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Road Racing News Podcast Series 4 - Episode 5 - Prediction Time


I'm sure many a road racing fan venturing this weekend to Armoy, will be making predictions with their friends as to who will be victorious at the 'Race of Legends'.

It's no different for us at Road Racing News, as our latest podcast features Supersport, Superbike, Super Twin, Race of Legends predictions.

Alongside some bold tips for victories at Armoy, our 50th podcast, yes you read that right 50th podcast also includes a round-up on the IRRC season opener at Circuit De Chimay.

News around the Brands Hatch GP BSB round, Dunlop Masters Superbike Championship Round 2, IDM Schleizer Dreieck events.

Not forgetting the bamboozoler quiz question featuring this week one of the sport's most respected, liked characters.

I want to welcome back to theroad racing US podcast many seniorityes of Rod Rasing us to cut the UK andit's we'll talk about my dad. On to the podcast steam route. Helloeverybody. Well for this one's podcast would be free wound, Egli anticipated.How am I road races Fast Irish road race of two thousand and twenty onenow entrance include Gosse, Paul Jodan, Derek Shields, Michael and what dirt, McGee, Michael Sweeney, Thomas, Maxwell, as rare, Ben Raya race any breaded donnally care. It's very fair, but they we tellcarold sweet having to play Je Thompson, the mayor for Barry Davidson, AndyFarrell. Thank you, Brown eating locker and Joe Offer. So that's justat a glance, just summits of the entrance and we've all give our predictionsfor the terms. Top three prictions for the May races. So so seeif we're writing for see if approved, write in a weeks time. Soin terms of the up and Silpa right race even, whould you tip forthe race victory? I am MMM, tough. There's quite a field thatcome win that race. We don't know what the weather is going to belike. Forecast alone looks good. So I also was changeable. The manin firm at the moment is Derek sales. Michael Sweeney is every succum system andhe can't underestimate Michael Kenya, Michael don'tlock gets Michael don't. Then we'vegot Boras Engineering, yes, Inden, Mikey Brown. Yeah, so makeyou brown when good at Scabboro. Yeah, I'm conforming them. The other mastersruns and you got Derek McGee. There we go. Yeah, soI don't know. I think it. I think it'll come down to theweather a lot of it. So I can't really predicts. But it's goingto be usual. Gays are going to be at the top end of it. Well, what dare? We talked... new dairy top if it wereby the door. Yeah, yeah, yes, but put the forecast isshowers at the moment. Yes, so it's up and down, but it'spredominantly it's going to be showers at the weekend. Yeah, right, sothat's the big decidded's for me. If it was dry, I think it'stooky. Derek. It's all Derek's. That will be awful. Way Withit from the maricle with Michael coming up. BEACU's bake. No, just switchMichael. That hasn't had a real lot of tracked out, but alittle mole trackdown this year. Pretty Silver Stock and Irish quite championship Rons.Yeah, I thought as something you're being done early. En foules in thereat the tills a very simp siety. B W to. That pris thathave our confideric sils to win the Open Circle Bartor as well. I thinkthat. I'd say that's the permitting in front of y cold cricle or lotand I'm run him that cat. I fought him fair, Adam Mcclain,but that could be anyone on seven, eight narrow riders. I think therace eluans are have fun for Michaels onlock to him, but again that thatcould be any one of sevenate that I don't believe. David Tops, whenI have a good met you have tippy David told to get at least threebillion finishes. It will. David tods is one of these naturally talented motorsay Oh yeah, this is any you know he when you're watching him race, you don't. It would be you know he's just it's just a naturalin a I don't know where it is when he watching the races. It'syou just sort of you see it there. Yet to this still we built.They were the ones are actually look look slow. Are Actually the fastestbecause the making it look look at he's Oh, yeah, yeah, well, me grunt was your perfect example of that. He never run off thebike. It's like it was like it's gone sulting all the towns that wewhat strong beginners. You don't look fastly...

...smoking a and that they just started. Yeah, he keeps it is a lot similar to me, MI GRANTINGAI, the way rounds of races, whichever you want to call it.But yeah, in terms of the six hundred races are my again, itcould be anyone of seven or eight crowds, but I've gone for other mcclear andDerek McGee said grace winds. Yeah, so that's mad about it. Forthe circle tween race, I'm going for Michael Swadi because Michael so he'sbeen great form terms of s between races at Mundell and master's and the NeilDonnie Robinson memorial races at Bishop caught all our golfriend of mcleaning that one.Yeah, the Saday have McLean again. Yeah, I mean you've got Joelofflins on the pattern. Joe, jolly that. Well, they'll be.It'll be and says Instagram Prix. Was it close to victories? Of coursehe's any action recently. Pretty soon sorts. He's up to spade. Yeah,also got two in child's will be Passy races are my one to fiveformed and see you support during his eleven residual yeah, that races on hisunder see is a good series. After don't want to my going troubling toour always got help off Ryan Farquar came back. I was like a he'salso got off bw racing of support. There we go. I've slight directthe recent sounds and also got mentioned. Well, Joe Thompson was something pettyrecently. It's I think at these town of these farms and CC roads debut. Well, sift, steady Joe, I think good. You can easup to spade and Basal Lot trapped. Yeah, obviously. And speaking toas first we have the brands bating and I think first Pumas got a focuson drum the Guinness if it was heading to the body of Duke Atty truption'sgot even Chris Worker, Chris work all when it and they did put alost'vereally asked road and spective. Oh Yeah,...

...yeah, John, John W Johnwas second. It was it was who was well chilled foe, whichwas good for him. Those are, I think it's probably the most obviouslyalways als, poppers bending on what which round. Yeah, there Wass onsocial media. They did it in very sketchy compositions. Yes, so they'reso. Yeah, you gotta still go around. They once a rold Rasois a road race. There's a bit more we could up to meeting forhim, Claire With on the racy. Yeah, it seems to be recoveringa bit. Funn if they okay, I read every bought says he's verya little lot better physically. So I've just got to get the right spotof that. I think what we want till you see contended for wins inregularly. Well, on the Japan there will now shasty supported sts. It'sgood to say. Yea, the will, the will come back favorite mean gainedsome top ten finishes, obviously in the evening racing instantly. Having keepsaid off, yeah, yeah, we're very happy about that was we nowI think some one can really kickney amcor yeah, I mean will can blamein me. The bad luck is added. He'll go about with fruston. Yeah, because I I mentioned in the around upon bus. They that's whatpiece maybe that look. I think I'd be our championship standards. Ikmen ontop five at the moment. It's ain't. At the moment. She still will. Showed our position is love weird to go ahead. One way togo. There's a lot. There's a lot of there's a lot of pressureon them as well. You know, or in this BSP there's a reallot of pressure on them and that they are at the points the end ofthe championship. The pressure on his tremendous in it nodving to go out onthe bike race. It the pressure that's put on them. I don't knowif I could stop that. They'll good. See darrison back with the SOC andSam. It runs absolutely the missed around a knocke. Yeah, dayDani's I seen a picture of him. It's got these got go faster airclewith his with his cauld lady and she was old in number and and daywas just real can yeah, just looking...

...down to do it and looking atthe front, I love to know what he was thinking. But yeah,yeah, another point. He's all right. He's Dean and he's all right.End of the point space. He's chipping away first as in Bas so, bramcarbacks, organs chipping way is it's every in this season for me beingspats getting up to sleeve for next year's in stash of road race. Ohyeah, yeah, cots a ticking on that one. Know, you know, yeah, fingers, Fingers Cross. What you if we don't any fingerscross, it will be going ahead. Yes, yeah, we keep positive. Point. Long SAPP bsle Branson was also the lock masters soup, quitechap most racent round it on the back through shows. took the race ofvictims. Michaels only one three successive superton races and he also now leads himto his pubs assistant for answers. They've done lot masters Silk Bright Championships.You know, Michael Derek. They're both going into our million fantastic Mus's MikeBrown to glew up in Silk Sport us is on the park adm slates ofdrink, which is it's a bit like a road circuit. It's sighted drink. It's the oldest street circuit in Germany all the existing and David Dapsa wasthe actually named for the PROSOC stop coop race. He took a victory inthe earthly race and Fed in the second verse and he's current second in thechampionship standings there. And See David Jamey's most recent TATA compector and he's upto Spain, obviously, and he's looking good bed of the next sire.I see around a horraceory returns to go a racing cuts, obviously during pastweek, and from mout as its Nasta road racing wives at the eye ofthe IRA se race actually returned at Shill a around one. And the soapspot races and the way of Pams,...

...them mountimurdles supported. Also we rememberthe manks. I'm pretty V in the French national an for them. Yethere when he great government and there's challenges to Pierre in the soil spot raceswhere the Chicagy and Christian Smits and Peter Nowrigement soakle bite lives. Lucasm tooka race of victories which you made even more impressive, given it was onlyon the SOAKA stock. The shame pass what you can not always cuist ofa soaker bark. And he beat on other than did he a Grahams atthe IRS lotioned in in both phrases. Did he got the fastest lack ofthe meeting, almost a second faster than Lucas, is best sort self.Second there was also Ross and finishes for marriage of any enjoy them invested andspeaking to get a pretense and topic of round focus. Myra is now withthe seventh fastest round in district. Shoulder that enjoyed the investing becomes the fastest. It's become the fastest duct races in the Netherlands circuit should yeah, theyhave a good a good we can considering the avid work forecast looks sketchy.WAS THE UP Red Flag, but I think overall really good, good matingthat up, you could tell much invented to the round has been able toget back to occure over its yeah, because we no irs. There's alot of unders there. It's a good, proud, good crowd in attendance andI've got to be risted on not to mention Matt bears or the UK'sand it represents Oh, yeah, it was the top F one fifteen finishes. And Yeah, and the ovening, Soaka spot Ras. He was oncast for a top six finish before high SD incident. But apart from havinganother one, really good mating through these attempt of Oltensive Horace and Jack couldprobably that's in August. A fifteen bottoms. Fifteen. I've like, by topof the head, be a horace. Obviously they're all proper over a sacs, but but ours is a proper or sick. If anybody's watching iton board and on young child with it's...'s a bit like an aura tray. He's like an hour true address. Yeah, also gas SHAMIRE PS Bund mentioning again, took pictures in the silver between races so that a Benettiwas action. And Yeah, Harris, six hundred and sixty a prilier gain. The top five finish it, top five finish, top five finishes it, and so I think the sound. The sounds good for the U Aprilier and of the Tete next year. And because seven hundred sea see bikesallowed into the white we're eating. I think this is prilier with the rightset up and the right the right team beyond it is definitely a podium pretender. I think so, the Amahar as well, Thurty. Think Steffermo mightbe on it then. Yeah, he's going to be a ten two thousandand twenty two. I'll be good that. So yeah, it's going to bein show. As you got the prilier going up against the pattern,the something give you have a rade there. There's that six fifty coursak is thea six cars. You got a good cross section of yeah, Ithink that's going to be one of the best races for years to come upto take take our of them, because it's distracting a lot of a lotmore manufact rooms, even while you could say than the farmers and say so. Yeah, also wants mentioned Shin Is. Also there was sad our races andfrom some victors, included Paul Dlas and Melody Fan here now between theseven times combined top fastt finishes. The cellar bond was also action. Ohyeah, she should end. The stelle was racing in the solar classes.So they'm been the super tween very good and the dad was racing as well. Believe it said that Francois runs well. Bonnother established at competitor, Brown Tetcompetit's completely good Robat or, as Martin has last light us out.Yeah, the loving the Benny looks through free sips yself. Those are wonderingwhat Benny Look stands for. It's Belgian,...

Netherlands, looks and bag, becauseround step, like like a national championship, sort of basped wires.Yeah, the seconds in Belgium, Netherlands and look, looks and bag rightonto the banbos. Will the are you are another bamboos were question of firslast week because she'd podcast right. And the question was, before the IRSbecame earns, the IRS say in stats the road racing championship. What wasit nervous before? So it was recently known as another championship before it becamethe Irsay the three Nations Cup, all right, which is both for bagEngler and shiny off top of ahaded from remember. And then I think theorganizers real as would it with the championship expanding, they had to create cupwith an entitled. Some one comes the IRSEE TI, which had since twothousand and ten leven year, is so this she is irss. Do youlove me for addition? Yeah, yeah, I see. Would have been twelveoox. We've got for in two thousand and twenty. Yeah, andso this week's question is, I'm sure lots of this is a really aboutthe fans favorite, rather so, one of the slates, rathers in thePABBOT. Who is the fastest route from Taiwan sh I'm sure lots of peopleknow all the top of there, but one of the really great characters inthe Pato could, I think, always got a smell. Always, yeah, I'm sorry, one of those, but one of the greatest and basses. As for running racing, definitely. Yeah. So I was like tosay is, let's sort of competitors, are I? The weather's good andEP, everybody has a really good, prosperous, fantastic being for the fans, day off, a cup to own. Yeah, yeah, and we're upto some the s share that the some showers. Yeah, that's whatall. Yeah, and also should say all the best of Yogan houses andyou know, massive, you spectrum. And Yeah, there a lot ofso our than a lot to arrange out this O. Yeah, credits arethe ground of a blood their world.

See, how's like to say ishope you can drink the podcast and next week we'll see if we are bothfor out of our predictions and yeah, see how that todays. This hasbeen the rever issues podcast. See you there by.

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