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Road Racing News Podcast Series 2 - Episode 5 - News, News, News


There's been lots of intriguing pieces of news from the world of International road racing over recent days.

FHO Racing joining the roads scene, a new challenge for Peter Hickman, the Macau GP cancelled, Wilson Craig Racing planning to compete at next year's TT Races (fingers crossed it goes ahead!).

We cover in detail the topics above in this week's podcast plus we speak briefly about great colour schemes, liveries, give another plug to our RRN merchandise.

Not forgetting the bamboozoler, this week's question is pretty tough, if I'm honest!

Ras News podcast. I am StevieAllan's road racing us to put UK as always enjoyed Rada. See Ron Hi, everybuddy. Well for this week's podcast. We've never really got a main topic, but I haven't got focus on the the big news today, whichis the Peter it will be compete in next year for the brand new Ifin sure racing team. Theater racing teams also got ucleus of the all defunctssince racing team. Well, that's fantastic news if you're road racing, yourroad racing fan, because somebody's committing to putting a lot of money so runningan international wood racing team and also the win the B spa as well.So three rounds, Yep. So we wish the new team with the best. The top round, obviously, Peter. Wish them all the best and we'lllook forward in the new year to be able to see these machines performingon UK and soil. So yeah, it's really good news. As hepaying for the t Teena shels fingers cross, everything goes ahead pouting the brand newand thousands are which is the m the absolutely nd division was also cars, where the m three and five them six. It's the first time Daveentered the till wheel. All right, well, we'll pick the piece forin the sea itchings, get the runds on it then and get some testingin. So, yeah, I sets. But it's really good deals, aspossibly doing in these. It's a bit of tallest the M m bank. She's well famous in it. In it's isn't care. Yeah, yes, it's good. So it's in. It's a new development for being woyeah, it's very interesting to see how it because it's a it's replacing oneof the bone of the best simple bots of all time in the felt.In terms of inceaster's roaders, we once a wood this year, though,was it? No, you'd be,... people talk about in taster roadrace, over the power. Yeah, that yeah, yeah, of course. Yes, yeah, obviously sad initials. Yeah, yeah, that's good.Yeah, see as a great news, Rickey, good, good news,one called around. Yeah, that's your fair great fuss racing. Yeah, and it's been around racing pallets for a while, and so it's goodus all around. It is the micall Grand Prix has been officially canceled.Well, it's not surprised, but not surprised that the hell we. Imean the way it's seemed a poor and saying fourteen day quarantine. When youget back from okay, it's a massive under twos, it seems, keepyou around as well. A lot of these races not full time verses.Yeah, so well, I support mate there. I thought they had themfor a week for the meeting Ting and then a fortnight back. That's fiveweeks. There's a month. That's more than one of thning, so thatmost people for it. Today, farm world, arry cow champion, robofsgoing to be competing at the coin the Terry caress, but there's not.There's not many races overall, including car racing from UK soil. I don'tthink competing in the CAN. This is storn in. Five races, butno, but no bikers. Right, yeah, the cow and see thatit was over. Road racing was open to compete. Yeah, but that'ssold it. It was going to be any hour, think deep down.Yeah, one couldn't be any I was it. It's not just that,it's being able to get a flight as well and still like that is alot of the air lass rounded anyhouse. It's yeah, and slightly off topic, but said say not road race really. But glads, but rundy are whin. He's a party. Could't with Onder race. Yeah, that's that'sa big shock. I've got a big shock here because a lot to waitand see. What's that story at all...

...come out? What? So what'sall about? I think it's when it's motorcycle Laugh Online, he happened twentyone. November has lots of announcements. PSB, where I support from thatas all that could intend me. Lots of road racing announcement. Yeah,so I think advice will be that is keeping are on it. Yeah,most like, and that's not that far off. Then a fortnight, butI am saying not long, but some sort of Ford to as well,and then a sort of bold the cane road race in Mexico. Yeah,it's a fish things, obviously, and I said race in Mexico, butit's a road race. And Yeah, we'll be driving coverage of it.Yeah, results, first reports and I'll be nice. Some the rasures.Recently I've been talking to racismult the competition at scaber this year and we changedJim and Tom Robinson, jemmy coward. Don't gl but OPE for lost multigone and but Jim, Tom Jamie down to the open convened hooking to retendscabing it year. Yeah, well, obviously we don't know when it's goingto be, not because since what what happens, but because of every who. Everything is will hopefully open to form it for me for meetings. Yeah, so that means with mccount up, they're going ahead. For you Kit's going to be between cookstown and Oliver's mouth. Then for the first meetingin the provisional I recently really so, I suppose. Also all was gotvanue calendar. Often First Canada launch the cant. I Don a member ofbeing able to buy a calendar, but all of us both. Obviously it'sbeen with different publications and different photograls, but not dowre. It from allof us mouth. She's so yeah, we're really we've already got one otherthan and we're really looking forward to seeing it. And if you want one, just get in touch with Oliver's mount the office, Race Office. Itjust racing sy and he has the all the details of here and it's onlya ten a. it's very good,..., it's good up for money. So it's a picture. The front cover said looks looks good. Solooking, really looking forward to seeing that and we sham all the best oneof sales and everything. Because from cover the pictures of I think one ofthe six hundred races the gold cooper is going into, going into me aopin. Yeah, yeah, can grow. took the picture, but look likea Gary Olle. That picture to me may be wrong, baby,or I will pull as well. There to Gary, Gary, top manand providers with some great yeah, it's add to it some good pictures.First put, it's not. It's not gary old picture. No, it'snot. All right, what's let's say. Yeah, it's a top picture onthe fun cover of the calendar alsots mentioned. Will some great racis ofthe ants. There are puns for two thousand and twenty one, but they'llBett northwest hundred pounds with a still to be compared. Rather we're gonna berunning their upcoming world with Stephen Smith. Yeah, yeah, it was safety. Could at the manx cooks last, no, Stevens, if not,I'll sat Stephen Smith. Yeah, right, and again mixed up there because it'sstep she ain't all right, rights Stevan? Yeah, because if wethere steven so one from the Liverpool. And Yeah, because he was oneof the manks, crumb from sheer. That's right. Yeah, but itdid win one. Danny, did he know? All right, sir,on my to. But there's a really very good racis is, who's ina little slip right, because he's because he's Dad, his dad's name.That was a race as well. Yeah, there's a lot to show but said, there's some being a bretty silk stop. This year were getting lotsof tracks Alon. If, if the TAT you haven't gone to head thisyear, would have been powerting as far as an Arab in Zoom chinery.Yeah, so insances done. Yeah,...

...the team, team leader down Gilpin's. It's awesome, great seam. Yet he's said he's a you know,Nausey stuff to me. He's been a bit of top mechanic for a lot, for a lot of top ravage as well. Very good road race roomzone. Right, heysactly here and he's way recently is with David Johnson.Yeah, so works with Patchets as well. So many soul Wilson also pretty raceand actually war support them on the racing all right, which is whichis good. Yeah, and they're also be supported by mictually. Yeah,well, that's big, which is good on the Tay Front as well.I likes it when there was all the different time manufacturers in, it seemedas like him Formula One, but bit was just want like tire manufactories.And don't know, because I know if I want to think, it justPA really usually when it was bridishter and Mitchell in and there was all theone later. And Yeah, yeah, mictually they're seeing on the roads inrich years of likes of waring Humbolt and I think with Daryl tweed as well. Yeah, and I don't quite good actually, but I think it's fairto say this is the with the with a major team. This is theirfirst. Yeah, well, Mitchell and Mitch land don't make good tires.Thought Lie to do it. Didn't know they're look there they but it's acompettitive thing, as they all say. You Tell Your Business in any yes, it Steven swiftled with powerting CBRS. It's underlander mot free on the machineryfor have been the same color as the red. Yes, silver, silver. That's fairly India and great. See, Wilson Craigs Iver, you seen?Yeah, it was. It was quite sudden with their also one.It brilliant, never forgotten, and their brilliant supporter or rousing yet and speciallooks. Also big racing team for next season and David Morgan's arms machiner Aupfor next year be running. Is On teams, aspousing down obw the shovesracing US each other has is on teams...

...trusted to fifty under yeah, ofcourse you to cap't missed. Everyone is a track because is famous set pinkheld the county. It does for raising a lot of money for charity.BARAKS, she's days lot, chary church. Yeah, and it's love, aswe was only saying, one way to do a day. David's beenracing for a long time and I was quite she's always David fat years.Yeah, it's sixteen years since he would have senior marks from prey on myneck. That's a long time having here. But he's still enjoying his racing ina Oh yeah, I mean I remember as old daily racing for anumber the DMUR on. So yes rember. What do you our are? stuffer? No, duffish Mauritian road racing. All right, the duffers and BrianBoris and yeah, yeah, yeah, Davis. Yeah, he's rased againstserious who broad racing over the last nearly because it unfairty years of racingand they, you know, still very competitive on across all classes. Itsaid it's ten cop foul around last weekend and they're all Toros, Martin Edgettregular finish one day a fouler races the season. The finished series were up. Oh so big asievement bow Allan was to put into Spain on the mapon the road railroad races terms and it's up in to complete next year forthe brand new form todd racing team on their us in that the proud generation. Yeah, well, I have had different thing goes every yes, fingersfrom it. Next there's there's a fair field different teams and shakeups and stuff. Credi so be good. Yes, interesting. Yeah, the big youknow, if we get something started and there is the Ross a day set, they'll be great, someone to look forward to a great anticipation and that'sall the teams and Raders and you know they will be getting ready to havingto do with David top but it's way...

I would saying he's really missing theTATA. Yeah, were speaking of David. We do we want to watch andOh, yeah, there's no, it's no. Slop Chin Davy,is they been s see if we're beings with the older racing saying. BeGood to say let's away and say, yeah, what's it going? AreWe stop? Yeah, yeah, it's it's it's yet it's still look forit in a I think I speaking at say Teena Shit providing all girls.It's going to be interested to say because the fat basis, because I've beentwo years since the race. been some teams of the band straight battle.See, everybody's looked to sway from Bay Raser. Yeah, but you haven'tgone that sleep. But the two ldren hour our like for two years.Yeah, in terms of on the roads, yeah, so interesting. Yeah,I speaking again of the fair of the Racing Team with peat written ofInstan see what the course schemes going to be. That D so picture atthe point always like in there that was just a product production or say,because that that that them colors. Looks a bit late Michael Dunlops brist colors, didn't they? Yeah, I think take boys gold quite striking. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah, in the Best Coos greame actually in recent ams onthe roads only my opinion is was the golf in w very. Yes,they're the light blow the orange. Yeah, that topics on these book or rememberas well, under the macadom I was actually causing, which I'm stillaround now, distinctive my she pay top sixers and Franks, everybody for takingparts of I would think, fifteen. Yeah, we'll see. You've passeda mousetone. Yeah, it's so. Yeah, because so. Yeah,if you want to questions, answering, answer the question. Sorry, justget in touch with Stevie. I notice one do. We've just recently donewas with them, the Great Alex George...

Free Time. That every but allI I love reading all of them. When I really know, read themas soon as you put Malcut, Alex cable was some good, good,interesting stories beyond you know, are we are? We Are we one,Max Van prex very, very interesting. So, yeah, thanks for that, Alex. I was that was really interesting. I mention it again orour in mention smaks everybody for those far. Yes, this is yes, it'sthe excoing really well and we you've had lots of really positive feedback aboutyour book, which is, you know, well done to you. Obviously we'vegot to put up a big round of applose to where Deborah Life?Because, yes, yes, it's doing all the all the rating out andgoing to the post office every day and sending them off and that. Soif he's still looking for that Christmas present and wants to order it offen thecomfort of your own home, get onto the road. Racing US website.Go to this shop level of troll for all the goodies that are all onthere. It's yeah, if it's I'll takes your fancy Garrett ordered, becausethings are selling and fast moment. I wanted the bamboos or last week.Opposed to question of sixty years ago, the senior ranks from prey title wasgood by none other than fill read, eight time world champion, the Princeof speech. They you remember M Scaber on the Mugusta in seventy two?Why? I never yet and yeah, that's hundred seventy five. It wasfavoing, the C see well champion. Who would have thought that he wouldhave had more GP? World champion there, along with barishing and Wax Cowasakis willmeet grant and Barry Ditch Burn. You know, it was all them. Yeah, all there tackisum the CATTIAN's on facebook reriginally, when foggy wasat scabber in ninety six and it was really well, Silk Right, championon the works on the worst. Yeah, I was good. Pictures do infront of him. Yeah, did...

...he he only only was on itfor one year. When a because it didn't really like it. Did hesay? Yeah, yeah, but it yeah, it was there. Yea. Yeah, willing open under staff, finishing wheeling all the wheel the pairquarry over as it was cold and before it was bottle mouth was made towear Shans round. Well, this week's Bamboos or question is which current racingteam box the world championship level, is a Mogup or Grand Prix points finishit and it's powerty machine the TT races. This is quite a question. I'llbe on this. Yeah, it's all challenging. Got People. It'stough if you don't know, it also says them. You know. SoYou keep positive, keep going as a stop sort reading older. Yes,yeah, yeah, just keep positive or we'll see later. And by plentyof grimy there of it. You did hello because you keep going on thebody old. You just got say keep positive. Yeah, also, thatto say is I've got a good old wisdom to you know me, abit of Jip and yeah, I guess keep positive, keep keep going andit's been a resus podcast. Yeah, see everybody by.

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