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Episode 64 · 6 months ago

Road Racing News Podcast - IRRC Special


A special podcast today as we focus solely on the recently revealed, provisional 2022 IRRC Supersport/Superbike entry lists.

Each rider provisionally entered is covered, including:

* Supersport class returnee Marek Cerveny

* Former Superbike Champion Vincent Lonbois

* UK representatives Mark Purslow & Jamie Williams

* Series Newcomers

* Up coming talents

* Championship contenders

I could go on and on, if you like the IRRC (International Road Racing Championship), this is definitely the podcast for you!

Hi want to welcome back to the road resumes podcast. My Name Steve. Reality. To road resumes. That the UK, and for today's podcast it's a special one as we focus surly on the recently in build two thousand and twenty two Ir Provisional Irs, soap sports, soup bike, and through this we terms of the soap white class. So if you've been broderish news you'll see this article. Now lesson fety six riders are entered, including rising stars, rising force's established funds, such as did the a grams. Who carries the number one plate? Even questions that forget. As one of the prime favorites, the BLUET chairman will continue with association with doing the Mtrarad Machinery, and he suppiled games about the GG Motor Sport Squab, whose official team then, as in two thousand and twenty one gening motor spot by BMW motor rat like a challenges to Multirac champion grams include series under a clash year flow power bikes backed Lucas Moira. We sent these returning to the TT races. More...

...on that in another podcast coming up. The consequently, sorry, consistently improving Darby doubts. A competes under the MTP, racing sine tnix, basically valley's working choice. Supports of pens firteen, which in cent of these title sponsors sin T nix. In ASERNA Costa. They can feature sin tenix racing by pens FT team and also very engine through interesting entrade, retaining form of champion instant Lombo, with no question, I think, to the spice things up amongst the established with runners up. See himself at sea, but a few years away there, I say. But this scene, two thousand and eighteen millie filling racis onside dannie Weber Shimmer. It's still got that proven real worlds craft had he once to watching through joyden besting. Look at the tardy often by mrp Jue of Laura offered the Maxx Calson and also day to the two of entrant camel hoone and we wish all the best. Today's Day turned two...

...hundred d remember. Takes Place on the fifty seven laps. Takes place just after six, six o'clock. UK towns have the one one pm America town. I don't leave your Cai's only could representative mat bears a competes getting the IRS souper quite class this year, planning to bombs race at so works. There's only bloom hard team at was you, cal Jews, was an up in the air as camp plush year, and also the really Ir Se Sup spot champion periods B am around of the foot of the full provisional entry list. So I've got didya grams. As for Mental Ascott Nickol mole competes for the all the motor spot by Adache Edique MIS old team great race it for silly, as tackers depicts. For the old seventy eight racing team by Hija Motor Sport. Pont has row west Linger's whole pounces name and it's with poem... marker sinking and creates under the mark ut to parley sinkon and banner. Those your cow Jews are four bench. She map pays off the picks again for never be clever racing team. You'll also be competing for it to tea tea this year. That's your Pou Chat live is our pronounces them. It's under the spotted by MC rackle. Bit Home till me because Myris four men in spotied by bowl power bikes being zone. Things Welt. Mara Racing, CAL randering joy support from Rob Van age technical support. Those in for when we've mentioned previously version that blow and hard patrick off competes for the newman racing team Lebtaris for Menation, MACs Carlson as four mentioned Eddie Fair racing team fects. It spotted by Yama Ja cubs. Spied by the SGL racing in national road race team. You have a strim back. That's his teammate today, Datsa. It's MCP racing on David dats A as revolts. Already four mentioned very fournted old, cold invested Ryan Hard Shrak. Picture of the Muggli racing... Mike couplings is supported by Texas. Not Has Rob van each suppotted by his own van Ege Technical Support Company. Camel Howne will despotied by a blue carriage this season and Hannah Brandon Burg in spotted by mhb racing in man. The entrance to mention include Olivier look bag team name. He'll be complete for his team. Not a Mile League. A Little Kay m will which snap. Now the it's up an ounce in another top jepper address was D mot spoken Petz, for I can cohern and Pku to racing the team he compete for. John Pierre Poulette, established Belgian roads conpector. It's JP racing team, as four mentioned, Vincent one bound Laura Often Andreis Yak Jackum ttsl So ed dot the camera tech is his title sponsor. That's once for Marshall.

Elves nets te key powered by shut flicks and parries. Be Am like of Benship, feel previous competitive spanning. Taking the TT racist. She supported a game by the Marty motors racing squad. Racing Team Americ BLONC steps up to the IRAC Soup Fight Class and completes with the team being m swell renny. A grum day beats for this ED S G and a coastamooses four benationed and the Costama sir very interesting, Laba at President, in terms of the proficial interest for the irs, and so quite class guarantee fantastic racing, but without, as what my also see, the old high profile wildcard that Events Ro seas, which remind round they gets underway in the April angle in the Netherlands, right onto the soap of sport. Class now twenty one races at present sets tackle fire on Ires to spot series, and this opposite in terms of the entrance, includes the raiding champion, Matt that's PAS beam will be... the successful defense the art so spot seals. He's doubly the plugside competition in the soap bite class and as in surfwit class, he competes with the Martin Murters. Racing too. The Clarion a mission from the provisional SOAPI can try CHECKER retolation marriage of any Sept thundred and ten six hundred CC machinery. Twenty two of US two in consideration for the title in clothes. Second sort of fair place finishes last years series, or was your cow Jo and Peter Niageman and other stops count for potensi fronts. Putting finishes include Northwes studding, the UKOM Ayld Hanburg, very fast rising starf retaining team slates a drinks almost falter, Kevin rigget and welcome Racing Attende, the LCA, Racing Christians. It's great seem packing actually after a serious instant at Horace bus sheer UN total five manufacturers enjoy representation. We at higher enjoying the substamtal bulk representation with Levin Racist Sets, pilot Eiser, the a six, Shane right right. So...

...the funcial list for the this is irs soup bite, sorry, soap spot championship. It's Falso, obviously, in four mentioned peris be and Christian's fits for pizza fellas he racing. Julian Craigniet is spotied by Les Tabor Cels Cow jus Four mentioned Matt Pairs are as in soap spot, sorry, soaf bight. Cost competes with any clever racing are when band what's spotted by the SP racing team recur better spotted by The v APP vetter risk from squad John Ross billiger expearence French roads, coppetty to. It's supported by a t MC fit five s fasting frocture, teammates to Thomas Falter picture team slates, Drake Marrick Shaveni, who returns to the piracy to spot class. It's followed by W APP stroke, a B racing groving Finnish words and pettits and Sekosky, supporting ad the AK fifty one racing team. When Voltria spanted to return to the...

...marks some previous year he suppotied by the pastor from spot racing team. Cali Mantas Sari is spotted by team shall mere Peter Nije, when is spotify, Festa, professional profession, and now Ni Naradi by NCA. Take Thomas Falters, for mentioned, plezze team sites a DREEK and there's black chair. Arguably then Max edient period races, certainly in time and pictures own team road racing team black chair is also Gerald Das entered. Jamie Williams entered as well. From the hour manage bands taken as many IRC rounds possible competing for the Jlj so and see racing. Same being she'll giming was during the IRC season this year. Remember for manks some pretty Pudy and Finisher Yan and Bager's fore mentioned for eight, another the title favorites definitely want to watch. and Ras Jockom as well. He's entered spoted by it TTS El Soo d the camera tech,...

...and Kevin Rigot was spotied by the key we racing team. So like in so quite class an intriguing entry and I think the racing the end of year in so spots going to be, I competitive. The addition of Aristius any to the entry list. It's going to had some of differently. Hasn't competted on six hundreds for while on the roads. In terms of in the IRS category. It's going to be intriguing. So how he doesn't come against slights of the hes. be on those are cows. You'll be on Hanburg, Christian Smiths, Thomas Faults. It's it's going to beat it's could be another fascinating irsh Just Fox Chas, which was running fan style by sheer, by Pieros B and so yeah, Fantastic Year of irs racing in arounded. This entry lists broke cook crop and covered during the past week is provisional. It's still not fall on confirmed and try so. They still could be fair. Entry is coming in from ARY side profile races. I don't be surprised... see the IRS so bike ancious extent to expand to at least Fox competitors and the SOA spot past to expands at least over twenty five competitors. So that's all that. It's on the IRC series for two thousand and twenty two. Another podcast coming up, possibly on Sunday, might be on Monday, and it we did detailed the latter shows regarding the eagerly anticipating turning TT races will be use on start numbers in Optionson's high profile move back to ties racing. No beating under no occupy the WAUKIVI new motor ad. Bye tes racing and, as remember, the team in that gare lots of enterprising tt affiliating news coming up. Obviously we're still still to hear the ceded numbers in terms of the top twenty eight paired classes for the soak bight souper stock senior soap spots of twin Siki races was a little announcing. Are predicted that color commins...

...will be retaining number one plate this year's TT race and we can album them on play in two thousand and eighteen and two thousand and nineteen. So I'll see if I'll see if I'm right. So I'm sometimes writing the predictions, sometimes that I'm a bit fifty fifty sir. Obviously in the triguing used to find out within the air few sure, as always, keep positive, keep going. This has been the dressing US podcast by.

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