoy it's reddish news podcast. See you there. Back.

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