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Road Racing News Podcast Series 3 - Episode 11 - Spring, Spring Cup!


Not long now till UK roads action for 2021 finally gets underway, with the returning Oliver's Mount, Spring Cup.

Our latest podcast hosted solely by your's truly, features a brief account of what to expect this weekend.

This includes the Sidecar stars competing, prospective Scarborough newcomers and a plug for our RRN stand, which will be selling top quality products!

There's also a run down of the past weekend's events including No Limits at Cadwell Park, British F2 Sidecars at Donington and James Hillier's exploits at the Andulucia Rally.

I want to welcome back to the road racing use podcast. My Name Steve. Your aliter of road rass used to curly UK and this is our weekly podcast, and well, this week's podcast. It feels truly fine solar for the PODCAST and while will we're only we'll just over two days to the Spring Cup. OIVERS math first for address of the year in the UK. That's rot road race in England. Twenty one and it's looking good for the Spring Cup over twenty five races especial to take place this weekend. Good. Obviously the heat races should be pupple thousand road rassing games. We had like to touch on this week's podcast is about. Yeah, Parchi rists it's writ cups. Haven't really mentioned it too much in previous podcast. Amongst ths compete include lead graft it. Scott harding. I between the one of the twenty races at Scarbrok. He said to say they don't start favorites for many to take...

...risk with its own this weekend make competitors to teammate are se grow club, Conrad Arison and the winkle WOM t two winners, drums and Stephen Mat also on the interest. We've got Michael Russell, then m prod of some miracle two wells and then seeing maximum pre winter has made a successful transition to Sarchi rass up into in the future competing so race is a sarch areas is the same time the cit so somebod being an incredible achievement another all the interest is a loved outfits and you could read further. What about this song risk? You'll see if I've got our brand new website up. You're all enjoying it. As I said to any of the rip think a recent post on first book and please be patient. Still Things devoloping with the site, but we're nearly there. It's nearly under percent about. I hope everybody that's a saying before enjoys the site or read it, read an article function. I hope...'s my user friendly. It's all. That's one of the main features behind it. You designed the site and also wanted to look fresh and vibrant. It's site and a look more a look more modern. It's tending to the spring up. You'll come as well as as a fifteen. You'll come wass entered. I mentioned the bulk of them on site. We set some attension is going to be on plights of Dar old Tweed, Michael Brown, Thomas Max would see how they adapt to two point three miles long. Oi was mount it Scarsca a circuits. I was like scabre. It's not the longest road risk but it's tight, it's technical, its twisty, it's got a bed of everything, flowing, flowing corners, footing, bends, uphill sections, jumps, late breaking touch of high speed. See you see on each challenge. So it's going to fasting. See how they also be Amers.

They got to spring up the green. A racing L till rather a team Spring Cup and not with deanarrison will be competing for the green or racing in the coast. Its off right class. I believe it's looking lot, looking like it could be competing on the silk. So going can airing said it's a seven fifty colors, like a classic silk by races, Green or racings. One up for the spring cupies might over two thousand and nineteen. Steven Shaw Gold Cup one up Robertson auto makes hum pretty winner. Obviously he's competing for Dapa Bet raceing in the soaper swatter races. So good team for great on race US last year with Dane, with Darrison, were dominant in the classic Super Races, the one all but one of the races, the top party, including triumph in the parishing trophy race stage is trophy and if one of the most iconic trophies in road racing. Awgue, but simply because of the way it's shaped, number seven probably shade the number. Also we got... sprink up, so say great lapping incomers side as so as your those so Domini cavitsons bikes of the sprinkle s racing for count and racing. The call scheme is it's Castral Castro on the thing, the almost with the red, green and whites are very distinctive and there's going to see how that gets on aboard the count race about some seen recent times of scarborough is performed fantasticos's ideal to spell, but inspired that is he's getting quick and quicker. At scaber died of the recent the past two years he's fed fastest riders, gaver, really behind Lee Johnston in Dan Harrison and to mentioned virus racing. Obviously. I think it's already been noted David mcle will be complete on the rispace in Carla Zak in the super tune race alongside bad vickers. It's going to...

Ben and see how I'm dos on the soap between Ada's recently been speaking to the iris racing team at team earlier, team manager, probably Sylvester. He said about Ada that he's it's not going near to it numbers up. So they're going to be some interesting supertwine battles be seen other than Jamie Coward and Jim and and I'm like are Butson I and locker. It's going to interest. It very ill should mentions are very strong soap between the field over forty entrance and when I've heat race of supers with out, to my knowledge, since I've been going to Scab I've never known heat race is the soup between the class. So that tells you the popularity in terms of the gave for riss getting an entry to the Spring Cup. Its first importance of the event springer. It's it's the first road race in the UK this year, first and the first road risking, okay, for nine months. I think I...

...most since cooks and on the Gold Cup ash year. Shows the imparts are given because I think because of that will got a more diverse entry list, let's say, but pop's your interests have been a scabber in recent times. But the entrance for this Spring Cup, let's be fair, is actually the best entry for the Spring Cup in over ten years. All the people agree with make up. We've got a fantastic makes tat winners, teaching, rushing finishes, finishes, thanks some pre winners, office to on front us, Alstagram, pre front runners and up coming south of scarborough. Rising says it's been rescurpators, upcoming competitors. You'll come as to peer road racing having. It's a great it's a great interests overall. Alongside there were our little preview of leaden and Spring Cup is worth mentioning the events happened over the past weekend.

Very chef to side caress across and Scott had a mentor in a hundred percent start to the season. The claimed race of victory's done into park. It was the twenty eight point champions you played. Now when the rest we come pretty seft to psychotroumping twins, one not ail a man's under a Pires porticals. Most recently, t races competitor took another points finish as he did it a raised placing twelve. So got solid result from there. Another's being at Cad Wall Park. It leaked from Simni Tash to the road racing perspective, including wiggins. Josh daily took the race of top three finishes in the probably Super Series fowls and races. He did in the final probably super series fowls and race. He did cross the line first in front of Lowcock Games but following our staff inst the low cop games, he was given a five second penalty, dropping down second. But on the last Josh was philosophical.

Five five second penalty and still sounded up the inclusion bodies reaction on social media. who was over all of these weekends racing roddy sale up coming, once, upcoming last all on wrong way. That's really excoveries. Our women in exparience can pay spisaver and really took full successive UK super twin cost victories. They know it's covered. Park leads a great schievement for all a grain furies. He asked for the sport and in his own right top racer. There is challenger to Roddy in the UK super twin races. In the opening premier supertint COSS racis capital was dave us a long time t t races, competitor, Long Time competities which scarborough and I realy tail go into the Spring Cup with a good good does a farm behind him in good form. There was also on the past weekend racing it down more through a yesda machines classics and...

...amongst those from a poor earl is inspective it's getting top results. Included David technally, David another top classes rare see in the same boulders lights of our nerves be Barry Davidson ed man, like Jamie O'Brien. You can continue another true yesde racing stowell and the top top on at that. We've also a princied the Andalusia Rally, which featured twenty five tea might wait tat with James earlier and for his first makes you off F road rally expedition race a great forms from James Finishing Sixteen for overall and fad in terms of the rest of that care competitors Fantas us to great embolushar out of a thousand kilometers. It takes a competors completely rally four stages one prolog stage and Jameson something. James,...

I was competing on the four hundred and fifty ktm for the rich editing. It was in the rich energy on gen racing colors. That's very striking in professional looking and it was important. Stepping James's question to taking DAC our alley next year and which she would would is set to. They the first TT races winner to compete that our ally. So it would be a massive achievement and we wish James all the best and rich energy M J team all the best in the cutefully accomplishing this ambition. We must mention as well. But that the Spring Cup our ad ration. You standill, but there's an old kinds of different match and ice including we've got road race fame plaques, we've got t shirts, we've got caps, we've got boats, we've got wristbands, we got pens. You'll name it. If you were Rod rising enthusiast and you like to pick up a spot of memory bailier Spring Cup or...

...for your partner or for your son's daughters, etc. We've got Rod rising fame match those to. So all underlie family and we hope you pop in and say and hopefully by one of our offensive, unique products. And I'll shameless plug. But you want to do it and what it's got to winish it up. One thing. Gandy scabbed the Chrismore top to two strokes racer, top to fifty racer. He's been confirmed one of the early entrants. First races put an entry for the barishing classic stakes place next month after the Spring Cups. Are Not long ato off the Spring Cup. We have the next scab of me, but for no obviously all tensions are on the Spring Cup. Tis sudation's real excitements growing. Must be honest with the forecast is... one, not two shoulders old. One forecast is saying it's very unfecasting. It's dry past its cloudy. We'll just have to win. So balls left to say is hope all can fold to the Spring Cup. Will be there. The road risking him steam out enforced covering the event and that I just stop. It's a safe and successful statisteas and for all teams, races, marshals organizers. See also says this has been the road risking. He was podcast and with about next week with the full recap of all the frills excitement for the face oils on Spring Cup me since two thousand and Seventeen.

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