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Road Racing News Podcast Series 4 - Episode 10 - Ice Cool


We don't usually do two podcasts in one week but given the varied, diverse, intriguing answers to the question What's the coolest machine to have raced around the Mountain Course?

We felt it was only right to create one specific podcast detailing this topic.

The Britten, rotary Norton's Honda's RC racing range all feature strongly as do some interesting choices, including from your's truly.

Listen away!

I want to welcome back to theroad resting years podcast a dam steve rails to Rodriss used to court at UK. Look, we don't usually do kill podcast. You one weight, butgiven the question that I posed on social media platforms with the guards, peoplegot us the coolest machines of the Rastro on the mountain course and there wasso many replies, so many varied, so many diverse replies, that itwas only right to cover this in just in one Pacific podcast. Now I'veon some of the answers include us out advance. Will be the all theanswers of them, even from the resistency where the races team owners, sponsors, marshals, fans. Tommy va says the ACW eight eight, Norton,the Rostry, not all, obviously owner the PEDIGREEDA are in alms likes Robertthan not. Trevor Nation Paul in it unique sounding bike and obviously we allknow as well. One Ninety two ten et, it says. Saves Lap. Kevin Funnigan says the Bitton v thousand...

...might gettings also say it's the RocaryNorton are in Marrie classy t ta shirt on some pretty racist it's the whyis it our five hundred? See, for those of saying generation root rememberthem from the five hundred two. Sir Run pre days of the late ss also remember it first foremast. Now in the modern area we got Bruceand his exploits of Cossa TT, Garry Dickinson's it's the R S two,one, three vs on the most abouted by Bruce Hams t too SI fromtwo thousand and sixteen, two thousand and seventeen. Maurice Teja say it's tiedbetween the Britain and the JPs, not and rotary. Very Arrigan say it'stoo many to pick. Steve Linnstall's GTS, foulsand, these jsish, thick mesteranTT racy, Jim Hodson states.

Everyone will say something different for thedifferent years. But from them all I must say the full factory on theavs, seven hundred and fifty unders that Steve is lock, cal froggerty enjoyDunlop. That's my opinion. But this conversation could go on forever, likethe factory on the six and they it goes on and on over the years, but not so much for factory, but not so many full factory ratesof US years. J Bel Smith also states the Morris Brothers amdm single waspretty cool. So Sam and Aston want to stay at the Britain the thousandstunning bikes and an even better back story of a man in his shed takingon the establishment, Roger Weberly, thanks from Presto, I'll teta compared tooiver's mount so well. So it's the wise of that found the Yamaha noGampley. One of feel racist from Canada... tackle an Irish read risk.Over the years say it's although they may be. May Have Been Far moreexotic and unique machines. For me it will always be Honda v Fours,the IVF AC thirty and ask forty five. It probably has a lot to dowith joy being my hero, which is what it is. I shouldadd as all that my dad Steve Row and asked him at what he considersthe coolest bactress from the mountain course. He said the AC fats which,Nick Jeffrey, is regarded as the best spike either wrist on the mountain course. Obvious, Nick. One thousand nine hundred and ninety three for the onewinner, the one to step one of the a se range of unders.Is Oyster, Bailey or mark some pre surrupt et competitive? Says the SEfoxy five under in the Britain. Thousand Stephen, I would glassy TT competitor. So it's very, very hard to answer. Every decade at the TT, especially premillennium, as a special sort...

...of cool standout, Chaney going today as we're talking cold is the hundred and eight eight naughts and closely filledback the wise five hundred in hill state. It's the Britain for something different thatraised are but also that motorsp about can took round. would be awesomesee some fight that race. I see it's struck Asky forty five because forthe facts are our comic carhos forest on states. I followed in locker onthe suit five hundred up the mountain in two thousand and sixteen. That wasextremely cold and I will never forget from Garrett states the under two fifty CCsix down Cooper pressings, Darren go per top perrod racer. Thanks and prettymultiple makes from pretty putting finishing thanks some pretty winter in two thousand and seventeensets was great. Listening to the RCV under Norton a pillier class behind Ilvicer states the Britain. For me in...

Stamford States the wiser our five hundredbats or states the Britain and Kevin I go may feeling, but it's greatcharacters. It's the under our sea. Thirty was lucky enough to risk TerryAustin's one in the two thousand Formula One and senior TT's finishing in buff races. Great Robertson Top. Three finished all over the mountain stay the NSF fivehundred V twin but John the Ginnis road. Matt Middleton stated the Teas are threefifty. Am Har with a big tank settled it down just right andanother two state the Britain is James Clark say it's the Britain very closely followby the White Chishu seen his locks. Ninety two senior T to Win Norton. I might tool say it's the Britain question. And I think for me, if them was assing what I consider the coldest or rest around the mountaincourse it's tough because as your lots and states that you cut the conversation.Could you got through all different areas?...

It's a take in the banks.The classic I've always been a fan of MVA gusters. I remember pretty tightcostick. That amazing sounds in five hundred fivends, three Fifty v August thatour nerves be raised. So I would be inclined to say on the NBAGusters, possibly from modern times, the VALMA v Augusta. I thought thatwas different. It was great to the MV maut packet t take, Ithink because all the mot tell whyki instill race in two thousand and ten wasiconic. It was different and I remember spectating a Braille and I must saidthe noise from that was foul. I would have been from the thousands orthe six hundreds. You're gone to. Even the patterns obviously got mentioned Norton. It's pretty stated. bally got the being. These got cowards act is. It's been a great area terms of cold tte bites, I think.Anyway. Don't what makes a really cold...

...rast like if something different, somethingsomething unique, but I was something a bit edgy way. It's pushing thattechnology to the next level. So if a NAP standpoint of lunder will besome but consider the electric rights. Like the newgoon of Kingston University lighting motorcycles, bikes, victory motorcycles as cold and also we've got to mention the sykasmme. The engineering in them is just unbelievable. Is Unbelievable. So Ithink if you, if I think, if I think on send out senderfor what is the coolest change the Restaur on theoutain course would be Roth Billhas their MIS state from the late seventy to believe that at the the syou need engineering. So they're all a little towns world champion. And Ithink, for example, next year it's eat. We have the night underset asychis. That's going to be an...

...eight, seems if they're molding theover dance still with it an it's season kitty and powered outfit. As Isay, there's a bit could go one and all about what you consider thecoolest rights of rast around the mountain course. I'm so it's one everybody are talkchats about in pubs around or Paddos, a circuits, let's say. Ihope you've enjoyed this discussion. There's mean something a little bit different andit's part of what we call the assid roads praternity series for the redress usedpodcast. So let's have to say is thanks listing and we'll the back nextweek with more dressing. Hils.

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