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Episode 77 · 2 months ago

Imatranajo Beckoning


The illustrious roads of Imatranajo are beckoning for IRRC, high profile circuit newcomers with competitive action due to commence on Friday.

We preview today all what's to come at Finland's most renowned, famous two wheel racing venue, including:

* Michael Dunlop making his Imatranajo debut

* Gary Johnson travelling to Finnish shores

* 15 times World Champion Giacomo Agostini appearing

* Up coming IRRC talents hoping to cause a stir

* Electric machine demo laps

Alongside Imatra themed chat, there's also a brief update on International road racer's feats at recent Anglesey, Mondello Park events.

Skerries 100, Southern 100 news and the return of the bamboozoler quiz question!

I want to welcome back to the everysing US podcast. My Name Steve Alister. Dress us to cutty OK and for this week's podcast we're going to be providing a preview of the upcoming in matronage leading in Finland in Macnaga, retaining to the road racing calendar the first time in three years, it was the second round of this year's in Tastraad racing championship. First of all, has got to Benson at the take. It name is our Fisher earners, Yana, Sara and Sakti matter, named in honor of the great finish Rady Anna Sarada, bog champion fifty years ago in to fifty class, took it to SEC class. Is runbunner in the five of the CEC class. All round racing liketions. It's sixty F anniversary of racing is celebrated in Mattur this weekend on Friday. Competition gets on the way on Friday with practice sessions openly soaked back. The super spot races take place on Saturday Post qualifying sessions and the Sunday hits the main raced it. Alongside the racing there's going to be legend Eat Jack of Agustine in attendance, fifteen times world champion. There's an me... innovative jhs, Jamie Annon and center up can and learning. That's how I won't pronounce it actually soaker. I can we deno den elapse. Also's Nasure, the title sponsor to meeting. He's been to the upper area, the area lack UN lack on corn and the official title sponsor Oloxide. The RS races is it was going to be sad care GP two, fifty s atre hundred and fifty up and six hundreds of housing races take place. So say in terms of the GPTWO fifty three, fifty international classic from three races. But in terms of the overall enter list, first farmers got to start with that a setain, Michael Unlock his competed in nineteen. Sorry, it should stay now. The twenty one times tt win, it is said, to compete for the first time of Finland's most famous period risks following his footsteps of his uncle Joe Knockers, previously competed at a matter utorious like back in... thousand nine hundred and eighty six, when he match hosted around the Formula One TT World Championship twenty one times to two. When it I couldn't not be set about on the machinery for the seat. Sinti UNIS racing pens thirteen squad. It's gonna be in trigging see how he adapts to match. Anager were seen, David told, when only debuty matre Danny Webb, when of his deputy Matre, flip great damn name with on his deputy, mature Michael Rut with his debut in the matter. But you will agree front run his deputy Matre or Michael and lot do the same this weekend. The possibles have a lot possible with this fount. I think there's a distinct possible. It's only who ends the course quickly. He dapts quickly. DAPS's raving. Stay out. I think he's class all come from. But it's going to be in traguing to see. I'll the established are I see front runners compared to the twenty one times Tet en us. This includes current champs pleaded, Vincent...

Longbow and Bichael ups, teammates this weekend. David, that's a nineteen finders bust. Written the recent senior Tata and a Costama Finland stock period dress and look cut ady improving Italian relatives fund. Others compete include did he a Grahams Gemin IRC legend, jode and besting or Offen, buff IRAS Sup spot champions, Lucas Meyer, Switzerland top period, rass a camel whole and form, UKOMA's banks from pre winner, Baker ratter proving experiment matter and Pierre's Bem potens. The R S saying this time been in the super back agree for the first time in terms of the IRS seing competing for marquer racing. So intriguing too. Quite racis and prospect, I could say, a lots of tensions. You're bichaeled on law into contemper but remard it. He did it will not score points for the overall R s championship because he's an event wildcat. So this does mean in terms of the fooking, in terms of the IRC races, terms of Michael Work can win the races, but in terms of...

...getting twenty five points, what the championship? Terms of the IRSA, it's whet. Likely the between lights of four mentioned Dave with Datas, Nica, stammer, jode and besting. Did he a grams, and also Vincent Longbow, current championship Layder, looking towards a super spot category. Again, intriguing races in prospects. And there's another. There's another notable wild card, this time in form of twice to eating winner Gary Johnson, Aka drivers, he said, makes he's finish read racing debut and it's competing for power. Beckuld Instein, pouting triumph machinery, we should say, is Dami's compete for Powerfu couldent for Britis. Silk Squo experted. He's definitely be one of the potential front runners this weekend, alongside championship front runners young Hamburg and Marrick Siveni is also Thomas Alter would be on touch. Pizza team slates a Greek, then matts and's black chair Beeton as when, who was front UN recently that that's...

...only rick off meeting in Slovakia try to stiff opposition to our actually any day and skoffs games with me other one to watch the top finish racer see Aga. Intriguing. That keeps in the same way. In triguing could be compelling with sinceing could be frilled. Racist matters always the story of every racing, matter whether eats at the front, in the middle of the pack. Back the war, you always find the story that the race is imattery. Unique is, as I've always often said, in it's as Dris mean, in the way to be already technically is in its own right. So, like I said, great racing in prospects. All the rest of the organizers always been stake. So much organizing, expecting other Fiftyzero pans to be in attendance. They're wile to be buying program and supporting the batter of Motor Club. It's a multiple be matter. I'm sorry we put right in terms of the...

...other males official there. But yes, I say the second round of the ancestral a racing championship amouded up. See after the matter that the r staying will then descend upon sect, the Shimmer Belgi, then horace for the check t t in check public and then the final round a throbegga drink in Germany. But going back to Michael Unlock, like I said, it's going to be very interesting to see how we'll competitive he is this weekend, but I think there's a strong chance he could win on this Abia the matter, like I said, following new forementioned foot sub steps of Derby told, but a great damn they by court. Danny Webb come be the race win on his debut. He matter with age right well. Also in the news recently there's been us it. We mentioned events at Donley, prick off. The Don the crick off meeting should set also the list meeting. Recently it's Anglesake and in terms of the British F to Saka Chambership, suffs aara formula piki Racing...

Association, the only race. It took place during the past mating so pete founds and General Walms. He claimed the dominant race win. So the twenty one seconds in front of Lee. Challenges by Jackson, Jake Roberts fad went to PMA TT win his Connor Harrison, Dandy winkl second sackerrris didn't take place because high winds cotilled competition angles or high wind all side, heavy rain, just in general, let's put it Bluntley, crap leather. That's the way to describe it. In terms of Mandela Park for the latest rounds of the Dunlop Masters soap quite chamionship, there is shields enjoyed the prodigious return to secreation competitions to their place. Fifteen. This one's senior take tape and as you turned to shop secreasing duty. Won The first two soaperback racings Mondella par before crashing out of the lead, rast lead, in the final superway race. Nevertheless of an overall extreme pre active return secur racing. There it shields or...

...title, sponsored now by Road outsmo count is a race actually be scaries all under this weekend, which is the clashes of with Rssia Asia. So our show racing back this weekend, alongside of Matronas, has a busy time for me reporting. Why is it the Bisam of races marshals, sponsors in attendance. So hopefully positive weekend onder arise with the peer read racing. Got Some tough times racing utully. We're going to have a safe success. Well, brilliant weekends competition in southern island, new Finland. Right, hold out. Now time for this week's Bambo's. Are doing ten of the Bamboozler, whose question, we should say, I was. It always says it's all before we go into the DAMBOOS. So quickly run down terms, will also be competing a scary as longside there is shields. Also, Michael Sweeney'll be competing in for Mike Sweeney. They're all tweed, POL Joban. Mikey Brown went...

...for the pain barrier. It's a t should great form. Definitely one to watch. It all the being raisons for our careras in isifically such Yamaha states thus as it keeping eye as well pleasing dry Barry David to ninety four times an hours world race winter. It's cause you know that hundred wins back going in a very slight group of competitors of one of a hundred Irish road races. Right. So now we're taken to the BAMBOOS, they should say it literally the retaining Bamboozley O Kay. Question this way rolls around. who was the last premier class grand pre winter? The matronager? So it was the last premiere class grand pre winter in Matronagia. So a few were racing the fishing idas out there, racing boffins by racing buffins out there. addest to...

...say is is hopefully we got delate this podcast. Me Talking at a hundred hour on hours. So much refuse. He hasn't that we race beans. Incredibly busy bunking prospect in July, as I've got twenty tell the civil hundreds coming up very soon. I will be covering that Simon on the podcast, but just at Lance we should mention the Michael and upin, Harryson and Davey Todd, a s other womand band as a psychi giants including Pete Fans, Tim Reeves and something times taty with a the vonium. So I hope you all keeping well. Those are you fight me with something from a favor of keep keep, keeping going. An interesting time that regard. He has love is being good as always. Keep positive, keep going is in this news podcast. BA.

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