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Road Racing News Podcast Series 3 - Episode 15 - TT's New World


Were all still compressing the major announcements from last Friday's TT Switch-On show.

The 15th and final episode of series 3 of the Road Racing News podcast covers it all including the live TT coverage plans, the TT Fan Park and the proposed ten race schedule for 2023.

There's also a few bits of Barry Sheene Classic news revolving around Wilson Craig Racing and a proven three wheeling squad.

Plus of course there's the answer to the most recent bamboozoler quiz question.

Hope you all enjoy the latest podcast and are keeping the positive vibes going!

I want to welcome back to theRoad Rason Hears podcast. My Name Steve Reality Too of road rass used tocurly UK and for this week's podcast I'll be doing it solely. And whatthis week's podcast as the focus on early on topic, mainly all the recentmajor updates we've all been processing in the road risk community around changes to theTete ctras twenty twenty two and twenty twenty three. See how it's a lotof you will been keeping Ay under t t swich on stok place on tookplace last Friday from seven PM and Twy PM. And I think first ofalmost we've got to start with overing the laugh announcement of Lave TT coverage fortwenty twenty two and beyond. This is a massive, massive groundbreaking moment forthe event laugh coverage. This is just seeing an artcore. Well on others. Hears recently that every major former sport as live coverage. For me,me one much. You play well,... quick. It's pretty so party'snorth. As to unders been. I those grand praise be life, Carl, Grand Prix, racing, Driva, it matter on my at their studentswith Labor and the monks from pre online vibe make some pretty facebook page overrecent years and I think for the Titi it's a it was a needed element. I think last two years enabled the organizers took probably favver in this intopossible greater detail. Any having overall it's a positive. I undertand people whowere say conspective out the thesition of our of coverage and I thought, understandingand myself, of you think of what the drawbacks are, what the plusesare, but I think we're going to embrace it. I think it's ait's overall positive. The TAT's untial travel for a laugh. From spring nextyear and alongside of our coverage there's going to be an eight part Docu serieswhich is supposed to firstly, can be...

...similar to the drive to survive.For me one serieses we see on their hovenues such as Netflix, and obviouslythat the draft to survive series made the fun drouts team principles more popular modelknown. I'm sorry, be the same for so the TAT riders and teamsand the team principles of the teams and showcase in their own great personalities andjust want it takes somewhat wife ask to be put into complete the ice levelof international ord rising. Alongside the eight part Docu series is also going tobe a new featualine documentary which supposed there's gonna be similar to teaching close tothe ancient twenty two, twenty eleven. Obviously, TAT Clus to it iswild accredited with open improve the image of the TATA in modern times. Ithink im take out a driving in and your fan base terms of adrenaline sports. I think. I think one of the main things tot clause the eggsdid was that it should what the TAT... always mean. It's it's peoplegoing about the days. You just people going about other aspects, but it'sa truly unique special much of the event which which you just can't replicate.Is it fancy? People obviously trying to replicate in other places different road races, but fair seven three quarters of vowels. It's just just thrill. You nakeand ask the main thing out of the from tt with because to theeggs of hopeful Ay, this new documentary will showcase in the same way,and that's what I hope as well. With this apatter Docku series and thelaugh coage. There's other very brief. Arty core up bill quite icon forusing games. They mentioned with it tits. You know, it's not motor up, it's not BERSP, it's not Formula One, it's TAT races.So I just asked. That's my man ope with laugh cour us is itgets across the sensation of the event and doesn't try to portray it as somethingit's not. That's why I really up...

...confront presenters for the lab tea TTTV coverage and Matt Roberts, Emmy Williams, Mbacam windfill and champion in the skeletonevent, and Torcett, when a Cameron Donald's interesting line of Pu presentthis is still going to be the R TV for TV coveries as well.This will take place after the laugh coverage on race days. So even ifwe got best of all, felds got to laugh cover. Recently got thealrights OCAS Until v Sir. It's even more publicity for the event. AsI say, I was said before, I think we've got to embrace this. I think people, I think that they're shift. There is the odderror, all the other things like we go wrong. I think we've gotto look, you know, Roman built in a day. There's guy YW said. I think we'll just got a with the birthway public of whatwe saiid might be the old possibly,...

...but I think long term this thisis going to be a good thing and it should have been. There raisedpopularity the event cross America, Brazil, I can say, you know,across Africa, Australasia, but I but reason mentioned America first of all daysbecause I think that's one of the countries where laugh coveries could just been thespring board to help all of it. The East version and the interest inthe event in a issues obviously already has a rich motor sport heritage. Butin the just for the indy, five hundred data, five hundred seving,twelve hours, Formula One, but mainly say Nascar. INDCA offer a racingand so hopefully ve coverage one air bowl will enable this. As some mentalsit. People were saying the fresh days saved. In other hundred eighty eightcountries world wide we're up into broadcast.

So what's the world and I thinkworldwide in terms of countries we've got just other two hundred visually territories anywhere.That's just running facts and alongside the life tt TV coverage. One of theother main announcements from the TT switch on sure was that weren't have any handsrass because other t t two, twenty three ers hope they're going to beten races. Yet you had that right. Ten race central to Soaper Stop,to soaper sport, to still quite racist, so quite see, toside car and to super twin races. And super twin races als the namechange. Their light we're race has been rebranding. Now was the and it'ssuper twin t t. So your brand, your rebran there. And that's notthe only change to the class. The Class A series was got tosix hundred fifty. Say. Say He's going to go up to seven hundredC S A, which is to allowing models like Youngahou's new to twin incar nation and the prey is arres hundred...

...and sixty model which has recently beenpowered by as the fallow Bentt a European hill clam so probit championship leader.So it is that's going to make it interesting in a bit more variety.For the super twin classroops, I'm so we all think it is a lightwork class, but it's it's always has been on really since twenty twelve,super twins coasts. But just on the title of light work to take alsomentioned t t twenty two. Second twenty two. Scat of rains is,as it was, pretty fucker still in the year. First practice will beon a Sunday up for next year, Sunday afternoon and the crossholders fun andin terms of practice week changes for t t twenty three, tt twenty twentytwenty three, it's going to let bill then it's it's going to be aMonday afternoon start and also they are practicition on Monday. Even so, theybe two practice sessions in one day.

We should the first for many years, but it's ATA. So yeah, I said, I think it's very, very exciting, these these plans and that over the all coomes of fruition. As got tentioned it psychiasis. We've paper supported the redsing. It wasgoing to change up to competitor is going to be able to run nine hundredCC powered outfits but also be real to UN six hundred six, seventy fivecc try and things you hons as it comes. Ok, but then Ilandset allows the engines for since from Katie mbwink hus favor. Happened answer them. That, which obviously we should mentioned, reads to Katim engine in the soccerday morning was already tested. Katie M over a fifty set a chair. Bacon's race on a chair be very successful. We should should have takena brace of victories. Been Burt Sh'll...

...ten times teat where a wrong sidehis brother Tom Burt. She'll be confirmed on the TT switch on that willstill be running underpower for tat two thousand and twenty two and still be runninga six hundred engine. So it's going to be interesting in diversity. Enkinsix under six seven found nine hundred pay fifty C s a. it's goingto be fascinating. Also we got to mention as it at fan park willofficially longs for two thousand and twenty two. This was up to launch the TATTwo Thousand and Twenty Tat two thousand and twenty one before. Or seewhat's happened in the world as put this back to two thousand and twenty two. And this'll be asked by Chris Richard and must on them for in cyclingand endeavors and she ledge old Chris mentioned on the tats which on that heregards to a team laugh coverage for the TATA coming up next year. It'sa game changer. I mean that's the perfect and alwaysh to describe it.Also got tension and TEC's which on Michael...

Unlock menition. That's all following yourregulation. As long as it's I think it's fair for everyone. I thinkif you read between lines of saying, connor cobbins saying, never saying.Ever, regards competing in the seal swings class, again I think the arrisonsimilarly took touched upon that and nothing post the questioning directly. John mcginny saysconfirmed be still intending to compete the TT next year. It's under a start. So being Una, I think this top of me. I don't thinkthere's only four races. So finess, you complete und starts probably going tobe progne wrong. Now sall something pointing out. Obviously top of the listfor under most starts at the day. Say Elation that it's death Masson bigdone. See I said it's at switch. I think overall, I think pretty, pretty sure that ticked. It...

...would be announcement about live coveration.I thought overall it we're going to get any something else. This is justgoing to be just a general chat. Sure, I think go roll verygood at pretty very good show and I think it's Alps run up publicity forthe TATA, especially now for next year. Everybody hopefully fit, fingers cross allgoes to the plan and it's eat is batter next year. But fornow we'll obviously we're not foot long way from the barishing classic Ivers Mountain.Recently confirmed competitors for the parachuting classic include David told and Chris Ben's will somegreg racing to day at the Spring Cup and up beyond arrison doesn't look likeDean arrison and Lee Johans. They're going to be a very shining classic becauseit clashes with first round of the brick soap bright champ spot and park which, if you participating up and we also got mentioned, Allan founds will bemaking his. I was aren't there very shining classic competing alongside Jay Clown Phelpsto jake no strangers to scareborough a big...

...many times successfully with his brother JohnLowfat and there's going to see how Alan does funder in the British aft toSarko Championship. Pudding finish at the ATA front of the Sun Up someone hundred. Long terms he's going to be contending regularly for podium's race winds, obviouslyfor the barishing classic coming up. La Crawford, Scott Staff favor at LaCrow from Scot are. They have been to dominating raised times and obviously athis Friend Cup became the second fastest. Soa had team ministry scarborough, onlybehind Nick Crow and Matt Cops. It surrounded verishing Costa Tis verse from theTwenty Six to twenty seven of Joan and hopefully this week I'll be starting previewson rope. On Road, issue was built up to the second I wasabout being of two thousand and twenty one. We're not time for the BAMBOOS andour post question last week up.

Japan's last top six finish you atthe TT was that great Yoshionari, that sucheater in five in two thousand andeleven Tati's are risk also. I bention in that the other fallen ere,your Mada top six finisher in the two thousand and five. Seen you,Tati. We should also come begins his first senior TT success. It's alwayslike to en. She's up if you enjoyed the podcast and me rambling onthem with their ISMs. We're talk for next week's PODCAST, but I'll beback on you me in for all the latest years on road racing and see. Also have to says of everybody's. We enjoining the weather, joined thesummer, keeping positive actions going and Roland rest of the season all right.

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