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Road Racing News Podcast

Episode 63 · 8 months ago

It's Series 6, Not Series 5!


We all make mistakes don't we? Well I have in this week's podcast, I mentioned it's the start of series five, it's series six!

None the less, it's given me a title for our latest chat on all things pure road racing related, which include:

* Michael Dunlop's link-up with Paul Bird Motorsport.

* Cookstown 100 centenary celebration latest

* Tandragee Junior Classics race title sponsor unveiled

* TT 2022 entry process concluding

* East Riding Stages Rally

Not forgetting of course the bamboozoler, the podcast host chatting at the speed of sound and keeping positive vibes going.

I would welcome back to the odtherous news podcast. Now Steve Reality through road reous news. That curly Uka when I want a series five of the Road Ressus podcast. maazing stay up or main topic this Wak revolves around them. I couldn't lock pout in the pole bed nott spot F for our Panegawachukti at the northwest under and TT races. This year team coordinate for two thousand and twenty Britis. So quite champions. PBM John Moa stated about the recent measuring us. We are delighted to be able to fulfill our promise and commitment to Michael Not two years later than we had hurt. And so when it goes brocome fairsy of Michael. We con found to factor about poor by must but the same machinery and to various rather recent side is for this is make it experence in this season, I'll say recently an article that as clearly lots of factors have got to line together too. K Paki's seen around the triangle, in particular about course reliability and Questionablese. Top alongside every area being covered, top end, speed, handling, durability, road holding, endurance in the Tati forms a distinct part of q kse History and sussess issue. Success dissume would mean awful lot to them and the volves to be consistent from the Roson Britty soap fights. Well, soap fights and motor Gip a very sational championships worldwide, and a soap by senior t t Richard would add something unique to the time manufactured twenty one century rising portfolio. You know the packies that Quk I have represented them at the TT's Al too strong, as if Poulbad Mut spot might be absent from the TAT paddock in two thousand and fifteen. But the proven winners, the series competitors to know what it is say that or films of Mos like curcy when the end to any race. Well, while I'd absolutely there's only one goal for them, rice, which it's the same for day. You've team employee. Be For our pilot, you'll be for our powert Michael unlop should an't off of as you tourist is somebody will mit...

...take is TT. Marx Wins Tallly to seven, having already enjoyed success with Honda, Yamaha, Karazaki, sizuki being to bew and pattern the aloty semi to reclaim his big bake TT crown. You know the ways. UKT See could be the golden ticket is. It takes of lights the top more on core speeds period than Dean Arison commic comings. It's almost asking now to put its our the chip. Don Ching Kate combinational fair on the roads during two two thousand and two manti generally would be let's wait and see. Is peeled simply. Can Be as simple as am in my opinion. This, this, the combination of by clothing, Kukatty could could prove unbeatable. It could prove unpredictable. It might not work out, it could work out, might work up in between the sill. Let's let's wait and say. There so many questions to be answered. One thing is for Shawder. This week's announcement has added to the increasing excitement of the Tati certa off was to under us, which welcomed return. Also, obviously, recently has been masing regarding so one under organizing organizational changes to the organizing team behind friendly races. The pretty t classic capacity take the same in recently issued by some one hundred Racing Club Chair and George Peach stated, following fill an in depth review of the ever increasing challenges. First bid the club in organizing and running it's not cycle racing meetings and after ongoing discussions, the consultations with the Department for Enterprise to department made the decision to a point a year, events limited is the official race organizers for all the red race events on dowland down man, including our three meetings, along with the TATA and banks from Prey Soles. will be a transition yea with our risk control team showing the A se events team hour our meetings are UN couple. Continue to retain owner ship of our events and continue to manage the race organization based administration, including entries. We're extremely proud of...

...our events and have taken the decision to ensure the continuation looks like racing on the blood circuit with in Sharon spin as tremendous burden the club. We wixtremely grateful to Department of Enterprise but a volume support in this area. Coluby remain fully committed to continue tradition of the friendly races into a successor famiship. So hopefully, as I mentioned by George, page of their inn immense assistation on the arising with sub it's a great event, it's great traditions and I think with a spot of ACO events, lilited, how many department for and surprise, it's often a little bit to get that next level. To me it's a bit of a sleeping giant. I think it's already really popular. Someone hundred, so the Friends of the races, but I think to get that next levels a few literally components needed and I think you know, in years to come the s one under I could be considered. You know it is alongside of North Western instagram prayers. was something questioned. They on the most important red races. To it obviously already is one of the most important races to win rate for races and teams, but it ends of Fox to races who I'm actually previously competed at someone under. They may be tempted now taking some hundred. In years to come things crossed. From said, is also talk of live TV coverage in in their fifture, the some one unders. That's another positive for someone hundred, basically fans and events of all events on the austrious castle town based Bland Course Rights in times of game. One hundred. SPONSORHIP news. Inside Trophies and the grave will provide sponsorship for the junior classics. Racially was heading around come timbre. One hundred. We celebrates their ple sixty if anniverse right, amazing STA that inside True Pas Ay graving if...

...for many years for the under a relatives, Traffic Canza, maintaining the events, trophy, strup medals and speaking recently about before mentioning company directors, or inside trophies and engraving girl and it's it gently stated. We inside trophies are proud to be associated with the Tundra. One hundred. Cycle road races. Our family has had a long involvement, not cycle racing in many forms, but road racing was a favorite of company founder. Very kind side lions. We wish riders, organizers and spectators a safe and great days racing. But it's not until the entry process officially concludes for the year's time to be a one hundred. Expect a strong blend of rising stars, established Irish roads grates up coming talents. Season roads powers to destend the palm and all farm our mot cycle carcal limited organizement, which, reminder, takes place from the twenty nine thirty. If Bro Right now, we'll click up. They're on the cups one hundred. All these words put together by my good friend Bill McCoy. Expect strong blend. Sorry, that's so. Same Forum, the twenty two Kiddim I cups down wondered just over a couple months toward the organizing could continues to look forward to ways, especially if the Cook's Down District Cycle Club, unly in nineteen twenty twenty two, founded in nineteen twenty two. The club is celebrating it's some teen a year. This year it's coincide with the club's one hundred anniversary. A static motorcycle and memorability display will take place in the Ben Avant Arts and Cultural Center cookstown. But it get beginning on seventh three April, Thursday pass and the April and we're on Monday twenty five April one until Monday twenty four federl s sixty. Mission will include some rare memory Alia with the cups to wonder versis over the years, including photographs, newspaper cuttings, along with motorcycles, risk of cooks down, the despair the display.

This display because will have free admission and he's on the second floor. The showing is easily as accessed from the barn road car park. Ben Road cuts down and we'll be open during the hours of the Ben of on and Arts Culture Center. By GIP returns for the two thousand and twenty two event, with the annual classic bike run taking place on the shoes the eighteen for April, departing from the Ben Road Car Park. The seven fairs PM. Right, right, B I want next years we get rolls around. Well, this is some other major measure of two twenty twenty process is officially concluded. Now when work at a glance at the perspective nup for the TAT now included. Obviously, Bichael, a lot of all bad buts box you cake, James Van David Johnson thought the rich, energy, im g racing being the views which all sad. Dominic Abbot said, this is obviously been announced. sentially powerty as well. There are being doing machinery. Obviously dumb. It's seven two one facts and as Probate Club at eight twenty twenty two just recently been revealed as a rich energy and bassador. So some good news of the fans favorite set me fourteen nations represented it at two twenty two manufacturers, wise on the Karasaki interviews and carry off an official presence. Yamaha love strong representations or I'm expected trying to US olves Zooki, a prilier pattern, top line, independent semi Waks, private steams, who were compared to peak with Patchets, a Scott Racing Bors, engineering, racing conjunction, which is some color, racing, prayers, racing ass which would recently signed Paul Jordan. Makuluk was a team classic who can give you its racing wills, craig racing, hence fair team being and it's auster a riskwcomers, which energy, mg..., which other four mentioned a few times, just some of the most high profile racism in to sample this summer, most famous for ad racing the world for the first time in club defer and a Reson Jim hand, Stephen Parsons, America's Christal Bor or shut it. Very Cristo has previously competed at the tea take join them, stet deputants, was include found cost you such a tatocomer's Harrison, high persons of Mount Course your bides. Who Comes to the tabled mythical own course. Look at Good Hardy irs soap spot front when it does your cow Joe really irs soup spot run up peas from risk. So a team from the Netherlands when he scarce brook, the most recent till we will raise when the for the most at the well famous Pike Speak International Hill Climb and four times northwest under whin it. I think for many of the most high profile we will come at this year on the race its quad are when it will suffect as order to top caw of the lineup for TT twent two, Tho, two and lights of the batch. Your Brothers Been Tom John Old and now part of the five. Jason pit, Dave money was seventeen times when it all the times world champions in Raves and thoms J clown. There Pete Founds Crow, Brothers Ryan and Colm Ds not scab King, Pingley crawtor joined by Scott Hardy. I've got they shots pairing of Gary Gibson and Tom Christie. We could go on and on. It's at its under our ninety days. Still Competition begins on the battle. Of course it's going to be able truly compelling two weeks, first rate, top class international roads action right onto the bamboos like now. The previous way, previous few weeks ago, will be. I post question. How many races are top ten and twenty seven miles par lot mark ct races? I'm sure you've all add your own opinion in terms of how many you believe there's been and how...

...many of you you think there's been. You know it's it's one of them. In terms of you know, you oft. Wander please at fifty sir, is it forty five? Sirs, Forty's fifty five. What we can tell you very soon, as long as I've left this out right. It's forty five. We can say it's hopefully nineteen members of the one thirteen house, probable club. We should mention. That's what facts all have salt to very fine. Sorry about this, books, if you listening, I say nineteen members, we can tell you for definitely the one hundred and thirty I was probable club, but we, I believe, a job. It was well of run numbers. Let's help, but I have it. I think at the least I'll say forty four, forty four two of Oct over down twenty seven as problem mark. I ought next next week's for the question for next week's bamboos or this weech bambos with quiz questions. Should say where I will be more moppaired next amigion to who old for the answer with regards or just the bamboos. With quiz question is what number can be applied in different...

...contexts towards the One nineteen ninety two Seniortt psy car stole well, Peter Alton and goals feel Harvey's a. What is the number that combines Peter Rotten? Fill of it in one thousand nine hundred ninety two seenisy teachers famous Eve, one by Steve is off aboard, the others aught. So one for you, DAS in the fishing adas out there now, which also mentioned that during the past week. Last week the East riding stages rally took place. First close roads rallied to tip place in easy option. Sala's completing good race winners, David Anderson's Chris Leaves, probably rich rally champion, David Bergie, Matt Kelly and Rob Swamp. Let's you. Rallying totally different. Sir, about pure road racing, but when it's on the roads and cars are competing on the roads, it's the same. In essence. It's too will pier addressing obviously a lot different to the TAT than office, to Dustm pre someone hundred, but the store. That's that same element. And if you've gone bad resus you'll do say I put together. Regards these riding stages rally, there's lots of videos on the road ressus twitter page, lots of pictures and all sorts of videos. Back I dad to stay well detailing the what it's all about, these rind stages rally. So it's probably already guess we was in attendance and let's say it was. The wind was quite in. The weather was interesting. It was from the outside looking you though. It's nice. Sonny there that leave me was not very warm, to put him oldly. But have a good day about band constable whole great event for free. Short shure. I don't feel the sign of all positive things coming terms of closed roads events across the charts for across England. So this should be Shu actors great inspiration for those who are open to run to will road race events. So see we've bit the side. As across they got us some of the...

G for the case to the birds closing order without since two thousand and seventeen it's enabled these riding stages rally fingers pross the day for which we see some two will list pure addresses taking place a crossing alongside to an existing period rass. It's not in timing. In England hoils out SCABBOROUGH BE AL was, less to say, looking and joy the let's Rass News podcast. A pole is again cats. The bamboos were questioned, but I don't believe the answer is forty forty. Could be forty five. I'm sure somebody we went. If I'm wrong, we're going to be in purpose of these bamboos quiz questions. It's just just a bit of fun. hopfully increases. You know, he's on the spot. That's what are going to I consider was the greatest form of but a spottom planet earth is any posit thought Sol world wide. Keep positive, keep going on. Not long now to the to the business end of the season starts, to the your career rising season starts. This has been the dress news podcast by I.

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