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Road Racing News Podcast Series 2 - Episode 9 - Reality With Positive Vibes


The real road racing fraternity worldwide was dealt with a major blow ahead of the 2021 season, with the announcement that TT 2021 was cancelled.

Our latest podcast as you would expect focuses on the absence of TT affiliated competition for a second successive year.

Alongside the TT 2021 abandonment we also give mentions to up coming road racers Gary Broughton and Tom Gigg, chat about upcoming new Sidecar TT regulations.

Plus there's another plug for our RRN merchandise, the Manx GP Top 6 series and of course there's the bamboozoler.

We're missing. Used procast. Inamed Steve Your Aldy to grow res used to court UK and, as always, enjoining by Madame Steve Group Ki e body. Well, this week's podcastwe've got to focus on the cancelation of the two thousand and twenty one tt races. I was incredibly disappointing use for the road racing community, butyou feel wished it's the right season yet in my opinion, I think they'vehad a very, very difficulty decision. So may as the man's government andthe sat down and thought about it and I think, to be chull fullthe bed, the right decision because of the way the things at the momentand things are escalate now from from today on a positive set. But they'vealso made the decision to not make a decision on the classic stroke Manx GrandCreate Match that should match. So I'm...

...feeling very proud of a pump onthat. I put a tenor on that will go ahead, but that's myopinion. But as regards people saying they could have done it, they couldn'thave done it. If the hour man was brought it up till the youknow, the English mainland, it won't have been a problem. It's becausethat stretch of water in it. And so I don't get adult get itbecause they're they're losing a massive amount of money into their economy. Two yearson the trot. That's that's a massive hit. So we just got tolook forward to the following year. We've got to just focus and keep positive. So that's what's everything. I was reguarding the monks run, pretting theclassic started a bowl on regent up, start the ball, I think,stroke up allcom pols and usually up some masking people's opinion on what they thinkit will run that year. I think...

...that's so far fancy our votes andfifty eight percent of people think it work ahead and for to on sin.So yes, so it's almost it's at fifty people. Yeah, well,I think if you ask them same people that same question in four weeks term, in the New Year, I think you might get a bit that percentageof sets of alternate it will change. Also, one of the other thingsit will depend upon is is the boarder restrictions being relaxed in the hour manas well? Yeah, you see, if that vaccines being launched and allthat vaccine I'll be going to every county in the K in the island andWales, Scotland and to the islands and I'll be going to the hour manand because they're they've got a good system with the health system and things there, and they'll be to innoculate everybody correct stead of got a hundred thousand dursesof the reasoning develop vaccine got in place.

Yeah, so, yeah, so, so you know we're going to get for a while. This iseverybody and you will come back. There's been a positive years, obviously.Yeah. Well, also got the other big, massive positive set in usup we especially for the three wheelings fraternity. What's that all this is very,very interesting. From two thousand and twenty two one was your regulations.It's going a little bit under the radar. Sorry, car regulation. It's goingto go up from six hundred CC's nine hundred CC. Hell, well, that's a for stroke the AH cares. Yeah, last time we have theTT would have been in the early s at s and so you remembering? What? Yeah, but that was the era of tool strokes in sidecars. What same as a solos like and only a thousand sea says.Oh, yeah, you had the thousand on this bomb. The Britain's andyou have the real house and that men. Yeah, but that's good that becauseyou'll bill made a good point. I will bring a lot of themthin issue. Well, championship. Yeah, racist, thought thought about going toour man make just Smet and go.

Now I think that's I think it'smore for the I think the world championship, six hundred Ce se right, but the the British Championship. But it's forster thouldn't say say it mightbring to the great people like Candy Care, Shure, todde issue, you don'tknow, know, but people this mainly racing on. I was andit might enough. Yeah. So whether I think it's a positive movement,I think you know, all right, it is really it's productivity, it'senterprising. So that's just on the Alaman. Yes, it's just on the Aleman. So in for British for lake four Oliver's amount of capital back around, right. But the wood to the British championship one's got go around coupleof packs from the thousands. Yes, yes, the deal dot like.Yeah, so it it doesn't because it's only six hundreds of Oliver's mouth.Obviously the dut race at the northwest used... the instagram pro yeah, theydeal. So, yeah, because was talk about getting them back as well. Want the before it before all went. Persia is encouraging its O. Mollywas be out. Probably it was one ideas. The rest Archais amaturer. Yeah, they're six of the safe as well. Yeah, well, let's the other happen. I'd be interesting. It is interesting. Yeah, it is, when you think about where there were cutting back on CC'sat certain Trans and then the putting that up to down underd on the island. Very interesting. Yeah, bit of Air Investigative Journalism there before you.There should say. I found yourself by Steve Sidecar play Steve English's website.Oh yeah, well, it's spot on. Any is is very, very knowledgeableperson. And Yeah, when a bit under the radar this this year, obviously my obst the beings and obviously the TT cancelation, and don't underestimatethis as yeah, it's a big development. Is What I'll shift is said.And Yeah, it's at cancelation.

Married two cents on it. Itwas probably right. It's extremely disappointed. I feel sorry from sly for racistteams, visitors, photographers, follow journalist and booked by but the zoom.The other equation in they is the upset about the southern I was southing yes, yes, separate from from the Auran man, t, T and man. Guess because somebody isn't from bar. The government is run by the yeah, Bill own clubs racing stir. Yeah, at the moment that's it's good.Obviously best tradition in July. We'll keep an eye on that. Yeah, that might go ahead then, because that's it. That's that's that's abig meeting. I said, that's a full we can it. Yeah,was it took it free, free for days, four days. That wasa free nights. It's one night's practice.

Yeah, then then they do oneother practicition and the racing starts on. We change do that basing all theirsort of evening on Wednesday and then the real old it, all theirfairs outs it. Yeah. So for day meeting. Yeah, and obviouslyracing's fantastic round along circuit plus the other. Yeah. So fingers crossed for thesuburb. So there's still there's still a lot of positiveness. The words. Yea. Yeah, obviously I've seen and then I notice a TTP forthe TC supporters club. They're still going to produce the yeah, they've badges. Yeah, for twenty two thousand and twenty one or any anybody out theyare listing rooms. If you usually get a pin badge, like we alwaysdo every year, that we you know, available from the TAT supports website.Yeah, obviously as well. So mentioned on the side with this rapshowcases reaction from various races and team managers...

...and team members to the the USand cancelations and absolutely interesting perspectives. People are pretty pragmatic and other people enjoyreading the tips, different opinions on it. and Oh yeah, I wanted theyear as well. What's coming races? A lot of people might not haveheard of them, but upcoming road races, Gary Broughton, Tom gigbut fucking stackle for poisoner's Mount Event in two thousand and twenty one. It'sgood. And shemn stars all that's a green old racing. They're hoping totimes scarborough. That's good deals, but it was going to be racing forI don't know what. Yeah, no announcement. Yeah, people joy speculation. If yeah, yeah, but that's encouraging. It's very it's good seeingexcaber this year with Dan Arison. And Yeah, obviously it was dominant team. said it's ass and fifty camels. I could and Glen Walker if I'lldone it, one hundred fifty pulling finisher.

He's helping to ten to the northwestto undered next year with the GMC seet roofing racing team. The powersin a soapstock cabs actui should all words boat to the northwest of the momentschedule from there, but there is a chance it may move to Augustore September. So we'll keeping out of it. And but the blood big gear wascoming from the album recently has been Jamie carward's party company with pressure is.Yeah, that was a bit of a shock. Pas A, take take, a little team that wasn't accomplished a lot together exactly. So, yeah, it including Taty, privateers, champ, share, fastest Yamah. Yeah,it's the top tomost part of the same us and the can its,obviously. Yeah. Yeah, should mention there used to be the arson's mechanicbecause we've bomb with Carols Aki. Oh yeah, yeah, it's reown topmccarry top mechanic is Tomo. Yeah, and she mentioned also his wife aswell, Jannis with at the People's bike... Yeah, Joannis. Yeah, Johnnis is a lot for for road race. Yeah, yeah, Jamie'sand I think it's like step apart in the two more of the European roadriss obviously did in two thousand and eighteen. It depends firteen. So I wouldhave thought he'd been making an announcement in the new year where he's going, which is where it was you racing for its. Awfully, he'll beback at Scaber, which is his local circuit. Yeah, I think he'sat you already say to me he's open to rocket scabs. Yeah, that'sgood. Obviously seeing sircle twins life record or a scab. If you gotto see Jimmy on the six hundred it Scab, it would be air.So it's been a bit to go and mix it with their bean and Ladanand Lee and might no overy like Nobury, Jacque roves, your acoid, JimMan, we've got two swish why Jimmy. Can't forget Jim Conway andJoe Thomas, Journa and cantings others. Yeah, the CARREL tweets joining.They're going to be trying Adam Mcclain in the back of the cols at teamfrom two thousand and twenty one road season. Yeah, and I think wells areupper surely for out? Oh yeah,...

...he's always it is every time ofre sponsor of US see him. is always got the smell. Yeah, days is it's quite a comedian as well as darrel, but in ita but above all these a mega why career? Say, yeah, makea good phone, very, very satime. Could across all classes. Yeah,I'm sure. I for seeing it get race on. A thousand onthe roads. No ball formed and soup between soaper sporting is made in hismustard and the sat avery gone d letter. I think you would have surprised alot of people's boefully their fumtuill see him. See else these one twomuch run praise on the Yah famous baccadul colors, various rockadel because I remembergrowing up the first Games through a racing drinking at that cold stream was sodistinctive. When you it's one of them, you just remember. And through themaccado racing team. They never change to colors, which is quite differentreally, because a lot of times are...

...always changing. The colors are yeah, but it's one of them calls things like it's like golf colors and it'slike when task first started, you're ensuumber the blue and white and you didDavid Jeffrey's name Locker. Very reactionable, for example, slee and thanks everybody. Old Race against a far too taking part Mans from pretty top six seriesis you know. It's yeah, everything, some interesting. They appreciated questions answeredthere. So, you know, keep them coming, everybody. Keepthem coming. Thanks against everybody WHO's bought a book or bought a piece ofred ressues. May should thee it is. It's can't thank you all enough thatit's so really appreciated. Yeah, you've had some really good feedback fromthat as well, some lovely comments. Yeah, thanks, thanks everybody,and hope you'll enjoy the read. And Right, I'm booze at last weekthose. The question of the inaugural work was GP World Championship took place inwhich year? Ninety a D answer was one thousand nine hundred and forty nine, one year before form me one started.

And well, this way it's bamboos. The question is taught. Present is the only racery history to see. Sure, Pike Speak International Hill Climb and our muntet victors. No idea? All right, idea. So that's a question for you all this week. And there's also says to keep positive, keep going. Christmas is coming.So yeah, and that's mentioned a lot on TV and all there.But just for will throw it out in there. And although seft to sayis yeah again, keep positive, keep going to speed. Others use podcast. Yeah, see you guys. Bye, bye. I.

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