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Road Racing News Podcast Series 2 - Episode 15 - 2021 Lift Off


The 2021 pure road racing season lifted off in great fashion at last weekend's Honda Invercargill Street Races, with multiple racers claiming a hat trick of victories including the likes of Jay Lawrence, Tony Rees and Jonny Lewis.

Our latest podcast focuses on the Burt Munro Challenge incorporated event plus we also touch upon some encouraging sponsorship news for Imatranajo and Oliver's Mount.

Additionally there's a bit of weather talk, praising Honda's latest Fireblade incarnation, a few RRN merchandise plugs!

Plus there's the usual bamboozoler quiz question, this time I think it's a bit easier than the previous week's question!

Everyone, and welcome back to theroad racing US podcast. Madame Steve Aldy, to a rudder issues, to curtyo care and, as always, enjoined by the dad, see row. Hey, everybody right. Well, for this week's podcast we're going tofocus on the recent hundred of the Cargos Street races. It took place lastweekend and no less than twelve solar racistik out trick of victories and to Sidecarteam stuck out trick of Itatures and Patrick ares included. Tony Race ups,the Multiple Times leader of the feature race at the symmetry circuit races. Whenyou all three from Sour virus is onder. This new fire blood was interesting tospot because at the cemetery sircue races prior David Race from the features hasencouraging sounds, with a help Honda for this year. Yeah, for incourage. Also always on the roads on that. This year the winner, but Ithink it would have been glad air with yeah, Bobby said the TataCouncil in the northwest. Think it's a be a premium. It's probably ratherthan six hundred unders. Yeah, but...

...what's away? And so so too. When I was got a six hundred under them for this season. ChrisBends as its motor. It's mop Ras all. They're the ones to moveto keep an eye on S. is that the same in the fund tospot, as well as just genery six hundred? That on the new sixhundred onders and that I should know. I think about. I don't knowif Chris is on the new six hundred on it, but the rest thatthe risk of of a shouldn't show. This one unders obvious. See somethingunders on the roads earthly are plenty of six of them. Another that webranding. Are we saying in terms of the new fire bird? I'm nottoo sure. Without because they said will they also been a little soaper spot? I was well that yeah, with it in big like, I thinka few years back. I don't know if the lost interest in the classat the saving of regained a bit of interesting, because yet the are sixseemed to be the early mainstream six hundred stoll being built and I don't thinktrying for still building in production the six...

...and fours people store racing. Sothey've compared to Ye. But anyway, back to in cargo. So LongSid Tony Races Wins Cloud Dawn. He took out trick of F tow soapspot brace victories. Also they have two races run at the same time asthe FM races, if on sofay races and Johnny Lewis took after the winsin the bears a fore class and the formula three class, soaper twin class. Others declaim Atrica wins included a cary cotta role, though also took outricasakawins on side. At Latin asson under a rubbed up to two promoter winsand Jay Lawn, seventy fastest t t racing history, made a fantastic retensto address and competition. It's been the reasons compete on the roads, tobelieve, and when all three first classes pretty anti open versus going from Jabstops of the far finishing the most recent...

...senior TV take, speaking of theTT, we've recently watched the the updated history the TTA. We did.Yeah, let's go dead dive more is it? He's got good for you, Sonny Oh de Rasier. Then brothers and concert. What the cold inmccay? Rishild Nichols, Richard Nichols now deserve commentary up TT. Chris BoilChris fresh boy, yeah, Chris was r Chris Boid, he's gone.Voice you can listen to as well. And they're bould what were that interms of the film range, far up stairs and all that? What ratewould you give it out with five of the TT do history? For?Yeah, I think I'd say for I think if you are a TT boffinand you know everything, you will spot...

...them in these. Some mainy's everyday is. Yeah, yeah, nobody's pair. But that was better thanwe give it him out of research and little he'll take. And it's,you said, made British Brutius. Well, I'm sure of Janders a watch fromwatching it as well. And I's got to mention in the names,or the very lack on, and I've been answers, the new sponsor ofmatch with Nowger Im, actually in Finland, and he is up in a bitthe first round of the IRRS this year. It's up state place forthe second to the fourth, which lies another positive for matcher having since it'scome back in two thousand and sixteen. It's it's it's really really established itselfas one of the best for a race as world where and from watching yourship videos at. What do you make it? Oh, yeah, thebut the fact that I've got the fan base something that not the interest.Obviously it's out. It's all of a lot of people's reaching close because it'sthat it's a win. It it's it's...

...a good it's good. It's justenough to go so much. I love to looks your nique place extrum prevenue. Yeah, I was having lots of people. It's been the UKwhen the thinker of the match with the thinker that picture of baracheting going overthe trail out. Yeah, and it won't. It was the last sureorder is sick. It's a holder around one thousand nine hundred and eighty two. Yeah, this is a points of attention and other positive sponsorhip used forroad racing. RST have been contenders against the official safety power there for whatever's. Yeah, well, that's good. That because that they're one of theprincipal sponsors for the tea take took about t t types. Yeah, so, so that's good. And our is tea, one of the big playersin their motorcycle parallel. Yeah, little bit a parent and may ever makeeverything that leaves jackets full sols. There on the leaders in the air soindustry as well. That there for when I say are so something to gooff when you fall off. Fall off...

...every piers shouldn't be happening. WasIn twenty and seen on the hour and the other long since was kind ofcoming. So the so, I think, the compulsory in bottle GPS. Yeah, and speaking of Arris, stay rather as well. So don't youup some some wars out, stay, Jamie Coward and see mess didst runs. Yeah, and also mctually the previously mentioned of supporting oils bount as wellas speaking of always about as well nanked four times risk when it scabden Harrison. He's convent to take pattern brick. So quight Champshi. This year wecircle engineering. Well, that'll keep him what to speed ones. It will. So I may can even fast a wound over his mouth. He's goingto. I would have shown that they will be taking part in the majorityof SCARRA meetings this year. So they think they're running. They'll get hima seven hundred and fifty classic. There I would have been. Somebody else'sbike might be again on the green or bike for the center. Those classicsat I think for the six under they'll... running. I think it wasback on the Sucu and Co was actually the go call. Well, ifhe's back on his on that bike old, I mean it was. I meanit was on the debit by equality was jumped on for the first time. The first time especially, which credits is dem was a well prepared Ohyeah, it's bake. If he's on these, on these on his SOCCarol Silicon Cole Saky, I think because it's seventy five anniversary of that.You never heard. Might take the balance and turning up. Yeah, itdepends on the questions done. It went. Oh yeah, yeah, it's onething. Short should be of a good Gold Cup place if, ifeverything falls into place and it's at the same time. It shouldn't clash withbeer spacerus B SPS ull the a week before our week after. Yeah,like it was last year. And stats articles off Yourdane joy in them.Most racially, I do an call them... scrum pret TT graduates. It'ssaid some little bit different. I've only done it to twenty, eighteen,two, two thousand and eight. I would have like to we could areracism jumped up to the TAT from two thousand and nine. Unfortunately, results. A lot of available around the walls was available, but I was noton the tatopside. COSSINGTT results are not t too rous. It was someof these got the rights to that. Then they obviously, I don't know. Anyway, will if you actually be a big and not constable for oldjournalist as well, because because everybody all to know, and races as well. Oh yeah, what what people will with all these sort of things,forgets that it still put indirectly promotes their product. Oh yeah, it's so, so it's all relevant into media integration. That's it. That's the technical therefor EXACA. All to him.

I don't know the on about baffleand was saying. So that's what they all should we mentioned in terms ofgames. Again, if you want a good book and you want something interestingto read, and I've looked on their addressing, use for the memories ofthe mounts. Yeah, and I'm sure of a book. And WHO SIera? Yeah, WHO's your hero? That memories of amounts have been sellingthe worlds of them. Anyway go. It's going well and we've done verygood day. Well, yeah, everybody's enjoyed the raid onto the bamboos leftwell, last week opposed to question Gina area, Jinia Real was Samford Bill. This is okay. The she's B quite a championship made a road raceappearance. was where it was angering some of thousand man. The question thisweek is I'm sure lots of t t boffings and the fishy oders are goingit, but it was something some of different feel to find out. Ifit doesn't know this before, Dan Arison,...

...who was carwards a, he's firstseen your teacher want to I'm sure a lot of people know this,but good to throw an easy, easy question or two down to town andanything else to the others said, everybody keeps safe and they the weather's forwhether it's been somewhat weather's forecast good for this weekend so that there's more exhaustnot on the foe bikes doing within the fab man radius of where they live. You are got to the weights his house or whatever's so yeah, I'lljust touching on the snows. Or did you see that picture of Capital Park? Because things, yeah, also it's all gone now, and also aroundthe Te Teke couss, loads of pot holes of the Rose and consider thefrost called. But going to Cadbull Park. They are, but they're both sacuitvehicle stolen. P The recovered one more arrested recovered one and arrested threemen, but they want still outstanding.

So if you have anything, pleaseget in touch with that's its origin. anyways, that one's already been found. If you were, so many of these story. Yeah, also tosay is the Franks enter everyone twisting and keep positive, keep going at work, bright and knights coming up and Oh yeah, yeah, the reptions right. The futures are range. So rest coming up soon. So so so. By Barry.

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