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Episode 82 · 2 months ago

Road Racing News Podcast - Manx GP Review Part 2


Part two of our review of the 2022 Manx Grand Prix, covers the Senior Classic, Senior, Classic Superbike races, plus the following topics;

* Strong displays from newcomers such as Amalric Blanc, Albert Walker

* Nathan Harrison setting the fastest lap of race week

* Rob Hodson's deserved second MGP race victory

* Davies Motorsport gaining the Senior Classic title

* New 'Tommy Club' members

* Rostrum finishing road racing return for David Johnson 

Everyone. Welcome back to the road race news podcast. My name is Stevi Aldy to road race news to Kurt the UK. Today's podcast was all around. The second part of our review twenty two thanks Grand Prix. Falling on from covering the lightweight junior races, our attentions now turned towards to senior classic race, juicing distance the three laps. The premont titles supported race had a notable non starter in the form of John Beguinnis NBA was race week. Chowings filter materialized after Gremlins with the team Winfield parent for out practice week. In terms of the race proceedings, on the lap one fastest, De pen elden was office would win a class when they're up in. He was now on three seconds in front of Lee Johnson, Dominick Herbertson. And then you continue to lead at blast bridge. Ramsey open and he saw pope. He wants lat one finalized, but it was only just over one point one seconds in front of superspot t t winner Johnson. The only Cavitson ull fired. There...

...was two points of three downs. It was about the fourth top by CC racings. James Hillier on lap two. Lee Johnson hit the front at the Bungler and at Ramsey, aping, you should say, placed at Ramsey open, taking one second advantage of Vanetti. At the bungalow he was four point four, one six seconds in front of Peter. The other race in the pattern, mounting fast, the blast and green, cruntry road has lacked to concluded. Johnson's lap two, La Speak, was under ten point three, four two hour. This is training and Benett lapsed at a hundred and nine point five, nine six miles. PROMIS stood at seven point to two, seven sevens right here. Sorry, seven point two two seconds. Oh all right, why carvison been turned fired with James Elliott, like with race or Michael Brown. Even British share MC coward completed the opposite us in terms of...

...the Fed and final lap. It was a Johnson went on to complete. He said today take race honors. happened. A hundred eleven miles, parrel plus in one's clinched face victory by eight point two four four seconds. Ran Open and he took second his he took his mountain course racing, putting cogitality into double figures. Cox, Michael Brown took fed. I was fourthing t t prowutiers jumping, Jamie cowards aboard, tied both craven manx not finalizing the top six finishes, where I would over speak, and our shod a superbike champion like Sweeney Com playing the top ten finishes with Michael Russell, Hefer and Bulloader, James, James Sillier after the last gasp effort to get the bike across the lad you have to you have to push it across the lad after later race issues with the CC racing Gamaha, right on to Monday's race action, beginning with the blue ribbons. Any race. It was a dominant performance...

...from orist to Cowen racings. Stephen Smith the first town point on Lapto MC Banellen. He was topped by Jerry Williams and David mccockernay, but by the next time and set the black bridge, previous favorite, crafty initiative, and from here he never looked back as a state take race victory honors by over thirty eight seconds, as fast as after the race was on lap two D twenty one point seven nine six miles of this boots and now monst the top underd and sixty fastest TV races of all time mountain course races all time, which the bottle for second between Jamie Williams and built mlbray's Danningham. So the players separated about the narrowest margins. The racest conclusion it was in eventing Williams for Peter by Zero Point Zero six Isaia point zero six eight of a second. You know, Tommy Club members David mccockerney and victor up as Santos placed respectively fourth and fifth. Summer till player older Chris Cook, who hills from Howick, the same saint part of Scotland. The T T liketion Steve Isla...

...completed the toxics finishes, rapping at the top ten finishes from of the captive that in intriguing. Sing markison prey, but Tom Robinson very impressive leading Europe at Maorick. Blonde collapsed over under the seventeen point three miles. Andrew Fisher and Jack Fowler were also impressed about trying for machinery. I will concluding race week proceedings short. Race Week proceedings of that was the RST classic Super Fight Race. Marys reporter from last Mondays as followers, just as the sun descended upon gland country road. The eagerly anticipated rust classic Super Fighting Marks from prey gone away at three fight tm a scintillating opening lap. Lap so just over six seconds covered first and fourth fastest to Glenn Ellen. IMMINGHAM'S CRAIG NAVE held first at lap one's conclusion. Being Green or racing Robobson by only one point two seconds. You've all problems arose, Michael. Michael, I'm not racing... to halse. Sixty nine tackle instead of the strategies at seven fifty state team classics is Zimkey Health Fared Point five, eight nine behind Hudson. The LAP too onwards the battle for class spoils became fairly between naven Hodson, by the Bungler nine player. The Hodson was interface heading team Mac hars naive by point zero, seven nine five of the second. The laptose finalization. Just two, point, five, six seven seconds separated Hodson and nave. If and narison started interfared, with raiding class champion David Johnson holding fourth. Twenty one times t t win it unlopputated at the PITTSMALL's Bryan McCormack Chale has concluded. OUR CRANE POST PACE stops under point seven of the second covered Hodson Nave of Glenn Ellen and Black Bridge by crank him owner green old racings, Hodson the race lead to just over four seconds. Going on to the fourth final Hodson's lead extending slightly to four and a half seconds. Drama and the Rose...

Alier on map far his names paid for victory concluding at graaper bridge is enabled Hudson to take the fame grip on race proceedings. Team MT Johnson to jumped up to second holdson went on to clinch the second marks on pre victories. First in the styear super blight class to fight for second. Finalized, we've rainy senior marks and premium and Harrison bagging second, making a green old racing one two after a strong final lap, saying the quickest s apper the race slapping at London Twenty six point three to six hours per hour, the fastest half. We should sit overall the two banks. I was a s Johnson competed in his first mountain corpse affiliated race. When he's fired point six, one, seven behind Harrison, the hand racings riding name top fourth seven times, t t a winner nine times with Carl Van, pre winner, Michael Fifth, I was shod a superbike champion Michael Sweeney occupied six. Concluding, the top ten finishers were so our stid runner, Legh Johnston, mcalleny, the COO. Well, Barry Forever, who said off during the morning,...

...morning one session, and Willcock Con suting supported and then that was that, the conclusion of the two banks. Like I said in the previous podcast, it left me wanting more. I'm sure the races countless fans fishing had, as fellow media fla the notice recently the cup, the TV coverage of the events, good exposures for the meeting. I must stay there. That, in my opinion, saying aspects were covered the event, for example, the newcomers such as Albert walcome out, Patty Morris, Marrick Blonde podcast today, Ritzie and BOTTLECO's great performances. So yeah, all it's left to say is to those listen, you know you've enjoyed the latest for address news podcast. Paul was Jennifer talk under mile and our Tornado lightspe. But it was it was a great overall Manxcran parts. Just to shame it ended so. So I think the obviously would have would have gone up ten fold, even more if it had been over the weight. So well, black and see what...

...happens in the future for the banks from proberbly revert back to a two week format when we keep at nine D format. The main thing I opposite the event as a prosperous, illuminating great future, because it's a much needed events for road racing. Help to bring through the TV stars and tomorrow. No, it's just doom. Helps Equating them with the fable submifical out. Of course, sir. Is it? Is it the next podcast, with the return of the Bamboos a quiz question? We'll be ableswing give me the answer to the previous band booms a quiz question. Then another samely tricky question for your road racing fishing. How those out there? Those are your like stats to do the road racing just oous in general facts. Yeah, once again up you. Enjoy the latest edition news podcast by.

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