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Road Racing News Podcast Series 4 - Episode 15 - Season Finales


Believe it or not this Road Racing News episode number 60!

Yep you read it right, we've reached sixty podcasts covering all aspects of pure road racing.

The final episode of series 4 covers the following:

BSB Season finale at Brands Hatch

Thundersport GB season finale at Cadwell Park

A brief re-cap of the Stars at Darley meeting

IRRC 2022 news

North West news

The bamboozoler

Plus lots, lots more!

I will welcome back to the dressingUS podcast. My Name Stevie. Ality to road race us. That couldat UK and it's been a few weeks in so ourl last podcast. Butin that time there's been, however, racing a plenty across the UK andwell wide, featuring insist the road stars in abundance. First of all,was got a feature on the BASB twenty two one for now the brands actsGrand Prix circuit. Best of allmost congratulations to Jack Kennedy, Tara Mackenzie,Tom Nave, Cameron Fraser and Journix in on claiming every spective championship titles soperbite races. Wise be it in any decision. With a hat trick oftop five finishes, not to the islands finish fifth in the final championship standingsand Finish lead into the mounted races. So good going in for the firstfull season for the FA sure racing team. Will regarding Glenn are win on,the racing is going to air in...

...another brace of dad place finishes andhe's faith's Fami finishing position the championship was as still open to make his ttdbut in two thousand and twenty two and it's something that I'm sure road risingfans of plenty world wide. WHO's looking forward to Rama Cormack claim finishing racingtwenty two place finish is at the weekend. I'm so you can engineering stean arison. It was a challenging final mating of the season but ended in productivefashion with the points finish in the Fed solf fight race finishing faulteen. Lookat it forms tractions. Coup race is wise. I mean was Craig NeFinis a fine second in the opening traption Cupres with fair and finishing one placebehind him was John B Ginnis and the a the second she'll cut took outperformance props ands coupy race. So Jo'll we goo to Snba take another fairplace finish and he's fall of fats in championship. Top Five finished position inthe championship. Overall, very productive season...

...for the twenty three times set.When it Greg leaving, the second tokay machinery based face a prom attach waslong finished after vison said. Looks a nasty kids, but fortunately I believehe's escaped relatively unscathed. For the incident Sark as well as Louis Black stockback at rossly pound course. Regulars took herross from finish in the at thestarks and counter and the second Malson group Pretty SYCR Campshire press. So popularpudding finish followers Mount Scarby, king, kings leak, Crawford, Scott Hardy. I'm moving on to the Jiminy soap stock race is now national road racingto intersta rations. So representative was Adam Mcclain. Tob was ADA mcclaim competewith the team I are helocker racing team and sociated connection with Matk Goverdille.She had them on the mounted about the new CBS. Six under our underan adn't took finishes of twenty four and...

...nineteen. It's been over all ofthe decent season for at the mcleays performed setial needs is at the Spring Cup. It cooks down arm I shown good for it terms of pastor second competition, the Lock Masters Events or Superi Championship and National Super Stock, so juniorsuper stock races. That's what so sort of thousand wise the sole race ranzasstill thousand seasy soap stock race. Sorry, Hundred Sixteen Times toto in it inuctionsin place credible fault teams. I was just one place outside the points. Was Dearly Todd totten coll of Comings Place Twenty Cup the top cup,fire packets, team minutes. So spot races. Wise it was a good, solid, consistent and the season for Ush got rasons a Johnston and tookfinishes, a fourth and fired just to an ailing to finish. Fed inthe foul championship standings by behind Ben Curry...

Jack Kennedy, which all spenishing thatJarre Thompson was back in action. But it's so Brittish championshipilated action, fullsomecraig racing and just to points finish in the second soap sport race. Seeoverall a great season for hourly, for BSP. I think it's as toread races overall. For out the season of performed well. In particular,I think it's fair to Peter. It been great names. I was inpress up begin to SENDB I was interesting sort of form at times. CouldPlace. Could form say we Michael I'm opsating with Dean Reyson Rights on tofun the spot gb for now it cadal potter run at the same time asthe best season for that we have very touch ready from spective got to focusprimarily on Dominic amps and album. Took picture in the opening suker twins dressand then finished another than second in the remaining fifteen races. is also arostrom finisher in the final soap spotter race.

So don't at the weekends compete forcount and racing. Who was compete for a reason? It was nonScarem sins for all. It was out to gather from front runner right.No brief DC racing to cross from finish in the opening not the up,it's sorry, in the second soap sports calibal park. Also, since it'sbeen absolutely it's been a few weeks since we've last on the PODCAST, we'vegot to any stold the stars of Downing Eighty. There was great results forJosh Fairly, John Beginish NBA, Matt Gooden's Sam Johnson Rounds. A spotof primarily focused puducing news, joy, joy, and best in the placefor place fed in this year's Irs Soaf quike championship. It's confirmed they willbe to be taken into two thousand and twenty two irs. Is So quickchampionship and he's optimistic eaty can contend for the title next. Chars cooks downone hundred, which will continue to be...

...runner as a closed event. Theyset step place from the twenty two to twenty three April, the time ofgay one hundred, which, fingers crossed, will return that Yar, he said, the sober at sixty anniversary, so to take place from the twentynine to defective of April. NORTHIC ST unders up, step place from theten to the fourteen for this. Fingers Cross again by the suddenly were underthe pretends to the recent calendar black for the financial services. I think offenders, the title sponsor for the two thousand and twenty two pretty ty Cossicfeders to continueing Brook Forel Partnership have for many years look a good addy Irassoap spot when it was boss down to compete in the ares so quick champershipthis year, but didn't. He's set to make his teeth Hedibu. InTwo thousand and twenty two we've Frea C up and coffers, pence, fetteencomtings, all sets. It's taken the office two hundred and I believe aswell the Car Grand Prix Ell confound entries...

...for the S S Amisphere is ourrun semitery circuit rasis include turning race black record from semi second mixture race SeptDevereu over Ras when a great graymouth street races nick southward in two thousand andseventeen you coomers being Max from pre runner up Ben Rosendun Doug is, ourman located old market in pub has raised in recent times one thousand five hundredpounds each espectively for the southern London supporters club and creates heart strong foundation.What's it all? Now to the Sam Pedro Marta Hill Clam and the barharing'sas Service Cup at the end of the month. Look a fols covering andbirth to get our maps for period rassing world wide. Two more you eventuallyMexican. So one more you event in Mexico. Those in Sampedromata Hill clamreally prestige every years. Also got to...

...mention twenty others. Another interesting intoyour coming up sooner. Road racing, years of as road racing in speechto a say we've orient interviewed recent sounds like superiors. The am or offerthe did a grahams enjoyed in besting right. We should also nish in also thisbeats podcast. He is at he's believe it or not, the sixtyepisode with only terms of Rook for a resus podcast is also the fault,like we sad of this change before gone two series five. It's amazing tothink of lack last year when we started this podcast. You know I wouldscroll, but also that channing we create a podcast, making some sound interestingit I think, because I'll given the climate of what was that we worldwidelast year. Would you have nothing else to cover? Would we not off? We're giving you the word racing, public, some interesting to listen to, some Festius us, until I've added... a bit of you. whereit's band is your knowledge? Give you up like concise you up there.It's on what many regarded the grips for planet, right on to the bamboozlingour last week. So it's the same. Two weeks ago I posed the question. The CAL racing team in two thousand and nine had which team memberswho compete for the car racing team at the two thousand and nineteen Tis is. Believe it or not, was Matthis, at Rico and scoff rosy for mark. He said he's early appearance at the TT race. It's most famousfor having a thrilling Joe, a long sappolation to reach unlock at the InstagramPrix in the late S. those if raycupens coffer. You want to compete, tete for a favor three years for his Untiam and claimed a very credibletop place finish in the two thousand and ten TT races. And that's whenhe leaveing to do semi waits. Wise we tend to the hour one withsemi ways. So we compens offering the...

...bamboos are. The question this weekis which we downd motorcycle commentator has competed just once, only the ones,the TT races. So that's at the feel if hess out there. Soas I say, well, I want to series five. Believe it notamazing to say that with unforced cities, with fifteen episodes series. So I'lljust to say is hope you've enjoyed this week's podcast, with the back nextweek with the start of series five, reducing his podcast and see I keeppositive, keep going. What's more to fold to next Movan, next onefrom soon could in the cane road race. And then it's a dissembled in seventysecond races by.

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