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Road Racing News Podcast Series 3 - Episode 2 - Beware Of Crocodiles


Rivalries often define sportsman's careers and in pure road racing there's been countless great ones over the years.

We cover the majority of them in this week's podcast plus look ahead again to Michael Dunlop's upcoming maiden Daytona 200 outing. 

Additionally we chat about David Johnson's first race outing in over a year, the proposed TT 2022 schedule.

Plus there's another bamboozoler quiz question, this time focused on who is Australia's fastest racer at Oliver's Mount?

A would welcome back to the ruders touse podcast Manam, Steve Ravity, toof Redrish News that curly K and thers,always in Joe Banme at Subra, Hiy everoay. Well, for this week's podcast,Wi fo focus on Rovlisi Ravalras said if the famous ones over the years thet ana n th as like friendly sporting ravelries, the ones that had a bit movage and at's as one of the earliest ones, was bill. Avian Phil Read: Yeah.There was teammates Yam yyeah, the Prince of speed and bill out. Ias.Sadly, you know were lost, but that's it's Gool Shavero rain tosin it hongs in Om, go over the adge yeah and usually most ave between tapteam, and this is on the track and a little bit of W. Nowadays, it's wasit's psychological in it. Yeah T youll re SE, it's okay! You know it's a goodthing. You need ravelry need to be like OK, O cos, accurated andgets his ITL kion doing te is Olk. You want to be Ondni yeah, it's good! That's what youneeded. I you need a bit of Rabrin everything you do do oreally! Oh Yeah Pushes Yon Drou, Ote, Tra fogy, Calvoa INS, Tis, O boss trapthose good friends Buton Omtrak, that was it was ravels, but a that was. Iwas just do different petioh yeah. We I mean foge, we admissed to this TAT andthey tha. It was determined to be every singleyeah. We everbodsofog even more so an and that's how he did it. Thes Ma atwas won o seven oeight in Yeahya sa Wi, Michael, an it michaels o Michaels,always like is determination, is sentencin on initwas teaking Mico, mih, lical dem a POLICIS. In recently an I Sben, a notn,then Raver SV is macel. Look look. Sin Said Asoo, you remember them Togo, theBabin Fos seen itit Wasinfori the press... the press conference. Es O', see youIAS Stul. Next to Steven the sad and I didn't believe what what you wassaying Lok on his fist, like Michael Bicels,like I'm, not pube like that so and Lesliewas sating from a Rtti up to hi lips like but yeah was. I was quite quitecose fat. It was amazing that does prove how much they want towork US yeah. So so you know it without that. Deteminat on you, ain'tGono. We know her. No, so it's like, if you set your girls in life. If you wantto achieve something, you've got to go the ETA Molso Achievi. I is somethingin e way. You got to try and get from than yeah so e, it's all good stuff,but yeah that was amaz. I I I reember. I sto on the radio obviously been inthe press. O is Ao for about Fiv six years, Anbei seven years and never headanything. Likeit ters of that dactor that disuren, obviously e Pu the raceof talk, H, dont, think of thing an to, but not was Ofer as that. No noNoyfelso, it's a re good father, the REMEMBRD. It definitely, but you canwatch somin. Your choice o can beas on the O, you Oldso and obviously the TTtwand. Sixteen o DVD yeah but heat the EI I iw made it look like it was on sad.Looking at Eryeah, yeah hats, Fayebut! You can't see I on the OIBU and I asEmer for that first confience, as he gon beginnings, fithish Fade in Senoras to o hewas having a bottle of Coroa Woni Ave'n oneyeah ias Bo Parisonsewe,wodons Bein. There got the t John Seen it o IA yeah. So really you know whenJohn, when John Ansy's levers up, I mean I don't want to twyng his leverson put well, he does chanl Ma can make...

...a team tea, Managa or running a teambecause it caus. I yeah, because that I e Ta Abefacnkeabette common to it goodFunda you'll get yo. You get John On the stat. An and theyll mean there it'sOkan Soratis and something in Os Wut. It OHS es seees Bein. They got the tshit and he so and johned Don Sulfor, folds, Tos e, so yeah, O no yeah yeahbe good to see John in and het just keep the conversation going. Oh Yeah,whenw Y, who knows Yous Ata when you interviewith somebody talking to peopleyou got to keep Yit, go if they're not prepared to keep the Gono Gass, you God.Yes, no! Yes Y but John John Johb Woodkep, a like go wit, meer, soandsoacin reroval is obviously we joing about really a to many, but remember in two thousand and seven,when GAM at and Mbrian ot fist to hundred os tat that manther and thingsaid it's just A. I think that the ONS got an was expected each other, but Iremember at the time that that was an interesting, more onit, Yeah Pase, OYeh ut. You See, but you see guys guys ar character in the ane. Oh yes,so y got us your personalities day, an yeah, but that Scou in it but won'twant him any of a way. o know it's like the one one Johnan Wa, Michael orPeteror D, know any of them to t the wrong person. Ias Hat because sit is teSAR ot the himn Arrov. I don't. I don't really see you arounvalwy there. To behonest, maybe I'm Tra, but I don't really see any character. W now, no BVSL P CA. Robert Te Mot put Togot somegood battles in ther, yeah, yeah, Co. Welltyou see you wait, Feli Telkin, do it when e'sat the rast tracker o anybody talks to Himol. It's such a a nice person. Andy such anate quit gay, but teon e Bi someene...

...else like theyre, like like saying Grenlike the incredible o Fi Meis Anasa, amy rabbes off oft off track. You won'tthink that the BA creasisnit and I always felt that the best example. Thiswas deliterate that Na of track Iwas, Itas PLASCIC ONIS S re. They Lai backevi easy going, er very nice ye enyone. When I'm a bark, it was just totallyntelocally different yeah yeah Ye. I think that's why the war to become goodas good as the air yeah, because it's Hatty chilled and if you're, adding hemor acycle as fast as what they go ad they make. It look easier, the believeor me it's incredibly sopeyl an no yeah exactly, but but if you notice, likeyou, Peter Rigman, es reallyd back and DEC talks quite fast, but deans e's,tecerminy yeah he's really easy going his like matter of fact the al Ar atthey and Lees es like o yeah. But I think that's what it is. I think theyvegot the right. It's the right mentality to be able to do what they do, becauseyou gus wond up all all the time. That's when you goin to do you know eGino e youself out yet so yeah. I've noticed that Ofer the years so e yeahand then it's like filred the princes speed a lot of people. Don't wait. Folread but our sports in quite a few ximes now and here's a man ofinformation and so polite, and I 's it's self of coming and I'm net verproblem is great but he's so it was he's PrettyCam as well. So ithink thats Eah t that so it is oa wile, Ei e. You got the right temperament, yeah, Righ, we've on so the news. Well, most recently, Ye Devil, JohnsonDary, Gohmson and obveusy was back racy and then his face raced back yeahad amassive crash. Is he all right, yeah he's all right itink? He it took a.

How do you endo now? You know w looklike a litte. Sad right took the from look at Itinye having to yea the bigoffics all right, but it's very cood damage be onrepair, so he couldn't goback. Oup Rasily Tuk Min M, but he did do pb lap. He was recen in Australiahere, but it his fest Racin over a year, yeah well they've had all the shutdowne be laces. Well, I like Wye has been keep, is he's indoing, a lot of instructing yeah weRodin as well. We have e desert and all that sort of stuffright Steven datons Aid Amsti up in Teresafonded under springcl, Oh phon, on ther yeah. I thought you said it was goingta be NA CONCFTB fat. All right, that's good! That's good! Thers e!! go e,ficture t lakant PT it do. I be provouded. FODESI Tris I's been fededby Nargal Ris, all right, and hopefully you so poutin that e Spring Cup, TwentySecond Tan, twenty Thir Mit yeah, tes Davy grames, an Ounser to pact racingteam, so pintackle selected, Aris Nastls, be himself taking fat inFlexing Matins and Garifcads Po Ols Togram thro. When they're on a til,fify TT, twenty two sools been been along.Itit SAMs is Sotual, pretty much wor heve been runing fo, two thousand andtwenty one I two thousand and twenty, because I afternoon practice sectionsyes, the first tefast practice, sesiou Av, fo and also doing preventin somdayat te FTENATO. He was a alwas that pot in a few years back because we w LIKweigteer wher ther was Wi. I rained Ol al every single SEM E re. I was funningoutand, saying Mont e. We did the practice Onde Somon en rac on yeah,because II, ID cat, the change bout t one Yah- and I was I I thin yeah interms of alternaive ret B, put those working on the on they foi fo, twothousand and twenty two. It's looking like beginning with at Isal. To beginwith a Sunday afternoon, practice session,yeah...

...and ter's also, hopefully going to berunning warm practice sestons before Eris anos Yo Bing. On that I the firsttime well well to tell you the Cho for don't know if you're going to be doinga six slap brace and they're going to do a Warmu, awarmer plap of one lap. Well, I don't know I'm not ARASOR rightman, I've never done it, but you gat to ov after wors someroutes W at Wat. Their opinion was that I mean again it. It was like somewhere like coliver's, mout andGivem, the thejust practice lap Sev aget, that book to do one lap and thenyou're going to be doing ane wit, six claps. I mean they concentratsan thatwas yeahbloy. You man got even kind of Constantclut the concentration needed to do well, Appoti to Takos. Ijust DOK. I still gon get Mae around it, and I've been going for fifty yearslike but over fault to Yous yeah, yes, pushingfifty pushing fifty, yes yeah, but I just I don't know I don't know you have to thats a goodthee. There's a good good thing: Theater Getting Cool Suc wit, itjusfight us right, the yeah question somebody what they think: that's just so free on yet so: FreeDidcome, raters, Sgan, eperspective and keraking and forman offer stun scompector Hese announces etaiment from roses: Yeah O well for the Futir Yeah Ol, theFistmat and then yea matre in a coming back in Sovasi geting, pretty sof spot,which shes very inse rulling Corrin egree like yeah. So wonder! If there's a if they'regoing to lace, I I colt or somebody on the roads, don't know Boui Ini, justjust for just for the EI. Think the Wulda, an international mobe Yoa, soanywayhats good knows that ocouse...

...atrain, good Cam Gan race for Matrinewo, thousandn,fourtee, fifteen and Downdon Dalo, great Danbe, gon to ARYJonson. AH GUYS AR did Yonow Muxh for Swin Weve Ben Loct. It isalway indirectly yeah, soad, yeah, good, Great Tame, Fomo Brich Sof spot campans, Wushi Myo, O tentorall, the Besto colsGAM, the running similar to what the instrubut mean there's a bit morewaiting of because et used to be umber the Dat blow yeah other Ay Av' had Blo Michael the lot ell see getting readyfor the day, so hits a grod. That's that's what he knows. What you get me and he's going to be poety now wat,Cowaz, acky NOTM, so that some team in America it's getting e Pratdin for the talking he outside of looking it yeah. I said a few pictures of O on social meMo, is being tested, intrisin point and do Irit ehas been ope in former RacoOles Maltin, O artugit American Yeh. It's been Alyea it as interesting wherevicalls testing it said the warof crocodiles. Beware, its aitles he's ait look quite up. Ihit looks it looks fait yeah. It does look Fito I fin we.You know just no pressure onhim. I think I think anything. You know eventop fat. You finishsut be great. First toaver Te Toe. I don't how manycompasons to is on Ye. Seven seventee is a bit. That's a big Grettry Eahsoyeah good good for wonderful seeim on the roads. This year, ecauseOs Goinatin e e Loe. Still an SOCE Co. Do E do an I as ombating in the res like Yes right.Yes, this is one one one of the trackis on God, so Wen anyway, but Abi Yeas, soyeah thatwo'll be good. Think it's...

...grossin up, FO, t scar, bretit yeah,because he's tid I gon investry as well. This Yoa so iwas speaking of theiroverislate Su Shoul, mention all the Macki Rasons Filpra, no Filha Yeah S,alright nearly joined the one fet o now ill obe in recent ethe same so yeah isup in Stacole sec today. RS events right yeah. Yes, it's a is a megicalpint rese s Su s, ys Fot Fon, he isyeah thankis testing at the MOMENTA ES isAsao. Thomson Tesin is a fmition Yeah Al Right. So is this Al the same teamethen I wa think so is just realnis Onthe Sopersto, a I'm, not always six hundreds Goin to BaThi SF is abrif is ony. I've got plenty of practice to I think track days inthat Dayalstar at the end of the monthagain buther, yes, which is onlyto week- and he also this is next Wereyo Gan this week, afte next EAS spring, and it Imean, I think, everybody's looking told about definitely yea iuse warmerweather wo. I mentioned the else mentions Ol Su for rison US Mechon hosefanks into one of Perts, just the book of Memories of the Alchol yeasis thatsome fantastic feedback abolt about you lais book, which is all done to you, Ol Oll, positive, very, very positiveand everybody's really really pleasing it's. You know it's sully still selling init and it'sgood. So thank you. Everybodyis Youavto, PPREARY FITEIN by everybody year, butwe'll get to see botxo you scabbad, O ye Yeahin yeah. Hopefully, I think thispos will be there obwell be there was some nice nice warmSongshane as well whats his OLS Faci...

...right onto the vambos o ell thequestion. Last week I asked was Witnin fremary factors that Jeff jiers competefor e Eto. I think it' obvious or not a thin ylay. I ballin knoks obvious BW.All right, like fifth, is e ptin out nombes the question this way:e Gos Austraeli is Fastas competid to overs moutis, Oh yeah, OL that, yes sothat's! That's the question so e. Itis for team room by a lady. Oe Got Cany too many clothes, butthere's there's a little bit of Thingssoud an Aly and the same. Thesame. The same lady run a team of free rabbis, which was quite on Eid of inthe day and it's Tinlas to this day. Ias speaking, if Female Tina hasabsouty got, we should mention fair her. You know we got us a Anintin inPRETYOURSO POA, yes, onon, a s, Yeh frosy, yeah Weokay, forward to seeingthat yeah see what see what comes up there and Isaid that because they're doingthe but soperbits as well. So That's replace me Fisraton is its Likeeng offshow is misereal yeah thinkit's the same to minutes am people working,Ecane, exput, wis, interesing Evertim, but the same people involve well that'sgood, that's good! That's positive, yeah, at's, really, really good! Soyeah wish you all the best yeah and so als. Ev Fo says thanks ging toeverybody for listening and Hopful, some bight your eyeses on their way forall O. Not definitely definitel ly stay safe, everybody, so Soten, okay, but.

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