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Road Racing News Podcast Series 2 - Episode 8 - The 74 Kilometres Adventure


The Concordia, Sinaloa, Mexico based Cain Road Race provides competitors with unique challenges including a 74 kilometres long roads course.

Alongside focusing this week on North America's newest pure roads meeting we also look at Cookstown's 2021 plans, speak briefly about new machines for next year.

Plug again our RRN merchandise! re-cap the Manx GP Top 6 series and there's of course the bamboozoler quiz question.

It's an easier one this week, at least I think it is!

... always enjoyed by bad Steve Brow. Hey, everybody, all for this week's podcast. Before the focus upon the recently run kne road race. Obviously it takes place in Concordius, Mexico. It's run seventy four kilometers long, roads course forming as it's longer. No, you really? You need challenge for a competitors. The most recent even additional did it a second every addition. Seventy nine riders completely race. Is it elped a door, Michael King? Yeah, see, see, can dress seventy an finishes to results pay class.

You can find on that on Puttish is cut UK, both the thousand CCX Ra Kuros. For the name then class. You could serve foul and C S Bikes and provide super stop chains and the coasts done by Riga Salsa from Columbia. For whether round the King Care Your record town fety seven minutes, fifty seven point four seconds, or rest times. Yamaha mounted as well, so good would nominally lapsed to the though. So sure is it just one? That is is it is an overall race. Race Times older based Reso it's against the clock. So it's just one end to the other. Then, yeah, sorry to take you to it. It's against the clock, not master, no, but they do laps that. They're the distill late pays painted distilled. One run, say, one money still, you know, three Cots A. I worted away and there is challenge it to Riga it. So I was. I was Israel whoires girls, who went...

...around, effected nine minutes nineteen seconds Fed. I'll Fredera another feting, nine Fte a minutes, fecting nine point eight seconds. So it's top three finishes in the faroers and CC expert category. PTITIONS four to eighty fin the thousand CCIXPERT category were captured by Artura, Anguianna, Hector Louise. They'll real lature, Sumshik one, cors or Oscar and hers. It our hunder a Queener. We should mention it al in the six hundred, seven hundred and fifty expert costcutter, a Grey David Anderson was competing America's face competitor at the cane road race and finished second, and which also mentioned all that there was a competitor for me, for you help. Yeah, all right, competing and so it's already a truly established international event in racing. Saying that that's going... go from strengths to strength, I see lactually we had the match day. Must have big door was competing. must finishing TT racing year and he's during the is all. It's dead top time. Basis. Experiences a road racing gaining in popularity, in particular, say, in Mexico and Central America. Great to say, yeah, and it when I was in the air. Future Things Cross. Obviously, things like back to normally in their future. We see some competitors from Mexico, Central America competing a TATA. Yes, and what sisters? To mention anything rights? Well, well, that's that's could is. I never heard of it, but on the head of it because we world racing hills and he would self doing the research in switten bringing a report out. So he never knows. Listening olds been reading new reports, it just might get some really bit interested. It's aossible great autreess... sail them. It's a that's good. That's that's why it's called road race in nals into. Yeah, always great to be cam did different events, different kinds of events, and say bright future had for came Rod Ros and I was in earnest. This way well, alongside the camera address. It's just been them cooks o one hundred songs. The Voucher System on that for twenty five pound. It went up to Christmas. You off be sure. You need to get a Bitt in city events pack every as a program as you know. You wrist stand for the event and it's well again because an obviously it's a case of getting around with whilst to can because it's going to be limited numbers again for Cook Sounds in two thousand and twenty one. It's it's really runners a closed event, but good to see forward thinking again from the cookstown over the eyasis and it's quite a short racy Kelly carothers. He's open to tackle Irish roads events in two thousand and twenty one and it...

...made his pure. Is She David Barishing classic? Where's he from? Some one, and he's open to expand some pretty day in the near future. LENTI allos being the cooks down this year as well and again if you check out the site, rob she is a pretty PLC recent Chapabri Kelly and some as in his season and the potential for a first classic. SARCH AIRES PRETT class it next year depended upon interest. Races of vice contact. Josh beach especially impressive. The kings of race of Christmas. I love you quite quite. A few days should be because I think, well, I call that sad cat team who was to race at scarborough and then his son raised its scabra. Always had orange help fix. Eddie right. Yeah, well, ladie right. I think he was until he's classic, isn't it? Sat... the pretty classic the long time as it here. So we've got to be good to see a classic TT sarchires. That be different. The whorls and Jackson's will be spot in the game next season by the folk gold Hebr team filled barber racy with pouty motor frey on the machinery teas a hundred fifty am machinery and also potentially. He said it's six seven ACC I was acting machinery because it is. Is a good laser. Tell your adder is it's going to go twenty nineteen. You'll come to see ranks from pretty women. Thanks. Yet I was speaking ranks. Pretty thanks. Everyone going to just take in part in the thanks from pretty top six series. Yeah, yeah, there's anybody out there getting touch, this is what we want. Point. They answering the questions and so found under the fifty three participants and yeah, let's push that to two hundred. See if we can get some toiling... crossed. Yeah, and obviously and sow farroud reason. You've mentioned dice and thanks so funny for buying a book. Who should hear memories of amount. Let's you, sirs, on the site, the shop on site that. Yeah, we've got some you'll stock in as well. All characters of different products coming up on as well then they so, yeah, all good, and I think we should touch as well on their look cycle. Have Online and it's been up. If it will seem a lot of fielding. You recently launched your bikes. Me Seas, including the US, that it's our cars that every day Harrison's into is going to be powerting on. Yeah, yeah, I think, I think so. Looking at the picture what it bought, dey put out. Yeah, yeah, it was, the Indu said. I been SIS. It's a huge generation car. Was Aku beings. He was obviously got the L and thousand are you got to the unders now, longst this year, and that's developing and it's going to be...

...interesting. Let's fingers cross old. Obviously people have seen any years was on the our money us about the TT want it when last last week about Oh yeah, but that sounds. Yes, I can, of course, yes, I can, sensity. So we got to ignore that until it's a statements officially as help back to its official yeah, but yeah, it's hopefully old. Good for TAT two thousand and twenty one. Lots of interesting your bikes, potentially. Yeah, because big space put a statement of this week saying there's going to be triumphs back in the Super Sports. Yes, there is. Now that's interesting, because will the be about the factory supporting team as well? Yeah. Now all that transcend into a team for a pure for the TAT offers two hundred as well. Yeah, which I don't say...

...where not becus. We would have top privatety team with a wet it's back in duty. I was in saying over the years trying footbase is supported with the about other team trying for swish racing. Yeah, and that's what Bruce on his first one was it. They didn't. It was his first eat. We've Dennis draw race in two thousand and so but the fair soap sport? Yes, yes, it did. In that was a first rumph tat, you win for how long? But it was eleven years after that to all about the next, next, next one with their garage answer. Yeah, it's yeah, and obviously the most recently last year Peter Ripman on the second silple sport rest at twenty and say these reduced the distance because to laps there was a sprint, but nondelesser compelling race. Co Part with Dan Harrison and James Elier and my hands of Vambo's learn out last week pupposed what we considered a pretty tough question. Yeah, I thought it was very difficult.

The question was, when combined into this is the kate is the fast letter of the tting? You'll come up from two thousand and NARDS. Say Name the fast letter of a famous yesteryear racing back and the fast slower of the nation's leading road scores, or the first slower of the TT. You'll come up from two thousand and nine, say name is Hennigan Steve? Any good? The SDE racing back. Fast letters are for rush, so you've got hitch and then for the leading road score, stay in the first. That I was say see h I see on the Racing Corporation or whether you get to see from shimmer right, I did mention it. R answer this way. East Bambo's will question for make it slightly easier. What's we're going to tell you? Suppose it's only easy for you if you if you know it. And and the question is the amount in overmos. You Pretty World Championship took place in which year? A long time ago, and but said a...

...reacial. This question is as well. It's because when mop first started, the majority of the events where on roads courses. To all those with the claddy circuit, well, the the seats in the clubs eighteen. Yeah, Quaddie Sircuit, for I don't drum became lodulstagram pro and roads events in their Netherlands and JEM the Italy, Switzerland. There there Baker in there. We bring it every gree and you know. So it's a show, a link between I'll tellvious something, too much you please, and Po road racing, because Moj you be really started on the roads to it, same as Formula One during the circus. And I was left to say is thanks going to everybody for listening and they're keep positive, keep going, and a more interestings would up next week and all left less to say is all right. Bye.

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