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Episode 62 · 9 months ago

Road Racing News Podcast Series 5 Episode 15 - Cut To Camera


Live coverage info expanded, Manx Radio's new look commentary/pundits line-up, TT+'s presenting team, coverage of the world's most famous road race, the TT Races is changing at a rapid speed.

All of the above is covered during this week's podcast plus:

* Paul Jordan's full time PreZ Racing link-up

* Performance Racing Achterhoek's IRRC/North West 200 plans

* Jason Pitt set for TT debut alongside John Holden

* Veronika Hankocyova's Superbike Manx GP plans

Not forgetting the traditional bamboozler quiz question, merchandise plugs and snow a plenty around the Mountain Course! 

I going to welcome back to the OD racing use PODCASTS RIGHT IAM, Steve Rally, to of road racing. US to curtly, okay, and just like with last week's podcast, we've got loads of interesting information used to cover and the world of pure racing. For this week's podcast of fair's main top with rolls around the TT race, is going live. FAVOR UPDATES around the upcoming lab coverage for the world's most famous road race. As we're under under days still, the TT races makes it's under anticipated return. The Titi laugh coverage will be taken place via the TAT plus channel, which will showcase the TAT preview show taking place twenty four fair film and it set to provide no lesson firty five hours of qualifiers race coverage. Combined Green Light Television is set to produced to laugh coverage, and they'll bust. Cave cameras can equipment located around the fabled mythical mount course, and too can requiped helicopters, enabling distinct, vibrant footage with the world most acclaimed famous pure address. It's also been announcer presented to common to irone up for the lab coverage and the presenter s common to line up is as follows. Jenny Tin. That's sorry, Jenny Gow, who's done for but as you paid from me one radio coverage, will be the lead anchor, basically well to fights, as Matt Roberts sols a part of the coverage as he's Winter Olympian gold medalist in Williams, maybe singing sport regular, Rick Ferrett, Fary Chair and as strike main comments ator tt TV coverage, the comment a day more, drake. Main comments are extreme rallycross commentary and room call. A twice TT winner, Cameron Donald is also involved as his two thousand and nine senior T to in a Steve Player to additionally revealed today. Does wishing to sample the TTS new online streaming ARA will have to pay one thousand four hundred ninety nine fifteen pounds good to take to secure a TT life pass which covers fomenting topics and much, much more so the same times end. In terms of the LAB TV TT coverage,...

...there's lots of there's been lots of again, varied opinions on the how it's going to look. The laugh coverage. I'm from looking forward to this is I'm interesting see how it's going to look the vibe of the lab covers out of the the pram. Shudio is going to look for lave coverage. What the shoulder contents going to be like? So inferent times ahead and also in terms of broadcasting. We added the TT racist then to the radio coverage. Now the Max Radios and new luck TT team for t t twins twenty two. One of the biggest changes for those listening in this year will be the voice of a newly commentary. Take Open Tim Goos, I would see in MHK. The new the commentary is no other than Steve Deer, whose commentary see the includes Motor Shep a, bolts of rights and fund the spot linking up with them is post breast press conference. Compare Chris boy I'm sure everyone of Ed. In British Times distinct te terms. It's taken on role of chief analyst, which is alrely recent years, providing and as in lap times, whilst in the comment commentary over with Tim blober running contage accurate updates on topics including lap times and sector analysis. The Max Radio team will feature a getting pitland report of Chris Kinley because Beth asp and a strong line up of pundits which at as follows senior classic TT pudium finisher. Or you can still and be a the fastest female tetas burn seeing mouth TT pouts champion fro two thousand and seventeen, or saga, America's top speediest t pout, fastest bets of America, raining some Pedro amounted hill climb champion Matt Miller and multiple sycartt winner Patrick for rance, which also enter. Regarding the Max Radio coveries, that it appears there's going to be no abow. That's from the Glen Helly Ramsey hairping sections which obviously long with time, with the under the point of Roy more covering at Ramsey and glen led dear Christine, sir, that's a...

...shame. It's going to been since the hold of the coverage pans out for this Sha's tat on the radio again that I would laugh corpies. It's been varying opinions like it's a shame that there's going to be nor, it appears, lab updates. It's not officially confirmed by the banks radio as yet. Regarding no, I have updates terms of commentary from Glenn Ellen and Ramsey Aping but nonetheless a game. That's US forward to two thousand and twenty two et races. Yes, it's a shame what their voices are. Writing more Dave Christian, but I woke up that out with the makes. Really will continue to provide concise, fantastic updates on both famous for address. All right, on to the fair topic. Now performers racing out to whole work of announced their plans for the IRS that in office. Obviously we already know the running. Those are cows over the TT wrist shares ilder mets his debut on round paralleled, of course, and forms racing out to aquile. Triple Representation this year in the IRS and at the firmer cabs at the coils northwest. Two hundred rising staff and it looks Trophy Super Spot Champing Yon Hand Bag, who caught the IRSHA was striking displayers at him Ay Angler for a beggar drink for it. That's some announce it remains a team member attack and he's stagged tea irs soap spot championships, says alone side making. He's not for us to hundred demon for me. He's definitely going to watch around the fable frightle course steam. It verision, but blow I'm hard six with Lash ship seasons, irs, soup right, sanding's pirates, geting Kwa Zaking Machinery for twenty two irs is supervide quest. I'm a blow hard like Amberg. He said, to join northwest to Underfield as he takes the declaimed triangle course from the first time and playing problems racing out the whole. It's free, strong, twenty, twenty two rid line up. It's previously showcase perpective. Tat. You cover fields, a cow Jo alongside the maiden mountain corset exploration cows. You... his fomenting teammates. It's also an office to hundred bound all the IRAS plans sees him taking both soup spot so quite classes as he bids the unlock new enterprising chapters in Europe's top pure racing series. My aunt topic number four. Now stop being out there online. You seen the as Paul Jordan's made full time switch to praise racing and told to back in the two thousand and twenty one as I polhills from Magah felt join forces with John Preston's prouties tt championship with in squad and he went on to secure a brace of call to results. Katie. My stand one hundred about the ship between rather than team. Now it's funds to the full scale worlds campaign, with Jordan confirmed to pilot and soaper sport thousand C Samham machinery at the big free the TT races northwest two hundred and Instagram pree. He's also reported to be ign up selected Irish as the roads outings and sampling selected pretty super sport realms. Almost youp soap twins is additionally set to the join the southern undred entry for the first time, a belong costio coming during the most recent Prett classy creses two thousand and nineteen. He's most definite one to watching. July. It all right at the event done too many friendly races. So again in some time zed for Paul Jordan. Very are we rated? Very ambitious, determined, tenacious, good, gritty, really cunning race. Race craft gives it everything's getting good results and is that the ambitions got, the drives, talent. A good season in prospects. I think fold US planned up. Be surprised team claim the top six, finish in at least one of the soap spot races that it's a to in contend, potentially for Pardi, I would say, at the INSTAGRAM PRI in the so in the too spot class. Right on... topic, Post Free Tetts. That'll set it again to quickly I pause. FREE TT's competing alongside Maxman Lee king freely in veteran John Old and two and twenty two side car tt effort season join forces, short circuits, regular passenger just pit putty. Well, superspective. Newcomer to the table. stifficult out of course, carries a highly distinguished save a WHO's fading. Last year's Molton Group Pretty Sarkar Championship and he's also been a world sut side cars. Points for this ship and Zoe outen his aptitude. Aboard free will machinery. He recently ventured to the hour man, where fair flur is snow gritted in misticated rounding paralleled tt course, increasing his knowledge the world's most famous. For a second. It's not just a TT racis third that will be on pits radar in terms of roads of ext twenty so as he's all stackling. Someone unders it died. He was in attendance at some one hundred launch who s took place on Friday right ride evening I, which also around the run at certain our hunder hundred days till pitted fellow teating outcomers, including always on scabeking things lead Crawford and on the racings going to air and become officially tt pirates a rather again, there's all that. The twenty two t et races s conculled from from twenty nine, from minute to the ten of June with the Milwaukee senior encounter, including race week proceedings. This something you from recent times and clothes that funny. Get handkoff. She over top Cheff Rod Racer. He said to tackle superbit classic class at the banks. Am Pre competing on board the cups down Racing Suzuki and he's off targeting competition at the Freett Classic Races Sa Place on the bond course in Castletown. Charles M scart riding checker AD racing. Special thanks to Chequer d racing fishing harbor them rather, for was provided great staps to a racing us on diamo curry and Horace. If you've been bringing road Rac in a racial throughout that the pressure of Um and...'ll see recently an article Damno curriy did detailing stats of Diaba Curry Times. Lack lap record holders us as achieved over the years. Great Laptimes, great feats, another of European road racings most popular acclaimed risk at road race venues. Hopefully their future will be a sad look with a seven on horace as well. Fingers crossed, all being well, but thanks everybody again who's taken pat in the banks. You P top six series. Special thanks again is all to one whose pets she's any good race news makes nice where it's a book cap t shirt again. If you want a good piece of quality road race in election days, check out rotterssing us also got t anition. In terms of recent times, that's or seven cook look set to re tend to. The road race came under this year. Let's see, based in Portugal. It's Porture's equivalent to most of Lily Dad, the Valley can Columbia, the recent Cameroon, the Grand Prix Cameroon, Labadezzer in Spain. Its Davie Vuncy in Spain, another of any which helps broaden the the the popularity of breeds in across the era worldwide something different, something unique. I's got to mention. Well, so you're all saying recently the storms that have taken place and as I speaking speaking of the weather, see for men should regarding the storm of the mountain cost, you'll see some incredible features of the snow around the stake Cos snowed over R I'm fairly certain. I think that would be here an go racing wise in that in does those conditions today. I think they're reacting those conditions. We need snow skies of jet jet powered snowbo veils on to the bamboo's life. Now this week's question from Britain. For that sorry, we stud state. Last week's question was combined. How many different...

...races of complete claimed a cow motorcycle Grand Prix success? The answer twenty eight. That seen just over fifty years competitions. It's a very, very select growth of competitors who are trumph around the guier circuit. It's an unparty says some uncompromising track SECU should set quite smooth, riding great race craft and making absolutely no errors. To conquer. All about sports. Most US stress circuits. So micaels record for most Carbon Prix wins. Combats like Grand Prix wins and associally claims the COM pretty victory. In two thousand and nineteen, as to be said, controversial circumstances over picking us. The races red flagged, memory says, right after two laps in two thousand and nine, saying unfots o the riders that were involved in the incident in nineteen. They made a speed recovery. Right onto the question. On to this week's from loose with question, which again is another how many thing? Question. How many races have topped the hundred twenty seven miles prolap mark at the t races that so few read racing fishing out as out there. Obviously, if you check out the odd ressues of that qui bonds pass. But no cheating to try and increase your knowledge and increase but you know what I can to the again, the blood's greatest from UK sport worldwide. It's a left stays up. Everybody's enjoyed this. Let it's podcast morte mutual shares on pure addressing. I think one thing had you know, I've noticed in recent times is people varying opinions on, you know, the tat live updates to banks, radio changes. It's at the end of the day, the way out of the way I see it, I'm I'm booking it from the class after full point of view.

I'm going to a bit. I could make some pre changes. I'm going to wait and see how it ultra inspires throughout the whole tete this year and if then, in my opinion it doesn't seem fair success, I will stay. This is a concise diplomatic ware and I think this is a lot of us have got to see those see everybody's different opinion. Wise you are people say no, it's like it was in the good old days, and it's. But events have to expand, events up to change to preserve its future. With the TTE's no different. Is If made, but it is from questions. There's the world place famous for address, but even while no service further, it has to adapt. I'm so we're in a an interesting well. That's build in time, if that's less ways in describe it, and markets in branding and life. COVERES is Crow Shield to increase in a spotting products will. At Nascar in the S, it exploded simply with that. That will coverys the branding there was racing like Jeff Gordon and Dale and I think, I think that. I think the Tait a pureus in general has got the huge future times in terms of love could be also a worry, I'd laugh. Covery recent times from Northwest Hundred Carl and Prex Orstagram Prix, but not with it tete. So it's going to be very interesting come there and yeah, I wait the coward see how it was all going to I'm sparing how it's all going to how it's going to look. See this has been the DRACUS podcast. Thanks seems listening to me awfully and on P I haven't topped too it's too fast. This glak's podcast like that. I'll faster. Winds Ben. It's with unblued on it. The wind that's taken place. By the way, speaking in storms, wishing for one who's been affected by its storms, best best wishes across the UK. See how this...

...has been the reads news podcast by.

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