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Road Racing News Podcast Series 3 - Episode 5 - Easter Eggs


Positive times are ahead for the pure road racing community, as illustrated by today's Oliver's Mount sponsorship news.

Our latest podcast alongside keeping the positive vibes up, also features news of Mexico's newest roads meeting in Durango, racing in Southern California and Le Mans.

There's the usual bamboozoler quiz question, another one for road racing aficionados, super enthusiasts!

Plus we mention of course Easter, touch on the recent changeable weather, count down the days till the Spring Cup and easter eggs a plenty!

Everyone, and welcome back to theRoad Rason Use podcast. Man named Steve, you avenator of road race us.That could UK and, as always, enjoying Baba Dad say row yody.Well for this week's podcast, will folard to stop up, you know, the US in general and first bit then used to the touch one iswhat was released today. To make sure they're going to be the new titlesONS for the cold cut meat Gold Cup meeting at Scarborough. That's good nails. Sponsors seem to be coming on board at all of his mouth. Yeah, that's group thus. Yeah, excellent. With all the cancelations that we've gotthis year and everything from nobody's fault really, that's positive news. Soyeah, bring it, I'll let's have a nice sunny fingers crossed. Thesame on to go cool. So we're appled the Fed today. It's matchthe twenty two. So it's fifth, I think this fifty days to thydays and the weeks wise. That's what's that? That seven weeks to theyeah, Spring Coop. Yeah, all being well, holding well, nottoo long and we mentioned all with Mitchell... sponsorship to go whist now goingto be dubbed a mixture than Steve Henshaw gold cool. All right, soit's you really branded and I've seen a picture of all the puck together ontwitter diverse mount twitter page, and it looks good, looks slick good.And so also entered a bichually got a bit official Tire Supper to competitors atSpring Cup. Yeah, as well. So it really put it in theinvolvement of Mitchell than they're good on him. Also mentioned word other positive and everythis week it's actually been I mean those for a fair bit. Butyou've notice the road racing as recently, but little like altogether, about anew road racing Mexico based in their Drango Mexico, and it's going to theold Barde came road race organizes on a fat over twenty five kilometers long roadscarf from the sixteen for May. So hopefully of the meeting in Mexico.So potentially this year looking at free road race events in Mexico. The Dwrango mating the cane road race and the inable bar international tourist cool the getgoing. They'll be doing more road rasses...

...everybody else. Yeah, actually it'sa I think you know that the market's big for road racing intiicut in CentralAmerica seems to be a big, big enjoyment popularity in the spot and inColumbia as well. Remember there was obviously Daniel Flanders was competed at the banksand he mentioned it. It at in Columbia has fourth or fifth as theamount of people in the well bikes in Clumbia. I think the cell bites. Yeah, so that's encouraging. Would world wide the road racing. ObviouslyMochi took place last wake. Obviously not road racing, but I think ofmy prediction wrong. Quite okay. I think a lot of people could havepredicted the Mur was going to beat the Jube Cathy's and speaking it up atone thing must mentioned all the top speed. Children Twenty five mile and yeah,that's threeculously fast into yeah, that's unbelievable. Was it a tete?I think so. The ice speed on Dwan Sabi straight was children six byBros Rosannstein two thousand and six and I...

...think the northwest is two hundred andtwelve. I might not jested on the joke cally. Some amazing yeah,crazy speed. It's muzy speaking. It's obviously as well Gar Martin's going tobe trying to certain new record speed record this year any of these B as, I think is I'm not too sure. Yeah, it's I think he'll beelving hoping to. Yeah, yeah, that will be for his channel fourthings. possibly. I think there is a new channel four and yeah, wins its cross for that and scary season, fortunately off the road racingcandor. But I'll be honestly. It wasn't on the expected. Yes,this and I was, but it's a shame. But the hopefully they'll beback next year and I think the cut undersoomed. It's not running. Theirplanning to run an event celebrating parabot anniversary is for the event keep people pop, positive strips going on the hour out of everybody's keeping well on the hour. Man Another think things are getting better for him. Oh yeah, yeah, it's just things get a cop it...

...bitls agery, a little a littlebit against about personal play. Yeah, but also it's been obviously road races, adventures on the side of notice that Chuck Walla Raceway in southern California andChris Tabar, America's fastest Manchon pree risk, was completing took the top five finishand rainy scales, because some things O it was ready in pat speech, champion in terms of to will machinery. See renny was up into the TeTeen, two thousand and twenty with for the first time, with PRreferres INFO. Obviously all what happened Tim Reeves was an actual at Le Momthe first one of the Prince Sulfa by Champip super side are racing wise alongsideKevin Ru sir. He took a race within the second place finish. Alsoshe mentions over the Gasle momd of recently canceled the first round the fucking theupcoming holding. Germans around there they have yeah, because of obvious reasons.But that's a shame. You took of Jack Row, because I was allcaught. Yeah, like it's doing lockdown...

...again out three weeks of thinking friends. Unbelievable. So let's say we could go on off. Well, that'sl anyway, but we will. And the point and also got to interestyou again to say it's not on to the Spring Cup. Also, ventosEaster, very stupid. All got some industring chocolate eggs. I initiated pronounsidelooking seems a bit more generous, and they were the these Reki got wasa nice, nice round the side. Anything that's Cheez it was this that. It was like one of them men. All the money was that lad inbig eggs and I'll streets and astray. Yeah, I can off street there. You May for by lady. Yeah, yeah, so you hopeyou're in going chocolate and we've always good towards the end of that. Thenit's now tend traditional, traditional British weather.

Yeah, supposed to snow on Monday. I think she's there. So say, you never know what you'regonna get. Last anyway, things cross. It's all out of the way towent till the Spring Cup comes around in Oh yeah, they did.Clocks have changed now it's getting later and it's it's what will called road raceseason in it. So I was justly speaking it out. So on Aprilthe first I sing as a aport falls there. I've been on the sidean article on the stair about the bodamw one hundred and fifty. The lasttime it room was first of the program the weather for the meeting out therewas was but us put the runnel meeting and it's a shame that it's stillthey say it's last time. The mid damps making the lot for it willreturn in the fum here. Yeah, well, used to be such abig mate who had been to me and it's I think if it goes overthree years, I think that they're not coming back. Yeah, I thinkthat's it's like. It's like the the deals to in it. I meannothing's been said about that. We sort of positive room was a thankful thinkit's it's so in everything are yeah, what went previously? I think so. But the people in know know what...

...they're doing. Do they say wecan on you up. So and I will last actually nearly two weeks ago, and I will should find out. Ask The question of which former teammanager took the top five finished sharing his last t team mating on a bigmotor machine or we got some machinery downs. Of Paul didn't that a Christina didn't. Yeah, and it was the silicon engineering to damage every time afterthe two thousand nineteen, saying yea on top and yeah, Paul top frontthe Moorinda fe Welham probably form these. It was good, really well.Yeah, it's good. I think if we are real, I think it. I saw a picture of him on the party ever thinking of matter alongsideJoey. Yeah, in eighty six, I can see a way some getsyou if I'm going, Oh, yeah, Christine, yeah, here she speakinga Christian that I think he's going... get take in taking road racing, maybe in the near futship. But I don't think he's ever like discountedthat. I was like, Oh, I've always fought when I for asI wish what he's got the perfect skill set for because of his silpermoto background, because he's, you know, controlling the biking kind of angles. Yeah, and so I'm at the TAT, I think a few years, butI might yeah, it was a yeah, yeah, that talked him briefly.Was it was? Yeah, it was all right. It was veryfocal. Me To want offish. Yeah, I'm speaking. And spoke to himat the NDEC is all that way. Yeah, when he was with KeithAith Amon the TS House. And speaking of Bas b route as well, there was a recent podcast, I mean it was Bennett's. Thank you. was there a talking heads of it call it, and Damlinfoot was talkingand he was saying that he does up to take in a TAT years beforehe retires. It's one of his ambitions. That'll be interesting to say air makethe KI's debut next year. Then you never know. You never know. The insince is how we get a... Was He competed at thecow for and I don't remember, in two hours and the eighty was oneof a group of fifteen or sixteen rounders went across the album's off look atthe course. So I think. Did interest always been in there? Certinteresting right, guess all the PUK the BMBOOZE with question is this way outpostive bamboos with a question going to be this way. But it's interesting question. It's from recent times. The Gold Cup in two thousand nineteen there wasone competitor from outside and solar races outside of Island. Our man in UKnations. Who Was it? Good questions. Nteen gold club an the only completelyone race to traveling all that player. But still, you know, onerace can't give out away, but I thought it was a really goodstory. Ill this sky travel all the way to scarborough coun simply because weyon the firs ways got into his by...

...watching it was a video droum aGinnis on the U show. By we're giving away it to watch the yeah, you know, love that expects o the yeah, that the the store. Yeah, but all that's left to say is if you enjoying a step, and I was, some nice chocolate and a nice drinker, two andyeah, we're well enough. It's to some way close games to some racingareas. Yeah, keep safe and speak to is also. See you later. By.

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