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Episode 83 · 2 months ago

Road Racing News Podcast - Frohburg, IRRC Champs


Drama was never to far away across the recent IRRC season finale at Frohburg.

Our latest podcast, alongside covering Vincent Lonbois, Marek Cerveny's Superbike, Supersport title successes, also covers:

* Maiden road race victory for roads newcomer Clinton Seller

* Jorn Hamberg's impressive end of season performances

* Final IRRC Superbike/Supersport season standings

* Accomplished form from Thomas Walther, Lukas Maurer and Sweden's Markus Karlsson

* Rapid chat from the podcast host!

I want to welcome back to the road Racing Umes podcast named Stevie Ray to road Racing used to Kurt Uk and for today's podcast, we're focusing on the recent i are C season final Throe BG Right. We're firstly recapping in Soaper fight action from the opening Soaper Races throberg RS Soaperway Races should state those variable conditions were in prospect and it turns to be a quite intrigue and captivating in frawling race after time keenly contested lapse posing staff Incent Bombao, he May's best taking a vital race success of the title rival race Puls David Dar's a just one point five six five seconds separated MHA BMW Pilots whilst fair place finishing DiDio Grams was only a fair for point for in ourn eight behind MTP races. That's a rowding up to top six where performers racing after It's Virgil and the Blow, Finland's an Starmer Swiss as Lucas Moira whose chances of in in i...

RS title ended Rapid Banks and pre Marick Blanc back to seven and a fellow countryman d fair Master those occupied nine as former IRSIC Superpop champion joined invest in the first ten finishes well, this recapp in the overall top twenty finish eleventh was Patrick Off twelve, Nickla thirt team, Thomas Toff fourteen, former MACS Pretty with Count fifteen, MTP races, Shohama's Shimbec sixteen andres shock um those Calgary was a T t ucomer this year was seventeen eighteen, floy Ja Cubs nineteen, Martin Ridal and twenty of many grown really grown. That's it always pounced unto the irs. Soup Quite Race two for a bog so after ten races across five different nations, just two points covered. Vincent Lombau David that was the title decided backing Ultimately he was motor Tech supporting. Lombao would claim...

...the second I Super Quite title. This labot asked, but it was made easier following the early race two challenges from TP racings. That's he endured the high side incident, from which he did remountain. It makes you thought his way back up to fifteen foot by then it was it was two of it as long about did what he had to do to take championship. Picture went on to finish seventh, while Sendings in plenty replaced upon the super Quite title contenders. Lots of Focus was also on the First Time I Asked You with Brobank, Newcomber Clinton Borick Seller should also manage the real road to uncomer as well. On the mounted cellar competed under Depends fifteen, Umbrella showed that extremely impressive speed rout up in despite the challenging conditions in the mid one forty four seconds bracket Sellers top to shower, finishing just of a three point seven seconds In arrears with Swiss as Lucas Moira, Sweden's Marcus Carlson Backs was fourth, fifth, sixth, respectively. Where Starmer Video Grams, Nikola Mueller those are...

...the blow mab took eight, nine was Ednye Fair and ten it was Thomas Tough because You're on a swim Beech took leventh, Marshals the twelve five team Comra over forty andres YOCOM fifteen, David That's was afore mentioned six team Joined and Weston seventeen, Ryan Hard's track, eighteen, Voye Jacobs, nineteen for Olivia Lukbeger and twenty of Colan. In terms of the final irs, Superquake champions standings, Vincent Longbaud was a four mentioned champion by just nine points of the David. That's a great title fight for the season between the two of them. Bed overall this season Lucas Moyra and have a good championship finish for the improving switch road taste both Finland's Stama fifty grams six virsion of them hard seventh showed them best in eighth Patrick Off nine for Marks Carlson and tenth Marshal Elsner in total. Sorry until twenty seven riders scored points finishes this year in...

...the I r S Superbike category, including the UK is Darrel Anderson home to the IRA who was spotting Canters at forever now. In the opening super Sport race the Storry what is great as far as is as far as we should becoming just a second race of in history to claim at least three and more RS titles. Marriage of an his solid runs are fair in the up the middleweight class race Fever proved more than enough for the checker Is to wrap up two r S Supersport Championship race victor nearest championing challenge. You're on Hamburg you're going into this weekend's farm around that lots of luck would be needed for him to secure a maiden I r S title. Nonetheless, it's been an impression season for the rising Dutch talent and suitors Performance racing AWAK talk asa to Hamburg...

...from this morning. Throburg support racing was team Slights at Drinks Someone's Falter Walter's teammates Pasty in procture took forth behind the four mentor champion which any whilst fifth six positions were occupied espectively by Moira Puccini and their win ban Wat. He played the top ten finishers a Rico vetter than Marx, leading pure road racer Andre's black Shat, Kevin Riggott and Finland's Ancy Costi. Now in terms of IRS soaper spot throw bedground wild card twice, soap Scot t t and Gary Johnson and made him thro Abur Good Drink success looked a strong possibility before his challenge ended. Before up seven Elapse six finalization, he was only point one six seven down on the eventual race with the above showcased Handburg. In total, just seventeen races completely up the ras. Sucepoint in counc also the second Aras Soup Spot Racing, despite conditions not been ideal, twenty two Rastic Support...

Championship concluding in prominent fashion. This championship players Young Hamburg marriage and then he jostled it out for race honors hip and took across certainly elapsed by mid racistance duck Chase Hamburg at the egh on Venny Hamburg would maintain a strong advantage to the second flag about five point two seconds of our three times higrassing Supersport champ team sites A Dreats. Thomas Falter took third behind Hamburg. Was there's to be racing teams everyone ban Wit impressed a game. You're finishing a very creditable fourth positions fifty ten points in the following KIWI Racing teams giving Rigott, Julian craigniet Andre's black any cost swasting fracture and twice Superport team to winner Gary Johnson. Overall, because fifteen races completed, the finality Supersport Racing the season and taking eleventh was Those Cows twelve Andrew Shock unflective, Benjamin Boomy fought Mora Poncini...

...and fifteen tier Seema. In terms of the final Ares Super Pop Championship standings is I've already sourcased the multiple occasions arabs of any of the champion by just over twenty five points in front of your Hamburg Fair. Overall this season, Thomas Falter said, and it was those cows you spasti in fructure, Anders Black Chair, Jillian Craigny, Kevin Riggott and Csky. Overall twenty three races score points finished, including the much missed Pa Barslor. So that's the RC season final covered another top draw season of racing multiple different winners the preceding championship titles. He's growing it would be nice, saying if future the manufacturers increased their levels of support. It's a fantastic championship. It's proper road racing. It's a it's proper bike racing. It's it's undistilled, it's raw, it's...'s got the essence of the Formula one t T Championship field from the eighties. And we shall say it's been reported by Jim and Rod Racing Fishing Harder the Story and the Jordan that the Slates a Drink Circuit will join the IRS calendar in twenty two slits a Drink. It used to be part of the I R S calendar and it's good to see jam and the oldest street circuit set to retain the sexual in three it is all Way, It's out. I would anticipate a minimum of a six race schedule for the three r C series. Well, I would imagine events again at Hangler Matra Horace for a big and of course that sits a Drink does listen to you. People enjoyed the latest road Ates news podcast. Our next podcast focuses on the seventie of Scarbor Girl Cup and what a gold cup it was. All lest it says, hope you enjoyed it. Say that I hope you enjoyed the's rod Us news podcast. See you, let bye.

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