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Episode 70 · 6 months ago

Road Racing News Podcast - Buzzing With Excitement


I'm sure road racing aficionados are buzzing with excitement ahead with the North West 200, TT Races set to soon take centre stage.

In the meantime, our latest podcast covers the following:

* KDM Hire Cookstown 100 review

* Around A Pound Tandragee 100 review

* TT press launch round-up

* What's next Superbike wise for Michael Dunlop

* Michael Rutter, Jim Hind aboard Team ILR Patons at TT 2022

Plus the usual bamboozoler, stats/facts from Cookstown, Tandragee and some forthright opinions!

Everyone and welcome back to the road rassing Games podcast and NAM Steve Rady. Tough road racing us the KIRK UK and for today's podcast with foxing primarily on the recent cooks. One wondered Tangari under meetings was all the latest gossip. Great to see Irish reddration retaining style promising to that of the seasons. Lots of great racing. Has Been Drama. There's been thrills as it's been excitement. Has Been unfatunally bad weather as well. But the Satan started. The last one cooks down and there's our rundown in terms what happened to cooks and well, the senior support race honors went to upcoming Sir Jack. All over, definitely one for the future is Jack. And Up Behind Jack was killing Ryan and fired was I again, both Michael Gillen fifth, Marcus Simpson six, only no shock row the one, two fives, motive free race. On has went the dominant fashion to be being sort rk racings. Michael Brown, where his engineerings recetan color racing in form in showed the shock grew second as on more fed Barry Davidson took another, yet another Irish drace which to soup spot frame success head of treason and racing team at barrel tweed. Steve Moody placed Fed and the Super Sport are race went to the fore book of Adam McLean to spot six hunderslack record that cooks down taking race honors. Mike brownly second fair pole job and preser racing. But she was racing his own are six Shamahar cooks down forth Michael. Twenty five count and race is dominic care, it said, and six or old sweet. It's soap twins. Soa from on a B. Race went to IG Wolsey, age, great character, under up behind a share Switzerland's evil had he cooks one hundred deputy on the fast Swiss putting finish. It cuts down in the twenty one century and fair place went song ten. Racially the Jonathan what who was in the league and looks on cars for a pretty comfortable race victory. But on the last up does drama and ill and ended with alls he taking ons in front...

...of Laddie I profile addressed a bit Tomp Mawer. World was competed in Lassal soap stock fousand championship, probably National Super Stop Bois Champship the national soap stocks. It's underchampship, which is in the purdum finisher. He placed fourth and of course he's making his tat debut this one for the DP core planning TC racing team. SOAPER twins soap from on the air race. On as went to raining Jut road race Frankie champion, Michael so they look at the other's head of Dominic carvits and fair went to Paul popsy. William should menation. This race the arrest was red fag findings involving race leader Adam mcclaim, which he made some scared unscared. So when the race restarted it paved the way pretty much the scary sweeny to take the honors. But Not Bob, but not before overcome in t nasial opposition invites of habits in and Paul popsy Williams Junius spot areas on as when selling those shop pro second to Michael Girl and the fair Danningham, Tommy could member. We can make some pretty number Gavel Smith place fourth and of course someone hundred deputy time junior support the race. Onors went to IG Wills as second win of the day UNDERPAS Games Chris Mayer and Fed Stay Walsh right on today. Dramatic, as to be said, up in air championship race, the Regal race out so as a four managed drama, a plan take for the clusion involving Mike Brown and Michael Sweeney. Also be from the incident which also involved Paul Jordan. I fast fall jolled out. The remaindered me and also Michael Brown at the rest of the meeting having sustained ankle injuries. Wish Michael all the best. As a cover up through the same back at the TT races, he's been rolled out of the northwest. Hundred of boss rolled out of the time to game. One unders...

Jerry Williams will be taking his place above to be racing rk racing. Why is the fact Shamaha at the Northwest Two hundred times for the soaper spot race is still to be confirmed? Be racings for K racings line up the super bike soup stock races. Once races restarted, it was Michael Sweeney took took the honors and a MAC new cars akes having the claim. Fed Went Thomas Max up for rich child and fifth dom the care. It's in six Grand Kennedy borry Davidson comes yet another actual dress when it's ham in the junior. Three fifty classics Ares. Junior. Two hundred and fifty classicks a on has went to foot shore. Junior. Three hundred and fifty classics be on as Wence Robert mccorm two. Two hundred and fifty classics B race, which we went to Richard Ford and the cooks. Some one hundred B race on as it's turvey shown ahead of Popular Watzman Matt raised from fair going to Darrell Anson. Senior. Thousand classics race or TV pair stout sounds world record. Older Guy I'm out in set set the PACER recently before being gradually led in by Andy Hornby. It ultimately overtook him and a guy was ultimately forced out of contention with what paid today mechanical troubles. You See, the thousands classic state. Sandy d went on take race victory. We'll see, and they was Bein a very series right in front of the good wood good good wood revival meeting. Seniorfi hundred of classics. Honors went to John Lee Pemberton ahead of Matt Parrot UN ten TT. Compare Pharmacy Marks. Some pretty winter fair to win to Anthony Ambler. The feature is the show piece. Kadi Amery cooks some one hundred areas. So for out for the in fat race start. A fantastic battle front us between Michael Sweeney and a them claimed there was nothing in it for out the first six laps. But I'm on the seventh lap.

Red Flags are rose following instant involving back in the cars aks clan. Fortunately, as with four mentioned instant in the super twins are race, he mazed unscathed, but it dilutantly rule him out from from the restart of the race. On racing restarted, it was scary. Sweenia took the honors and claimed Grand Final Honors. Is Fed winning the day and this scuared him of the coverted matter the meeting the world when up behind, so it might Jud's race and supported sweene was Thomas Maxwell and fair Richard Shout with the white maps. Four mention Maxwell. You joined an incredibly positive start to his latest real road racing campaign. Really finishes behind Maxwell and Kennedy, with Graham Kennedy, Dominic Covitson, Sam Johnson, Anthony Redmond, Chris Dunkin and Paul Cranston. There's a few facts regarding the cooks. Down one hundred there was seventeen different race winners because he wh racings. USULIAN trummer deministrations from the finish fastest show come of our best lap time of one minute twenty eight point eight one eight seconds securing the first race. Start to think she could down one hundred areas top under under in the really started feature race was the other gree Paul prmiston declared the manner of the meeting accolade. Forty years coming in one thousand nine hundred and eighty two blea twenty four races sets up one minute fifty on second lap times. whist by racing in compucy riches and Kelly racing is bike brown when we wish a very speedy recovery. Setting your lap record Friday and qualifind are on Friday, popping it one minute twenty three, but eight five one seconds allry Davidson, I was twenty one cook standard through is just five shy wins record over Bryan Far Qua grand finals. Soa Bite race with a Michael Sweeney is I recorded in two thousand and ten fifty two Irish'd race victories.

Adam claiman Sadday made it the sadly when from the meeting to plus man it free successive soup spot a race accesses cooks down. Richard vulier movies. Now Francis Fastest, cuts down expert and Christ is our JEM's fastest. COO STANN EX burning. Overall forty eight different races across Fridays Sat. These races claimed podium finishes as a previous state of junior spot by race and up evil addy became the first race of from Switzerland to secure a pallium finish. It cooks down. In twenty five century there was two of you. There was still as a freeing you outline outright class weight records and the Home Bay see new thousand classics. Seventy six point six seven earn miles, prober, J Bel Smith, seventy nine put one five five miles prower in terms and Supermodo category and Darrel tweed took spot three hundred seventy three point two, seventy five miles per hour. My undertandrew GAE. Just one week later, some fantastics out seeds in brilliant took back the pop parting on time gregate great met in Tamarie cost we are how many is a mini TATA. It's got a mix of everything and it's it's definitely ideal preparation, in my opinion, in particular for the tea take. Unfortunately, post a fantastic coif qualifying Dave qualifying conditions, but absolutely spot on. Who Ever took, as anticipated by many. Looking at the long time forecast, we all was the time for the West. Conditions were moist say the least. Despite this, racing did take place and these are results from the racing. The took center station took place. Terms of junior two hundred fifty classics, there was only four finishes. It was Brian Ma tea, another steryear racing. Great took the honors just over a minute head of Filip Shot Faed Asia rules eight. Fourth cow parks, junior...

...hundred fifty classics. Barry Davidson made it ninety four Irish old race victories with up with a last lap success of a Nigel more fed went to Andy home before John's fifth. Jonathan the run, Jerry Sport Class or Jack Olliver concer continue to rise. Taking a fantastic risk, victory of Michael Again Jonathan, what good runs as well for Ronick and can Conshu, the right and white own caravan old place inspectively. Four, fifth and six, we have the open air is take place all but it was unfortunately, it was red fired after up any lapse for an instant involving forest dont and that race from which both Amazons gaved but following instantly left eye on the sake, and this led to a fairly moderate delay. She's a fairly length of it there. But once thea after the delay took place, we Ston had the soap sport are race to took am she phrase, and it was another great it's under the risk of timid, despite the conditions. fantastication felt that between Michael Sweety, mic older coupo dominic are. Soon, in the end it was dominic are. But said I mean to run out on the V racing irk, racing Yamaha, who took the honors just ahead of Michael say, with Micalda cop problems keeping very close spots of me. And if the race of the gone on touch longer before red flags rose, foot falling INS involving Tom Robinson, from which, we should say, amazing scathed. WHO's to say get the trickle, which the copop, the major victorious. Most definitely have the pace they were increasing sounds are into. So behind the COPA fourth went bilkno and five Thomas Maxwell, six POL Potchy Williams. Unfortunately, after the soap spout race, the rest of the meat was abandoned due to materiorating conditions. So disappointing ended the retaining Tangag under Sixty F anniversary times. Get One under but...

...on the less great, to say the meeting back on the schedule, it's fair to say. With the event, I think people to interesting opinions regarding the scheduling. I have to say a quifine took place post two PM on Friday. Perhaps if it started earlier, could we have had a few races take place in the evening. You know, it's ever easy answister schedule in at the end of the day we can only some marris from the outside looking in. There's reasons why they schedules tip their specific times in terms of broad close in order. But hope, but hopefully in the future. I think it's fair to say there's there's something a more balance scheduling prospects. The Times you world it's fun, fantastic meeting and I think we've a few little tweaks. It's good. Yea. It's got endless possibilities in terms terms of growth. So it's can off schedule road schedual for three years. It's great that it's returned thoughts. The shared weather was bad, but still my reads to run four races. Racing was good. It's like the conditions, but I say we're this would the schedule. It would be nice. I think it's fair to stay to see if you looks like others have mentioned it, to just open proven only spectiveles. That helps the rads as well. I think sating qualifying. So in the day it's but anyway, it's one of those things. So all got all different opinions. The level, all things and all to say is is finally just Weel and times. The organized is for any and also cooks. I wanted to organizers running a successfully the hundred anniversary. Someone under too curratulations them. By the way. If you want to mark so celebration the hundred anniversary of the Kadiameric it someone hundred. Final purchase to cook someone hundred. It's the tongue up. Fantastic book. I've actually...

...said it's worth every penny. It's full to the brim with facts and things, even things you never year you thought you probably might even realize. I thought that's that's that's correct about cooks. I didn't didn't realize that it's got this little bit little look at's a factors right all over all the book there's only reflections from but the flower showed racing greats. So yeah, it's like say, it's worth every penny. So if you're a racing fan out there, it's the most Pectus, alongside, I should say, whisham's bugged area of one of the red resues publication of it. Who's you hear a membories of the balance of Ad Resumes Facts Book. Leave me you what we disappointed. Rite share must plug out the way on to study pat gossip, measure them podocossic during recent times on the TAT front. It's amazing to reporting it again. Michael Dunlop, party company, poor bed Mutsbox, you guy. All. The question is what will be raise next? What's going to be? Is it build? This is whok? Is it on the machinery? Is it game? Do W machinery? Time will tell. Never discount the pleas of determined round up and bowel money. It's prove time and time again that impossible as possible really make this work again in Joan I can run. Jim Bad said to sea him up in the team. I alive might cover the I'll swell out in pattern machinery and the super twins, TT TT plus. Life passes. An hour available. I ask the anger around a pub to take a book will featuring our next podcast or the roundup of the captivating competition and go great conditions, returning styles as all she said to the IRSS is right, secruly Vincent Lombal. But what's here? Too much more, because it's fall. The next podcast we found of got reviewed the TT press launch. It's up there. Some just over it still the an hour gently... Chris Pitchyard, Amy Williams and stage player after set it felt more condense compared to previous press long she's there was less interviews. It felt to me almost kind of corporate famed. I don't know everybody else watch and know with W it was. It's called the tea, the TAT push channel and dom it more of than TV field and maybe seas why it was reduced at the time when but order like to see more into us, we didn't want any interviews featuring coin of comeings, David's old Jim, James Hill Yer, David Johnson one. We wish the very speedy recovery will. Fortunately it's been sad land from the office. Tw hundred and t series, aside an incidental and park second round, it a bit so quite championship we wish. We wish there the all the best, extreamly fast food, speedy recovery. Absolutely got it for the guy. It's waiting so long to get back to the UK racing by since the covid pandemics drill and dissed up and it's just it's just rotten look. But we wish him well to the PUTT, wishing the speedy recovering up for the seen him so back competing on the worlds. But we're turning to the TT press long track up. It just lacks something for me. This year's one. Maybe looking it from two which of the perious point of view, even I'm looking it from the commercial point of view, but even the questions asked mad the present is it didn't didn't fail the original enough. At times it felt. It felt a bit. You just did think quite capture for me the TT spirit enough. I don't know ebody else thinks games run even opinions. Please get in touch, but none the less. So now is it till tt two thousand and twenty two, and also not long to the northwest under let's keep it eye through Veris used for the last in the run up to the northwest to hundred. We're already don't part one,...

...part two, the previous. So stop. Prevoy coming up stone. Probably going to be tomorrow. They'll be released. Say It's all systems up in Sasha. Road racing. I answered the Vamboozle on the question I first the AST podcast was which roads creats nick named mad dog is the one and early Jim mildy from x under Rader, but lack record in one thousneeen e e Ta before retiring from the race in another, all time great road racing eight times TAT winner legend of the spot. Well, this Waik will do today's podcast from boos. The question features another modern they were in taster roads get by their bike or was recent so old in the fifty first streak, which Michael the best for this year's tating office. So wee compete skin for theatos racing team aboard into the machinery. So the question is Michael r took his fast soaker back office two hundred victory in which year? So which he did to take its first? So quite trim post competition are all the illustrious triangle corps. So of your road racing fishing adders that were so people enjoyed today's podcasts of one coming up. So it's fall mentioned on basting ir as see meeting Angler of assal ring in every one's it's always keep positive, keep going, whether it's getting better now, things cost. I was going to like this at an office to under and the TATA and at the Prett in the first threat massive. So six to eight weeks a road racing coming up shoe stand, with the season buzzing with excitement. I'm sure hundreds of thousands of you are follow the smart yeah, this has been the road racing years podcast. All right,.

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