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Road Racing News Podcast Series 4 - Episode 8 - Take 2


First and foremost apologies if I sound like a hurricane mixed with a blizzard, I can talk quite fast at times when chatting about pure road racing!

Our latest podcast which took two recordings to get right, focuses upon the first 300 Turns of Gustav Havel meeting since 2019, which featured the latest IRRC Supersport, Superbike rounds.

Didier Grams, Lukas Maurer lap record breaking heroics, Petr Najman's stellar performances, Mark Purslow's accomplished event debut are all covered.

There's also a round-up on road racers exploits at the latest BSB round at Donington Park, a spot of Cookstown 100, TT 2022 news.

Not forgetting the traditional bamboozoler quiz question, another RRN merchandise plug and praising the Hornsea Biker show.

I want to welcome back to the road rescuing US podcasts. My Name Steve. Reality too of road resumes that curly UK and, the same as last week, I'll be extending this podcast surly my own. Well, this week's podcast is going to center upon the recent three in returns of customer have all meeting at Horace, which also hosted the lays round of the IRS series. That's two hundred and twenty one stars of the show we've got the first forms focus on include did a grams of Lucasmid. Were both surpassed the existing light record. The best respective best at the time the two minutes fairteen putting nine a hols for two minutes. Thirteen put down for it. Second Parish of any took a brace of Rosso finishes. David Daps had joined the IRS winning circle for the first time, popular first time when Peter Norijeman took a brace of soaper bowl victories and the strong points finishes. The Aris be an overall fantastic meeting, great weather, but first of all we've got to go back to, I think, the the incredible achievements of videograms of Lucas my roofs passing the existing that record. Now that the only two rising instative up to horace under two minutes fourteen seconds. Don't undress me. This exchame. It said porous is is aguiy check, republic's most famous active road sable for many years, most famous, precedious active. Read. Course it's unreal ending, it's fast, it's twisty, it's a lot. People will say. Of course, dangerous. You got to be smoke, you got to be accurate, everything else to work out to get the perfect up of Horace. I think that over the weeken conditions would spot on, and it's not that that helped to put up for the lap records. For lap records tumble, but say nothing away from the achievements of Grammars and Myra, both at the top, top of the farm, and another another amazing the Che achieving it from...

R s competition through part them which someone's Myn o Olds Twenty eight point championship played of marriage to any going into the next are I see around Angler, also didiagrams. Despite of lap record, he bent and went on to finish early teny thing the opening Super Pars, also second Super Bar rous. So unfortunate crush our contention on I believe lap six forcing red flags touted the rising and resulting cost in the non score for the German words great so using other fety five points behind the on top farm by Your ocal was fastest. Tt you'll come a two thousand and nineteen. But focus well on Matt Pairs are the UK's only irs entrance Max chipping away of his form on the forms for a pace or another be clever racing being the US for a Yamaha stage. Clemson points finishes in the soap spot, races at Horace and laps under two weeks twenty five seconds in terms of Soup Bake Company. From some superbke races to race competition pertains pet and Irishman rousing checker Ross Stars fore mentioned took abrasive victories in very, very impressive form. In board than off check rowder has six and five triumph he's us in good form. That Shim a definitely looks like one of the biggest Samship frets. The current series lead of piers be among alongside performance. After racing those Calgo Frenchman Hears Beyond Lease Caljo in championship by over eighteen points. Instead, the fair round of the season Angler.

It must mention as well the camel holn retaining six on the set machinery competition horrace. You always will scoring for scoring points race because of the fact that is not full time. IRAS SUP spot entrant is full time. I root Iras Soup bike entrant. It finished runner up in the second soap spore race. One Ban Ashman fair place going to it was beyond his fast supper. The risk up in at two minutes. Eight team put for it seconds the prior sales for race prot building finishes alongside now Jemen tows be on and Cowsho. We will Spanish in as well. In fortunate that instant for Christine Smiths, which resulted in the poppy or German race standing multiple injuriser. And we wish the rosing gem Rhodes talent, Gem's fastest Instagram Prix, but all the best, wishing very, very speedy recovery and we hope to see him pretend to top level virus competition in the future. We've mentioned is all that Markus. Carlson Thomas tough and I was swating sorts of Aki's fastest every competitors around it unrelenting. Horace Course Christopher Raider took a VIC Katiem machinery store at Christian reader took a race when as they Andrea mcgel in the soul super twins race under a was it was on course from UKME's being banks from pre success in two thousand and nineteen for technical gremblings stroke. So went on to tick a top five finish in the second lightweight race. Another of Italy's rising stars Onside Likes Ritchie a bottle EQUA EUROPEAN OO climb front runner. Look at Gus had a. So I'll explain to his taking a step back from Rhodes Competition Puzzer...

Buzz I say one of it Ali's rousing stairs and good seem take a superman victory. Horace got pnutions old show Anderson was back in roads action. or It's good to see shown back in acts in the bambridge racer has recently got married to longtime partner. Say Boys wishing well. Massive congratulations shown Qui five second for the Super Souper on a race race and forts well to be an unfinisher. But nonetheless he shared that it's like it's been over eat, well over six months since he last to part in a pure add races or some of these racecraft application ability to contend for the top coiver results on the roads. Run to the most recent BSP round at the Donningson Part National Circuit and I fit show racings. Peter Ripman, despite not willing start, the honor of becoming the fastest racer in history for the Donnins of Patter National Course in terms of B sp competition, lapping in the low one minute six seconds. Barrett U low one minute six seconds mark should say. Peter came forth in the second Souperis, nine from the opening superis and fourteen in the finery is held in tricky, mixed sort of damn conditions. Follow into as the roads earlien Dan Harrison SC engineering. It's fight was top twenty finishing the opening race, fair eighteen in the second race, but in the main high. I have the meet and that has probably man now at so far of his career in terms of besp competition. Rose in the fired race under Bradford. The race of finished a fine eighth. Thanks for him. was very choice to switch to double intermediates, two intermediate tires on the CIRC engineering carolsake great schievement...

...for Dane will see. Basically it's it's a very high level. It's tough even for the world's best road races. It's well class line up and it was a, you know, as I say, great chievement for Dane. I've got a lot more cold results from the ERIES and at Caldwell. The same applies to under on the racing is going to air in who saved the rider at around accolaid, and rightly serve in my opinion, given the fat selves which second in the opening race, non finishing the second race after an instant of him and rory skinner which resulted in the districated shoulder he wants to be collect declared fit for the fair race. And the four times northwest two hundred when a gone to score fed putting finishing of twenty twenty one, finishing second behind Tommy bridewell after a battle in tenacious greatly display they should true great has met. Nonetheless, from the five times murders, when I remember still up in to make its own course, Debio TT races debut in two thousand and twenty two. Speaking of outside of soap back competition at Donaldson Park, Sixteen Times tat when you're in uption and claimed the best result of the season. There's far. Finishing fifth in Sunday's national soaper stock thousand race. Jim and claim points finishes. Lee Johnson claim the top six finish in the opening sap spore race, while the second super spot race, so the Oscar racing rider I don't finish RAF unfortunate incident involving him and Bradley Perry and Kennedy. Good, serious, hard to see competition as well. In the terms of the soap spot races. Dington John we're going. He stuck the top ten finish in Sunday's Jill cotter options cup race. I've got that out. That John was putting finish at the previous round and I think it' is about you...

...know it's there's more that's well. Results on the rise and put the twenty three times teachers. We must mention it now, of course, is an MBA. They seems it was announced receive cycled at the end of last year. Actually, terms of pspy, it was a tough meeting for Joe Thompson and Brian McCormack, but I'm sure better fortunes on the arizon zone for the pair. That Melville. He's Fotune Open organized meeting. He's FOTUN OV elvumitting. We should stay. There was victory's Dominic Cave it's and Jamie Coward Whey crofts hard a date. But when you took victory in a compelling second Sarkireus a chair. They just think, you know, the problem was ryding Callum. It took victory in the prior race held on the JERPM t clockwise. A field circuit was also strong results support cassidy, Mark Holvin and Dean Osborne, and also you mentioned Gary Brown. Great Ram was back in action at the SARCI Ram International Revival me at Cable Park, not this past week. In the past wee can before gary being alongside feel hard and the birth the perpet the buff opens tackle went into two TT races, the M two in hands. There are already very accomplished moron course racing CVS. We also got to mention of fact that there's going to be a mark. Some preser classic teeth already should say it. There is ranks from prest classic TT. If your question, that questionnaire up later is for those who want to have your faults to for the future of the mountain cool space events helps it the future. You can say what you think of pallets set up putting into the race. Seen the skates you will. Is this working out? With that not...

...working out? Old nows were up in to game views, riders, teams, marshals, sponsors, fans, the public at large. You can help shape the future too. Pure addressings both coveted, prized and loved. The events. Michael the lock his cooks down one hunder pound pouting. It sets about his pend rasing eyes of the ASS. Shamahar is also strongly linked powert insanity being the view machinery for the Open Su grand final encounters us. It cooks down the lights of Derek Shields. Don't regate Michael Sweeney, Adam Mcclain, darrel tweed or like. Its compete already a great fielding prospect of competition. On the other to circles, remember, takes place next to since twelve September. Fortunately, of course, we've got to mention the fact that the Scaber Gold Cup has been called off, alongside the hill climb. It's a great shame, but yes, it's a rocky times at the moment for Englands. Early very circuit. But I'm, ever, they optimist. And I've gotten. I'm confident that good towns will return. So it's a rover a circuit that's pasty competition since nineteen fought sits ups. It would have been seventy four anniversary. It's one for say it's a great shame, but I think those are realists. It was a possibility. was they went. Weren't going to run and we just got look to the FICHU now and hopefully features bright for frauds mount. We should tell hope road racing in good and he general the popularity of Pussy road racing a crossing and bringing for the next generation of English races onto the roads and in terms of the national road races. And it does the everything. It's also the horns. You bike. Sure during the past week and thanks everybody was purchased the cap or Mug or a t...

...share or a book and road racing him stand greatly appreciated. You'll open spread a way of good race uses with awards. Sir and see Agus was massive. Thanks and great show. The anti bike sure, loads and loads of bikers. They're thousands attending, tens of bikes. You'll classic rights more than bikes. Tt Race Bikes and all around great, great show. You haven't attended it. Attended if you wish. It's the must. Right onto the Soto to mention. Yeah, round to the bambooze or question. Now I've already mentioned at La Record had been broke at Horace in the past week and by Didi a grahams, and look at locusmiller it. So you're probably already all of read who re could older was before the past weekend. But a question from last week was the now the previous sopp record older at Horace was Danny webbed. The case first IRC champion, see Iras, sup quite champion in two thousand and eighteen. Well, this week's bamboos. The question is who paroted Exmoor GP pattern machinery at Sinteniary TT races in two thousand and seven. That's a few great per rising Fusius out there, and all the stift to say is thanks for listening. Busy month of poor rasing coming up next month in September. Was Of what we've got the remaining to our see rounds Anglo frow bag. We've got cooks down one hundred since more MOBBSP RUPPI's be racing taking place. Sup Positive Times are continuing for the sport by creating a large and for pure ord racing. It's but yes, a lot of events have been canceled this year, but more events taken place this year compared to...

...last year. So from that alone, I always try and look for the positives and I think it's important. So so as they all left to say is hoping we go. De Lates podcasts up for next week's podcast of more positive in frolling exciting. It's what great years are the most exciting for. But sport in the world perdising by.

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