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Road Racing News Podcast

Episode 65 · 5 months ago

Road Racing News Podcast - All About Start Numbers


Another one topic themed podcast today, as we detail announced start numbers by two, three wheeling competitors for this year's TT Races.

Racers showcased include:

* Wilson Craig Racing's Joe Thompson

* Manx GP winners Tom Weeden, Matt Stevenson & Dave Moffitt

* TT Newcomers Jamie Cringle, Milo Ward, Ilja Caljouw

* IRRC front runners Lukas Maurer, David Datzer

* French Sidecar favourite Estelle Leblond

Apologies if throughout I'm chatting to quick, to much TT endured excitement!

Remember keep positive, keep going, enjoy our latest pod.

I want to welcome back to the dressing US podcast. My Name Stevie, lady to road resting us to call at UK, and today's podcast is another special one as we focus early this time and recently anounced start members this year's TT races. This is in terms of races outside the seeded runners for the soap fight, so sport, soaper stock, lightweight and senior races. I should add a start members will not necessarily indicate the riders start positions, as the starting position outside the seedy runners will be detended by the pasture and qualify, meaning, for example, the right holding from fifty five put and for six plate could sap twenty one because that twenty five she's pasting practice with speedy enough for we detail. Recently announ start members love it. History. We got in Sathmums at the TATA. Over the past ten years, five different races have held the number one plate. Bruce Anstey comb in his NBA,...

James Cillier, Davy Johnson, call of comings obviously recently is coin of comings, as held them one plate in two thousand and eighteen twenty and I'd say John Mc Gettis sold in two thousand and eleven, two thousand and twelve, two thousand fourteen, twenty Fiveteen, two thousand and sixteen, Twenty and eighteen. Jim Silly held the one plate. Two Thousand and ten, Bruce ansty holding you runner plate, and two thousand and seventeen David Johnson helped plate number one plate round to the recently announce start. START NDS of time. You've seen this on Roderius us. If you didn't ridden say uppy, I've been so quite soap stopped and senior races was in creduation. Joe Thompson Holes of in the twenty seven plate. The number thing fancy till older is Matt Parrot. Mafety six is Stephen Parsons number fed. Seventy Steven Swift of the makes you figure atuate, and thirty eight is Cornwall's or a stunt number. Forty one, which Rass Julian trummer and the thoughts to expends fastest. He teas...

...for Rol Torres Artin, is number forty five is power money, his Dar old tweet. But before it's good see because my on the entry is obviously the end of last season. He had a major instant at Froberg. He's made a good swift recovery and it's good to see him back amongst interest for money considered the world biggest what spot event old wide and the thought the s Bishop Castle's Berry Fair and then thought it male ward the recent national soap stock thousand. It's voded, but he's Ashl SOAPSUIC's under podium finisher. Could have instantly how leaders he wants starting doing the tating a few years time, but it's been fast forward. It a he's how competing for them. channots, DP, CO planning, TC. Raised, which under this previously wet to likes of David Johnson. Age Event there. How, let's pick it see. Ike Te Ngasson took his herd and I've got a prone track record of helping bring on. Been Bring through the CT serousand tomorrow and sitting and see how mile gets on the board for things Bob, TC, racing, fire...

...blood, fellow mountain colst deputy time those you calju holds of them. The foxam put in the S pharmacing ranks and pre winter that Stephenson. Number fifty two is deave fused and were fifty three. Team classics is Juke's Tom Wadon and fifty five is doncasters Matt Cuttings. Number fifty sixty every great daily organ. Number fifty eight is wiggins shosts Daley recently ands to make his office two hunder debut number fifty nine steep DC racings make obery. Number sixty obviously penns fir teen lew started did adapts a round puts some D MTP racing. SINTI UNI's racing manner. Was it coming IRSC season? Number Sixty two is gone cooks, the racings hring of Perry. Number Sixty three is Richard Chilton. Number Sixty five twelve, world's favorite, reach hardesty and number sixty five another welcome to teny two. Frank Shaw's Brandon Krett shows American representation in the thousand CC races right on to the soaper sport class. Now number twenty two.

Older players. Older. It's market raisins, phil pro. I'll feel crow. It's going to be a one seceen. You riders for the Silker Right, soup stock and senior racist. Hence you. We don't know who start under just ship. Number Twenty three Isso great racings, Joe Thompson, and twenty four Tom Wading number twenty nine, Julian trummer with affective free Stephen Parsons and perfect five, Matt Stevenson, number thirty six, Damian Morgan, number thirty seven, Matt Parrot. Of the forty. They're old tweed and the forty one roll or as Martinez, a number forty to Jeremy cringlenther coming mork cost every time. Number forty four, forests dumb and the forty five on the Francis Fastest. Every TT pilots say add a and the forty seven paddent favorite at race. From the fifty three fellow Welshmen Raese hardest. They number fifty nine, which shouted. Number Sixty one, Matt gooden's number sixty three,...

...bury fair and number seventy five form irt super spore race with Ti a Jonathan collection right onto the super twing class. Number twenty two, Darrel Tweed, number twenty four, bury fairb number twenty five or still number twenty six, Jonathan Perry and the thirty three savery ad a and a few other names, tomnsion and the fifty hey now in fifty five, Johnthan question, number fifty eight as some buril fifty nine back little cries. Number six, Ka Corper, and we're forty one for makes and pre winner, dead moth it. Let's seven, Matt Race, let's and rold or as Martinez. What sound reis hardest. Take the Jamie cringe gys in soup swatter race is old, stood in the forty. Two plays ssarchis wise. Has not been too many start numbers ounce, but there's the ones that caught my tensed. Number...

Fourteen, he's leading female driver, stole a blond, joined by Clement career, who's a appounce of Fashion Museum. Number fifteen, Harry Payne. Matt votes mosued by the One thousand eight hundred and eighty six power and grill. Number Nineteen, Greg Lambert. Then Ride Umber Twenty seven, Michael Russell, formercm actually Prei, the mixic psychat et debil. It's driver on side. It's experienced Julie canniper and effective free mat cash sm which on ship lay the effects for father and son team of Rosser Stopton and badly Stopton, effecty six. But they're all French. Grow Paul Leglis, like lease, I believe, also them not only fun here effects it that another French team, says our Chanel Olivier, the Varel and number Fourty Golvin, Crockomor Mal and Leel Bez. So they guess the taste of the anounts. It's that numbers so...

...far, but I've also made recently. I you know, it's our face up. There'sion sat in the prediction in terms of the top twenty sevens for the seed for the tems of the seeds for the Fountain C series. is now my predictions as fall as I'm predicting connor coming to hold the numb one plate for the Fed. The Fed effectively defence secus't, not cluding competition. So they're TT in two thousand and twenty in two thousand and twenty one. I'm also predicting there racings. Dean Harrison told to plate number three and plus James Silly number for Jim Begin he said be a number five. David told him still to what has his plans for the season there? But there's a few padock whispers indicating he could be with packages racing. Could it will some craig racing will find up. So number six. Year I was predium through cat signing. I called a look up insidious bit higher for it tense Tis racing, of course, this year will be running under the Milwaukee. You need motor ad banner. Having got tax on. Six from senior responses will walking and it's he will hold the number seven plates. He up, she pouted in the right peer at Monday. Big Us, brand new EM thousand...

...are statement sort of improven. Be soaper Franks. Number I believe, will be David Johnson and the nine Michael Utter, Peter Atman, mountain colstock record older. I believe we'll building number ten, plate number eleven. I pis of Carrig Johnson, number twelve, Jimmy Coward and the thirteen Lee Johnson. Fourteen, ful crew, fifteen, Brian Cormack, sixteen dominickrets and seventeen Derek Shields, eighteen, Sam West, Nineteen Shot Anderson, twenty, Derek Ky. So when they're so I'm right. Guy's my predictions in terms of the top twenty status. I'm using fifty when it comes to predictions, sometimes right, sometimes there wrong. It's like like in anything in life. See, yeah, so that's all the lately in terms of on the terms of tat start numbers. This year's TT races and it ons to God I'll under it under eighty days now for taty takes place. Under three months. It's getting...

...close. Wils getting close, obviously, to the start of the season cooks down. So you know, it was always keep positive, keep going. Slightly Charlott podcast cleared to old previous one in terms covering the IRRS and realist but who enjoyed it? Quick run down in terms of the start members for this year's t too races up. I haven't spoken too quick nice of the outside to side today. Thoughts with people effective at the situation in Ukraine, looking peaceful resolution there see as as four mentioned. As always, keep positive, keep going. This has been an adds news podcast all right.

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