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Road Racing News Podcast Series 2 - Episode 7 - Much To Look Forward Too


It's always good to keep positive and we at Road Racing News are with our latest podcast.

We focus on the recently announced Oliver's Mount, Scarborough events calendar for 2021 and also reflect on all the latest recent roads news.

Not forgetting another mention of the Manx GP Top 6 series, our RRN merchandise.

Plus there's another intriguing bamboozoler quiz question, by the way this one is pretty tough! 

Hi Everyone, welcome back to thedressing use podcast. My Name Steve. Lads of Rod ressues that could atUK as always. Enjoying back the dad stay, Ralph. Hey, everybodywant a full one of the men bitching us this week, because it's beenabout them. Vois mount. Eventually it's between twenty one sires are provisional.Yet these pot for meetings. Yea, all thinkers cross the als, oldgols wealth for the new organ houses or the new owners of all of hismounts, Andy and he's good, learly, Wendy, we should mention Charlotte nearlien. Well, yeah, shown an earlier that there are the everybody involved. Yeah, we know that. So the first one will be the SprintCup, which is upfully going to be going out from the EPS and fromthere. Yeah, well, I don't see why not. Still the thetrolhe don't never be on restricted fans again, but if they are, they are. But the should be a good...

...ten out of that meeting, Iwould have thought, because at the Gold Cup I think they had three lotsof six hundreds in. They INS COSSIP as well, so that you knowthe sixty plus all the guys that are competing. Of Rights all positive sothat you know, some good racing, some really good racing. So yeah, looking forward to that. One Thousand Nine, two hundred and twenty,if you give again, this is old provisional, the barishing classic. Yeah, that'll be after the tea take. Yeah, fingers crossed and a fattyfast situated first is always just the oils wrong. Festivals used to be understhe cop of the off. Yeah, this will be interesting. I intolots of parades their prever like. Yeah, because it's a there's a big,big, big, big anniversary. If anniversary, seventy five anniversary late. So yeah, looking forward to that. So we may see some crowders passedand machines from the past of room. We're one one race is at Oliver'smute or taking back. So that'll... good. So that's the fatsfirst rights first for as much if mentioned, and then it's also fair in Septemberbviouslythe big wonder gold call. Yeah, so if we have weather late WEDthis year, yeah, the good up times will on the tumble again, but most definitely. Yeah, hopefully all four of vents will go aheadand you know, fatures promising for scarborough. Yeah, yeah, that's really reallygood. Looking forward to it all. Always have, always have, lateand obsolutely. That's on the site. Giants OTS races about. So reflectingon racing excarence hearing there's not many not saying they're not going to beretaining. Yeah, it's all positive. In it's all been positive, whichis good. And them you know hopefully that the same will be happening acrossEurope and especially in an island. They must have been a bit stabbed ofthe road racing that she run the in island, which is bit crap,really in it, because we doners some mega race in fans in island,as we all know. And then it'll... nice if the if things canget sorted out for next year for all this, what's going on at themoment, we may get some guys coming across to compete at certain meetings.That said, scaper's crossed thinking face. Fair said guys, yes, yearacing. It scabur reaching to get across to to Alan's a lot. Theyespecially to cooks down on that time. Forget yet and as he speaking,I should mentioned there reason people been reading to say wrist rider in a frankshow worker from jam use hooking to compete Lo cook sometimes again next year.Yeah, that's a big that's a big thing for cookstown and Tang Regis at. Yeah, and YEA, also sends scarborough and Robertson run white. Ohnow, now, wait, the both opens compete scable as you run whitehoole. It's up to Pete Diamond Races next year, which is his ourhome islands perspective. First pure roads meeting. Yeah, he's quite as quite abit about in these, quite optimistic.

Yeah, and you got the hourof his performancesscaber, a very entertaining rid himself. Yeah, that's saidand good talent and bumps to watch, let's say eason. Yeah, it'sgood to see they got different. Different was coming up for all the rankssomeway. So that's okay. Things scab this year was, as you havethe established funduners, but it was a lot of rising talents. Oh Yeah, and I think in particular where there was a being, say class races, it gave chances for Rothers, I think, going to make it themfor the selves. Yeah, yeah, then you see him quite progress ontothrough the classes to the big class of the air class. Yeah, Idon't study the riders as much as you'll do when you watching more risk.But I did notice that there is some some you know, given the rightbrick and they get the right get the right bike. Beneath from that there'ssome. So, yeah, it's a some good lads there that you know. They can barely rose up to rud racing ranks in to go up therewith Dan and Lee and Jim and such...

...a like. So it's so good. There's the same for daily and Jerry. I mean they're once I was startedwith us the best fights and Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, ofcourse it's. Yeah, it's like it's like anything in it. It'swe've got to be got up the talents of it. Yeah, and Iwas supermot machines could be returned to scarbing it year. Well, yeah,that will the dead up. Mandy been a bit slippy and that. Yeah, so you know you won't go on if you're listening. Christian, didn'twant to get yourself down there to get you then entry a bit, abit of practicing Faiv. If we do is only doing this. It's superbikes. It's ten times pretty soap jumping. Christian. Yeah, yeah, they'llbe no season tickets them for scarber events that year that, while Iget that I'm there, we should mentioned all that. Tickets were gone sealethat she year's meeting some this Friday twenty for November. Yeah, that's cooland I've got on your website and there's yes, and next she knows ofChristian Smitz, top IRC racer from Germany,... taking in the IRS. Seeagain that sit in the super spam soaper fight classes with the gene andracing team, team run by Max Janen, and the parting car was AK isand also Christian. So up into pick the first out at Max fromprey. Well, that's that's that's a cool for a re couse town andTan Traz. That's complete. In the Manstrom from sorry, the Max dprey are getting mixed up the stats. That's good. Meal was in it. So we've got, you know, teams coming in from the continent andtotally totally racer. Seventy circuit racing legend will be competing this year again atseventy. SACU racers take place a box in there alongside in in terms ofthe past, the confirmed entrance of his son's miture. He's a Damon raceI'll see. Damon was a prom British soap stop this year and I thinkis is under one of the favorites for...

...the feature race at on going toway, which is which is called the Robert Holden memorial feature race. Theended on the roof is any rads going from here? It all is goingto be from New Zealand and Australia. All right, but saw it wasa very good failed and she numbers are up to the confound entrance of upstop, my Sloan chopper foster his teammates to Michael Unlock when Michael Baidy's seventysecure you in twenty sixteen. So that's its Pon box in there. What'sit to mention? Let's make some pretty top six series. Thanks to everyoneagain for taking part. Go to you want to take back, just gettingtalk. She's Oh yeah, yeah, not to lose any don't you know. I get a Oh yeah, it's good too. Good to read thisand interesting answers stories beyond them. This could so as you get out aroad resus where says, obviously again Christmas... coming on. We should mentionedface and force. Thanks to everybody for buying a copy of memories of theMount. We had some really good feeding about really kind words and can't thinkeverybody enough. Yeah, it's good to you've done a good job there,man. Yeah, and again he really our and cloth. Then be theappserve. You know, there's some summat for everyone. That's right. There'ssomething for everybody. There is on the Saite, yea and in the shop. So they shot would racing. You shot right onto the bamboos like rightnow. The question last week was how we races of currently topped the hundredeffects emales probile that bark around the moult course. Out The answers. Twentytwo. The most recent oneffects. I was probable club Menders Defy teld fromJeremy Coward to me a last year became the fastest you mounted risk and TThistory. Wow, that's an achievement. In it there's and she mentions allI'll passing a lot of famous routs in...

...recent times with about of young malesat the TAT is also say no, main, fat and tastic. ACHIEVEIT, and I'm a question numbers. The question this week is a littlebit complicated, but it's all so cood fun and it's been combined in thefast letter of the Tteen, you'll come as saying name from two thousand andnine, the fair slave of a famous chest, a racing mark, andthe nations, the first sort of the nation's leading roads costing. You formedthe initials of a giant weld lead until wheel racing company. Which one?It's like cracking occurred. This one is. Yeah, so it would be achallenge. I have be a challenge, but they're always easy if you knowthem. And there we should mentioned before we end the podcast, orwas in the cycle. Ab Online begins on sat day. Yeah, andyou'll be covering all that's up. They'll be lots lots of content. Sothat'll go on for the full Saturday to sad day then. Yes, yeah, yeah, and the date, the... days going to be best aroundthe tea tape right. So I've already announced that Peter Written, James earlierand Bert Shu brothers have taken part in the events. Things. We getsome announcement also keeping down all didn't think you'll bike models there also including thea Prilli issue of twitter. So between model the sixty. Yeah, thatwell of height. There is around. So so there's Bring Cup then ifit all goes ahead to wilder be something there. Then it depends what teamsare like. Let to run. I think they believe that. I thinkit's looking like a you know, just for a shakedown, for the bake, I mean against a bit. Yeah, but again it depends on what theteams like. Let to run, because the cars acts have been sodominant and obviously the patterns as well. Yeah, it's I think it's goingto so. So, so too in short. But what about price?Competitor of doing another price to this machine? You know, if you want togo it late out of a create on the track, you know,is it up and running? Is it a competitive would it with the patternand the cow Saki and they development bought.

I'm on about the price of thebikes. Is it? Is it cheaper than the is cheaper than thepattern? Were definitely stupid in the pattern would have a lot cheaper than thepattern. And and is it chipping in the car sacking, then not sofar apart. Right, right, well, that's been that's that's an interesting Isee. You'll see got the new Yamaha model as well. Yeah,I mean I would have thought a pully will be the sponsorous nothing, becauseit reviews from road testers. Yeah, so those rations often extt rest duringbe tight, but the mob, but they'll be obviously a bully or beapproaching the team. Surely to run the bike? I think so. Yeah, I would have thought so on. Yeah, with the sound really rather. I think that works. Or semi. Where supporting team on the roads was, I think, until tat two thousand and seven. I should knowthat it wasn't. It was tat twenty, fair team with just split laugh,Mot spout to right and just most about. Yeah, I know MarkMiller and Chung Waion, but since then... haven't had an official presence,and the bather Serio prominent presence in the pretty safer right pardot with Ph aracing team. Yeah, obviously the enjoy success with likes of Louis Roll andDavid Allen. M So be looking for somebody like Jeremy Coward to be yeah, it's something like that that's to suffer, instance for instance. Yeah, butyeah, I think that's why I'm the median name. That's from tomind to me when looking at this. You are prilly about was was JeremyCoward, but that's tobtous only my opinion. Yeah, but it is going toneed a proven front runner to get it to what one of us Ithink, if one of the development yet. Yeah, you could take a chanceon upcoming. Rather it's a stead at, steadily progressing. But APOLif if obvious. You know, I Prilli, you want the want oneresults. So well, that's interesting, but put some more bikes on thegrid. Yeah, it's also positive. Yeah, obviously should mention founders overright way. It's eighteen regulation to seven...

...hundred seenty. Say. Yeah,so that's, you know, Good Cup could be a game changer. Yeah, because is the new Yamur as well. Again, also mentioned that and thatbike again not looks good as well. So so positive in yeah, I'llsay thanks again to everyone for listening and this is been renest news podcast. Yeah, see, we guys by by I.

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