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Road Racing News Podcast Series 3 - Episode 12 - Scarbados


There's no surprise regarding the prime feature topic of this week's Road Racing News podcast, as we reflect upon all the thrills, close race action, entertaining moments from the Oliver's Mount Spring Cup.

The first Spring Cup for four years proved tumultuous for competitors such as Scarborough 'King Pins' Dean Harrison, Lee Johnston, Jamie Coward and Lee Crawford/Scott Hardie.

Various high profile newcomers also caught the attention whilst overall the meeting opened in style UK road race action for 2021.

Alongside all the Spring Cup chat, there's the usual bamboozoler quiz question and some positive racing news for two wheel motorsport fans on the Isle of Man, with racing at Jurby returning this weekend.

I've want to welcome back to therivers used podcast man Steve R alias of Broders, used to cut the UKas. I'M gonna dam see Ram Hi, everybody well. This first podcast potwill reflect on the recent sprinkle. They can always mounted the first UKroaders in two thousand and twenty one. And I think first of all wasthat's the possibly sprinkled Dean arrison wins it for a second time. Yes,say one eight those a bit of not controversy, bit of an unpaired becausethere was, though, lean it was the I think the where it isis the the Appin care. Great problems, I stood, will come. Itwas a obviously, if you add in a more to bake at highspeed, it definitely need your breaks, don't yeah, so if you're indoubt about your brakes, you pull in. And so he did the right thingthen is because of the not starting. The main fact to where doing Irishonwas David Todd. Yeah, he pulled out old stops in a becausewe had a little bit of rain. Shaller, squally shower, strowly,sharply drawed up for the dad up. But it's the psychological thing as well. If it's wet. So really we should have known that David Tub wasgoing to put the Ama down and try and catch up with it. Tillbeing contenders for the springs record and see early lapse. Kept tops with doingthen indn't find a lap race. Then suddenly pulled away to the point Ithink the final race winning gap was winning beastly margin was four point seven seventyone seconds. So it wasn't you want to weird up when you think aboutwhen seen over the years doing with by boal fourteen fifteen. So yeah,that's something sounds a good for dairy tod I'm folsome great racings she mentioned.Yeah, it's also joys allsome Craig racings first top top, but every tollgaven their first top five finishes excavery since two thousand and twelve I think.When later it would wind one opposer ration...

...from it's been a while since we'reseeing the alson creek right. Yeah, because said down and killed him.Ran golpings really UN now running the team and as really obscabs on your comesChris Bends and Steve Steven Smith. Yeah, they could stay sniff had a tumbledthan it's basically a he took to row St, they slid into thegreat to sell. They got up here. Was it? Yeah, rights,it was a say it was the same. I got to what thewalk of shame, sick in the bout going back into the paddock, buthe said that's you know, I think your faced out scar. Yeah,so it was. It wasn't. It was up about it all. Sothe Chris Ben's where seen the social media that the bike's better in it thana young race for about eighty nine years and he wants learn about that's Aly. But ended the meeting. Was the support me fifty seven. Yeah,Sosa, soap spot races, Lee Johnson, Dean, Irison, Chad, theareas spoils. But we also have the heat races before Rond which wasan interesting dynamic. Where is again for the Jeanesterday Irison went for DONAC Erison. Yeah, well, they used to have it's before, years ago.It's on New People. The younger generation was, you know, think cool, what we ever needs for? But they always your savey's wherever you wentin all races in the yourk. So it's not on your thing, butit's it's just the way it is. And with all them six hundreds thatwas there. Sixty four. That's a massive interestive. You know, ithad to do something about it and I think anyway, I think it wentquite pretty well and personally we didn't have no big, massive delays. Asregards bed flags. Said, a bit of an incident with a sad carebut the have a passenger, you know, battle rose, but the there werelike so, yeah, it was all right considering the Phas Day settingup on the phase day one was sereable...

...and Frad it was regendous. ThenSaturday calm down and some day it was bitterly cold. was phrasing. Yeah, it was cold, but it was dragon and there was a massive crowdon those a big crowd. WAUGHS had massive palace to be a sucheration.Do was the have the what the the crowd? What the could moll get? It could what there was allowed to with the regular party, the regulations, as they so looking forward to the cross, the barishing classic, whichis in nearly but just under four weeks, the low motte people that are goingto be allowed in. is going to be great a thingers cross.So so, if it should be, should be warm out even again,big big ten out. Yeah, as all Scot Spanish is old superflets thanthe racism spring couples that we we sponsored the features of spot of us.Yes, the six hundred. It was the road race in the old sixhundred supersport race. The overall victory went to and it was a and wereand for people who don't know, yeah, it was in memory of their Deborah'sfather, or was said. They lost just before Christmas. So itwas a macrespect to him that it was sponsored. Was the race. Soand they would have liked that. So yeah, and that was the reason. That's the reason for that. So yeah, so what? It wasa good race and overall victory went to Jim Arond and Jim and. Yeah, so, yeah, Jim from Lincoln, chef say, Jim see one ofthe second super twins races already excaburing his first free meetings of cubulate.Seventeen top three finishes. Yeah, seventeen three free meetings excabor. So youknows his way around now. Yeah, yeah, the socal thing races,Jim. We can would's men when she won the ugly racement in the secondSultan races, as mentioned, went to...

Jim An. Yeah, overall Victuwent told of mcclaim. Don't chip out of McLean and race for a while. And also it not. Not, also it was racing for the Irishrace. Yeah, probably silvest his team first, and racing seems comes act. Yeah, so, so, I mean it was it was leading.It was leading the best winds, racing it. Remember, it was right, five, five, event, five year that start and Jimmy Jap overholding. But for him to get second that was a big, big result.That that was a massive result. So I reckon there. Robbie had beentough with that, having one of his Moss overcoad again. So twee rist, faulty sols Winday. Yeah, so the composition there. So just provesthat robbine noses stuff when he can produce a good race paper. They soyou got to check her out after that to Robbie Silvestre, if words andclass it self backwise, victory victories for Deanarrison, overall victory for Robertson onthe Green Ole race and came was like yeah, yeah, robs a goodall round, well round, good egg give. It's fair said. Wouldyou say that's the best things at it? Scare Surfa, yes, wrinkle you. Yeah, yeah, it put it broke down in this. It'sover five brown sweets. Right up there. He was. Yeah, right upthere. So I don't know. It's under open. He seating thesuperson and I think he found about the mechanical problem. It would be moretop for you finishes. So I don't know if he's going to be theBarryschan but if he is, but hears it will be in contention for theinternal because because I don't think lie. And they will be there, becausethey'll PSBs stats. They they and I know it doesn't absolutely is July twentyfive. Was it will be. Will be there. Well, we'll saythat we're shillings on the issue being. Don't take that foot for said.It's not clashing with anything. So so. But they might be the right mightbe. But Anyway Robertson will be...

...a contender, as we yes,exactly, my Gobury. Yeah, and also spent with the classic Slf arights at the spring Cole. They nourish and brought lack record. Yeah,that's some born faulty. If it's, if he's there for the Roy seeingme in and it's warm there and he's got the same competition, I retallycould see break a little procol again. So born thoughts possible? Also mentionlike we was put because Burros brows engineering be a Jake bruins engineer. They'vesaid that they will be back. The other said it's I think it's lookinga possibility. Yeah, okay, so when they'll be back with don't know, but the will be back. As speaking of boroughs engineering, got mentionedMikey Brown. Yeah, the fastest you comes. Just got one fots intime seven. Our thought. Very, very impressive. Well, that justshows the the caliber and the talent as a man done it. Yeah,a top three finisher in his seat race beyond Sorr in front of Joe Thompson, the one, the second lightweight, rast the sort the final white way, rast second hite were race. She went to Lee Johnson the first.If I haven't yeah, will feel happy. Is a stole in a he's aveteran race and that was a Megao race between them and Jud Tom's.Yeah, Oh, yeah, and it's such lay back characters. Feel anyfeel have a I mean is and it's so small and he into the cornersand he's not raggy and all of his you know, it's a top classbad in his brilliant on them to fift s and eight. They feels upearliant. Think that putty also about nice putting the northwestern manks, the classic. Yeah, on the Tim. Yeah. So I was quite surprised Joey Thompson'swill bit because I didn't think it was going to be there. Yeah, I want since I was going to be. But Anyway, at leastyou were there put them. You know, it went over in all these racesthat they think he's on now probably going to told him wrong. Seventeenvictories at scarborough, right. Think.

Think. Wells, there's all theSacha Ras, is Lee, Crowth and Scott ady dominant, and navelder officiallythe second fastest grabs at passenger pair in in this Y. Yeah, onlybehind Nick Romac. Yeah, so massive. So I think this year one foryou. Too much pressure on them. I think it's if they get pushed, if they get if they get the bad chills, or Tim TimRaeves of the islands, are somebody els come in. Can, can,can push. You know, this is especially everything ye should can can pushhim at push him right at the front the lap recording. Yeah, well, it will the game quicker and quicker. Yeah, so many Storylan's got thestore and beating this year in both Britisheft to rounds or ever's about downingor stolen bating. Yeah, that's unbelievable for me. And Yeah, Welsowe got to end up covered the support class victory for Russell Brook. Yeah, he's face victory and that's which scab it. So spot be wins forthe oil can out can and little little and racing seam and all races.I've got two looks of mentioning others. A former class victories from Matt payswere and once in five Moss. You three class wictures. Tom Stirs likemanstion prey making. Yeah, our toms are any but welcome to ten scab. And also got vigin or Darrel Tweve, which I mention your Coom, aswell as very quick one hundred and fifty two three two, three secondsis plus this locked down and he enjoyed the face experience racing it, scaber. So when they will be back? And I'm also another interesting points.When see only you go eric Wilson for debut, seeing some such an engineeringsaying he was powered in the rus six hundred and sixty prey, which ismuch anticipated. So between this is a people think could be competitive at thetake and it was only fast hielk race out in sprinkle. So a spoiBam the comes about. So I calls and it was competitive on it andI think Barry Faver was on the younger... and between yeah, I thinkas well, and both didn't look out the place against the our sixes andsix six fifties and even those in the patterns. Something sounds are good.It's said. I'll be interesting for the future. And also got to himsoul. Thanks to everybody for visiting the stand or resume stand for yeah,and anything, books, the shirts to yeah, just anything. Thank you. Yeah, thank you for a moral all the kind comments. Yeah,there was a lot of comments. You don't want. They so, so, so good. Thanks all around. RADS runs red resume stickers on thebikes. Yes, thank you very much. To order follow add as you allknow, you were and and and and you gladly. Willy needed itand it's much appreciated by all of us. A world racing hills. But Iwould like to mention above all that the hard work and everything that Deborahdid did yes it's last weekend, because without a would have had so thankyou very much to Deborah. Thank you, brea, and also got to mentionover oce from the Spring Cup, getting cold, getting cold, clambingup that bit bloody, grabbing up the sum. You are so sorry.So you climbing up that hill. I think I clambled that all courage tosixty red six or seven times over the book for days. Yeah, that'sa carriage. told the experience. I had a my street sir. Yes, the product in there. Yeah, you're buy out to no, I'djust like to wear thank all the marsh the masts watch me Nash's, becauseno matter what corner I go to or wherever the city, the basals veryhelpful and and I'll every one of m to smell on the face, whichyou didn't know how to do it. Monsid in that well, old catcat Cat Walker and the team will put...

Mountsad deserve medals as big as it'swills been lid because he's bitingly cold there and they're you just walk around thecore. They to call back up the old to you out the wind,but they're wind swept. But you get to make a cup of tea,you'll put mounts as yeah, always welcoming. It's much appreciated. But yeah,we're big wells and obviously a big world done to all the people beyondthe seas. Andy Wendy shown, and he really especially, and an allthe volunteers and I think one of the big standout volunteers has got to bementioned and that's a guy called Steve Shelburne. Oh really, if you've ever getchance to work alongside him, is a machine and such a nice person. But you know, I sent me out after that guy for for theamount of graft putting in there. I know a lot of other people didput a really did. So yeah, well done to Steve Show borne.I want to the bamboos left now you'll post the question a few weeks back. Who won the Gold Cup in one thousand nine hundred and seventy five.Yes, that was the first meeting I ever went to. Was I wasMarshley and there was the one and on lead, the Prince of speed,Mr Phil read on. He won on the seven hundred and fifty m vehiclestare. I'll never forget that sound and seeing him really sound. Well,the Bambos were question this week is keeping them out. It's not longer,really, is it, till the parishing classic, no wunderable under four weeksfor Aish. It's based around Spara shute brishings, last Scaber, Gold Cupsuccess a rose when? So, I mean that's that's that would be easierif you really are a super scaber. Well, there's sufficient. We hada lot of people will know the answer to that. Yeah, so itleft to say is thanks listening to the podcast of all those of attended tosprink up, enjoyed it and yet,...

...but would risings back? Yeah,and we all look forward to the LEA perishing class. And it will bebefore we know it. And it's just hope for a little bit shows olderracing on the hour of man's returning this weekend the chair. But all right, I didn't know that. She just mentioned that. Right. Yes,all let's say is from joined the podcasting that see you later. By.

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