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Road Racing News Podcast Series 3 - Episode 13 - Good Vibes


There's a feel good vibe running through the racing communities at the moment, with race action for 2021 now fully in it's pomp.

Our first of two podcasts this week features a round up of events from the past weekend, including the Manx race season opener at Jurby.

Thundersport GB action at Cadwell Park, WSB Sport Race Events at the Slovakia Ring and pure road racing Italian style at the Passo Dello Spino hill climb.

RRN merchandise gets another good old plug! Plus amongst my rambling, quick speech is a mention for the great weather were having across the UK.

I want to welcome back to the road ressuumes podcast. My Name Steve Rol to of road resumes to cut the UK and for this week's podcast of the fast of to podcast. We should mention this work because there's going to be a t t special podcast coming up with me and dad both for this podcast. I'm going to do it sourly so and all the recent years and years of their events during the past weekend. I think we should set off with racing. In the hour man is back the two thousand and twenty one see that a road risk, but at the andreids based Jeb a field circuit and amongst the stars they included seventeen times to too in a day more and you, fellow, psychout in Solution Dancel, teaming up about in the Katy and powered out in it took a brace of victories. Zaki rist victories, both of the seven a half seconds clear the race is so good signs for all using a pro mountain cost racing projects. He features a Katim engine of the... eighty s s A. I believe it's abous. New PSYCI regulations coming up for the TAT in two thousand and twenty two were competitors will be allowed to run and hundred CC engines, so that's going to be interesting. For Two thousand and twenty two and some wis, I think, trying to get head ahead of the cave, as the saying goes. Also an actually Cavan couldy rights of Dave MOFFITT and pre ejection. Six Hundred Front unner, Danas bomb, Brendan Farge, Matt Colvin, Super Twins, front runner and host of upcoming talents from the hour of them. Over all very good. Big weather was fantastic. The album a sing pots please, people are in ice creams and showing Davison's ice creams and so good. Seriously, back on the our and hope for it this that this time next year will be back on Marunch shows, curation round fable, mythical. UN Course, I don't think...

...its like this. We're all roll fingers cross on Sadd Duration Nix Chevy. We also had during the past weekend the little the second from the spot round of one spot giving around two thousand and twenty one and cardboard park baking raisins fill pro took a race of GP on spots when the late victories in dominance out and it's also Jim an took a brace of GP two spots with sportsman elite six hundred based victories. But it's a Weir with damn phrase. All we should mention taking lesson for four race wins, private four or five race when you should mention so good meeting. Fulfill Jim but I'm free. Sorry, adults at all for Mac nowberry, donally cabots and I was eventually didn't you in pretty saticles were addressing games. It's so active during the these past...

...four team moments on his you know, sort of spout tracktowners, multi multiple races, compete, the tete compounds. It also sens ill wish Jamie Williams. I had a tumble one during during the weekend you Cabal Park, to say a few injuries. We wish him a very speedy recovers. The journey was it ends. It was not the first time in four years at the sprinkle last month, and so we just wishing the speed to recover. was also an event in Slovakia run by the WSPACE supports. While events are rises and one of the personally names there was sadams. When Jillian from a Fustian road staff, he was open to make his pretty soups long thousand championship debut w h racing this one Fulton Park. Big Rules, the first one to base, but I'm sure something's doing the same wrong. French ring up.

There you go. And Yeah, the Duke Julian Race Against Theovakia and second in the uping thousand CC race and ENTERP PSOR in the second race James Pouting. He is done teams at the Omaha when he really thinks up with the days racing for pretty shop stole thousand action. Yes, one Thousan. There be bluegrass. And should also mentioned old Julian. He's looking to complete are white next month. So I'm saying everyone to watch around the greats racing. Obviously, randol it real day bouts and we should mention it's this anniversary the alys tragic passing and thefore every remembered well by popular racer, let's say comemously in the UK, and but it will mentioned. His racing remembers racets by subscribe a great popsy day Harrison. Look that Great James Calton, Ava mcclay, I'm Linton, never be forgotten, which also entions all today. It's...

...the obviously the anniversary the passage of the Great Carbomba Harris. Twice Pretty supers at Camp here, OTHERWISTA's be talented races of his generation. Three times be a free tea days, very amiable block of the spot and the want of you know, your races will be for every membered, taking too recent racing that over the past weekend. Actually now this was last one. We should mentioned this event for we on tour expense cover. There's a Sunday rared classic Paul Rickard, which mark the first round of the European Jurans Classic Championship, and he steams furniture adversis timoth e miner on sort uly say were in action and they both concreditable results. In the in Jerones race. Timothy took overall top six place finish and also fast in class in terms of classic competitors.

...clost one thought it was a top twenty five finish. He also claimed the top twenty five finish in the following on two thous hundred and fifty race. So so it starts the season with Tim if I thought next round of the European Jurans Classic Championship is Upsta Place. It's far Franco shamp. How we should also mentioned that at c next next one, say some next one. SAKY SACU is giverning round of the R seat, second semi him and it has been some positive updates of old guys, as it should a so fingers were soldiers plan. So you know what, lots more road races coming up. That's next. We have the passer Della Spino. He'll climb which are listed the up and round of the European Hill Climb Championship in the past weekend. Now he'll climbs. At the end of the day, they are differently. Nature too are racing on the roads, but it's still, in my...

...opinion, just like a road race. The only difference is it's against the clock, not racing each other. But it's thereist that think you'll get too in time to rowd rising in Italy and the open round of the European Climb Championship. So free of Italy's top hill climb races, street races claim the Tris. It's always best in us the road race of it's Fed said twenty one century so founder Benetti took a brasive soap bright class winds of animals compete. He's being w stayed. So should venture. Was Stefana, most recent senior classic t teams runner up behind your beginners, Mba. So spot wise, Maritzio bottle eka took a brace of victories and Guida to Sterne took a pair of two hundred and fifty cheap e victories, greatest out of the steps and Queer see some inster Fada Britsier. They're both railing. So fighting soap... class European old climb champions. It's about aiming to retain the events. That's rounds coming up. There's little round in it in Italy, you believe, and there's going to be hopefully around in Austria if you we want to. Already been canceled in tend of the series for obvious reasons. But yet the European no climb series. It's again, as I said, four with Bill Clams. Yes, in nature you could Classif Amers not road race, he's put to me. The only difference is is that not racing each other. It's against the club. To me it is still road racing. So encouraging to say technically road racing begin in Europe this year also. We got to mention, which I was spend an answers and driving games. Chris Smith. It is road racing return at the other was round sprinkle last month. He's aim spot of JE catty nine kill catty nine hundred s s stayed from one thousand nine hundred and ninety one at the barriching classic. And what's unique... this bike because it will spot the course seem two hundred nine four six masses association. So a brilliant initiative from Chris Sour and fantastics to spot to the marshals. Rot The marshals. They're racing brilliant buncs of people and so we've been seeing the course games can be very brightly the orange of the woods sharing the Marshall's hive. But the also mentions all the Christian is wife falls of EASI fantship from Rudd ressing you but also entering is old with Chris that he was raising money Spring Cup for the UPTRU are ambulance. Fantastic charity in it was go to see him up topping. When you entering, I was about pop down spot charity. Anyway. You can even get a pin bowser a pain on. Myself got a pain at the Spring Cup. One Pounder nation and say everyon looks as the same goes yelping towards a fantastic charity.

It's also instions on. The weather's being exceptionally warm this week and hopefully this will continue for the parishing classic. IFING, we're old you, I think whichever I was not some good weather. They decently the Gold Cup Lash Year Spring Cup. I think we did reasonably well, considering when you put the black people saying Untien fourcastle thought day, this looks bad. I think over all, wed God. They've mentioned. I still for address and Gamey. Say thank you everybody, and it was pats the book t share cap anything your legends and you. Hopefully we're giving you all great products and I think child products and of the sort you're goin to give sit still. I think you could say it's times of like can cross. I think we're nearly there. Were nearly in the sweet spot and I hope you're all say you'll enjoy... and we transmit your year as a friendly and hopefully lots of more pure dressing pots to come by it on lots more pure orders. Lets you're in two thousand twenty one. Who's also should Hilton Castle, also being builders sponsors for the soaper spot race. Are My fingers cross for our I do all those as planned. Reminded tastespace from from July, the fair gift to fit first and it classes with the Brandy Oil was bound festival. Should mention. We've also what's going to Derek mcgae Mon, the towns horish dress champion from a chop race rankings champion, set to make us have a their part debut this year with the frouder racing teams. prouder racing abound from Chaska and CHESSCO for older, I'm sure, for Francesco was the action at the weekend. The chair, but bet that's very successful. Play. Took a winner too... terms of his class. See had. Also, we've got the tension from pass word Je Renton building for road racing this year. Off Your more positive times ahead. That's our next podcast. We off, as mentioned previously, Botti speasures recovering different angles about about the TATOOS. It would have been TT. Will be closing in on TT race week for given the conditions, we have enough one fats for as und thirty four, even difficult to tell the after a year away for each each racing, but I'm short. The racing in the beans usual spectacle, frilling, since it in it's all very in captivated in any other way you can think of it relation to those words. So I was left to say is helpe you enjoyed through others news podcast. Hope I'm not rumbled on to watch and I can. I can speak a bit quick. Probably not as quick a certain race of the races.

It will be chaired this but hope you enjoyed the podcast and, as what dad says, he's always on his youtube videos. See you there by.

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