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Road Racing News Podcast Series 3 - Episode 10 - Tyre Battles


With Dean Harrison making a high profile switch to Dunlop tyres from Metzeler's, we decided it would be a good time to discuss the top tyre compounds at national, International roads events.

We cover them all, the aforementioned brands plus Pirelli, Bridgestone and Michelin.

Our latest podcast also features a round up on the CRMC action at Mallory Park, Julian Trummer's first Oulton Park tenure.

Exciting news from HeatTech Racing, the re-introduction of heat races into the Oliver's Mount Spring Cup schedule and a bamboozoler question with a twist!

All rightone welcome back to the roadissue. was podcast man sever our liter road Rasus occurty UK and, asalways, enjoying Baba Dad see row, I have bully well, for thisweek's podcast will foos out with the most recent years from the world road racing. Wi focuses on two thousand and nineteen senior tit whin it dean Harrison,who is from this season, and for the twenty, twenty twenty two internationalroad season, switching from metroller times to dunlop tires. We make up wellis that it is a very great sus a subscive years mom on mets listand with no disrespect to metslert as they was like well, was considered thethe as well as not a superior to dunlops. But in recent times ofgot better and better. They have got in, proved, in proved andhe's had some good results for him. But now he's on Dune boss.I mean, obviously we don't race or anything, but but the but mostof the guys are doing the roads. The top teams of it seemed tobe running on dunlops totaly. So you've put Dean on dunlops doing that.I mean Dan's not daft, is Amiss. One mess is done affect you.For why things written on the lot on fex fat for factor Michael One, fairly three nine sixty. Yeah, so it'll be quite interesting that theTT next year. I mean if you look at the fastest laps, atthe taste, the majority don't on dunlops. Oh yeah, by one way thefastest on mats. WHO's doing? Yes, so he's the one.What's a lot, but big fair. I think we'll seeing in recent timesfront of a not today. So be interested as to see all mets therun, if they're going to on the roads. Lee Johnson store running matsfor us is as another might have kids done lots of them anyway, notto shot. But yeah, well, were interesting. Yeah, because Ican't see him pulling out with not.

Oh don't know. It's makes thewant of presence and we keep it bad as well. Welcome to far ahead. To Take Two thousand and twenty two. Everybody's going to want of presence therefrom in the world and road racing to put the publicity and it will. Then it'll be very interesting, especially with Dean being on the dumblops.It will be very interesting, because I mean that we all know how goodDan is. Yeah, quite interested to see. Oh, much better itis. But what do you say? It's obviously unlocks. You Shave that. But he said it's quite a cool getting d narration to switch and matsof the dumblocks for Tating two and twenty. So why is it? Well,obviously I'm not dean am H, but as an outside, yeah,this is bad point of view as an outsider day and I know what Iknow. Yeah, but I've seeing what everybody else doesn't on the roads.I'd want to be on the dumb loops. And Yeah, well, I waitto our I think since since two thousand and ten has been also provideseeny racism won, bidal lock credited races. Apart from there, see twenty twoand saying and they irishon months. It's going to be interesting. Yeah, so I made that. Obviously dumb looper banging a lot of more moneyin there that they the ouse and also interested on the narrishons our brandom bastesfor themlop and they're SOSPETER Rickman. Yes, so, yeah, it's all partof the good picture in it. Yes, in it's old business aswell. They interesting to find, I was all we done. What foundout? The originally formed been one thousand eight hundred and eighty nine, right, fairty years old. Oh, yeah, the very yeah, the PARLAT themsaid the company was called John Dunlop. I mean they have the big,big factory in wolve ups and didn't they? Yes, but that's closeand I think yeah, to the been...

...we go for a long time.They so also in sponsored last year's seen you sat. Yeah, yeah,that they put a lot into the big, yeah, the Big Internet sort ofword meeting. So they because, you know, obviously it's a calledbrand in it. When you general tie, your companies are getting more and moreinvolved. In Rother Substitut with Mitchell in it. Scar, which ismatchler, British, still involved as well. I don't know if good years beenhim tie you brads. They also Parelli. Yeah, that's that's reallyway. I like metslally on the Parili for ever. So, yeah,for as was selling. Yes, yeah, yeah, so pearly's blocks make surelyin Brig it's still don't. Dumb lots have been around for a longsame. E Von Tires we should mention. Oh yeah, s one. Thata lot of a lot of the sad care teams that there is restrictedon what says is available that they but everyone put. You know, they'reput the money where the mouth is here and don't put you know, theyput a truck out there. Don't the end of dull play time. SayYeah, it was a good little set up. Yeah, obviously I wedone locks up. When you say that, that's that's what the it's. Obviouslyit's a meal's a main thing for them. And I was very interestingwhen you walking around the paddlets you see what, watch the tire techniciues.You got be skilled, an't you? It's well, it's a lot ofresponsibility if that's are fitted on correctly and it blows off or obviously its hundreddays all in that way. Yeah, you know. So. I wasjust in a photography point of view as well. Post race, I rememberin two thousand and Sixtey you got a picture of the tiger, Michael Unlockbe ablest to wreak like record. Yeah, along with the bout a million otherpeople. Yeah, yeah, well, but another damp picture to go toout the yeah, we are.

Well, the DEBTA if it isright on and the other. Yeah, she'll cuss like it's a way ofshowcase is. Oh yeah, well, also in the Games here in thepass way it was racing. I would really passed with the classic racing.MOSTCYCLE couple compete in there and amongst the frontrunners. There was so many Cambotsin the day. This smells like it took no less than five wings.Yeah, he's doing good in there. So in stort of the the bottomof a big, big Bluey, big tree cut down used to before withhis chainsaw on the top. He's a he's getting a lot of right times. I think over this this last year in the bit all it's up theroad races. I don't really guess. He's done close to the most frighttown. Yeah, because he is. He is he in the Spring Cup? Yeah, we count racy. Yeah, so he'll be. Yeah, it'llbe. It will be be roaming to to go. It's very willbe bake for also my really packs. I don't Nethers B top Classic FistRacer. Want a lot of beard, a lot of respect wherever it was, but everyone very real rasential. But I don't know. It was baby'sa bit of an error on that and I got to talk to him lastyear. That the Gold Cup. I think it was a parachuting classic orThe barishing carry. So yeah, yeah, and it was quite put Potbo whenI said to quite a lot. I said to him your house wasbut dis good is he's he's mega with his old any girls. was alsocompeting awesome with abats in clairs, good yester, a classics racer. Yeah, and also Bosts, a good, good racer, and easy severss awas yeah, good way. Yeah, he can tell his and twelve racingcollect fucked Ruckah, it did fluctuate racing in America and he he's got hisown seal. Yeah, she's somewhere, but you see, he's yeah,he's. You knows, his stuff does paid for me. So those alsoover the passway. Kendo was the PMRS Mur upon part meeting and one ofthe competitors there was Julian from it,...

...your commersalten park. As she foughtJulian, the weather wasn't suppose the best for the one who was and theother lot of bad. Look, he had an energy. The chicol problempretty race one, but is the why? HAH, racing s fos of theare are being and in the second race they've been in sing the base. All right, yes, and track down and Julian and he's uppings competeare my right. So I've been sed as as Julian Amongst Austria's best racistunder in the two thousand and sixteen will comes back from prey. But yes, yeah, and it's also been a putting finish at Froberg. Jens Jamesmust famous active road speaking. Coming up this week it's going to be Europethe ban new road race in Mexico called the Durango race is run by theCave road race organ houses. Sort of keeping close eye on that. It'sin a way to be similar to the cave road race. It's nature.But again, great to see more road races in North America's getting bigger andbigger. The following incent in particular in Central America, Mexico. Yeah,as well they can. I can see the big market. Obviously Columbia asa day of our road race. Not a Mossi have the valley. Theyhave a massive passion for motorcycles. Grows in Mexico and God, good tosay mentioned heat a creationally will be running free rounds at the sprinkle. Ohyeah, so a began. Col that is in it, Dan Irison,map race and Thomas Maxwell or Thomas Maxwell. They know, know it. Elsbron, nobody's are the Thomas Maxwell. We know about Thomas Maxwell. He'sno, no, slow, slow game. Thomas Rograssing chunds though about yeah.Well, yeah, but he's and he's he's level as he is.He's got a great approach to his race. He has. So we're really lookingfor to seeing in the scamper's been a scambard before, I like.There's a cooms a new conway. It...

...was choky. There was a jamshop. Yeah, James Show. So yeah, it will. It willtell with it quite quick or would have thought. Yeah, it's completely nota circle twin. I think he's also going to have a six hundred there, but I'm not sure, not sure. I love be if he's on thesupper twitt that I'll be about right, I feel. Any scabre's, youknow, it's a very right. Yeah, I've also got twentions withthe heat races read rejuncted to the Spring Court. Yes, well, it'sa lot of controversy after it. I think it's good, but you see, the the used to be heat. So all the meetings years ago,yeah, and it was just I remember, no matter where it was shiny andgranny and perishing all the rest them all out of the ways and it'sgone with it and now there's a lot of controversies this. But now he'sfair. But as such as a scarborough. The races in no longer than eightlaps any other most of them six and as we all know that afterthe Fed lap, the roll seven, sectioning off from the front to therear. The AMT adders in a race anywhere. They so obviously some racesyou can get a footing, grouper, seven or eight kit, some veryoccasionally. Yeah, but to set off all together door, Oh yeah,yeah, so I and it's this same for everybody else. So I thinkit's, as I mentioned, done in an are Cole reason. Obviously it'scontracted an extraction, but having you some a bit different. So well,it's it's different what ing what it is is before it was sound practice.Yes, so they used to go out and look for a space, didn'tthey? And the benifast lapping and I get that. I don't get thatit's so qualified. But the thing is with it, with it, withthe heats. Yeah, he's a road...

...race ofder. was talking to whatthe weekend said. If there's a heat, you will got to get that wholeshot into me. Right. So there's only there's only a gap therein the for so many routers to get that old shot. And if they'vegone up that Elen the underneath that bridges, you're getting into that Apie, you'vegot a heck of Aage thing to catch up to him. So Ican see the point of view what what this guy was telling me. SoI get that. But it's going to be heat. So there's got toyou've got to think of a different strategy on there where we're going to be. Wish you mention is all that in terms of the results in the heats. That exactly the Yes, is so many qualifying perfuy for the air BEAsupport risks getting based on the fastest lap? Yes, so if you break down, if you've done it, I want fifty point four. So well, when it would qualify, if I'm many, how many is the formmany ends a race? It's twenty ten. So well, if we're looking pay, it's roughly going to be seven. No, but I'm no money.Bakes are going out in a heat two thousand and two, twenty two, so over twenty. Yeah, so what? How many of them canqualify in the heat? I would be qualified to get through to the youknow, to the a fam. It's going to be based on the laptimes, on the laptams. So if so, if you aage, soI'm assured me that Dan and Lee will be there. Right. If theat yeah, so that day backup points at the then all that. Sadly. So, if you're like six and you're own a group of radders ofwhatever rathers the air and you're hanging on the tail of them, you're goingto get a fast lapping at it. It's almost a bit like you know, watch them. I'll be like, you know, when you watch themrunning races, you don't have to get certain time to get to the littlebit about a bit like that. Yeah, yeah, so they some of differently. I mean at the Phosol at...

La Times be Bo the imagine foreach with let's say David leaves up one fifteen. The thing is, thething is, if you did, I mean I don't know, but dateI would have thought Dan'll go out in his aid and and as long ashe's if's still round as in front of him and they're are in front ofhim, battle or three bikes, it's going to it's just going to stealwithin it and maybe, just maybe, banger fast slapping, because that willdid dedacted. Depicts where you're going to be on the grid it, solong as you're on that front land from a alsoia. That seems to merapping, which is a four adders on the front Bro. Yes, itgoes for three four, three, four, three, I think than it anywaysome like that. So, yeah, so the old know this strategrapp it'scrucial. Yeah, but the old noticeable, the old know this strategy. Oh, yeah, yeah, so, yeah, so right on it.Yeah, it's somewhat different as it's making a get of an all timegreat subscribe, Garrat. It is it's planning to compete, should say,it's hoping. been massive amounts of publicity about this, which is, youknow, I'm quite surprised as being on the on a media thing and talkingall about it all this look, because it's quite coolstible wars in they butyeah, it's good that he's going and it makes tend to put the springcomputer. Yeah, is put in doing supperbate racing and class is doing isbe on these gigsu and his bass, which is fair enough. So it'sis can get more. Was a bit of fun than be Super Serious?Yeah, obviously you got to be serious. Yes, bis of speed and all. I suppose that's very much on you. When he fasted out.Yeah, yeah, it's good for the fans. And here. Oh yeah, built, is it build, Bill Kennedy? Is that how I yeah, he's chucked a little bit balls in.

It's going to that's good. Wasit was nothing? It's not confirmed. He knows that. And Gas partnersfrom something else and someone now and then here, which back at abit of a bit of an all of the year as well there. Yeah, yeah, could only speaking around where. You as well done Gamson's don't lookingscompeted. So it's believe it secreation team as well. Yeah, well, there. Well, well, and also the Trishana bill and steams upits compete as well, and other members of their team is the La shouldbe Barry Davidson over eighty five times in aarri's foods where. Yeah, yeah, that's in duel and it let you like Le Sure. Well, whatwas we got to mention over gradante twenty and twenty. So you're seeing somebits some banks radio which from fairly positive with the gads looking to watch tt two thousand and twenty. They very supposed to att last next year.Very, very surprised victor isn't one. We'll open the moldromatic. He's crucialin it. It runs next year because two years. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, it needs to. It will, it will. Baffoknows positive up this and they maybe was at Laurence skelly from the departmentand surprise. Oh well, we've got some LC and coming this week we'vegot the ound of the risking news website. We have, yeah, yeah,to keep you out on that. Yeah, looking forward to it andI an understanding where, yeah, there's been a lot more under the samethat they're not badly, but by by,...

...yeah, everybody else. Oh yeah, yeah, thanks to everyone and all the bambos. The questioned lastweek because was the spring up titles found some thousand and one went so Dreannashvilld yeah, we should know whether you e's quite surprising because it yet hehad scabbed between scabbed with fair few years, but it's only one. So youdon't think of him as the front of her up scambre. You knowwe often scratch the front of the Irish nationals at the TATA. It's obviouslyon the sprink up on red bull on it. Yeah, yeah, Iwas on until a go on it twenty. Yes, when he is good mustershes. I've got to think oft offication for the for the Bam bamboos left. If you've got a question. Yeah, I've got all. Fair all onthe Gold Cup that olivers about in that hundred and seventy five I wasthe first time I ever went. All right, well, it's just storymore than that. For this week and the same Sunder's another thing. Thisjournalist Dj called D Care Shirt. It was dead the same days. Maybehe is said the same story that had said about this personal one. Sothey have it some of different for this podcast. That bumbos with question fromthem. So yeah, so it's left to say. Is Is. Ihope you've enjoyed the podcast and will be back next week, hopefully. Pointexciting games and it's it's Spring Cup. That's spring up the sorry or sorry, but cops, we should men should actually do what? Be a podcastnext week, because will be flat out, so it'll it'll be the week weekafter potentially. Sir, you can also says, banks listening and thisis a really huge podcast by right.

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