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Road Racing News Podcast Series 3 - Episode 2 - Beware Of Crocodiles


Rivalries often define sportsman's careers and in pure road racing there's been countless great ones over the years.

We cover the majority of them in this week's podcast plus look ahead again to Michael Dunlop's upcoming maiden Daytona 200 outing. 

Additionally we chat about David Johnson's first race outing in over a year, the proposed TT 2022 schedule.

Plus there's another bamboozoler quiz question, this time focused on who is Australia's fastest racer at Oliver's Mount?

Parent. Would welcome back to the other restuues podcast man name Steve Ralatitter of good resumes that could of K and, as always, Joe Raberda Steve Brown. Hi everybody. All for this week's podcast will fo focus on road ressing ravalries, the famous ones over the years that it wants to doing. This was like friendly spotting ravalries, the ones that had a bit more Ad Age, and that's was one of the earliest ones was bill avon peel read. Yeah, there was teammates. Well, yeah, yeah, the Prince of speed and bill out it was suddenly, you know, we're lost, but that's it's good too for our Rad in teams. In it one's in hung over the age. Yeah, and usually most rat between team, team members's on the track and a little bit of what nowadays it's what was. It's psychological in it, you know. Yeah, usually, see, it's okay, you know, it's a good thing. You need ravelry. Need to be it's like, you know, Coa sacki racing against his Olkid on doing the water. Is Lucky. Want to be on doing our yeah, it's good. That's what you needed. You need a bit of rather in everything you do. Would early. Really. Oh Yeah, yeah, pushes young draft props. The treasure was a sight foggy Col vol you see is or box rattles, good friends on track. There was. It was ravals, but that was that was just do with a competitor. Yeah, I mean Foggil. We admits to this state and they that it was determined to be every single oh yeah, well, everybody every comes. Yeah, but foggy even more so than and that's how he did. It's man said was one of seven or eight in it. Yeah, and the same with Michael and it Michael's. Michael's always likes. Determination is setting on in it. Speaking Michael, Michael Dono, obviously he's in. Recently I've been a king, very robbery. See is Michael Looks, it looks. So you remembered the good, the barb in two thousand and seen it. It was game. Swam it at the press. At the press conference, I wasn't say yeah,...

I was stuck next to Stephen at the sad and I didn't believe what she was saying. Yeah, I can't. They look on his first like Michael, Michael's like, I'm not bothered like that. So yes, and Leslie was setting from us. We all rubbers, you know. Put Me Finger up to his lips like so. But yeah, I was. I was quite quite cops factory. It was amazing. Want it out. That does prove so how much they want to wake car. Yeah, so, so, you know, it's it. Without that determination you ain't gonna win a you know. So it's like if you will set your girls in life, if you want to achieve something, you've got to go that extra amounts to achieve it. It is something in the way. You got to try and get from that. Yeah, so it's all good stuff. But yeah, that was amazing, amazing. I remember so. Knew listen to it on the radio. So we've been in the press. Comes is. I've known for about perhaps it years, I'm which it's certain years. And Yeah, I've never heard anything like it. It ends with that. That just that just opened. Obviously you AF put the race of talk. Don't think old fingers too were not was opened as that, though. I heard it fels. It's a your father be remembered, definitely, but you can watch some of your choice. Can Yeah, it's on the empty roles and obviously the t t two thousand and sixteen review dvd where the edity did it? They work made it look like it was one sad looking at the other. Well, yeah, that's fair. Oh, yeah, but you can't see it on the old child and also ember from that press conference as he john a Guinness Finish faired in seniors. Tost was having a bottle of corona. Want to I remember onder. Yeah, I was umber. I would like to talk to in comparisons. Yeah, well, world, John has been there, got the tea. YEA, John, seen it all and yeah, so really, you know when John, when John Hans, he's levers up. I mean I don't want to trank his levers up, but when he does, John Mac and make a team, team manager or tip running...

...a team, because it because he's Oh yeah, because at that it'd be very hard. I've had a better face of in keeping, a better common to the good pundy. You'll get you, you'll get John on the start line and they'll be in there talking to rods and stuffing. He knows well, well, you know it's any because he's say he's been there, got the t shirt and he sir and John Done so for folds, does he? So? Yeah, in a yeah, yeah, be good to see John is it. And he just keep the conversation going. Oh Yeah, when you knows, you was ad when you interviewing somebody, in talking to people, you got to keep it going. If they're not prepared to keep it going to this you've got yes, no, yes, but Johnald, Johnald John would keep all that going. Yeah, so so you can raval is. Obviously we drop back a really up too many, but I remembering two thousand and seven when GM out in number en office. Two hundred of was that that man over then things said. It's just I think the always got a respected each other, but I remember at the time that that was an interesting one one. It. Yeah, please, so very oh, yeah, you see, but you see guys, guys, a character in it. I want to Oh yeah, so you got question a personalities there and yeah, but that's guy in it. But we won't one in any other way. Oh No, it's quite the one. One, John Anyway. Wasn't you want cheer any of alway, anyone want Michael or Peter or Dan or any of them? So you know, the wrong personality that they because it was sacus. The same about the hit and I resur robbery. I don't. I don't really see you, ravalry there. To be honest, maybe I'm Trapp but I don't really see any character now during what was obviously put mccar Robert unlocks to got some good battles in there. Yeah, well, you see, you wait Philip talking. Do it when he's at the race track or anybody's talks to him all it's such a nice personally, such a nice quiet guy. But there on the bike, yea, it...

...change it someone else like that, like like saying in green light. The incredible as one for I want mention it's amazing how we rounds off track. You won't think the very creators, and I always thought that the best example this was to it great that many off truck. He was just it was pasted runners as well. Later, ever, so easy going and very nice. Yet when you want, when I'm a bike, it was just totally totally different. Yeah, yeah, I think that's why they where they become good, as good as the air. Yeah, because he's at it chilled. And if you add in a motorcycle as fast as what they don't they make it look easier. Didn't believe you on me. It's incredibly super human. Yeah, exactly, but but if you notice, like you Peter read many he's real laid back and any danger and Dandy is didding caught talk. Talks quite fast. But Dean's easy the same. Ay, yeah, he's really easy going. He's like matter of fact. They all are. They and Lee's he's like letting. Yeah, but I think that's what it is. I think they've got the right it's the right mentality to be able to do what they do, because you was wound up all the all the time, that's when you're going to Douce, you know, you're going to yourself out of here. So Yeah, I've noticed that over the years. So they are. And when it's like Phil read, the Princess Speed. A lot of people don't like full read, but a sports him quite a few samps now and he's a man of information and so polite and he's in he's so forthcoming and I've never had a problem and it's great. But he's so it was. He's pretty calm as well. So that's I think that's yeah, that's that's so. It is. With the bile then it yeah, you got the right timperament. Yeah, I we've on to the news. Well, most recently, yeah, Devil Johnson, David Johnson's and ibously was back racing and then his first race back he had a massive crash. As you are right, he's all right. I think he took a how do... antally? You know, we look like a love sad right, took the front of a look in you Havn't. You had a big off his all right, but it's bike was damage beyond repair. So you couldn't go out back our race here. STU did to a peep la where he was risking in Australia because he's fast racing over a year. Yeah, well, they've had all been shut down. Black as well, aren't like but you has been keeping is. He's been doing a lot of instructing. Yeah, road in as well. He had his desert and all that sort of stuff. Stephen Daklins, and I'm stly is open too. Race of foundered under a sprinkle. All poundered on there. Yeah, I thought he said he was going going to come n see fair TV. Ifar all right, that's good. That's good. Let's people and get a picture of right, I like I say, Betty Denis Right. been provided for. The density race has been frounded by a Nargal race. All right, and hopefully you see about in that Spring Cup. Twenty seconds, twenty further there. Yeah, yes, David Graham's announces FACTU racing team. So gets tackle selected Irish nationals, with team self taking part in sexing meetings and Garreff keys for Mostagram Prix when they're on the two fifty t t twenty two. schedial been been an answer. It's same as a scheduled pretty much would have been running for two thousand and twenty one and two thousand and twenty good. An afternoon practice sessions? Yes, the first, the first practice session up for that. Also do implementing Sunday out there to need. So there was that. Always that put in a few years back, because we are is that that weight the well where there was blooming rain or every single tim rained? I was twenty nine saying on it when we did to practice on the Sunday and raced on. Yeah, because it will scamp changed by all though. One then, and I'm say I think yet in terms of old tenay race is put those working on it one day. fucking right for two thousand and twenty two. It's looking like beginning with result to begin with a Sunday afternoon practice session. Yeah, and there's also hopefully going to be running warm up practice sessions before...

...the racing. was sure opinion on that bit the first time. Well, well, so telling the chill for don't know if you're going to be doing a six slap race and they're going to do all warm up, a warm up plat of one lap. Well, I don't know. I'm not a racer, I man, I've never done it, but you'd have to you'd have to ask some Rad as what all their opinion was that. I mean I get it if it was like somewhere like Oliver's mountain and given they just practice laps out of and I get that, but to do one lap and then you're going to be doing another six laps, I mean the concentration levels was yeah, blow your man. Can't even kind and constant clate that the concentration needed to do a lappidity take us. I just don't. I still can't get made around it. And I've been going for fifty years, like but over forty years. Yeah, pushing fifty, pushing fifty S. yeah, but I just I don't know, I don't know. You have to also good there's there's a good, good thing. Theater getting cool. Such would it just might, just might, the run? Yeah, that's a good, good question to us. Somebody. What they think? I ask. So free? When? Yeah, so free come raders. It's again the perspectives on it and jarred king and from an off was to under risk comparitor, these announcers, retirement from racey dred wealth the future. Yeah, all the best of me and I train are coming back into races again. Pretty soaper spot which is very intent running corry, a green like. Yeah. So wonder if there's a if they're going to lay ser bakelps to somebody on the roads. Don't know them. I think it's just just for just for the oppression, which I think they would at an international maybe. Yeah.

So, anyway, that's good, nils. That of course mattering. Good teaming race for maturing in two thousand and fourteen twenty fifth and the Damn dwn down, the great dunding and Garry Johnson. Yeah, gas, I did you know, and much for swimming. Willum unlock did as all eat indirectly. Yeah, yeah, good, great team from a pretty soap spot. Champions. We should well on movie turns rousted all the best. Of course games are running similar to what the instrument but I think there's a bit more weight involved because he used to be under the dark. Blow, yeah, other Bodyamaha, blow, Michael unlocks. I'll see game ready for the day. So the two undrew. That's next way, next wee. You get it, and he's going to be palting our cow. Was Ak, not Yamaha. So that some team in America that he's getting the bladding for them. Sooking from the outside looking in. Yet I said, I feel pictures of him on social media. Mouse is being tested. Interesting to point. How and do I write me? has been opening former race boils mountain parish, real American out. Yeah, it's been opens further. Yeah, it was interesting. Where vehicles testing? It said, the way of crocodiles do where it turtles? He's a look quite happy. Oh Yeah, yeah, it looks it looks fit. Yeah, it does look fit. Looks Bad. I think if we you know, there's no pressure on him. I think. I think anything you know, even the top fact you finishould be great. First Table Day. I don't know any competitions. It is now seven seven. Say It's a bit. That's a big grit. Yeah, so, yeah, it could, could for him. Wonderful seam on the roads this year, because he's going at in at the moment. So and Soos clubs. Sound does it do? One my really is unbeaten in the race. Yes, right, yeah, one, one of these tracts on God so when they were anyway. But I am I. Yeah, so, yeah, that'll be good. Thinkers crossing up feel seem scarborough,...

...but look, yeah, because it's sti big anniversaries well this year. So I'll speaking of very ro brish meets. I should mention all their Maki raisons. Feel prow not feel quite. Yeah, he's all right, nearly joined. The one fact Tom our, our call being English, is the thing take. Yeah, he's up in stackle selected IRS events. All right. Yeah, yeah, it's a isn't magical. Quite racaries. It's absolutely astins Weel. I should always fronting fund the spotled and yea is yeah, thank you. Testing at the moment speed. Yeah, it's a cool it's a good race. Go Thompson's testing is all in scamition. Yeah, all right, so is still on the same same then I was. It was some they's just really is on the souper starvaluating. Ok, I'm not sure. Always six hundreds going to be for the serf a scabber if he's running. We got plenty of practice to I think track day isn't that? They'll start at the end of the month again, the yes, which is only two weeks, and he also is a next weekend, this week after next. It's spring in it. Yeah, I think everybody's looking cold to that. Definitely. Yeah, ice, warmer weather. Well, I mentioned theos tore mentions old super resting US match. You knows. Thanks aging to everyone who's Pats the book of Memories of the Alphol yeah, it's that's some fantastic feedback about about your lady's book, which is all down to you. O. All positive, very, very positive, and everybody's really, really pleased and it's you know, it's selling, still selling in it and it's good. So thank you everybody's yeah's appreciate it. I didn't buy everybody here, but we'll get to see what's of you scabbard this year. Yeah, think, yeah, Ro hopefully fingers cross will be there. I'll be in one will be. There was some Nice, nice, warm sun shine as well, which is always bets it. Possibly? Yes, will see, bonus to me. Right on to the bamboozer or the question last week I asked was...

...what can in prete manufactures that Jeff Jill some paint for? It's a e to, I think, to obvious and not the July every bone and knocks. Obvious been w all right, if there's really seems pointing out. Numbers were questioned this way. You case Australia's fastest competitor, OIVER's mounts. Oh, yeah, I know that. Yes, so that's that's the question. somethings. It is for a team run by a lady. You've got kind of team, many clothes, but there's there's a little bit of inside and Olague and the same, the same. The same lady run a team of Free Raders, which was quite unaired of in the day and it's still it's to this day. I'll speaking of female teams up some got we should mention fair her that, regardless of running seeing I'm pretty so provisal. Yes, would have been friends as the Roadstershire. Yeah, I feer racing. Yeah, well, O, good forward to seeing that. Yeah, see what's see what comes up there. And I said that because they're doing their British uppervikes as well. So that's to replace Smith spits ration. Is it's like an offshore with the Smith's ration. Yeah, I think it's the same team in it, same people working mechanics, but isn't? It's everything but the same people involved. Well, that's good, that's good, that's positive. Yeah, it's really, really good. So yeah, wish you all the best. Yeah, and so all that to says, thanks a Games everybody for listening and hopefully some bright horizons on the way for all of you. Are Definitely, definitely to stay safe. Everybody's say so, then, okay, bye.

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