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Road Racing News Podcast Series 3 - Episode 1 - A New Series


The third series of the Road Racing News podcast begins with your's truly and Steve's views on what would be our ultimate pure road racing team, from years gone by and modern times.

As usual there's a strong mix of recent news featured including 19 times Michael Dunlop meeting film star Keanu Reeves.

We also focus on the moved back Spring Cup meeting at Scarborough, that is now hoped to take place from the 22nd-23rd May.

There's also of course the bamboozoler quiz question and in general keeping positive vibes going!

Everyone will welcome back to the roadracing years podcast and then see you're are editor of road racing us to curat UK and, as always, enjoying by me, Dad Steve Rowt.Hi, everybody, well thought for this week's podcast. That there Chris Steveon what he considers his ultimate road racing team. Now we lost recently.On Social Media I've asked races, fans, etc. Lots of great opinions andI thought you'd be something just a bit fun to us us your opinion. So you've been bolding the spot for over forty years. Really as afan, as actual and FAMA photographer, I don't know both its top forSoccerfe you lead. I try and take a few pictures for your Steve inthat's at up professed to be professor. No, no, what you usean some good shots? Yeah, a try, but but against the toplands and they're like Oh yeah, yeah, you know, I respectant alley asregards modern day seam manager. There's a lot of good top manages outthere, but scenes are from your chaff. We call go for Claud padget cladpatchet. Know, so to all class are racism. I'm run aboutthe roads here. Yeah, so then clad clap runs a takeship, buta fair ship, and none of the all the all the top riders havenothing but praise for him. So that that means a lot. And mechanic. Well, there's lots of mechanics, but one mechanic that stands out prettymuch for me. It's Paul Thompson, Tomoreus is not uneasy, a niceperson, but is exceptional at his job and he does, you know,just B SB as well as on the road. No disrespect to all ofmcadley's Goatsak at or what they do. Oh I've got the high streek actorum. Yeah, has regard for Raders well, for on the roads. The internationalswere talking about yere at the present...

...moment in Sim if I could havefree you have free right? Okay, well, I think I have inthis is today and today. Yeah, they'd have to be Peter and Michaeland and Dean, Dean Irison. Yeah, that'll be something to that be afantastic to don't get me wrong. There's there's make a good, goodtop road. Risk is there? Yet? Then three the present moment in terntillstand out quite a bit for me. No disrespect. So any of theother riders, or were there the role brilliant riders? As regards savedfrom the S and the S and Nan's and NANCE's? Well, that's fairtyyears. I mean which which decade you want to go then? and S, S, s and eight as well. It's got to be, Joey.Oh yeah, no, it was. But there's a lot of good radas does those, those a lot more adders doing the doing the big, big, big roads means. Then then there is now, let methink, they think, sadly, some of our even movies anymore. Yeah, fortunate million, the S and the eight S. Steve is lat saves. Well, yeah, yeah, fine, I guess Philip mccallan film, mccawon year. I mean don't there's a lot of adders that he couldpull there. I mean Joey, with no disrespect to all diveral races,was a league apart, like a bit like, yeah, what not?Bit like Mike Kill Wood was the same money and it was just before John'sTam really ill, the seventy eight Y...

...and yet and yeah, yeah,and then John came into his tow into his own Danny. So I've gotit's in them, in them specific decades really also got to mention it allbefore. John, use us, David Jefferies, will David Jeffers. Yeah, well, that they go again. You say that there's you know,there's there's this, quite this, quite a lot, really, hmm.But that's that. Yeah, I could really if I could, if theythe term and they wrote every single thing down and you took one point fromanother point from another point. But as Mattam and a very busy person inthe same as yourself. Yeah, so I haven't got the haven't got theTam to do all that. But that's off the top of the another one. Feeling if you could have one side car team which wasrunning the Syco with the driver and the passenger, but from Modern Day Basil. It bare chills in the in the in the twenty first two tens away, twenty ten. Yeah, but but if it was still far, wasn'tit? That to be molly and probably down sale and Dane Sale, butalso good dis same is old to Nick Crow should mentioned. Well, yeah, well, Nick, Nick, Nick Crows. NANCE's one Ay and Iwas so two thousands. Yeah, but it's it was. It was intothe nuances. When I was a started racing. It was it so tothousands, because he's still the fastest one round all his mountain age. Yes, so he's twelve years. So so yeah, yeah, Nick Crow,you know. But going back to the S S, specially the s,the s was the La for me on the roads. I suppose any waslike Dick Graefley, and yeah, it was Dickreasely, of it would benot a bit jock sailer in the Johnson and mean there was up. Therewas really, really good. And also we had the way goes, though. Yeah, there was to stop set..., Steve Webster, it didto take a one. Yeah, and is it one star? One,though, one about the regular? Yeah, but there was so many the soanywhere. That's sucks. So add pick any else. So yeah,I mean for me it's hard to see. You to be objective, but Ithink if I was poshed, I think one of the outs. Yeah, have to be joyed it. This would be from years gone by andI'm saying now. Yeah, it has to be Joey, and I thinkis a simply because he also easy on his day. was was M vable. Well, he did did this ad is still did the pairfect lap promcoming some paradel. They too vous until we are small, faster than bouncinga Rosses onsto mob Duk. Yeah, they say it was the pair fetlap. I Don'ink for Modern Times. Yeah, it's got to be akey. I've been kicking my cold day. You, you can't argue. Ithink it's a result in it is. Yeah, I mean on the bigon the big bakes. Yeah, if he sat going into the Middlewareby will William done not for me would be definitely any bringing William Dunlop in. Then you bring in Lee Johnson in at there's there's so many that arethat are in that ballpark. Ay, and even then he sheolts his greatestaddress of modern time. Jamescuton as well on the six hundred. Yeah,yeah, jams jims would have gone a long way. It did go along, we did it did. I've got that wrong there. Yeah, butthis it's just what happens in road racing and it you know, it's justone of the downsides of producing really, but anywhere will go. It's abit positive. But yeah, I guess worry. We would be an interestingup for you. Have enjoyed our opinions there and it's stout too to thenews that the spring cups been moved to the twenty two, to the twentyfive and May. Yeah, so that's...

...something a few ways. It's onlytwo weeks, or so we thought, because obviously so weeks, ten workingdays because of recent government bringing down deep stages of lockdown, down back forso when we get into that, to that one, we're ether in sortof free and then that means to can have a crowd of four thousand.So fingers cross. Fingers Cross for that, providing it don't go up again orwhatever. But and people are getting back stated and Minimam get vaccinated nextsat day. So that's good. What was going to say. So I'mreally really looking forward to it. That the the organ as is all thenew the new owners of it is Andy and Wendy here's they deserve to havesome massive crowds. Great. It's just like every book crowds and need toget for mets in and we he snay some decent weather and everybody turns openas a right good crack a and I think everybody deserves it, all thespectators, the teams, to Raders, everybody. So you go. Sowe're I'm really looking forward to it. I've already started ticking the days off. I've got all the dates maps out on the calendar. If you haven'tgot a calendart, get your Oliver's Mount Calendar. So we've got what wasn'twe've got it mated up. So everybody will be wearing to go all themass als. I mean if the Shawan and Helio, Oliver's mount all thetime. So they'll be getting busy now and shown I'll be starting to it. will be keeping on top of it and be chipping away. So it'llbe, you know, looking forward to going and one seventhing lifts up,I will. I'm looking forward to going, try and volunteer a few hours withshow along with all the other guys will turn up or you know,turn up beat enough to meet him.

So we're volunteer, as the dowin all of the road race meetings, to room somewhere. Areas in myeyes, but time't be oun't really looking forward to it. Bring it home, save me and we garden scarboroughs. Or we should mention have repaid inmark wilts teaming up for the season. Ropins, takeing O oils mount withevents, so that positive for the Sychi class. Was Our reason not coming. driver. Used to be a passenger and would driving. He's will befor we see for can get to. Yeah, what the color props areabout? Hills back again? Yeah, that will be interested. I meantthe other brothers from Aisa Crow brothers, groub downs. I feel we've gotthe problems there and there massive talents them. Get them mixing with the batchels andlooking Tim Raves. Yeah, and Lee and Lay Crawford, comrade,some to Conrad and it goes a be good because at the rounds and becauseif John old never rest a Scabra, I don't know if you're listening,John. Have you ever rest it Scabra? If not, why? And Iyou possibly doing it this year, because that'd be great song. Anywant see? We get Tim ribs back, because Tim Ribbs is read around therein all tim his rounds had multi times race when there on his debuted. One in two thousand and nine. Remember his is yeah, it's good. Yeah, and also entrance scab. Joaqu writes up into taking scab eventsthis year as well, alongside his weld endurance. Can Yeah, sure.Yeah, a little bit of a coming together with Jim Jim barishing classic washingintermere are pink. It was too bit of a racing incident really, butwhat he did was he aggravated a back injury, which I know that wasfrom an instant of the Gold Cup. That was that was just another incident. Oh right, yeah, yeah, but he's but that it was aracing intiget. Yeah. So, so it was really looking forward stalling insuranceracing with raging with Bovy, make both fresh endurance racals. But yeah,he's back, but it's on the rotary coopery, Brian. So he's isup for it and if he's good rum...

...scareborgs, you know, it's quitearound. Everything's taking yea ten fo ter. Yeah, time, he knows outin any any knows how to promote himself as well the job, whicha good says, very good enough. Yeah, it's good. It's goodat that and he's is interesting to listen to it and he listens to whatyou say. So that's that's yeah, he's got the right he's got theright work carrying on his job also in the LS. This way you gotlatch. The fact this was from October last year. Ben batchels, thenew TT Rats Association President, take over from Mary Costella. Yeah, that'sgood. That's really good. But procedures honor for them. and Michael onloops already in America ahead of his upcoming first day Turner. Two hundred ofparents. Yeah, he's met and I'm over them. Keanu Rams, yeah, well, came out. Can I say what's his what can an rigYao range in Han or Raeves? Well, I was watching a documentary on himand he comes from nothing and he had a terrible, terrible bringing up. Life is you know, he's a yeah, I had it easy,and that that guy. It gives Lords and lords of his money away toa less people and people aren't gotten now. You know, I'd love to shakehis arm. What after watching the story about and Michael was there withhim, because it must be one of his error and because it is intwo cars and he's megainto bikes as well as patrol. Yeah, so that'sgood. So, yeah, you may get yourself across to the TT oneyear. Never know, never know. Yeah, that'd be good. Andoptimisms continuing for our Moi to run schedule in July. Well, that's somethingthe slice is lots to talk about it. So hopefully it'll got go ahead it'sa really we're quite quite fortunate. Then we've got scarborough. Yeah,what were thoughts in all? So sorry for all the Irish road rage,but all of our wish road ris fans...

...because of the Gold Cup last year. I felt when I was watched, I was thinking, I felt thatit real guilty. But I felt so sorry for him in now because Ithought I've been waiting all year too. Well, it's it's political with theorganizes and stuff. A lot of it we should that's that's my point ofvehicle. But but for the Irish rice funds, I mean, let's faceit, it is the best place of pure rods in it it's cell phoneoff, whichever the case may be. But if our Moi goes, Imean that would be really good. They'll be really very good, great meetingsit. You know, I don't want to be losing these means. Yeah, right. Well, the bamboos were question last week. Opposed was itwas Karl Z A key's first senior t too. When it before the narrows, name was, of course, Mick Cram in. One thousand nine hundredand seventy five. Yes, and I was there. He was. Andall question this week is it. Can you name free manufact she was thatJeff Joke has competed for the TT races. Now I think two of them shouldbe easy enough if you were Tetpoffy, but fired one, I think mightbe quite have Jeff Joke ten times TAT wh yeah, I've read you. Yeah, you know. So when up for that? Will keep yourold intrigue for the weekend. Get the brain cells working and I know hadweather's better and oh yeah, weather's great this weekend. Yeah, fair fewpeople have the bikes out. A little bit bull around the whole bikes.Something took sold in the regulation. So that been Bul ups aver. Thatlocal feels packed up at a little walk round then bimbull back. So that'squest as by exercise. So before everybody says you go go out, whatabout you got roll this. But you can if you do it the rightway and been retty doted up, being gooid like u feel house stuff runningwell to be esterday. Yeah, yeah, it was all right. Was allthe under as well, when I'm the under as well. So it'sall right, woman, the more, but you need to be taking themfor around out. It's a bit wet...

...though. Its prow bottles all right, way thoughts, but much look forward to in the mom fellows, toMarch him. And also we should mention in this this episode of I willpodcast series. This is a beginning of series free. Well, once aseries three episode of fact he won overall. Yeah, wrong. It's also,have to say, it's Franks the interstate. YEA, cheers, metand this has been about as use podcast it see everybody. Bye, bye. I.

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